Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Crime and Corruption: Tenant Management I
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May 1996 to May 1997

I wish to provide a foundation of the situation as regards tenant management at ************* *********** *********** the failure to repair, dishonest responses, manipulation, coverup, denial of law enforcement and crime. I especially want to point out that this reflects the foundation of the problem, its repeating patterns and my dedicated efforts to address them up to and including the Chief Executive of the ***************. I behaved in a most responsible manner as one would expect when faced with crime and then corruption. Given this extensive and repetitive series of events during these two years, it is no surprise that my experience has turned out as it has in the past three and one half years from May 1998 to the present [November 2001].

My first two years experience in this environment from May 1996 to May 1998 provide a foundation in these areas for the corrupt objective by tenant management to sustain and build its own power structure by means of subsuming all activities under its own umbrella. These include law enforcement and had the willing cooperation of the Council and Police who thereby became embroiled in corruption as well. Thus, law enforcement was removed from the public domain to serve a private purpose aided and supported by those who would normally be expected to serve the public. I had direct experience of this and have been directly denied such law enforcement protection which was subsumed by the ********** ************* ************ *********** ******* in order to coverup crimes and preserve its image and management activity. In effect, when I moved into my flat on the ************* ************ ************ in May 1998, I moved into another country with its own government and have been denied the institutions of government and law enforcement which accrue to others just across the street from where I live.

The issues involved are wide ranging but include crime, security, repair and direct endangerment to the health and safety of the tenants and public at large. I had addressed serious problems in these areas over the first two years of my tenancy until May 1998. I have complete documentation including correspondence and diary entries to support all my allegations. It is this documentation which the Council, *********, ********* and the tenants for their own reasons of criminal activity seek to destroy by unlawful eviction including the destruction of my property in order to render me incapable of legally redressing the grievances which I have against these people, i.e., the tenants and organisations so noted.

I do not exaggerate. As you begin to better understand the nature and depth of my experience and persistence in dealing with problems which not only threatened the ***********'s people and government property but also spilled over into the greater community, you will gain an appreciation for the actions currently being taken against me and why those named in the paragraph above need extra-legal methods. What I have to say, and the documents I have to present to support my allegations are devastating. They cannot have these documents see the light of day in an open court. It is not surprising that every extra-legal method available is being used to suppress this proper disciplined and due process exposure.

The great problem is that the issues which were raised even over four years ago with regard to tenant management are still serious issues of dishonesty, manipulation and destruction. I have outlined my experience in these two years to make it as brief and to the point as possible, but it is still extensive. I doubt that I will do it justice here. There is much to say. I have not begun to say it all. That requires the use of my home which is currently being denied to me and which I am seeking to have restored by the removal of the surveillance equipment which facilitates the stalking and harassment and has no reason or foundation in reality for being used against me at all. I am completely honest. I do what I believe (and anyone else would agree) is the honest an decent thing to do. In fact I believe it is the obligation for all of us to act in such a manner as I have done to preserve and protect life and property. This is also called Kant's Categorical Imperative if you like philosophy: act as if you expect all humanity to act as you do.

I have never used drugs nor dealt with them in any manner avoiding those who do. I don't smoke tobacco nor I have used alcohol in the last 5.5 years (except for a bottle of beer each separated by a year or so). I don't drink tea or coffee because I don't want the caffeine. You might say that I am completely drug free except for the chocolate I eat which has a bit of caffeine in it, and it is a natural mood elevator. It is completely beyond me why all the surveillance is in place and has been there for over three years now. I have done nothing at all to warrant its use nor am I a threat to anyone or anything (institution) except the dishonest and corrupt and only to those by legal means. That is what civilisation is all about. Therein, I believe, lies the truth of the surveillance to deny me legal redress, and I believe that you will see the foundation of that truth is in the outline below for my related experience of my first two years residency ending May 1998 as follows:

I. Front door lock inoperable 4.5 months from mid-June 1996 to 1st November 1996

This resulted in evidence of blackmail by means of withholding repair intended to increase tenant management by perpetuating danger and the threat of crime to drive people toward the ********* to get the problem solved. Making the ********* the centre of attention while disregarding security and potential crime.

In mid-June 1996 one morning I saw the vandalised front door lock. I then hand-delivered written notification of it to the *********** Office in *********** ************ because I had something else important to deliver. I was early at 9:30 am, the office was closed still (it opened at 10:00 am), and I left it with the ************* Buildings Manager, Mr *********** ************, who was mopping the entrance floor to ********* **********. I explained to him what had occurred since he was in charge of the buildings maintenance to let him know about it, and that I was notifying the *********** Officer in writing about it. Obviously, I had hoped a repair would be immediate.

His reply was negative by stating that it was the "parents fault" and that the building repair would be withheld until that matter could be resolved. These were not his words but his sense. He had said something to the effect that "they [the parents] could just go without a front door lock for failing to control their kids because we've repaired it too many times."

I was quite alarmed by this as he implied that all the tenants were to be held to ransom and deprived of essential security until those responsible were identified. He was going to punish all the tenants. This kind of retaliatory attitude is what I came to learn permeated the **********. This also came from the same person who had initially shown me the flat and explained security measures to take to prevent entry as the kids like to get into the flats. I had originally understood this to be a high crime environment directly from him.

Since he was not in overall charge, I simply waited to see what would happen. I felt that he was voicing a prevalent attitude in the *********** ********** management environment and reflected the sentiment of those actually in ultimate charge. The events which did occur followed the pattern he suggested with correspondence from the then ********* *********** to that effect and a failure to repair. The repair was not effected for 4.5 months later on 1st November 1996.

I happened to have seen the group of kids who most likely had committed the vandalism on the afternoon before I discovered it vandalised. When I received the ******** **********'s letter sent to everyone, I responded with the information that I had. I did not like the idea of being blackmailed but recognised that it was my responsibility to respond with whatever information that I had. I also hoped that this would expedite the repair process so that no delays or even the appearance of blackmail would occur. This effort did not produce any visible effect with regard to the repair which was delayed for months thereafter.

I happened to be present on 1st November 1998 since I was exiting the building and helped the installer test the repair. He indicated to me that it was a five to six week process for repair given the damage which had occurred as the entire unit had to be ordered. A new, more vandal proof unit was being installed. That did not explain the 4.5 months delay nor did the fact that a new contractor was selected to provide the lock service. This is something that should have been accomplished immediately without any delay whatsoever for any reason. Management must always keep the doors locked at all times regardless. There are no excuses here especially in this environment.

There was also the ********* ********** ********** which occurred during this period when the front door was not locked. During that event I witnessed an extended assault, rape and attempted murder from my kitchen window.

II. Assault, rape and attempted murder: Monday, 26th August 1996

On Monday, 26th August 1996 ********** *********** ********** I witnessed an assault, rape and attempted murder from my kitchen window. What is important to note in this context is that I was not contacted directly by the police for any more information. Although I had faxed a statement to the Police Commissioner within hours of the assault since the police never arrived on the scene despite two telephone calls, I only received a telephone call of thanks and a letter indicating that the police were going to visit the *********** Office.

This was quite ominous as it occurred within the context described in I. above regarding the front door lock that was inoperable with the failure to repair judged intentional by myself in the context of blackmailing and punishing the tenants for the fact that it had been vandalised. I saw this letter from the police indicating that they were going to the *********** Office while not requesting an interview directly with me as a witness in such a serious matter as an indication that the law enforcement and all activity was being "centralised" through the ************ Office *********** which could leave it all wide open for whatever manipulative purpose was desired. This was my first indication that the police were, in effect, denying me the benefit of public law enforcement.

III. Rubbish fire: 31st December 1996

A little after 10:00 am on this morning, 31st December 1996, I departed my flat smelling smoke immediately in the Walkway. It got stronger as I walked toward the front door where I noted smoke coming from the rubbish chute door on my, the third, floor. I immediately returned to the my flat, telephone the Fire Brigade and gave them the vital information for directions to the fire. I then went outside where I waited at the end of the building by *********** Road under my flat for them to arrive.

Being very smart the Fire Brigade had driven directly to the source of the fire as I described in the rubbish bin for that end of *********** ********. They did this by driving on ************ ************ underneath the building entering from the *********** ********** area and were able to access and extinguish the first at its source in the rubbish bin at the bottom where the rubbish is removed twice a week.

Since I could see their arrival underneath the building from outside the building's end where the fire truck's headlights appeared through the smoke that was pouring out, I knew they had arrived. In such cases where I place an emergency call, I will remain to direct those arriving to the scene and then depart to stay out of their way while they get on with their work. Thus, I returned to my flat, wrote and sent a fax to the *********** Officer with details of what had just occurred for their information records and for any damage insurance needs.

What was surprising to me was that apparently no one else had summoned the Fire Brigade although I had seen several people coming and going at the same time as I. When I returned to the Walkway inside the building, it was filled with smoke. A woman then departing asked in a perplexed tone "What's wrong?". I replied that there had been a fire in the rubbish bin below where all the rubbish went when it was put down the chute; that the Fire Brigade was present; and all appeared well now so that there was nothing to worry about. I must admit that the amount of the smoke in the Walkway was quite alarming. Evidently I had caught the fire near the time when it had started.

Fire hazard from the rubbish disposal facilities themselves: subsequent to this I noted an article in the ******** newsletter which discussed a similar fire that had occurred in the rubbish bin at ********* *********** noting the fast accumulation of smoke in that building at that time and also noted that Fire Brigade Brochures had been passed around in ************* ************** itself. Then the brief article went on to say that if anyone else desired such a brochure they could ask for it.

************ *********** Centric: this statement shocked me as it had been clear that such a fire had occurred at the far end of ********** ********* away from ********** ********* which I had even taken the time to fully document for the ********* ************ after calling in the alarm. To fail to distribute such important literature to all the tenants given my experience was nothing short of deliberate disregard for tenants' safety where a similar incident had occurred elsewhere. They were saying, in effect, nothing really matters here except where we have our offices, and the rest of you can go scratch for the fire safety brochures. We take care of *********** ************ to protect our safety, but we are not really interested in the rest of you lot.

Subsequent to this I have noted on the southeast side of ************* ************* near ************* Road that a section of outside wall from the vents just above ground to the windows of a flat above and extending the length of that flat and those vent windows from below was a completely blackened wall. It looked very much to me just like a rubbish bin in that area had been the subject of a serious fire this time at the level of *********** ************ where all the rubbish accumulates when dropped down the chute in that section near ************* *********. This position would have matched the location of the ************* *********** rubbish bin fire that I had witnessed. This looked like the fire and smoke had vented at these vents just above ground level and blackened the wall. Prior to this by some months I had noted the arrival of a fire truck on ************ *********** opposite that location. Although I do not know this from direct experience, I think it is a reasonable assumption to note that there was most likely a third such fire in the rubbish bin accumulation area at the bottom of the building along ********** ***********.

This sequence of events showed me that there was definitely a high risk of fire associated with the nature of the rubbish disposal facilities where the rubbish is allowed to accumulate in the buildings themselves by means of being dumped down chutes into these large areas at the "Road" level where rubbish removal trucks cart it away. This was a definite and continuous hasard to the tenants of all the buildings from the inherent nature of the rubbish disposal system. Worse, however, was the cavalier disregard by the ******** toward distributing important leaflets to only *********** ********** residents while ignoring the rest of the *********** where one similar fire had already occurred and where another more serious one apparently happened afterwards. This was beyond negligence. It was a sign of further problems with the tenant management and of ************ ************ centricity which begged an explanation.

IV. "Pay Party": all night DJ music Sunday, 26th January 1997 from 1:30 am until 8:30 am

I have never heard anything like it in my life except for the sound trucks during the ********** *********** *********** that passed by on ********* ******** going to and returning from the ************. This event was almost that severe and went on without any interruption whatsoever for about seven hour straight between the times indicated. It was so loud that the building literally shook for the entire period of time. Numerous calls to the ********** Environmental Health Department's emergency number and to the police both at 999 and at the ************* ************ Station produced no results to stop the noise despite several numerous conversations. The ********** Environmental Health Department failed to do its job as required as did the police under the Public Disorder Act. They each made false claims in writing that they had done so. Each contradicted the other so someone was lying. This was to be my first taste of the police deliberately failing to respond directly to preserve the public safety at my request.

In the months prior to this devastating experience, I had two experiences with excessive noise which had led me to contact the Environmental Health Department emergency after hours number for noise pollution control. I was not anxious to report such noise pollution unless it was really serious, and it was some time on each occasion before I did so.

The first one was an incident where there was female group singing through an amplified system that went on for several hours in the evening commencing sometime between 7 and 8 pm and continuing until after 11 pm. This was completely upsetting as it prevented me from being able to do anything else. I believe that this occurred sometime around September 1996. I endured it expecting someone else to take care of it who was familiar with these people and what they were doing. I was still a new resident and sadly mistaken. I watched a group of people congregate over by the footpath intersection of ********* and *********** ********. They just stood there looking in my direction since the music was coming from a flat near mine. They resembled a group of gawkers at an accident. Finally after 11 pm, I called to *********** Environment Health Department's emergency night number as regards this noise pollution. It stopped eventually, but I cannot recall without checking the records exactly what had happened. I do not think my experience in contacting them and getting a response was very good (see below).

The second such incident was on New Year's Day early in the morning concerning loud music which started after midnight to the best of my recollection when I was trying to sleep. Again I called the ********* Environmental Health Department's emergency night number for this one. Once again I do not believe that the response was very good, but the details escape me without having access to my records and correspondence.

As result of one or both of these above incidents noted above, I had written a letter to the Environment Health Department or complained verbally over the telephoned. I received a call back from a manager from that department. He started explaining to me about the nature of the ******** and how much work had gone into the buildings and how good the tenants were basically. He was trying to tell me something which was irrelevant to my complaint and had overtones of suppressing that complaint and perhaps noise pollution complaints implying that I should not be complaining about noise in that ***********. I had heard before moving in that the ********** ********* *********** was one of the noisiest *********** around. Now here was a guy who was charged with dealing with that problem trying tell me about where I lived and the character of the people there. He could not possibly know from first hand experience and was only mouthing a line that, to me, was fundamentally repressive and, in effect, saying "don't complain".

When we got past this part of the conversation, he then explained to me after I ignored what he was telling me and started asking questions exactly what the law was and what they did in regard to that law since it was relatively new. First, he told me that I am entitled to quiet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This was in response to my question regarding the fact that perhaps the hours in which they responded were only between 2300 and 0700. No, he said, I was entitled to quiet at all times. This was, of course, entirely understandable and what it should be. Then he went on to note that they stop by, take a reading inside my flat to measure the sound level and then identify the source to try to abate the noise. He said they could remove the offending equipment if necessary and also seek court action on their own against the offender.

Thus, I had full knowledge of what the Environment Health Department did before the terrible all night, early morning incident on Sunday, 26th January 1997. They did not operate like this at all nor did they take steps to ensure that the horrendous noise was abated. When I called, I had by this time learned to get the operator's number for complaint purposes. The field agent called me back and indicated that he would be there at a certain time. He did not arrive at my flat to measure the sound level. After waiting for a reasonable time after he was supposed to be there, I called again. When he called back this time, he said the noise was so loud when he arrived that he did not need to measure it in my flat. Whatever he did, the noise did not stop although I did learn from him that it was coming from flat ******* which was above and slightly southeast of my flat by one or two flats. I also learned that the front door was wide open, and evidently this was a "Pay Party" open to all. In effect, it was a rave club in a residential ************. I had no idea what a "Pay Party" meant. I learned later.

I then tried to contact the police as this was a public order nuisance in the extreme. I spent the night calling the police at both 999 and the ************ ************* Station pleading with them just to get someone to show up and evaluate the degree of this nuisance and security risk themselves. I met with an outright refusal because it was noise. The police told me they would respond if called by the Environmental Health Field Agent to assist him if he needed them. I then got back to this guy again and explained what was going on and what the police said. By this time approaching 6:00 am, he said that he would call the police if the music was still on when checking on his last trip by which he would make shortly. I heard nothing more from him.

Nothing further happened, but the music continue on and on. It was a Disc Jockey voice driven music at top volume where neither the voice nor the music ever stopped for a break for the eight or so hours that it went on over an amplified system with monstrous volume. The building continued to shake, and it was impossible to sleep at all. Finally, shortly before 9:00 am, I heard a male voice yell loudly "That's it", and it stopped immediately. Then I saw people straggling out the building's front door and down the front footpath in groups over a period of time as they emptied out of the "Pay Party" in flat **********.

I had complete documentation of all that occurred all night long and what I had done to try to stop this incredible nuisance. I sent the complaints to both the *************** Police Commissioner for their failure to respond, my second to him since the rape and attempted murder on evening of the *********** ************ **********, and the Chief Executive of the *********** with regard to the failure of the Environmental Health Department to perform properly. I received a reply to my police complaint from a local officer at the *********** ************ Station. He stated that they would have responded had they been called by the ********** Environmental Health Field Agent. I next received a reply from my complaint about the Environment Health Department's failure. It stated that they had called the police who had not responded. Someone was lying. These were mutually exclusive. I was devastated to see that I had been clearly denied law enforcement protection by the police and the ************ Environment Health Department. This was only the beginning.

What was also seriously disturbing to me was the complaint processing method employed by the Council. There was no independent complaint method at all. The Chief Executive sent it along to the Environment Health Department Director who then gave it to the person with whom I had dealt that night. The response was to be as expected: they did everything they were supposed to do. This was seconded by the Director, of course, and what would anyone expect if a complaint against someone was processed by that person? There was no independent or objective review. They had not performed as I had been told they were supposed to by 1) not measuring the sound level inside my flat; and 2) not abating the most horrendous of noise disturbances. Further, the entire matter was then relegated to the ********** Office who took over the handling of the entire matter.

This left me without any law enforcement protection or any ability to properly redress such a grievance without going further into a complicated and time consuming process above and beyond the local Council and through the Police Complaints Authority. It was still fragmented because they could bounce the issue off one another by blaming the other and leave me stuck hopelessly in the middle. Only the phone records and logs if available and compared could produce the truth in an enquiry which needed to be done in a single forum such as a lawsuit in a court of law naming each as a defendant.

More importantly, though, was the fact that I was left without the all important sound measurement which I might need in future litigation or complaint processing to provide objective evidence of the seriousness of the problem. Thus, perversion of the course of justice occurred by failing to accomplish a legal duty by both the police and the Council's Environment Health Department followed by conflicting statements as to what was done with regard to police law enforcement response. This was plainly an unlawful and criminal coverup. Who do you go to? The police? Who watches the watchers? Certainly not their own internal Police Complaints Authority.

Without the measurement with regard to the degree of the disturbance that actually occurred that night, I am left with no foundation to properly gauge the impact of the disturbance objectively and its destructive capacity. Then, any addressing of the problem was taken out of my hands and put into the hands of the ********** Office ********** or the tenants themselves. Thus, they could say anything they chose to say at a future date when no objective record existed and no means for me to either complain against the tenant or the tenant management on objective grounds to which I was legally entitled.

I was deprived of law enforcement protection which was then subsumed by the ********* Office ********** for coverup purposes with the assurances that this sound disturbance would not happen again, and they would take care of future incidents when and if they occurred. How would they know? I had no confidence that this would be the case at all. I had truly become subjected to another government and another set of standards that were arbitrarily and capriciously set at will by tenant management in favour of tenants. All of this abrogated the efforts of law enactment and judicial procedure in the country at large and by Parliament. And, I had lived in the ************ *********** ************ for less than a year to have this all driven home to me in a most dramatic way.

Legal and social standards had been abrogated. I intended to wait and address this problem by legal means at an appropriate future date. I had six years to do so and three years for any personal injury (capable of being extended under special circumstances which most assuredly have occurred in this situation) that might have resulted. That very stress associated, personal injury most likely occurred a year later with the onset of diplopia (double vision) to which this might have been a strong contributing factor. As it was, it caused me immediate personal and professional damage that very week which has been fully and duly recorded. Had the horrendous nuisance sound disturbance from this "Pay Party" been abated, this most likely would not have occurred.

I have no idea about the nature of the situation. Once again following my complaint I had a telephone conversation with the manager at the Environmental Health Department. He was the one who explained to me what a "Pay Party" was. Evidently, these are planned in advance with leaflets circulated with details. Then those arriving at this "Club" would pay a fixed amount at the door for their evening's entertainment and drugs. That is why the building's front door was open all night long and the party went on without interruption literally. The real question is whether or not the police and the Environment Health Department were not "bribed" to turn a blind eye to law enforcement which was then covered up by the ********** Office ********** for at least image and control reasons and at worst for reasons of complicity. The fact is that nothing was done and the statements were conflicting. The building vibrating music went on all night without any break whatsoever. The complaint process at the police and local authority levels failed. In each instance the matter was referred to those who caused the problem to review themselves.

V. Tenant management confidentiality non-existent

There was no confidentiality in the ******** Office as regards any activity which resulted following my complaint to the Chief Executive of the ********* regarding the "Pay Party"/Environmental Health Department fiasco. In that letter I had noted the problems I had witnessed at the ******* including the assault/rape and attempted murder on the night of the *********** ********** ********** five months earlier. My letter to him was forwarded to the ********* Office with two very significant events following immediately afterwards.

Upon returning to my flat in the late morning after my complaint had been forwarded to the ********* Office, I noted a woman coming down the front footpath as I approached the building. She got into a black auto, drove it to the other end of ********* ********** and parked it away from the immediate area of *********** *********. These were the auto and possible woman I suspected had been in the front seat of the black auto during the assault/rape and attempted murder. I was far from certain and was just keeping my eye out for just such an action to add substance to my suspicion. I had noted this auto since the day after the assault/rape and attempted murder and watched it in my comings and goings to see if I could identify to whom it belonged. I now associated it with the woman who lived in flat ********** nearby.

Her action told me that she had gotten information that either I or the fact that there was a witness to the assault/rape in which she had been an accomplice existed. By parking the car in anther location she was now removing the vehicle identification from where the witness (me) might be able to put the two together. Since I saw her do it, it just confirmed for me that my suspicions were on solid ground. What was more devastating, however, was that there was most likely a leak of confidential information from the ********* Office to the tenant involved.

That evening about 2330 as I was trying to go to sleep, there were voices on the balcony above my front window. These could have been coming from either of the two balconies above my front window [each belonged to the same flat however]. Whichever one was being used for a group discussion, I could hear their voices. Although it was a January evening, it was not too cold that night to be sitting out on the balcony. The drone of the conversation went on indistinctly for the most part, and I was not paying close attention because I was trying to go to sleep. I heard one phrase, however, that has stuck in my mind from that night until this day and will remain there always. A male voice offered the comment that "He did witness a rape".

Given the overall circumstances this could only have been a comment about me, what I witnessed and what had been communicated to the Chief Executive of the ******** which was now back at my doorstep (literally front window) as a result of its being communicated to tenant management at the ********* Office. It fit in perfectly with what I had seen that morning as regards to the woman from ********* and her moving the black auto. The flat above mine was **********. The conversation I heard led me to believe that these people were involved in tenant management and privileged to confidential information as a result which they then sat around late in the evening and apparently discussed on an open balcony for all to hear.

During the following ********** ********** *********** in August 1997, I was absolutely able to identify this woman from flat ********* because I saw her wearing the exact same dress which she wore on the night of the 1996 ********** ********** ********* when I saw her as the accomplice to the assault/rape and attempted murder. I had described this dress to the police in my letter to the Police Commissioner. There was no longer any doubt in my mind and the events fit together including my seeing her on that late January day moving the auto I suspected. Also, all the activity that I witnessed surrounding the 1996 assault/rape and attempted murder was re-accomplished on the night of the 1997 ********* *********** ********** by this group of people which explained exactly their actions on that earlier night which I could only partially see.
It all fell exactly into place. I knew what had happened and precisely who was involved.

A couple months after that August 1997 ********** ********* ********** crime denouement, I noted what I considered to be explicit tenant management activity by the tenant in flat ********* above mine. This, too, confirmed in my mind that this person was an active participant in such tenant management as I had suspected on that late January day when I heard reference to what I had earlier witnessed. I will explain this elsewhere in another incident which occurred in October 1997 where it more properly belongs.

There was no doubt in my mind then by October 1997 that confidential information which I sent to the Chief Executive of the ********** in order to address a serious problem had been communicated to the tenants adjacent to me who were involved in tenant management and who had been an accomplice to an assault/rape and attempted murder. This told me that confidentiality did not exist in the ******** Office and that anything communicated to them there in ********* ********** was subject to being spread about the ********* at large and discussed openly. I wrote a letter subsequently to the Chief Executive of the ********* complaining about the breach in confidentiality from the ********** Office and subsequently marked my letters private and confidential as apparently neither he nor his office respected the fact that the information was confidential in the first place. I recommended that the processing of such complaints be accomplished at the Town Hall and the activity of the ********* Office be removed from *********** ********** in order to preserve the confidentiality of the tenants. This was to have very serious subsequent consequences for complaint processing which was referred to the Chief Executive of the ************.

Not only had I directly experience then what appeared to me as vital crime information used to cover-up a crime when transmitted to the ********* Office in ********* **********, I also recalled that the police had never contacted me to talk with my personally to see if I had any more information to offer them in addition to what I had sent in my letter to the Police Commissioner. Had the police interviewed me subsequently to the crime event, I would have explained to them about my suspicions about the black auto whose complete details I had written down and were keeping to see if the information proved relevant. The police instead told me they were going to the ********* Office in regard to the matter. Now I could see both the police and the Council directing all information and coordination to the ********** Office which appeared to me to be covering-up a most serious crime event. This was to get far worse as my experience with regard to other events occurred.

VI. Four Specific Crime Events

There were four significant events during this period of time (May 1996 to May 1997) which provide evidence of my direct experience with potential crime in the environment as it directly related to my immediate area of residency. These confirmed my sense of the risk and danger that existed and what I had been told by Mr ******** *********** when he initially showed me the flat [May 1996].

1. Front door mugging setup

(To be explained at a future date)

2. Burglary attempt at nearby flat

This was a strange situation when I was relatively new and did not recognise the tenants. I passed the door to a flat near mine one morning when returning to note a man and a small boy at this flat's front door. The man was working the flat handle. I thought that they were the residents. They were not. I noted the actual tenant some months later and realised that this pair had been trying to break into that flat. The guy was easily recognisable. I have since seen him coming out of another flat numerous times and assume he lived there. I have also noted him going to and from anther flat across from mine which has a perfect view of the doors of the flats on my side of the building and especially my door. This flat is also significant for other reason which I will explain elsewhere.

The small boy was the same one who had participated in a group hanging around the front door of the building. He tried to impede my access one day by asking me for the time. I gave it to him but continued on at a quick pace because I did not like the way the group was spread about. This was different from that experience in the "mugging set up" above but is analogous to it. That one was most definitely a deliberate mugging set up as I judged it while the one involving the small boy could be circumstantial. That small boy has grown now but is still small.

I have seen him this year peeking into people's mail flaps. One such incident was quite notable, but it too will be explained elsewhere. The essence of this from my point of view is that this child has been trained in the elements of criminal behaviour by the "big boy" including muggings and burglaries and now goes about looking into people's flats on his own. It is only a matter of time before he gets older/bigger and starts his own criminal activity I believe.

3. Bathroom window smashed out from third floor empty flat opposite the front door

(To be explained at a future date)

4. Repeated attempts to pick my lock with undeniably specific evidence on New Year's Day 1997

(To be explained at a future date)

VII. Front door lock inoperable for three weeks in April 1997

In April 1997 the front door lock malfunctioned and did not work on opening although all else worked properly. The tenant management deliberately deactivated this lock once again pending repairs, and I protested this security breach taking the matter to the Chief Executive of the Council because mis-representations were made about the locks operation and the reason for deliberately making it inoperable. It took two weeks to repair this lock and restore the locked front door.

In the meantime on the second evening the front door lock was not operating, there was a police "operation" in front of the building involving over ten police officers, numerous police cars and vans and ultimately a police sniffer dog. The police initially chased down and caught someone in front of the building and later brought in the dog. This is again a prime example of the high crime in this immediate area and why it is so important to keep the front door locked at all times.

This was an excellent example of deliberate misrepresentation as regards the actual problem and another tenant "vote" to abrogate building security provision since I was told that they "voted" to keep the front door unlocked pending repair when the response buzzer failed. My position on this was that the tenant management could not effect a prompt repair as always and in order the take the heat off itself just left the door unlocked for three weeks. The documentation on this incident is extensive.

VIII. Police action and brutality under my front window on second day of front door lock outage in April 1997.

I witnessed police brutality from my kitchen window during this event noted in VII just above. A young black man was chased down the front footpath from the building's front door on the left to *********** Road on the right. After leaping that fence there at the road, he was caught by waiting officers in the road and duly surrounded on the road itself as he lay on his back yelling over and over "I don't have a knife".

Despite the fact that he was subdued by five or six officers all standing around him, another officer moved up from his feet kneeing him in the groin as his legs were spread while he lay on the ground. This was purely gratuitous violence against this young black man and totally unnecessary as he was already subdued and motionless on his back in the middle of the road. I witnessed this directly from my kitchen window which had no obstruction to a clear view of this situation.

After this he was taken into the waiting windowless police van that was parked about 20 yards away in the middle of the road and put inside. Several officers got inside the rear door of the van after him. There followed loud sounds from inside the van as it bounced up and down. These were sounds of hits. It was obvious to me that the officers inside the van with this young black man were working him over by beating him. Other officers standing outside this van then started looking around to see who might be witnessing this obvious beating that was taking place inside the van. One such officer looked up and saw me clearly in my kitchen window as I was watching all that was taking place.

A couple hours later I just happened to be passing by my flat front door when I heard loud voices outside. Following what had just happened, I looked out my peephole to see a young black man go into a flat directly across from mine but on another floor. As he entered that flat, he said loudly "Did they ever work me over" or words to that effect. This is a prime example of why no one will contact the police in this environment and one of the reasons why anyone who does will be subjected to extensive harassment as has occurred to me for having reported crime.

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