Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
A Truly Unreasonable Search and Seizure
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The following copy of a fax to the Prime Minister and the Distribution List reflects a key element of surveillance which is truly an unreasonable search and seizure. This is a key abuse of such surveillance activity for the purpose of fabrication and not investigation. It also allows for those with a vengeance to carry out revenge and retaliation since I had reported child abuse in May 1998. This highlights the use of surveillance equipment as a weapon to damage and harm carrying out punishment in a terror, torture, torment and incitement activity 24/7 to facilitate interrogation. I am the human guinea pig in this neo Nazi medical experiment for research and development.

(Last updated on Friday, 17th January 2003)

Friday, 17th January 2003

The Right Honourable Tony Blair
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA 
BY FAX 0207 925 0918

Dear Mr Prime Minister

Re The Ultimate Shame of the British People
Or, Human and Civil Rights Do Not Exist in the United Kingdom


"Lt Harry X" is the ex-US Marine US Government Agent

"PCPHF" is the daughter of the woman tenant in the flat ******** and the mother of the two children subjected to child abuse which I reported to the authorities in May 1998.  

1.      Fri, 17 Jan 2003 - 12:51:24
"Rapist" says "Lt Harry X" and "Psychotic" as Pool Table (see is shown again after re-establishing the Internet connection. That allegation is totally false.  The second one as well.  This is "Lt Harry X" talking about "Lt Harry X".

2.      This is the view of me that "Lt Harry X" and especially "PCPHF" crave and get each and every night.  They thirst for such nude exposure with me laying flat on my back uncovered by the blanket, and "PCPHF" will throw an extreme hysterical fit if she is not allowed to remain fixed to the surveillance equipment.  It is even worse.  She craves the observation of the male ejaculation.  She spends all night fixated on my genitals waiting and watching for an ejaculation.  If she does not get one, she fakes it by yelling for all to hear "He's come" numerous times throughout the night.  Whenever attempts are made to remove her, she screams "He might come!"

3.      Compare and contrast this highly destructive and degrading abusive activity carried out each and every night against me for years now by "PCPHF", "Lt Harry X" and anyone else who cares to watch (and laugh as happens frequently) with  the J Orlin Grabbe girl "Pool Table" which is just a photo (I guess).  She is laying on her back on a pool table.  This is innocuous.  No one has to look at it.  There is no interaction with her at all.  It was posed willingly and with full knowledge and consent. It is unreal. It is just a photo.

4.      However, this is not the case with those viewing me in bed all night long, when I am in the bathtub or while I am using on the toilet.  They are deliberately trying to do as much harm as possible.  They make known to me all that is said in terms of abuse and harassment while I try to carry on with normal and biologically essential activity such as sleeping, eating, waste elimination and bathing.

5.      Who is really sick here? I do not think that looking at a photo of a nude female means anything at all.  I do think that all the activity carried out against me by "Lt Harry X", "PCPHF" and others displays a demented character and serious disturbance in the extreme.  This is especially true in the absolute refusal to leave the surveillance equipment alone at anytime while maintaining a 24/7 vigil in a totally obsessed manner.

6.      There is no information collection adhering to this activity.  If so, what is it? Is it the sought for male ejaculation which is faked numerous times a night and day because it does not exist at all? In these circumstances anyone would be celibate.  If someone were genuinely interested in capturing an ejaculation, such total abuse making this well known would never be done.  The behaviour would be quite the opposite.   There would be absolute silence. Instead there are constant and continuous false allegations that an ejaculation has occurred when it never has.  What does this really mean for these people know the are faking it?

7.      It can only be that the reason for this verbally abusive behaviour is harassment, terror, torture, torment, incitement and interrogation for the purpose of picking up thoughts and images with the brain wave monitoring surveillance technology as part of the experimentation programme in place.  The point is to create resentment, aggravation and provoke thoughts and reactions which can be read.  There is no other reason. If so, what is it?  This is terror and torture 24/7 for the purpose of interrogation by brain wave monitoring surveillance technology.

8.      The specific objective of capturing an ejaculation started in June 2000.  It has been going on now for over 2.5 years.  "Lt Harry X" arrived about two years ago with his surveillance technology including brain wave monitoring and feedback capabilities.  What was the original purpose for this obscene and degrading which was carried out by tenants driven by "PCPHF" and her father (since apparently imprisoned for making false allegations) plus others associated with flat ****** ******** starting in June 2000?  This was already underway when "Lt Harry X" arrived about two years ago with his experimental programme and all the surveillance equipment he was intent upon using which has all been made available to "PCPHF" to use directly.  What is the purpose of these two separate activities?

9.      It is my belieF that there is every effort underway to cover up the character and real nature of what is going on by ascribing mental illness to me.  These are false allegations made against me.  Along with each faked claim of an ejaculation there exists the criminal vigilante incitement to "Get him out" which means to smash into my home to remove me by force and violence.  All of this adds up to extreme terror and torture from the fear of violence and death driven by multiple death threats which are used to facilitate interrogation by brain wave monitoring activity.

10.     I am also called a terrorist.  How does this activity carried out against me as described square with using the surveillance equipment for the purpose of detecting and monitoring terrorists?   There is no foundation to believe that I am or have every been associated with any criminal and/or terrorist activity. In fact, quite the contrary exists; This can only be seen as an intense effort to terrorise and torture, fake false allegations of mental illness and use the whole programme as a basis for experimenting with and developing such techniques for interrogation puposes 24/7 for an indefinite period of time.  By using the ruse of mental illness this can be kept out of the legal justice system and hopefully destroy any opportunity I might have for a legitimate redress of my grievance against those carry out this activity.  For me so far it has been a total of well over four years (surveillance began in August/September 1998) and has included the most sophisticated surveillance technology equipment for experimental purposes known to mankind for two full years now.

There is much, much more to describe.  This only presents a highlight of the tip of the iceberg.  When it all becomes public, the British people will forever live in deep shame and never be able to lift their heads honestly advocating standards of justice, fairness, democracy and the rule of law for these no longer exist in the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely

Gary D Chance

PS After this was faxed to the Prime Minister this afternoon, the following occurred:

4976.   Fri, 17 Jan 2003 - 14:48:35
"I'll shoot him" threaten "Lt Harry X."

4977.   Fri, 17 Jan 2003 - 14:50:22
"Defamation" says the Slandering "Lt Harry X" causing me to laugh and slap my thighs.  It is the epitome of a double standard.  It's OK if he does it, but what if I try to stop it by describing exactly what is going on?  I get a death threat and threatenEd legal action.  Promises, promises.

". . . O! It is excellent
To have a giant's strength;
   but it is tyrannous
To use it like a giant.

. . . but man, proud man,
Drest in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he's most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep; who, with our spleens,
Would all themselves laugh mortal."

Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" II ii


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