Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Surveillance & Dr David Kelly's Death
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This page was last updated on Sunday, 18th July 2004.

US spy confirms Dr Kelly's death 'was not suicide' "The Insider" 09 September 2003.

Dr David Kelly testified before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday, 15th July 2003.  This was a special request.  Its main hearings had finished and a report already issued.  It was an investigation into representations made by Her Majesty's Government which provided the foundation for the reasons why the UK had gone to war in Iraq. 
After those hearings ended, Dr David Kelly was noted as someone who spoke with a journalist at the BBC, Andrew Gilligan, about WMD in Iraq.  Dr Kelly had been a top weapons inspector in Iraq previously.  He was top in his field and a consultant to the Ministry of Defense.  There arose in the hearings a dispute between the Prime Minister's Director of Communications, Alistair Campbell, and the BBC initiated by Alistair Campbell over language used in its reports by Andrew Gilligan concerning language which had been used in Government dossiers supporting the war. 
These events had unfolded slowly day-by-day throughout this period.  Parliament was about to adjourn for the summer on Thursday.  After Dr Kelly testified in public session on Tuesday, Andrew Gilligan testified in a private session on Wednesday.  The chairman of the Committee made an extraordinary statement following Andrew Gilligan's testimony that he was an "unsatisfactory witness" about which a report would be issued immediately.  There did come out a two-page report shortly thereafter. 
On Thursday afternoon about 3:00 pm Dr Kelly left his home for a walk.  He did not return.  The next morning shortly after 9:00 am his body was discovered about a mile from his home in the countryside where he often walked or rode a horse.  On Saturday, 19th July 2003, the police announced the confirmed identification of the body as that of Dr David Kelly noting that his wrist had been slashed and that a bottle of prescription pain killers was found. 
At the same time on Thursday, the Prime Minister flew to Washington, D.C. to meet with President Bush and speak before a joint session of Congress.  He was to be only the fourth British Prime Minister to do so.  That speech was broadcast at 9:00 pm on Thursday evening, 17th July 2003, with its 17 or so standing ovations.  Afterwards he participated with President Bush in a news conference preceding their meeting.  Prime Minister Tony Blair had reached the summit in more ways than one. 
On Friday he spent 14 hours flying to Tokyo from Washington, D.C., while it was announced that Dr David Kelly was missing.  While he had been giving his speech to Congress in the US, Dr David Kelly was dead or dying.  The world changed for Prime Minister Tony Blair while he was on his flight to Tokyo as he and the whole world began to learn about Dr David Kelly. 
On Sunday, 20th July 2003, the BBC announced that Dr David Kelly had been the source for Andrew Gilligan's report and the reports of two other of its reporters from information gathered independently of each other.  Wheels had already been set in motion by the Government for the establishment of an independent inquiry into Dr David Kelly's death.  A law Lord, Lord Hutton, will hold these hearings.  Time will tell what this will entail including the scope of the investigation.  It is a complex issue, but it is still not the central issue as to the validity of the respresentations which were made to take this country to war against Iraq.  It now remains to see what the "terms of reference" of the inquiry will include depending upon Lord Hutton's determination of the scope for the inquiry. 

Because of recent events surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly, I have summarised a few relevant points of my own experience :

(1) There was apparentlly one report that his organiser was pried into which came from Channel 4 against the background where much has been said that he had spoken up himself.  Perhaps he did not.  What I touch on below is more sinister with the "organiser" possibly used as a ruse to cover the real source of information.  Naturally, this stems from my point of view.

(2) I heard a report on a BBC News24 panel discussion Dateline London where a journalist noted that fear was generated from a Foreign Office briefing.  This same journalist noted that it had been a fear campaign because the Foreign Office thought the war was necessary. 

I offer the following as food for thought only.  I think it should now be in the consciousness and geneal awareness of us all.  I do not think that this is the case, so I make these comments.  I am not trying to convert anyone but just trying to raise awareness.  I believe that conversion will occur for all at some point in time.  I believe that Tony Blair and others are far more totalitarian than most realise.  I offer the following in support of that conclusion:

Was Dr David Kelly subjected to total surveillance by the MoD and security services?  There was a report that MI5 agents went through his house and garden.  Their remit is counterespionage.  The site of his death has been subjected to extensive investigation including a finger tip search.  There has been a report that Dr Kelly thought his phone was bugged.

Everyone must wake up to the fact of current life with regard to surveillance technology which can not only completely and accurately monitor brain wave electromagnetic radiation but can emulate such brain waves for feedback purposes.  This means that thoughts (words and images), hearing, eyesight, feelings (pain) and smells (I have not verified taste as yet) can be accurately monitored no matter where the target is located.  I believe this is carried out by satellite but have not confirmed that.

At the same time hearing can be induced in the target by electromagnetic radiation and not just molecular wave propagation.  This has been a fact of life noted in research documentation since the 1970s.  In the same way chemical brain activity can be emulated by electromagnetic radiation.  This is considered a biological weapon and as such is forbidden by treaty from its usage.

Interrogation can be carried out with this feedback method which also includes thought (words and images) during sleep with dreams to produce reactions in the target which can then be read.  Also, the chemical emulation can include debilitating and incapacitating impacts.  Pain can be induced, muscular spasms can be caused and broken bones, the effects of poisoning and heart attacks simulated and perhaps caused.

This Government including Prime Minister Tony Blair and cabinet ministers such as Jack Straw and David Blunkett is fully aware of all that this surveillance technology can achieve and has willingly participated in the research and development of it.  I have been one such target for this experimental development programme during the past 2.5 years.  It has been carried out by US Government agents in cooperation with Her Majesty's Government.  Very sadly but fortunately for my learning about what was happening they (Lt Harry X and Colonel Vine, ex-US Marines) exploited a mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed woman who gave it all away as did one of the US Government agents who has his own similar psychological problems.

I was thus able to know and document all that has happened.  As a result, I have engaged in extensive correspondence to bring this to an end for it violates all that a civilised society stands for especially when carried out against a totally innocent target.

It could very well be that the security services (MI5, MI6 and Special Branch) used this surveillance technology as provided by the US against Dr David Kelly and knew all that he was doing.  They may have engaged in harassment by means of the feedback processes to interrogate him.  If this is true, then he was subjected to an understandable terror and torture activity which may have led directly to his death and his statements which have been noted near the end of his life.

There is also supposition that Dr Kelly might have been murdered by rogue elements of the security services or the Government using such surveillance technology to protect themselves and the source of their information cannot be ruled out.  He might have talked publicly not only about his role as a weapons inspector, but after his experience before the Committee, he might have have talked about the surveillance some type of which he was actually beginning to perceive and note.

It is entirely possible that Dr Kelly could have been knocked out by an electromagnetic biological weapon incapacitant with his wrist slit by someone while he was in this unconscious state.  This assumes that his wrist was actually slit.  All of his movements and location would be easily tracked in such a situation by someone from a remote and undetected location.  His exact location would be known precisely by monitoring his own eyesight.  The use of pain killing drugs if found in his body are a mystery in this scenario, but might have been a distraction.

It could have been made to look like suicide, but there would have been the necessary presence of at least one other person at the location of where he died.  This is speculation, obviously, but it cannot be discounted for such surveillance technology which can be used as a weapon is a fact of our current day reality.  I know this by direct experience for 2.5 years on a 24/7 basis.

The above is at present something that can only be held in consciousness while examining all the facts surrounding Dr David Kelly's death.  I pass my comments along so that this awareness while not in the general public realm as yet can be so used as a background thought process should any seemingly bizarre and unrelated facts emerge.  This surveillance technology might be the fabric which relates the apparently unrelated.

There might be reasons which are still unknown that caused such an extreme action to be taken by rogue elements or whoever to bury any further possible relevations including this now existent form of highly sophisticated surveillance technology from being made public.  It is possible that the need to maintain power however misbegotten took precedent.

Robert Jackson MP of Wantage's constituency included the residence of Dr David Kelly.  He is making statements about the BBC which are basic nonsense and do not reflect the time and activity of what was going on.  The BBC could not either confirm or deny its source.  The Government could not continue to trot out name after name for confrimation until it got it right. The BBC behaved properly by neither confirming nor denying that Dr David Kelly was the source for Andrew Gilligan's reporting. 

This focus is still being shifted to this false war between the Government and BBC which Robert Jackson MP for Wantage is continuing to maintain. Under no circumstances should there be any resignations by anyone at the BBC which he is demanding.  The issue remains that the impetus to go to war came from untrue statements made by the Government.  How the 45 minute incitement to war got into the dossier remains the issue.

There is a hullabaloo going on verbally by those carrying on the
surveillance of me as I write this.  I am constantly subjected to extreme verbal abuse and threats of violence as this ferocious argument goes on between these people in the proximity of my flat.

All that I do on the computer and Internet is monitored and interferred with whenever these people think they can get away with it.  This same monitoring could have been carried out against Dr David Kelly including his computer systems and Internet activity including his organiser. There might very well be a massive coverup taking place with respect to Dr Kelly as a source, what he actually did say and what he might have in his computer and wherever.

Quite frankly knowing what I know about what can and is being done with surveillance technology makes this whole process of events mind boggling in the extreme.  Every effort is being made to destroy all that I am doing and all that I have documented.  That is why I long ago started communicating this to the media even before the more sophisticated experimental research and development programme was initiated near the beginning of 2001.  Perhaps this is why it was done when I began communicating my experience and comments at the end of August 2000 to a broad base of recipients.  I was and am trying to disseminate this information and protect myself at the same time for I think that this is in the public interest.

Ironically, it was as a result of a BBC Radio 4 Today programme interview with the head of the police union or what passes for a police union in the aftermath of the two murders at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2000 that I began my extended correspondence.

Because of those comments in that interview, I began sending out my documentation and comments about all that had been going on to my MP, others and the media.  It grew from there to be followed by the arrival of the two US Government agents with their surveillance technology in about February 2001 just in time to attack me when I sought protection from the High Court in March 2001 which they successfully scuppered.

I have a letter dated 28th February 2001 from my MP, Ms Karen Buck, with a copy of the letter that she sent to Sir John Stevens the Metropolitan Police Commissioners.  In writing to him she notes that I have complained to her about harassment providing him with a copy of a recent Email I sent to her.  She asks for a reply which is in such language that can be communicated to me.  I am still waiting for that reply two and one-half years later.  Ms Buck has received extensive communication from me since September 2000 to keep her informed and to note the type of surveillance activity being carried out.  I have requested a public inquiry on more than one occasion.  The question remains as to what degree is this now a totalitarian police state?

Brief chronological overview:

1.  Surveillance driven criminal harassment commenced August/September 1998 after reporting child abuse in May 1998.

2.  One year letter I sent a 50-page letter by fax and post to the Prime Minister on Thursday, 23rd September 1999, after I contacted everyone I thought should have acted to end this activity against me seeking to halt it.  See elsewhere in this web site for the text of this letter which criticises the apparent problem of Government management.  This was followed by another year of exceedingly intensified criminal harassment against me from the Government itself.

a.  30 days of 24/7 continuously repeated police actions against me to remove me from my flat from mid-December 1999 to mid-January 2000.  This was accompanied by total installation of many different kinds of additional surveillance devices to detect my presence and activity.

b.  Two appointments with psychiatrists at St Charles Hospital in
mid-January and the end of January 2000 following this "softening up" daily police action against me for a month.  I was shown my record with its copy of my letter to the Prime Minister in it as the reason I was called in.  I was not told where it came from.  A copy of my complaint letter about Dr Richard Evans' misconduct is located elsewhere on this web site.

c.  Some 80 or so daily faxes to the Chief Executives of the local Council (RBK&C) and the Tenant Management Organisation during March, April, May and June 2000 were sent in the hopes of communicating the reality of this situation documented in daily diary/logs so that rational, reasonable people in positions of authority would bring it to a stop.  It was obvious that my faxes to the Prime Minister had failed and my phone line developed a mysterious fault on 1st March 2000.  I was without phone service for two years nearly to the day as a result of the criminal harassment. 

d. Commencing in June 2000 here was a 24/7 campaign to capture me in the act of ejaculating in order to remove me by force and violence from my home.  I had been celibate before this as a result of the surveillance and remained so for three more years.  These continued attacks against sexual activity were used as an escalating weapon of terror, torture, humiliation, degradation and destructive actions against me.  This kind of activity was made to stop me from communicating what was actually going on by putting me in a double bind situation: damned if I do and damned if I don't.

3.  End of August 2000 my correspondence to a wider selection of those in a position of authority and the media commenced as a result of the two murders at the Notting Hill Carnival for reasons that I had seen the crime in this area first hand noting that it was not being addressed properly and could be easily spilling over into the community at large since these deaths occurred not far from my home. 

4.  About February 2001 the US Government agents appeared just before High Court proceedings commenced and, oddly enough, about the time I got the letter from my MP, Ms Karen Buck, with the copy of the letter she had sent to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.  They (Lt Harry X and Colonel Vine
two ex-US Marines) have been here ever since carrying out an research and development experimental development programme for surveillance technology in every capacity including medical experimentation using it as a lethal weapon to terrorise, torture, torment and interrogate 24/7.  This continues to the very minute I finished this writing and will no doubt go on without any stopping.
5.  During July and August 2001 I sent some 60 daily diary/logs to the complete distribution list a noted elsewhere in this web site.  The extraordinary development of the surveillance technology programme carried out by the two ex-US Marine US Government Agents, Lt Harry X and Colonel Vine, required such detailed reporting at the highest Government level and to the media in order to bring this extraordinary activity to an end. 

In a synopsis form:

(1) my reporting child abuse brought on surveillance technology utilisation for criminal harassment against me;

(2) my letter to the Prime  Minister brought on a month of 24/7 police action against me, NHS psychiiatric intervention and a further escalation of surveillance technology driven harassment with a 24/7 campaign against sexual activity to capture an ejaculation; this latter came after a substantial 80 letter, daily diary/log correspondence to the local authority chief executive and the tenant management chief executive;

(3) my correspondence to a wider base of those in Governmental authority and the media which commenced at the end of August 2000 was followed after about five months by the presence of US Government agents and the most sophisticated surveillance technology the world has ever known including surreptitious medication;

(4) a 28th February 2001 letter by my MP Ms Karen Buck to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner concerning my harassment complaint to her has not produced a reply that I have received; and
(5) July and August 2001 just before 911 saw another set of detailed diary/logs sent out daily for some 60 days to the full distribution list. 

The 24/7 surveillance driven harassment continues to this day, hour, minute and second.


The Government has carried out a campaign of ever increasing criminal harassment driven by surveillance technology based and following upon my correspondence to those in Government.  This included a call to attend a St Charles Hospital psychiatric clinic.  My letter to the Prime Minister triggered the most incredible response against me including police and psychiatric actions.  My further correspondence to others in significant positions of authority brought about the use of the most sophisticated surveillance technology ever known by US Government agents including surreptitious medication of me in my own home.  Did a letter from my MP Ms Karen Buck to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner also contribute to this escalation?

These actions have constituted attempt murder against me by increasing stages among numerous other crimes carried out against me.  Surveillance technology has been used as a lethal weapon as part of a terror and torture interrogation programme.  There has been no investigation.  This was fabrication.  Five years of surveillance technology utilisation which produces no results is not being used for investigative reasons.

All of the above has been completely documented 24/7 in tens of thousands of pages which I believe now exceeds 50,000 pages over the past five plus years.  Every effort is being made to destroy me and this documentation to prevent its being properly presented.

I have sound reasons by analogy to believe that Dr David Kelly's death could be murder.  At least an awareness that this might be a possibility should be maintained.

On Friday, 18th July 2003, as the events surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly were unfolding, I wrote the following the content of which was first addressed to the media.  I then sent a copy of it to the Prime Minister.  It was couched against the background of Prime Minister Tony Blair's speech before the joint session of Congress the preceding night (2100 UK time). 

Friday, 18th July 2003
The Right Honourable Tony Blair
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA BY FAX 0207 925 0918
Dear Mr Prime Minister
Re Free the North Kensington One
This was written for the press to continue the publication of the terror, torture and punishment Government policy being carried out against me using surveillance technology as a weapons along with surreptitious medication after your speech before the joint session of Congress yesterday and Dr David Kelly's death today.  I sent it directly to you for your personal information and action:
Tony "Human Rights" Blair has stopped the prosecution of the two British detainees in Guantanamo Bay pending a review between British and US Government officials. All to the good, but it begs the question as to where Tony "Human Rights" Blair has been for the lengthy incarceration of all nine British detainees incommunicado in the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp subjected to interrogation and medical experimentation.
Tony "Human Rights" Blair has told us that the real weapon is beliefs, yet he does not act on those beliefs consistently and only uses them selectively when it suits his purpose. Now is the time and opportunity for him to establish by actions a standard of the values and beliefs that he spoke about before the joint session of Congress and carry out that standard as part of the basic value of the democratic rule of law if he means what he says.
Dr David Kelly is presumably dead as all indications so far point to that event however it might have occurred. This great, great tragedy should have never happened. I look forward to the proposed judicial review for all the facts and evidence to be carefully scrutinised in order to properly determine all that has occurred which lead to his death with respect to those responsible for this course of events. Dr David Kelly was subjected to humiliation, degradation and professional exposure for purposes which I look forward to seeing addressed by such a judicial enquiry.
Against the background of the human rights violations of those in Guantanamo Bay and the tragic death of Dr David Kelly I can only speak for myself in circumstances where such public humiliation, degradation, intense terror, torture and interrogation have been carried out against me as official policy of this Government for years. I have reported extensively on this so far without any respite. This has been hidden behind the actions of Lt Harry X and Colonel Vine (ex-US Marines operating now as presumed US Government agents on UK soil) in North Kensington as well as a local female recruit whom I reported as part of the child abuse which occurred against her two children in May 1998.
I am declared a "prisoner" in my own home under "house arrest". I have never been charged with any crime. I have never committed any crime. I have never had any judicial proceedings in any court of law at any time in the many years that this has been going on. I have never been involved in any proceedings against me in my life at any time. And, I have certainly never been arrested for anything at any time in my life. This activity against has been going on for five years with Lt Harry X and Colonel Vine and their female recruit present carrying out their surveillance technology and medical experimentation for almost 2.5 years since about February 2001.
I have been subjected to the most extensive verbal and physical abuse possible by the experimental use of surveillance technology. This has been carried out 24/7 for all these years. The terror and torture has included repeated and continuous death threats and threats of violence. Actual physical violence has been carried out against me using the surveillance technology and surreptitious medication.
I have been subjected to surreptitious medication by both chemical administration and electromagnetic radiation emulating chemical impact on the brain. There is no foundation for any such surreptitious administration of debilitating and incapaciting medication. It's purpose is to keep me from functioning and make me passive with regard to the terror and torture being carried out against me.
I have suffered personal injuries as a result. The electromagnetic radiation started in August/September 1998 has resulted in cataracts in each eye. Lymph oedema in my right forearm and hand from former right shoulder cancer surgery has been aggravated to the point of crippling me commenced in August/September 1998 coincident with the electromagnetic radiation surveillance technology. I am at risk of cancer recurrence due to the  electromagnetic radiation used against me.
The surreptitious medication impacts the muscular system impairing it and its support for the skeletal system. A personal injury which I have had since the age of six has been aggravated recently for the first time in five decades since I was nine-years-old. My upper left femur bone was bruised at that young age resulting in extreme weakness to that bone.
I was initially confined to a bed for a month and forbidden to walk. I even had to be carried to the bathroom. I was subsequently forbidden to run or engage in any contact sports. I swam instead. When I was nine-years-old, the ban on contact sports and running was lifted. The fear had been that if I broke the very weak upper femur bone at that age, I might be crippled for life.
Now that same weakness and limping has returned due to the use of the debilitating and incapacitating surreptitious medication administered without my [official] knowledge or consent which impacts the muscular system and its support of the skeleton structure. I could sustain a serious bone injury as a result and am at a higher risk of such injury.
I have been subjected to chronic sleep deprivation due to a 24/7 terror and torture campaign carried out with the use of surveillance technology used as a weapon for these five years. I have been deliberately woken after short intervals of sleep and kept awake for considerable lengths of time each and every night throughout these years. I averaged about four hours sleep a night for these five years. This is all meticulously documented.
Chronic sleep deprivation puts the peripheral organs systems at risk of collapse: the cardio vascular system (heart and arteries), liver, kidneys, etc. The debilitating impact of the incapacitating surreptitious medication contributes to this risk with regard to the cardio vascular system in that the heart muscles are so impacted. The aging process is increased so that age related diseases such as age onset diabetes if present are accelerated. See The Lancet in October 1999 for research which highlights these risks from chronic sleep deprivation.
One of the very pernicious terror and torture activities carried out against me has been a continuous 24/7 verbal attack on sexuality. This is the kind of criminal harassment which puts the victim in a double bind: damned if the victim does nothing and damend if the victim reports it. In the latter case the victim is discredited for reporting intimate verbal attacks against non-existent sexual activity.
In my case these verbal attacks have been carried out as false allegations of chronic masturbation which has led to debility. This has been totally false. Like all the allegations against me I have made certain that I did nothing to contribute in anyway to them so that I could maintain that they are totally false. I have been completely celibate and totally inactive sexually for several years to refute these continuous 24/7 false allegations. The surveillance technology has often verified that this is the case with other observers present.
In recent weeks I have discovered that there is now a personal injury that has resulted which impacts sexual activity. The question remains whether this has been a result of the celibacy and complete abstinence due to the continuous harassment and false allegations or from the surreptitious medication or a combination of both. The extreme of the initial humiliation, degradation and destruction from this kind of false allegation used as criminal harassment has now been compounded with a personal injury as a result.
Against the background of these personal injuries I believe that my life is at risk because this terror and torture campaign continues without any relief whatsoever. In fact, as I proceed through the cataract surgery process to mitigate this personal injury, further terror, torture and torment activity is being carried out against me 24/7 exploiting this situation to create further fear of damage to my eyes from interfering with the surgery and recovery process.
Guantanamo Bay has shown us the complete abrogation of human, civil and legal rights while the apparent death of Dr David Kelly has shown that pursuit by the Government against individuals to humiliate and degrade are part of policy activity. What I am trying to bring to everyone's attention is that these same rights have been denied me against the background of policies being carried out which threaten my life while death threats and threats of violence are constantly made at the same time actions which could cause death are actually carried out against me.
I seek to stop this in order to save my life. I seek to have the democratically established rule of law followed for the protection of the innocent. I see elsewhere and know from personal experience that this Government does not maintain these standards in the UK. Tony Blair does not mean what he says in speeches unless there is a very visible threat of or actual death involved. The Guantanamo Bay British detainees were facing a possible death sentence with human, civil and legal rights abrogated. Dr David Kelly was an apparent victim of the ruthless and devastating self-serving policies of this Government carried out for its own corrupt self interest although the cause of death is still unknown.
I am also experiencing these very same intentions and actions being carried out as part of a medical experimentation process where I am held under house arrest as a prisoner without any charge or legal proceeding whatsoever where I have had the opportunity to examine, review and challenge any allegation made against me.
I submit that this is how this Government is functioning. It only addresses these problems when there is massive publicity. The standards which are vocalised are not facts of life in this Government. I seek not only my survival and freedom from terror and torture but the larger resolution of this problem so that it never impacts anyone else in the manner in which I have been treated.
Tony Blair kept talking about freedom and liberty, but he does nothing to ensure that it exists in the UK by allowing those who are destroying my life to continue to do so. In fact this Government acts to destroy freedom, liberty, human, civil and legal rights.
Are you going to adhere to these values and beliefs you claim or will you continue to carry on as before? 
Yours sincerely
/s/ Gary D Chance
". . . O! It is excellent
To have a giant's strength.
   but it is tyrannous
To use it like a giant.
. . . but man, proud man,
Drest in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he's most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep. who, with our spleens,
Would all themselves laugh mortal."
Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" II ii
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