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Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure

Relevant Links of Interest



Statewatch: monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union

Wired News - Privacy Matters

Curby: a source of privacy, security and cryptography information

TEMPEST for Eliza: a programme to demonstrate TEMPEST and excellent links to the sparse TEMPEST info (txs to Cryptome)

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Amnesty Internatinal: protecting human rights worldwide

Liberty: protecting civil liberties promoting human rights

Human Rights Watch

Jubilee Campaign: human rights pressure group protecting children's rights and the persecuted church

Brain Wave Science - Human Brain Research Laboratory, Inc.

Identifying terrorists before they strike by using computerized knowledge assessment (CKA)

Appendix: Identifying terrorists before they strike by using Computerized Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

Brain Wiretapping: from Chapter 9 Kooks and Terrorists in "Database Nation The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century" (Paperback) By Simson Garfinkel (see end of link here noted by Cryptome)

Decoding Minds, Foiling Adversaries

NSA TEMPEST Documents at and

The Complete, Unofficial TEMPEST Information Page

Anonymous: This anti-hacking proposal of the EU Commission makes provisions worse than those already in COE Cybercrime Treaty. If this proposal becomes EU law, "illegal access" will be considered a "serious attack against information systems" even if the access was unintentional. As penalty for any indirect damage in course of "illegal access" the maximum sentence must a minimum of four years. The proposal has not been published and is to be presented November 27, 2001, in Brussels (Source: Cryptome)

Statewatch: Bush Asks EU to Trash Human Rights (Noted by Cryptome)

The Victoria Climbie Inquiry: ". . . there was no evidence of a crime and therefore no grounds for seeking police protection. This decision was reached despite evidence of scarring on the girl from a belt buckle." (See News Update for Friday, 16th November 2001)

BBC News Monday, 19th November 2001: Climbie officer 'feared scabies' [BBC Radio news broadcast: 'concluded bad parenting']

BBC News Tuesday, 6 November 2001: PC 'handed Victoria back to abusers'

Cyberspace Orbit

The invisible personnel & illness/death inducing techniques of surveillance station/system

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