Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
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A Monumental Hoax and Cover-up

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Hoax (transitive verb) etymology: probably contraction of hocus (date: circa 1796):
1. to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous; synonym see DUPE - hoaxer (noun)

Hoax (noun; date: 1808):
1. an act intended to trick or dupe : IMPOSTURE
2. something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication

Cover-up (date 1927):
1. a device or stratagem for masking or concealing; also: a usually concerted effort to keep an illegal or unethical act or situation from being made public


This overview outlines the equipment and activity for the surveillance that has been used against me for over three years and continues at present. Its actual implementation progressed by degrees over this period since August/September 1998. Its presence has been validated by months of careful observations eliminating other variables in most cases so that only one method could possibly be used in obtaining the information.

Much was simply stated by those and other characters involved numerous times so that its presence was confirmed. There have been equipment and activity changes in this progression which are noted. A discussion of that evolution and its related acivity will be provided in more detail in other sections. This just provides a one-page "impact" statement and orientation. The emphasis is on significance of activity with dates of inception noted when known.

Please note that all of this activity is done presumably without my knowledge at least initially and certainly without my consent, however all that I write and accomplish is well known so that what I know is monitored as well even right now as I produce and publish this. It is totally invasive of every aspect of my life. The impact is a virtual "House Arrest" which is a word used by one of the "characters" involved in the activity and not by me although it is descriptively accurate of precisely what is going on characterising the total 24-hours per day of complete and total surveillance.

[NB This is a work in progress which will be completed and changed as detailed experience and research are accrued and reviewed.]

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation by Julianne McKinney

"Harassment Objectives

"In his book, Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control, Dr. Harvey Weinstein quotes the following passage from a book entitled, A battle for the Mind: A Physiology in Conversion and Brainwashing, by William Sergeant (Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 1957):

"By increasing the prolong stress in various ways, or inducing physical debilitation, a more thorough alteration of the person's thinking process may be achieved. ...If the stress or physical debilitation, or both, are carried one stage further, it may happen that patterns of thought and behavior, especially those of recent acquisition, become disrupted. New patterns can then be substituted, or suppressed patterns allowed to reassert themselves; or the subject might begin to think or act in ways precisely contradict his former ones.

"'...If a complete sudden collapse can be produced by prolonging or intensifying emotional stress, the cortical slate may be wiped clean temporarily of its more recently implanted patterns of behavior, perhaps allowing others to be substituted more easily.'"

Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation
by Julianne McKinney
Director, Electronic Surveillance Project
Association of National Security Alumni
December 1992

At the beginning of this report Ms McKinney states:

"In December 1992, when Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation was published, the U.S. Government representatives routinely took the position that directed-energy technologies were nothing more than mere figments of physicists' imaginations, still on the drawing boards. Shortly following publication of this report, information concerning these technologies began to appear in some noteworthy organs as, The Wall Street Journal, Defense News, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Tactical Technology, Defense Electronics and, most recently, The Washington Post.

"In a flurry of activity in these past 10 months, directed-energy- based surveillance and anti-personnel systems have suddenly leaped off of physicists' drawing boards into the world of reality, thus obviating the criticism, it would appear, that the attached publication concerns non-existent technologies.

"Indeed, directed-energy technologies appear to have evolved at such a rapid rate that they are now being promoted as the "Final Solution" to crime -- preliminarily, at a classified conference sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, hosted by the John Hopkins Applied Physics, and supported by the American Defense Preparedness Association.

"Clearly, given this conference, data concerning the efficacy of acoustical, high-powered microwave, laser, ELF/RF weapons and "psychotronic" systems is sufficient to allow for their now being promoted as tools for law enforcement. What is note worthy in this sudden flurry of activity is that no one has bothered to ask the following very basic questions:

"1. Where is the test data being obtained?

"2. What, so far, has prevented this government and its contractors from testing these technologies on U.S. citizens under involuntary circumstances?

"Absent answers to -- or government interest -- these questions; and because the symptoms experienced by those now in touch with this Project parallel those reported in the media as being the effects of directed-energy targeting, we conclude that no restraints have been placed on those charged with the development and testing of directed-energy systems; and the U.S. citizens are indeed being experimented upon under involuntary circumstances."

I urge you to read the full report by clicking on the link above. In this website you will read the account of another involuntary subject for these experiments in a research programme absent all restraints and control regarding usage. Although this has been new to me from an innocent victim's direct experience for over three years now, it is apparently nothing exceptionally new except for the refinement and increased capabilities of the technology and technics employed. You will see that US Government agents are working abroad with the full cooperation of the UK Government experimenting in its usage to avoid domestic problems which apparently arose as regards to these documented cases and their publication.

I. Surveillance Methodologies and Equipment

1. Brain Wave Monitoring

There exists the ability to monitor brain activity accurately without electrode connection both inside my home and outside of it regardless of where I am. The following activities have been validated by me in anecdotal responses from many situations that have arisen in recent months from this equipment's usage which has been recently noted as "experimental" on two different occasions by those using it.

A. Thoughts

Words thought but not spoken have been repeated precisely.

B. Images

Dream and thought images have been described perfectly.

C. Eyesight

What I see can be noted explictly by this equipment. Perhaps it is related directly to the imaging by the brain.

D. Hearing

My least whisper is heard at a distance especially noted when outside.

E. Feeling

Chest and stomach pains have been detected and noted explicitly. Other feelings have been noted but not as clearly.

Questions arise as regards to "feedback" from this process in that I can hear these people very clearly. Why and how this is so is still to be determined, but what the impact is as regards all five of these "senses" from the human body remain to be determined. Can sight be disrupted, pain induced, thoughts and images created and hearing (as noted) induced?

I have used many fantasies and thought processes consisting of a great variety of "disinformation" to confirm this surveillance activity. It is beyond a doubt possible and definitely in use. This very unusual situation with regard to the people utilising this equipment has resulted in its being disclosed continuously from its usage inception thus enabling me to understand exactly what is happening. I continue to be able to confirm its usage daily, 24-hours a day.

I will discuss what is happening to me in the use of this equipment while doing as much research as possible about this along the way, but for a sense of some public information which is similar in use but appears to be very primitive as regards to what is being done to me please refer to the following websites by clicking on the the links for more technical information:

Brain Wiretapping: from Chapter 9 Kooks and Terrorists in "Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century" By Simson Garfinkel (see comments at end of chapter 9)

Brain Wave Science Human Brain Research Laboratory, Inc.

Identifying terrorists before they strike by using computerized knowledge assessment (CKA)

Appendix: Identifying terrorists before they strike by using Computerized Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

Decoding Minds, Foiling Adversaries

2. Video

A. Radar Imaging - Installed August/September 1998

At first this was utilised from the flat above directly over my living room area to watch my activity simultaneous with the audio and computer hacking. My dectection of this equipment activity was simultaneous, noted immediately upon usage and verified absolutely over a period of about six months. It continues to this day as best as I can determine for it has a penetrating power that those conducting this surveillance will not relinquish despite the extensvie personal injury damage it has caused.

This is clumsy, heavy equipment set up on a tripod which I believe that I observed being carried into the building initially at which time when also instructions were given that my presence had to be independently verified by outside "spotting" presumably so as to not give away the source of the real surveillance monitoring.

At first it was static and later on wheels. It was difficult to move around and well noted on the floor above when doing so as I moved from my chair to my bed in the living room. As a result of the intensive and extensive criminal stalking and harassment concentrating on sleep deprivation which occurred, I moved into a small room to sleep in the winter of 1999. The equipment was moved along with me and quite noisily so. This was a totally dark, enclosed, windowless room in my flat that enabled me to determine that the smallest movements (eyes opening) were detected and not by a starlight camera as it was pitch black in this room.

In October 1999 this equipment was increased to monitor activity in each and every room in my flat from above including the kitchen, bathroom, hall, small room and bedroom. This is when it was installed on wheels as I heard it being set up over the bathroom while I was in that room on the Monday morning following my fax/letter to the Prime Minster on Thursday, 23rd September 1999. It told me that an escalation and not abatement as I had tried to secure from this letter was underway. This was followed by an escalation in every aspect of the surveillance as well as the criminal stalking and harassment.

B. Starlight Cameras

These were more difficult to explicitly determine as being present. Unlike the radar imaging equipment, they are unobservable except in effect and what people say and reveal about their presence and usage. The ability to see me in my chair in the living room along with comments about my activity in the summer of 1998 and subsequently to the present led me to assume that these were installed at least simultaneously with the radar imaging equipment.

Explicit confirmation by statements of usage have been made this year from at least two different people at different times explicitly noting the presence and usage of starlight cameras. In addition comments throughout this period about all my activity in each and every room revealed to me an additional source of video imaging which was being used in addition to the radar imaging technology. These were voluminous statements publicly yelled and otherwise about my activity at any given time such as dressing in my bedroom, etc. These were used as the basis for fabricating activity along with the radar imaging equipment. As a result, I believe that starlight cameras have been used continuously from the summer of 1998 to the present in each and every room.

A complicating factor is the knowledge now of the ability to see what my eyes see thus providing another dimension to "video" surveillance which can be confused with starlight camera and/or radar imaging operations. Most likely all are being used simultaneously to gain as much "video" information as it possible as well as abuse the surveillance process in that these are used a "weapons" to create that objective that is desired rather than for objective observation of what is present. This activity occurs continuously many times a day and is the purpose of this surveillance activity as it has and is taking place.

C. Sound Imaging - Installed December 1999

Ultra sound or just plain audible sound is used for imaging by taking static pictures as has been specifically stated and used by those outside my front window in the past and through the present. I first noted this as "pops" in the plastic of the desktop monitor thinking that it was heat and cold air causing the plastic to expand and contract at various times with a "pop". This was noted first in December 1999 during the "raids" which commenced in mid-December lasting for 30 days. At that time there were numerous efforts employed to detect my presence inside the flat, e.g., the baseboard sound detection system and infrared movement detectors installed from the flat below as described herein.

During one of the "raids" when an extraordinary number of police were assembled outside along with the legally required emergency vehicles (Fire Brigade engine and ambulance), the desktop monitor plastic made a loud "pop". When someone outside noted that it meant I was there by reflecting a noise, another person said to just ignore it. I assumed that it was recognised for what it was: a noise from an appliance like the fridge motor turning on and off. Then at another time not much later a male revealed that these were sound pictures. I then began noting the "pops" as they occurred and, sure enough, they occurred at times when there was suspected activity while I was sitting in my chair or lying in my bed when a "photograph" was desired.

Further on in time there was an explicit reference to its usage and a "Do it again" request which was quickly obliged with another "pop" from the plastic monitor. As I wrote about this in my diary/logs, those carrying out the activity indicated that I knew what it was. There have been sufficient examples of this activity verbally noted to confirm its existence and usage. There have also been other "pop" sounds from the desktop CPU and printer in front of the chair as well as speakers on the side of the chair. I have come to accept the fact that these are not natural noises but created for taking sound pictures.

The process used to create these "pops" is unknown. There exists the possbility that that ultra sound convergence creates this noise, and it is actually ultra sound which is being utilised. Since the ultra sound can provide foetal images as a well known example, it is likely that this is used for such photographs. The converge of ultra sound, however, can also be used for such purposes as breaking up kidney or gall bladder stones. As such ultra sound convergence presents a risk as regards to where these sound waves converge. It is possible that such convergence causes these "pops" depending upon the focus of the ultra sound waves, but since I do not know precisely what the source is and how it is "read" as an image, the question remains open as to precise method of usage and where the source is installed.

3. Audio - Installed August/September 1998

A. Microphones

Microphones have been noted since the Summer of 1998 by explicit reference to their usage and the sounds that they pick up. In this tenant management environment many tenants and other members of the public have been brought along on evenings throughout this period as "observers" and instructed in the usage of this audio surveillance equipment (as well as all the other means of surveillance at these mass gatherings) with references to the sounds that were being monitored.

This has continued to the present with explicit reference to planted microphones specifying location and in one example the inability to hear what was present due to the radio speaker near the microphone. This was announced publicly to an entire group of people assembled outside my front window for an evening's "observation".

Further, the microphones have been described as "extremely sensitive" on another occasion by someone else, and by making particular sounds intentionally I have noted the presence of a microphone(s) very close to and perhaps implanted in my bed itself. Thus, scratching on my pillow illicted comment from those monitoring this sound activity on several occasions this past year (2001).

Of course, this might very well be a confusion on my part about the ability to "hear" with my ears as noted above. Thus, the overlapping of perception for the source of surveillance activity with regard to audio and video. More recently I was ascribing these activities to "conventional" means when in fact it might have been due to brain wave monitoring. I know the "what", but the "how" can overlap.

B. Sound Detection - Installed December 1999

As part of the escalation for the surveillance activity following my 50-page fax/letter to the Prime Minister on 23rd September 1999, sound detection "boxes" were installed in mid-December with much drilling noise in almost one evening around the basebooards from below in the two living room walls which are not outside brick walls as are the other two. The initial drilling was extensive and quite obvious that probes of some kind were being installed.

These were at my floor level and were quite obvious in their purpose as revealed through their initial usage from mid-December 1999 to mid-January 2000 during an intensive exercise to remove me from my home and subsequently to the present. They were noisily used with obvious opening and closing of lids with the presence of people right at my floor level virtually next to my head. My bed was along one such wall with its head at the other wall. Thus, these sound detection boxes were within a few feet of me while I was in bed.

In fact, I could hear the sound of voices talking, e.g., "He's snoring" when I was just breathing (virtually inaudible), coming from right next to me. The sound detection equipment must have been so sensitive that it made normal, soundless breathing appear to be like snoring. The purpose of this activity was to pickup any sound including those from any movement which would meet the legal requirement for the detection of presence.

This was evidently used for training purposes as many different individuals were given the opportunity to see if they could verify presence with legally acceptable sound detection verifications. When one occurred, whoever was using the equipment would slam the lid to the "box" and then the door to the flat below, run outside and ask whoever was running the "show" whether their detection was legally valid or not. Most times it was not which produced many different reactions that I could easily hear. When it was legally valid, some other reason was determined to get another so that it was an endless process.

This was used in conjunction with a massive effort to remove me from my home through the use of the emergency services: police, fire and ambulance all of which are legally required in such an operation. This went on daily for a 30-day period sometimes two or three times a day and all night as occurred on Christmas Eve and the night before it.

The entire period was one continuous terror and torture campaign which subjected me to a virtual firing squad from the threat of a violent removal from my home. The total story will be related. There was no legal reason whatsoever for doing any of this. All the allegations against me were and are totally false. In fact, they were fabricated and created through the use of the surveillance equipment by those who then blamed me for what they had actually done themselves.

This has since continued for the past almost two years now with many variations and activities in the sound detection "box" usage all organised around a single false premise at great expense to the taxpayer. It has been a total waste of time and resources including diverting the needs of the emergency services from real emergencies and needs for the propagation of the criminal intent by those make the false allegations while facilitating the research, development and training that has accompanied all this activity.

These sound detection "boxes" may have taken on another role of late which could reflect their usage as sources of "antennae" for intercepting the brain wave propagation. Although this sounds reasonable, it does not square with the ability to intercept such "emissions" when I am in public spaces and places. While the "what" is noted, the "how" is still in the stages of being determined more accurately.

There is still another aspect for the usage of these "boxes" located at the base of the walls next to my bed which is related to what I call "Fly Fishing" (further explanation about this elsewhere too). This is the interjection of voice sounds as I sleep in order to induce a dream upon waking. There is a desired effect which is sought from such activity that will be fully explained later. This voice sound interjection into my consciousness while I sleep might also come from the "feedback" effect of the ability to hear by means of brain wave interception.

Thus, there is an overlap here in two surveillance technologies as to "how" while the "what" is more certain. This again reveals that I can perceive "what" is happening and then must wait to accumulate more information from experiences from this activity as to "how" it is being carried out. I form a hypothesis and check it each time something occurs like what I consider to be a "Fly Fishing" episode then see if it reinforces or causes me to alter the hypothesis.

There remains the fact, however, that these sound detection "boxes", or "Surround Sound" as I call them, have been there now for almost two years of usage whenever needed and are being used in possibly different capacities on an experimantal basis for the ongoing research, development and training activity which I have thoroughly documented. These "boxes" have resulted in frustrated operators creating disturbances in order to cause me to make a sound for them to get a "reading" after hours of waiting. In other words, their very close proximity to me at night makes available a prime source of abuse of surveillance which has been abused as described and has been well documented as such. These "boxes" contribute to and create the very objective which they seek to record.

4. Computer Hacking - Installed August/September 1998

Anonymous: This anti-hacking proposal of the EU Commission makes provisions worse than those already in COE Cybercrime Treaty. If this proposal becomes EU law, "illegal access" will be considered a "serious attack against information systems" even if the access was unintentional. As penalty for any indirect damage in course of "illegal access" the maximum sentence must a minimum of four years. The proposal has not been published and is to be presented November 27, 2001, in Brussels (Courtesy of Cryptome)


Since this might be unknown to many and perhaps startling information, please see:

NSA TEMPEST Documents at and

for a list of the NSA's (National Security Agency's) TEMPEST documents released to Cryptome under the Freedom of Information Act including the US law on TEMPEST.

For an unofficial overview of TEMPEST see:

The Complete, Unofficial TEMPEST Information Page

which includes further links (click on these links at the end of this web page).

TEMPEST refers to the interception of electromagnetic radiation emitted from computer technology equipment. Usually this is the monitor screen so that whatever is seen by the computer user can be seen by the person using Tempest for surveillance purposes. Other electromagnetic radiation emissions from a computer can be so intercepted. The extent of this activity is unknown to me because its potential is so vast, but I will elucidate my experience with regard to such interception and viewing.

It is my believe that TEMPEST has been used to view my monitor screen activity for both a notebook and a desktop computer for most if not all of this period. That means all that I write and process can be read remotely. This has been done extensively with no end of verifications by me of such activity from those outside and nearby my flat (the flats above and below mine) repeating and commenting on what I write including laughing at mistakes.

Images on the monitor and notebook screen are seen as well. I have used "disinformation" in the form of images to provoke responses for verifcation purposes and have gotten no end of validation that such surveillance is not only being undertaken, but it is available to numerous tenants and members of the general public at various locations nearby and outside my flat from the public road at the right to the front door areas to the left as the voice responses from many different people on endless occasions have confirmed this beyond any doubt whatsoever. In fact, frequently a dialogue has ensued as those outside comment on what I a writing which I note for record purposes adding my own comments.

I have even seen and photographed groups of people (tenants and public members) seated in a semicircle on benches outside my front window all crouched over looking at something on the ground with a cable attachment for extended periods of time. I believe that this was either the starlight camera and/or TEMPEST video output being made available publicly to this group of people. The actions and activity were consistent with such viewing. I do not believe that they were outside under my window just watching TV.

TEMPEST is used to ascertain the content of all my correspondence, diary notes and logs and whatever evidence I collect, e.g., sound and video recordings for the incessant criminal stalking and harassing behaviour from this same large number of people along with all the file management activity therefrom. This enables those with criminal interference intent to pervert the course of justice (obstruction of justice in the US) by preempting my correspondence prior to dissemination. It allows for the alteration and fabrication of details countering my logged and communicated information before it is even sent.

A most significant example of this was my 50-page letter to the Prime Minister which took some two weeks to compose prior to faxing it on Thursday, 23rd September 1999. All the informatin including supporting logs were seen in advance and steps taken to counter what I was communicating. These steps I noted directly as such a response on several occasions. I also heard the reactions from the flat above mine regarding such monitoring including the final reaction when I finished this lengthy and comprehensive letter as this occurred directly over the chair in which I sat writing.

Subsequently, all that I stated was twisted and used against me much of which I had not written previously since I was aware of this interception and its potential for abusive use against me. This activity was placed in the hands of the tenants with a vested interest in using it for such criminal objectives. Thus, all my correspondence, diaries and logs were compromised at the time they were written as was all my other documentation.

A significant verfication of TEMPEST usage occurred when I covered the notebook screen with a coloured transparency to reduce light. I put the notebook next to the bed all night long to make notes of all the disturbances and disruptions as they occur which interrupt my sleep and keep me awake continuously all night long to effect the chronic sleep deprivation which as continued nightly without fail for over three years. I have been doing this since the summer of 1998 around the clock.

When I put the coloured transparency over the notebook screen, the signal was lost to those doing the interception as the frequency of the transmission was altered. Different colours of light have different frenquencies for its electromagnetic radiation in the colour spectrum. There was a frantic and frentic reponse which explicitly and verbally described this loss because they apparently had a great dependent need to track all that I was noting in my diary entries which was thus kept from them. This information was used continuously day and night to fabricate allegations against me. A technician was called immediately who came to "adjust" the frequency reception for the intercepting device and showed these tenants and members of the public how to do this. This disruption happened on two different occasions confirming beyond a doubt precisely what was going on.

I also believe that the utilisation of TEMPEST is portable and is accomplished with quite small equipment. During 2000 and into 2001, my library work on the diaries/logs and legal research was monitored and noted by what amounted to a large group of apparently young people under the supervision of a few others. The inception of this criminal stalking and harassment while I used the public library was well noted at the time it commenced.

I detected what appeared to me interception devices being placed in the book shelves and/or other library areas, e.g., on the floor above, being used for this purpose. There were numerous comments from young people surrounding me at various times regarding precisely the words I was using in my work with my notebook computer which I used in the library. I was there to avoid such interception at my home, but evidently this was a futile effort. This surveillance activity against me while using public library facilities in more that one library became so intense and intrusive this year that I was forced to stop working in libraries at all.

B. Wireless Hacking

Hacking by means of an Internet or communications connection is well understood, but hacking by means of wireless communications is totally unknown to me except in my own experience which has "proven" to me that this exists beyond any doubt whatsoever. Used in conjunction with Tempest, this hacking method can access any part of the computer remotely as if it were being operated with the keyboard itself.

Please note that I do not mean hacking into a network by accessing wireless communications. I am referring to wireless communications with a stand alone computer. I have noted that software of some 15 Mb or so has been loaded and unloaded as I experienced difficulties booting the desktop system with much ancillary comment about it from outside simultaneously. I was experiencing hard disk drive saturation expecially on the C: drive at the time and needed every extra "bit" to boot properly. I was continuously checking Windows 98's systems info for disk drive space utilisation. These changes in amount used were dramatic and corresponded with external comments when removed. I have it all logged. I now have a new 20 Gb hard disk drive to go with my two previous saturated drives. Now, I just have problems with direct interference.

I have noted that passwords are "stolen" by, I presume, the use of Tempest. I have seen and heard this done for both the BIOS and file passwords. The activity in doing so was so extensive and verbalised so well as to be beyond any doubt whatsoever. The effort to read and capture such passwords was well noted by two different people in two separate instances where the BIOS and file passwards were compromised. These passwords when obtained were repeated correctly out loud from the public area outside my front window.

The BIOS password was evidently necessary to access the computer itself. I have had the notebook computer's keyboard "remapped" and have had to use a second, external keyboard to enter characters. The ability to depress keys from an external source is quite obvious and is accomplished to directly interfere with my work on the notebook computer. In fact, when I was using the notebook computer once in a Internet shop, the keyboard was not available at all. Not one keystroke from any key produced a character. The person who was doing this said within my "hearing" that he had forgotten to bring "it" with him. I assumed he was referring to the keyboard file. He could not load the keyboard at all. The notebook was rendered useless.

I have noted efforts and results to change files that were actively being used. My activity has been studied carefully with comments to note what I was doing to learn the commands which could be repeated by such remote, wireless activity. I believe that files have been changed as a result. This has led to extensive efforts on my part to avoid this if at all possible with the need to verify independently all that is entered in the notebook. I primarily use a tape recorder now for diary/log entires for security reasons and have backed up everything on read only CDs to preserve orginal files. If any of these have been changed, they can be verified against previous backups which were stored on the Internet another source that I have used to preserve file integrity.

I am not certain whether files not in use can be altered and changed. I suspect that this is the case. However, if so, then the files are re-written to the hard disk without any change in the date/time of entry. Comments about this activity have been numerous and prevalent. It remains for me to independently verify this activity by comparing files.

At the same time I have noted the ability to interfere with the desktop computer crashing and shutting it down at will. There may be file alteration for active files underway as well based upon publicly uttered comments which I have overheard. Locking out and/or crashing the desktop computer is usually accomplished when I use the video or sound card to collect evidence of the stalking and criminal activity in an effort to prevent me from obtaining and/or filing these digital records. Comments about crashing the system have bene noted explicitly on numerous occasions including "I had to do it" with reference to one such crash. These usually lock out the system usage which must then be reset.

I believe that the very close attention paid to file management activity including file and folder names is done for such interference purposes in order to access and alter these files if at all possible. All of this activity via the wireless hacking of the notebook and desktop computers to interfere with computer usage along with accessing and altering evidence constitutes a perversion of the course of justice. I believe that this is incredibly important as regards all the activity which is occurring within the context of the cover-up.

C. Sound Card Monitoring

There is not doubt whatsoever that the sound card in the desktop computer was and is hacked explicitly although by what means I cannot directly determine. It might be by means of Tempest. Whatever the case the examples and activity for this hacking are unusual and explicitly confirm such surveillance. I used earphones exclusively at the time of the confirmation events commencing in the summer of 1998. This left no doubt as to what was happening.

The first I noted that the sound card was being monitored was when I was listening to Joan Baez sing "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" through the earphone. Someone above was tapping his foot in perfect time to the irresistable beat of the music. There was no way that the music could have been heard otherwise since I was using earphones. This caused me to be directly suspicion which had to be verified. As activity continued, I would leave a CD playing only to have it shutdown by, I believe, external sources who did not like the music or did not like it play for so long since they had to keep listening to it when I did not. There were comments about the music itself too while I was using the earphones which helped confirm the sound card's hacking. These comments continue to this day.

In November 1998 after BT installed ISDN Home Highway, I was testing the various lines and fax software in the desktop including the ISDN faxing software. Home Highway consists of four potential lines (two analog and two digital) with three telephone numbers. However, only two lines could be used at once. I was testing the ISDN fax between two of the lines and numbers by sending a fax. ISDN does not ring but connects directly and immediately. I was using earphones once again for this test.

The ISDN fax connection was immediate with a very loud fax receiving tone coming through the earphones. At the very same time there was a very loud noise on the floor above which sounded like someone falling off a chair directly over my head. This was followed by much laughter from another person present in the flat above. What I assumed had happened was that the unexpected very loud fax receiving signal whick had not been proceeded by any ringing tone had caused such a surprise to the guy listening above that he literally fell off his chair which struck the the other person there as very funny. Not a sound could be heard outside the closed system of the sound card due to the earphones. I was prepared for the fax card tone, but it was so loud that anyone not expecting it would definitely be startled.

On another occasion I was listening to a tape of a Radio 2 broadcast of Buddy Holly's first and only UK tour in March 1958. This was not a broadcast but a tape of a broadcast, and I used the earphones for this purpose. After it was over when I was in the bathroom, I heard a woman outside in the Walkway say "He's in there. He's listening to Buddy Holly on the radio." There was no way this could be heard at all except through sound card surveillance monitoring since I was using earphones, and there was no such radio broadcast at that time.

On another occasion afer installing a Formula One Desktop Image in Windows 98 for its background photo and sound effects, the sound of a tyre "puncture" was misheard as a gun shot. The puncture sound occurred whenever there was a mistake such as a programme or connection failure. The tyre puncture sound effect was very much like a gun shot and quite loud. When it happened one Sunday morning a woman in the flat above let out a scream immediately following the sound. To me at that time it was clear that she was listening to the system since I was using the earphones as always. However, later on that or the next evening I further heard a woman asking children out in the Walkway if they had heard a "gun shot".

This confirmed for me that this had been overheard by sound card monitoring surveillanc and once again in the confines of the sound sytem itself since I was wearing earphones as I always did at that time and for a considerable length of time after that. I changed the Formula One background image and sounds to prevent any further unnecessary alarm to anyone even if it was their problem for engaging in such surveillance. It was no big deal for me, so I just changed to another background image and sounds. The flag waving cursor remains, however, when programmes are loading or the system is processing something. I have never removed that.

A very curious event also occurred while I was recording a song using the sound card. A phone (most likely a mobile phone) key punching for dialing was also recorded and persists in that recording to this day as an example of the probable "feedback" effect which exists with such audio surveillance. What goes in one direction along the wire can apparently come back in the other.

I believe that this is what occurred when I was making that recording. Whoever was monitoring the sound card activity dialed out on a phone at the same time which could be heard back down the wire. In this case, there was a recording in progress which captured the sound from the person accomplishing the surveillance. I have noted this at other times as well including what I thought was the actual sound from the room where the surveillance was being conducted.

5. Movement Detection

Infrared movement detectors were installed from the balcony below during the 30-day "seige" described above commencing in mid-December 1999 following my letter to the Prime Minister three months earlier. These were mounted on tripods and set up each evening for the night. They were also used during the day/night when a "raid" was in progress. They were blown over in the high winds of the Christmas Eve storm this particular year. This storm devastated France but did not do that much harm in the UK although it was severe here as well.

These motion detectors were raised from below to my window level (I assume) and were quite obvious in their usage. During one evening while a "raid" was in progress, a young male voice said "move" as I sat in my chair with my feet on the coffee table. I had remained and continued to remain motionless. They were removed after about of month of this daily activity, however I believe that it is possible some form of motion detection equipment remains permanently installed.

At the same time during this month-long period, there was a movement detector alarm that went off beeping day and night to indicate my movements inside my flat. I heard and logged this each time also noting how intrusive it was in my diary/log. This was picked up by those carrying out this surveillance activity with a male noting that the alarm volume should be turned down as it was disturbing me. At some point after it was turned down, it was removed or at least the audible signal stopped. I will have to verify its exact removal date in the diary/logs if I can.

On nights of "raids" during this month long "exercise" there was also set up what I thought were arc lights below my front window which I assumed were to be turned on in the event of an "assault". Loud sounds of cabling and metal like sounds of possible stands were dragged around below on the ground along with references to these and their placement. I assumed that there was a generator at the end of the building in the road to the right out of sight. I did hear something like that being started and tested at one point.

I am not certain what residual has remained for the movement detection activity during this month. Most likely infrared and/or thermal detectors are in use but cannot be distinguished from video surveillance as regards to announcements of movement that I get continuously from outside when I do simple things like sit up in bed. At those times I get a "He's up".

6. Water Sampling - Started December 1999

When this installation and usage began, it was noted without a doubt as to what was happening. Its usage was explicitly noted by those using it in precise terms. All of my sewage water was being sampled: toilet, bath, kitchen, laundry, etc. This was effected by accessing the wall water pipe shaft area below my bathroom as these pipes ran through a corner there enclosed in wood. Thus, all the sewage from my flat could be "intercepted".

I could not understand or fathom the reason for this activity. The only thing which I could assume was that it was directed towards drug usage detection. I have been drug free all my life. In fact I do not even use caffeine, alcohol or nicotine in any form. Well, the odd cola and chocolate does contain some caffeine. But, I have not had any alcohol for over five years. I do not smoke, and I stopped drinking coffee and tea (tannic acid drinks) at the end of 1984.

The great problem with this was that it posed a significant health hasard to me from bacterial infection as a result of the absence of lymph nodes under my right arm (see personal injuries under damages below and the Prime Minister's letter). Repeatedly kitchen water usage would back up in the pipes into the bathtub bringing along all the pipe bacterial scum as well as the food waste from cooking and washing dishes. Fortunately, this did not occur when I flushed the toilet. They did such a poor job of this that it occurred frequently at intervals until about May 2001 when the drainage pipe rerouting was restored although the water sampling continued. I could detect the difference originally that the sewage drain pipes had been rerouted by the sound of the water flowing out of the bathtub.

I was so concerned with this instrusion and health hasard that I wrote a letter and faxed it to the Police when this started in December 1999 along with other similar problems asking that it be stopped. In the 1980s I had carried an antibiotic prescription with me at all times given to me by my oncological surgeon following the cancer surgery. I used it three different times in the 1980s when my right arm and side turned a bright red from bacterial infections which that area could not cope with due to the absence of lymph nodes.

This letter to the Police did no good at all as the water sampling and periodic sewage backup continued. I was to learn eventually why this was currently in place. It had two reasons which are discussed elsewhere: 1) medication; and 2) a most unreasonable search and seizure (the real key at present as to the title of this web site). These reasons were not in effect originally, however, and I believe that drug usage was the first indication.

Those stalking and harassing me from the flat below mine had claimed that I was drunk on numerous occasions and consumed vodka neither of which was not true at all. This was confirmed by a medical professional's comment to a key person in the flat below. He indicated that she had lied to him about my consuming vodka. Also, I heard repeated references to my drinking wine by a male from the flat below as well which I did not do at all either.

However, the water sampling posed a hasard for those doing the sampling from the flat below as well because it was done in such a cavalier and show off manner that it endangered a small child on one occasion. In fact, the reason I knew what was going on was the presence of a small girl at its inception asking the guy below about what he was doing. Several months later, apparently that same small girl was present when another male who sounded young was accomplishing the water sampling as I flushed the toilet. He made a mistake, and it sprayed all over him. It was evidently such a mess that a great commotion ensued from the flat underneath and out front as he was attended to by others following this debacle.

Much mirth was generated too by all those tenants, members of the public and officials involved as an ambulance was summoned to take him away to get him cleaned up to avoid the risk of contamination or an infection for him. No such consideration was ever extended to me I might add. This incident further confirmed my suspicion that this activity was being used for training in a research and development programme.

I never did note what had happened to the small girl who was present, and I hope she was spared the impact of his incompetence. Having small children present during all of this activity was a trait which has gone on for most of the past three years including the fact of their direct participation in the criminal stalking and harassment. I have communicated this fact repeatedly to those in authority as well with no apparent results. In the UK it is called neglecting the welfare of a child while in the US it is called contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

7. Medication

As an aftermath following the Prime Minister's letter and subsequent escalation of surveillance and actions against me, I noted that the cold water intake into my flat was no longer coming from my water tank. These flats each have their own hot and cold water tanks from central heating boilers and water supply. What happened in my case was that the cold water was rerouted through another water tank which I believe was located in the flat below. This then became the source of administering drugs to me surreptitiously without my knowledge or consent.

As I could best note it, this operation began sometime after 1st March 2000 following the events noted in the MP Abuse of Power I & II web pages in this site. At first it was easy for me to note the absence of the water tank refilling. Each of these water tanks, one for hot and the other for cold, begins to refill immediately after a few minutes of using water especially when filling the bathtub. The closet for these tanks is located right next to the bathroom. It is a simple process of running the cold water alone into the bathtub to note that there was no cold water tank refilling noise going on. This means that it was taking place elsewhere. At the same time the hot water tank's refilling noise is prevalent and well noted. This is true to this day.

Furthermore, I always noted as I sat in the bathtub while the tub was filling, that the cold water would emit bubbles several minutes after starting. This told me that someone accessed this cold water pipe system elsewhere introducing air into the pipe. Otherwise, repeated observations of air intake into a running water pipe is an impossible occurrence. When I initially turned on the water, bubbles would come out as is normal, but after running for several minutes, this was not normal. This further confirmed to me that access from elsewhere was occurring with regard to my water supply.

Therefore, the water sampling process from the sewage water described above took on another dimension: the verification and possible measurement of the amount of drugs administered to me by that means. This verified for those doing this that I was "drugged" and continues to this day. There were many more indications of such activity that I dubbed "Remote Control Medicine".

That fact of its existence was stated over and over. The psychiatrist involved (PPQ) noted that this was the case by actually stating the type of drug being administered: a depressant. Since I realised that this was the case, I started drinking bottle water in 2000 for a period of time. I stopped doing this as it appeared that the "drugging" stopped too only to begin again this year during May 2001. Then I noted it immediately and have been drinking bottle water ever since. This psychiatrist (PPQ) noted on one occasion "I can't help it if he won't drink the water" when apparently asked "Why isn't he drugged?"

Following this other means of "Remoted Control Medicine" were undertaken. These were more obscure, but I believe that they consisted of administering drugs by means of molecular sized droplets interjected into the atmosphere of my flat. These are then breathed in and enter the blood stream through the lungs. At first I noted what I called a "Steam Bath" effect for such drug administration which would occur periodically in the living room around the chair where I sat. This was also noted in conjunction with verbal comments about it as well.

However, this has now apparently changed to a straight interjection into the atmosphere in my flat from sources obscure except the possibilty of the wall water pipe shaft area in the bathroom while I am taking a bath. I have noted also that this administration of drugs requires that a doctor be present to accomplish it which has been done in well noted comments by such people present acting in an observation capacity then deciding that drugs were necessary.

When this particular incident occurred, I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep but noting the activity between these people as it occurred. I was typing these notes on the notebook computer which could be read by them with the use of TEMPEST. I believe that the decision to administer the drugs was an attempt to curtail the fact that I was noting all that they were saying up to and including the administration of the drugs.

Needless to say, I am outraged at this administration of drugs by "Remote Control Medicine" for they are totally unnecessary. It is a further deception and manipulation based upon externally generated sleep deprivation which is deliberately misconstrued as a psychological problem that is totally false. It is a purely physiological problem. What is occurring is the deliberate attempt to discredit, nullify and cover-up the very well documented evidence which I have accumulated while trying to prevent more of it from being further accomplished. This is just one of such methods so used at present to accomplish this end. Others are more deliberate and obvious.

Further, this Labour Government is engaged in legislation research and proposals for establishing an unprecedented programme where people who are presumed to be a risk to society can by incarcerated under a revised Mental Health Act *before* they commit any violence. This was exhibited by one psychiatrist (Dr VW) who said that he would remove me from my home "When [he has] the power" as mentioned elsewhere. This was what he was talking about. As is prevalent in my case, this opens the door wide open for neighbour retaliation by means of false allegations which can be maintained outside the legal justice system thereby effectively denying human and civil rights intended to protect against such abuse of power.

Thus, I have been used as a guinea pig in an horrendous medical experiment which administers drugs remotely without my knowledge and consent for the wrong reason (deliberate misdiagnosis) in order to curtail my explicit and accurate documentation and reporting about what is occurring. The dosage administered this way is unknown and cannot be controlled at all thus putting me at risk. I noted its first usage this year in May 2001 during a particularly hot period when I drank a lot of water which wiped me out one day. I knew why and switched to bottled water as a result.

I am virtually drug free and intend to stay that way. Providing drugs surreptitiously wouthout any personal interaction for diagnosis or adminstration is one of the most horrendous Nazi type medical experiments to be utlisied since the atrocities committed by the Third Reich. Drugs which alter brain functioning do great harm by altering the brain permanently. In a sense it is a non-surgical lobotomy.

The brain is always developing and will alter its activity according to this "abuse" from without. That is is why it is so important to take care of one's health and well being as much as possible. Also, the nature functions of stress and anxiety release which occur in dreams and natural sleep are altered or inhibited only to come back at a future date with a vengeance. This leads to making the problem worse and not better. It is a temporary "symptomatic" relief of a problem that creates worse problems. This might account for treatment failures which occur in psychiatric medicine which rely solely upon drug "lobotomies".

However, as a result of the deliberate misdiagnosis, using "depressants" on top of chronic sleep deprivation which already seriously depresses the body's endocrine and metabolic functions resulting from inhibited food uptake, puts me at very serious risk. Chronic sleep deprivation results in peripheral organ damage such as the cardiovascular system (heart) and kidneys. To further depress these systems could result in their collapse.

Thus, to deliberately disregard the precise nature of what is actually occurring to cause the chronic sleep deprivation while advancing a deliberately false diagnosis in order to suit the apparent needs for cover-up of professional misconduct results in a high risk for the "victim" of this procedure, namely, the possibility of death. Therefore, it becomes explicitly the criminal offence of attempted murder.

There is one other aspect to rerouting my water supply that is potentially hasardous for me: the direct, deliberate tampering with my water supply. There is always a risk from introducing something accidentally which could cause illness or worse. On Friday, 30th March 2001, I became seriously ill with what I call dystentery which lasted for several days and resulted in my attending the Accident and Emergency service of a local hospital for treatment. The circumstances in which this occurred were of special note, and I will discuss them elsewhere, but one of the males below said in referring to my totally debilitating illness at that time was that "It's the dog shit". I believe that he introduced dog faeces into my water supply which I picked up by drinking the water which I was doing at that time.

What has happened throughout these years of criminal stalking and harassment is that the so-called authorities have consistently underestimated the potential criminal behaviour from these people whom I realise would stop at nothing to achieve their goal of driving my out of my home. That is why I have so carefully documented all of this activity. It takes on a devastating meaning when all the events are pulled together as a pattern of activity.

This is the result of revenge and retaliation from these people in the flat below mine resulting from the fact that I reported their child abuse in May 1998 which I had noted for the two previous years growing worse as the months progressed until I reported it. This is described in my 23rd September 1999 letter to the Prime Minister on this website. When all of the activity is taken carefully into account, a pattern of the most extreme criminal vindictiveness emerges from these people for this reason.

During this period on two separate occasions a psychiatrist (PPQ) talking with the central person involved from the flat below (PCPHF) told her that she had made a fool out of everybody. Then he launched into his lecture with an angry voice. Did he do anything about it once he had seen that he was being misled? No, he just continued along the same path. It was obvious to me that he was deliberately ignoring evidence to the contrary in order to pursue his own objective which was inconsistent with the denial of the allegations that had been made to the extent that everyone had been made to look foolish. This "forced" activity continue with other inconsistencies as well.

On another occasion after watching me take a bath, he (PPQ) noted that there was nothing, but that "He still has to go". This was most amazing. There was no evidence for anything that he was supposed to be observing, yet he concluded anyway that I should be removed from my home by force and violence. It is precisely this deliberate refusal to recognise reality and accept the truth of a direct observation which indicates that there was and is a concerted effort to "impose" a reality that is simply not true.

If that was not enough, this same psychiatrist (PPQ) whose voice I recognised because of my meeting with him which resulted in a complaint being filed when he tried to drug me without a diagnosis said it explicitly some months [c. May 2001] ago early one morning about 0500. He was talking to the key female, non-resident associated with the flat below (PCPHF) outside stating "I don't want you. I want to get him." There it was explicitly stated and much has followed along in actions to confirm this.

The great error in this activity as regards all three of the psychiatrists involved since December 1999 as I have noted is that they have gotten everything turned upside down. This reeks of deliberate professional misconduct, abuse of power and manipulation rather than any objective medical evaluation. I have thousands of pages (upwards and maybe in excess of 20,000) of documentation which indicate behaviour revealing serious mental illness and emotional disturbance by others which has been deliberately ignored as stated above. There are great questions which must be answered as regards to all the activity which has gone on in this whole situation for many years now. I have been requesting an open, public Parliamentary inquiry about this whole situation since October 2000 in Emails to my MP.

It must also be pointed out that in the course of this medication being administered surreptitiously that at some point it can be stopped with fingers pointing my way claiming "It worked" which is total nonsense in this instance. When there is nothing wrong, the usage of medication can only do harm and no good. If at that end, there are the normal results, those engaging in using medication by "Remote Control" can claim anything they want for they have "managed" reality to suit themselves. This is why it is absolutely imperative that all of this be done properly with full consultation, out in the open and subject to verification with other opinions as required. To engaged in this kind of medical practice without any direct contact with the patient while ignoring reality is one of the greatest travesties of the practice of medicine imaginable. This is the utmost of extreme manipulation and those engaged in it can say and do anything they like when operating outside the legal justice system, and no one will be the wiser.

8. Surveillance Equipment Installation and Activity

III. Damages

1. Personal Injuries

A. Cataracts Diagnosis 11th December 2000

This deterioration in my eyes started in 1998 simultaneous with the stalking and harassment assisted by the surveillance equipment. The two key factors involved were sleep deprivation and the electro-magnetic radiation from the radar imaging device and infrared movment detectors so used. There are also a multiple of related factors. Of equal importance was the transmission from variously installed surveillance devices which have yet to be explicitly identified although their presence an effects have been well noted. The deterioration noted in 1998 and early 1999 subsequently showed steep declines in early 2000 following the month long "seige" in December 1999/January 2000 and more recently during the autumn of 2000. The latter were coincident with the intensified and institutionalise surveillance activity implemented following my letter to the Prime Minister on 23rd September 1999.
I have had to have two optometric examinations in February and September 2000. Each resulted in referrals to the eye hospital where examinations were conducted with yesterday's diagnoses finally noted amid an array of deteriorating factors associated with my eyes. I believe the cause of this onset and very rapid deterioration of my eyes resulted directly from the electro-magnetic radiation and sleep deprivation as major contributing factors. This radar imaging device was utilised to effect the stalking and harassment which concentrated on sleep deprivation. Thus, a vicious circle was initiated that was devastating in the damage that has been evidenced so far.

Nutrient uptake is inhibited with chronic sleep deprivation and accelerates the aging process and age related diseases especially those to which there is a predisposition. In my case the vitreous fluid inside each eye lessened its viscosity thinning out to a more liquid state. Since this adheres to the retina, there was always (and still is) a danger that this process can detach a retina by pulling a small hole in it which then allows the fluid to get behind the retina and pull it away thus detaching it. This was monitored closely for any such occurrence and none has yet been noted, thank goodness. Since 1998 I have remained in a darkened room at night as much as possible for several reasons with this being primary and avoided light in the day time as much as was practicable to both reduce its impact on the diplopia (see below) and any subsequent risk to my eyes which might result as the deterioration continued after the diplopia was stabilised at the end of 1998 following treatment during that year.

The accelerated deterioration of my eyesight was a great source of concern to me, and I took every practicable and reasonable personal step to protect my eyesight and address the source of the problem which I believed to be the continuous daily stalking and harassment from 1998 to the present. It is quite ironic that the health professionals who are significantly responsible for this ongoing problem were perceived as being present and so noted before the hospital visit on 11th December 2000 with its cataract diagnosis.

I have left virtually no stone unturned since 1998 in notifying everyone possible about this situation and the personal injury risk and damages to which I was being subjected. This was all to no avail, but the worst of the direct impact from the stalking and harassment was being driven by these so-called health professionals who, when I met with them, would not even listen to what I had to say. It is not just that their conduct was unprofessional and negligent in the extreme, but that they embarked on a deliberate course of destruction to protect themselves as has everyone in this scenario of events throughout these years preferring to believe the lies rather than listen to the truth for whatever reasons. Instead of "doing no harm" they set out to cause harm to hide themselves and their misconduct behind.

The same deterioration in the vitreous fluid impacted the fluid of the lenses, I believe, ultimately causing the cataracts which was directly reflected in my rapidly declining vision that went from about a -5 to a -11 diopters in my right eye and from about the same original myopia to about a -9 in my left eye during this two years time with the worst of it coming during the past year following my letter to the Prime Minister. It is most important to note that the right eye, the stronger of the two, was most impacted. This mystery was solved when I realised that I slept most often on my left side with my right eye facing upwards into the source of the electromagnet imaging device from the flat above.

The vitreous fluid problem and the risk of retinal detachment was noted by flashers and floaters which were first reported to and examined at the eye hospital in December 1998. The decline in the vision itself is related to the lens clouding from the cataract formation. This was not diagnosed explicitly until 11th December 2000, but the warning signs were there all along which I communicated over and over again to everyone in my efforts to get the, especially, institutionalised stalking and harassment stopped. I never succeeded despite copious communications to everyone concerned.

I believe that the electro-magnetic radiation at the radar frequency and wave-length capable of penetrating the concrete floor above my ceiling was primarily responsible for the vitreous and lens fluid deterioration which has resulted in my loss of eyesight and now portends grave problems and risks. The sleep deprivation associated with the use of this equipment as instruments of stalking and harassment (torture would be a better word) deprived me of the nutrients which might have helped to assuage this rapidly accelerated deterioration. Instead, it added to it. Chronic sleep deprivation results in the inhibition of nutrient uptake no matter what is eaten. The body just does not digest certain nutrients resulting in the metabolic and endocrine systems being impacted and harmed so that the normal functioning of the body is impaired. I believe that this is what happened to me to cause this particular damage which was just diagnosed.

The great problem is that this has impacted all my other bodily organs and functions with an unknown impact at present. My lymph oedema in my right arm was quite obvious from the time I thought that the radar imaging equipment was installed and used one Sunday afternoon in mid-August 1998. This is when I can precisely note its existence although some form of this activity had been noted before this time. Please also note that with this installation there occurred stomping and excessive noises from all around to either prevent rest and sleep or wake me. These were like "blows" continuously administered and also had a major contributing impact on the personal injury problems as they developed. It is why we have laws against noise pollution, excessive noise, nuisance neighbours and stalking and harassment. Please also note that the very nature of the stalking and harassment by the type of equipment utilised precluded my addressing this situation properly under the law because all privacy and confidentiality was taken away from me not only at home but elsewhere has I have become aware.

What has happened is nothing short of pre-meditated, attempted murder. I am not exaggerating. Think about it given all that I have done to stop it and the stated intentions of those involved. I call on a complete and thorough public Parliamentary inquiry into all that has taken place here. I think that there is so much here that such an inquiry would occupy many people a long time and needs to be scrutinised thoroughly by a body in which the public at large has confidence before this becomes a death-by-technology inquiry caused by Government failure once again.

I am going blind as a result of the surveillance equipment's radiation, the ongoing criminal stalking and harassment derived from the use of the surveillance equipment and the chronic sleep deprivation deliberately caused. The degree to which this sight deterioration proceeds is unknown in this circumstance. Please see the "Personal Injuries" link noted to the right for a continuation of this problem and why the offered treatment for October 2001 had to be postponed until this surveillance activity against a totally innocent person is brought to a halt.

Personal Injuries

B. Diplopia (double vision) onset 2nd February 1998

I sought an optometrist's examination on Friday, 17th April 1998, for persistent double vision which had just begun some weeks earlier. The Optometrist referred me to my GP with a letter that was provided to her on the same date. She immediately put me in for an appointment with the *********** Eye Hospital for examination and treatment. I had three monthly visits commencing on 22nd May followed by 26th June and 31st July for diagnoses and treatment.

The diagnoses was a "vertical squint due to a suspected right fourth nerve palsy" made on 26th June and a temporary 10 diopter Fresnel prism was provided on the second of the first two examination visits. The 31st July 1998 examination continued the evaluation and management as prescribed with the next appointment scheduled for 30th October 1998. The prism corrected the vertical gaze symptom, but the cause has yet to be determined.

The two most likely causes at present are severe stress or a lesion. In light of the fact that I am a former cancer patient and a malignant biopsy was diagnosed on 2nd June 1998, my GP scheduled me for a CT brain scan on 25th November 1998 to see if a tumour was present causing the diplopia. The results were negative. The diplopia stablished at about 4-5 diopters by December 1998 when I was discharged as an outpatient from the eye hospital.

However, it has always been subject to recurrence since that time. Stress will do it every time, so that I make certain to minimize stress as much as I can in this circumstance which is nearly impossible. I believe that a full return to normal eye movement vision has been prevented by the surveillance equipment driven criminal stalking and harassment since 1998. More recently, the escalation of this following my 23rd September 1999 fax/letter to the Prime Minister has destablised the dipolopia so that recurrence was noted from time to time when it otherwise should have been stable.

Since about September 2001, however, with the advent of the brainwave interception and monitoring along with possible feedback, the diplopia persists most times at serious levels which have not existed since 1998. In fact, one of the key verifications that the brainwave interception monitoring existed as regards eyesight occurred as a result of the diplopia. On at least three separate occasions the female (PCPHF: a member of the general public associated with the child abuse from the flat below who has been allowed to use this surveillance equipment all these years) accompanying the male (SS QQ) who was stalking and harassing me outside as I walked along exclaimed "Look at his eyes!" Each time this diplopia was very bad as I was walking outside, and it was quite obvious exactly what she was talking about. In fact, the first time it occurred, the male (SS QQ) stated "I'm doing that." This is why the question of the degree and usage of any potential "feedback" is an outstanding question to be resolved.

C. Malignant Biopsy: 2nd June 1998

As part of an ongoing periodic examination screening process at the ******** ************ Dermatology Out Patient Clinic, I was examined on 5th May 1998 by the Senior Registrar Dermatologist who scheduled me for the Out Patient Operating Theatre on 2nd June 1998 at which time two more biopsies were taken. One of these proved to be malignant Bowen's disease but non-invasive. As of this date then, there have been seven such biopsies performed at visits of approximately six-month intervals from 1st October 1996. Six of the biopsies were benign with the last proving to be malignant.

The purpose of these examinations were as follows:

Originally, I had cancer surgery for a malignant melanoma on my right shoulder in August, 1979. Whilst this cancer has been "cured", the risk associated with its development prevails, and I am constantly aware enough to take preventative measures in any suspicious circumstances. Such was the case in 1996 when I brought a suspected growth to the attention of my GP who referred me to the Dermatology Out Patient Clinic at ********* ********** Hospital for the first appointment noted above. Dr ************ *********** saw him at that time and has treated him on subsequent visits.

None of these visits required much more than an hour in total time spent, and I returned to normal activity immediately thereafter. These steps were taken in order that I might maintain my health and employment viability as has been the outcome. Should those circumstances change, I wanted to know immediately to take the appropriate action to prevent, minimise treatment and cure any further cancer development.

Despite the fact that the biopsy was malignant it was caught in plenty of time at a "non-invasive" stage thus achieving the whole purpose of the examinations and preventative care undertaken for this condition. I want to point out that the day of the biopsy surgery was followed the next morning by an attempted burglary while I was inside my flat at a time when the building's outside door locks were inoperable and had been so for four weeks. Furthermore, I had just launched upon a course of examination and treatment at the eye hospital for the diplopia (double vision) just two weeks before. Furthermore, the child abuse reporting related retaliation criminal stalking and harassment had just gotten underway as well to such a degree that I found it necessary to unplug my telephone for some ten days in early June 1998 to prevent nuisance calls.

D. Lymph oedema: medical consultation 15th September 1998

With regard to this condition which has just recurred, it necessitated a visit to my GP on 15th September 1998. I also suffered from lymph oedema in my right arm as a result of the original cancer surgery where the lymph nodes under that shoulder were removed.

Originally, this developed into a serious problem requiring a prescribed Probst elastic stocking to be fitted over the right arm to assist the fluid to drain from the arm. This, too, at present has been maintained in a reasonable condition by my own diligence and care efforts as it is subject to recurrence at any time and could be disabling. This has not been the case because of my preventive efforts in that area as well.

As a direct result of the extraordinary stress of my living environment and the complete failure of any reasonable management of the property, I have suffered a recurrence of this lymph oedema to levels worse than those experienced some 15 years ago when they previously reached their worst proportions. This necessitated the consulting my GP as described. The condition has worsened to the point of being disabling but is just this side of that state. There is no cure for this problem and the treatment, such as it is, can relapse almost immediately if the cause is not also addressed.

In my case, the cause is stress which aggravates this condition. Entering a hospital programme takes considerable time due to the waiting lists, and there is no guarantee of success at all and at best only temporary if the cause is not addressed. Since this has been managed quite well for 15 years until August/September 1998, that course is best maintained unless it becomes disabling and hospital treatment is required.

The recurrence of the lymph oedema was concident with the installation of the electromagnetic radiation imaging device (EMRID). I believe that this caused an "injury" to occur in my right arm so that lymph flowed to that area. I use the word "injury" to mean something akin to an unknown irriation from the radiation which caused the immune system to respond. It just could not pump out the lymph fluid from the arm. This has persisted for all this time as this equipment has been in use. It was hindsight upon noting the confirmed usage of this surveillance imaging equipment which was coincident with the recurrence of the lymph oedema that led me to conclude that the two were related.

Furthermore, when there was an apparent removal of this equipment in April 1998, the lymph oedema began to reside only to return when the equipment was apparently reinstalled shortly thereafter. I have even noted that on weekends my entire body swelled due to what I considered extensive use of this imaging equipment and subsided during the week. This paralleled the activity in the flat above which I noted as using this surveillance equipment. All the factors associated with the surveillance driven criminal stalking and harassment activity contributed to the aggravation and return of the lymph oedema to a near crippling level where it has stayed since August/September 1998.

2. Damages

IV. Tenant Management

It is necessary to understand and address the underlying cause: corrupt tenant management bent on self promotion and promulgation carried out as a pattern of activity over time and across varying types of problems. All the efforts are intended to make the ************ the centre of attention for all problems no matter what they are and toward this end all issues are subordinated no matter how threatening to the tenants and public at large. The result has been that tragedy has spilled over into the community now in a glaring manner whereas before it was just part of the crime problem. A key source of that crime problem resides with this corrupt management which I will explicitly address, but this foundation for May 1996 through May 1998 and up to September 1998 provides a factual base for these generalities.

The bullies and criminals dominate this dishonest management organisation. Everything that I was building and striving for up to and including 1998 has been completely destroyed as a result including the fact that I cannot even function in my flat as anything resembling a normal human being and the personal injuries have escalated to a crippling and blinding point as a result of sleep deprivation and surveillance driven stalking and harassment in the hands of the tenants.

The management of the property has been contracted out in a confusing situation where my Tenancy Agreement is with the **********, but the Council has also contracted for services with the ********** *********** ********* *********** consisting of the tenants. This split in ownership, management and responsibility for services has left this situation in a confused mess subject to manipulation from time to time depending upon evasive tactics employed by these three entities to avoid responsibility to the detriment of the tenants health and safety, the property and especially myself.

Tenant Management is a Management Disaster Institutionalising Schoolyard Bullying

There are a series of complete failures to manage properly which have led to the most recent and serious recurrence of lymph oedema due to stress caused be this major factor resulting from management failure. This aspect of the stress has resulted from a continuous and repeated attempt to bring deficiencies (when they became obvious deficiencies) to the attention of all three organisations amongst which the various management responsibilities are split and hidden allowing these organisations to duck and dive. The ultimate failure has been that which is related to the health and safety which has led to the detriment of my health. This has ultimately impacted a key reason I was given a Council flat for medical reasons: the lymph oedema.

I have been denied through harassment the facility to care for myself in such a way as to reduce and maintain this potentially disabling side affect of cancer treatment (surgery in his case). These failures have extended over the length of my tenancy since May 1996 and have not improved despite bringing the problem to the attention of the Chief Executives of the Council and *********** as well as the Chair of the ********** ********** ***********. Steps, when taken, were ineffective and resulted in the recurrence of the problems from year to year thus keeping the health and safety of the tenants in jeopardy and directly impacting my health in a most extreme way as is noted below.

The most immediate contributors to the stress problem since April 1998 have been both a failure to repair and child abuse by the tenant and relatives each of which has involved the same flat directly underneath mine. These two issues have brought about retaliation from that flat's tenant and other tenant's surrounding my flat in the form of direct harassment. In the background and continuing over the entirety of my tenancy since May 1996 have been issues which directly impact the health and safety of the tenants and include crime, inadequate rubbish facilities, building security, vehicle operation and parking on the footpaths and skylights windows which do not close during rain storms and have been standing wide open since December 1999.

V. Cast of Characters

Except for just a few residents and visitors to those flats in my area, I have not seen any of these mostly outside "characters" but hear them constantly. I have come to assign names which reflect their activity and characterising it as accurately as possible. This has been done from the very beginning and has proven highly accurate as time goes by. These people remain deliberately hidden and are only voices to me. I need a method so that in the absence of facial recognition I can fix them in my mind for future reference. My notes are to by reminders for myself of activity which has occurred. I must make it vivid for myself to be able to recall the incidents and the characters involved. Ultimately, this will all be used for legal purposes as both a defense and claim of legal liability damages and personal injuries for all the unlawful and criminal acts being carried out against me by these people quite literally hour by hour day and night for several years. Thus, the cast of characters is noted by initials which are acronyms characterising these people fixing their personality and actions firmly in my mind so I can keep track of them all. The acronyms can be harsh at times, but this only reflects the exhibited traits of the persons involved.

1. US Government Agents


SS QQ: "Sure Shot Qum Quat" aka FUMMIE "Fire Up Motor Mouth Immediate Exterminator" with variation MM = Mono Maniac. Other names fit initials as well.

Ex-US Marine in his early forties; 5 feet, 5 inches tall; trainee on his first assignment; claims to have been specially selected for this assignment; used to carry a gun but had it taken away from him after threatening my life and moving toward my home to carry it out; repeatedly continues to threaten to kill me often as much as two to three times a day; continuously engaged in verbal abuse and false allegations 24-hours a day including all night activity with the PCPHF;

Has tried to bribe others on at least three occasions: twice to remove me from my home including a police officer who refused and another whom he offered $50; possible fourth bribe of $500 offered; his favourite phrase to bribe others is "There's money in it"; continuously calls and incites the police to carry out his criminal objective of removing me from my home making false allegations as a basis to do so;

He will say and do anything to advance this objective to have me removed from my home by force and violence reflecting a psychopathic character completely devoid of any moral standards; has admitted that he has made a total mess of the job; very afraid of losing it and has noted that his prime motivations are in keeping his job and his BMW; these are his standards for which he will do anything;

Also totally sadistic as he apparently gains a great deal of pleasure from his verbal abuse, threats and inducing a continuing fear of violence; has admitted and characterised his activity as keeping me under "House Arrest"; follows me everywhere I go (literally) with constant false allegations delivered by means of the surveillance equipment described above to invade every aspect of my life no matter where I am or what I am doing;

He is obviously suffering from an intense inferiority complex as he continuously brags about this state of the art surveillance equipment showing it off to general members of the public and training them to use it; he apparently needs to boost his ego in this manner by showing off how destructive it is through direct interference with my computer usage at home (both the notebook and desktop computers) and activity away from home; has trained and allowed the PCPHF among others to use this most sophisticated surveillance equipment continuously; she also makes known all the activity by exclaiming loudly in public so that I can hear perfectly all about what they are doing;

By making this equipment known in a high crime environment, he has most likely notified the criminal community including drug dealers and organised crime members of its existence and usage thereby creating a great incentive from these groups to obtain it for themselves while seeking methods to protect themselves from its usage; this will also most likely find its way into the knowledge and perhaps use by terrorists who are a group presumably he is presumably trying to fight;

He arrived on the scene in early 2001 along with the SS Zwei; his activities are that of total terrorism and torture directed against me; all the information noted herein was supplied by him thanks to his "Motor Mouth" which he cannot keep shut; he is an extreme liability having compromised the apparently most sophisticated surveillance available from the US Government while completely abusing the power of possessing such equipment by using it as a weapon instead of information gathering; I have notified President Bush by Email a couple times of his activity and its risk to security.

B. SS Zwei

2. Her Majesty's Government Agents



4. Key Adults Associated With the Flat Below



C. Cackler



4. Psychiatrists

A. Dr VW



5. Others

A. Furies


VI. Current Surveillance Activity

Around the clock surviellance activity is being carried out using the above equipment to monitor all that I do. The activity has been verified so many times by so many examples given away verbally by the SS QQ and PCPHF that it is beyond a doubt as to the equipment described above and its efficacy.

These two spend all night in the public road outside my home under my front window. They are connected to every surveillance monitoring device installed as noted above by microwave communications from a dish located on the balcony of the flat below or just inside its front window. I have seen this dish present on the balcony on two different occasions. The purpose of this is to eliminate all noises from below so that all the readings coming to them from the surveillance equipment comes from me supposedly. This is not true since much comes from above as will be described.

Thus, these two loiter in the public road in a totally equipped surveillance vehicle all night long connected to every device as described. I can hear most of what they say when I am awake. That is intentional. I have written it all down using a notebook computer, and I now use a tape recorder to note it. This started on 29th August 2001 due to the fact that this activity had been carried on outside my home by criminally stalking and harassing me everywhere I went in my daily routine. I needed a tape recorder to be able to take notes as I walked in public. Again, I could hear virtually all that was said by them and anyone else along for the trip. I take continuous verbal notes of what I hear. The same was true for all the time I am in my flat. Thus, 24-hours a day "House Arrest" is an entirely accurate way to describe what is going on.

The purpose of this is to use the surveillance equipment as a weapon to carry out constant interrogation by inciting and provoking comment, thought and images from me which are monitored wherever I am regardless of the location from my home, walking, working in the Internet shop, buying food and even using public conveniences where I hear male and female voices commenting upon my activity there too.

The purpose at night is to create and maintain chronic sleep deprivation in order to facilitate the false allegations against me. This is also carried out by interferring with my computer usage at home and in the Internet shop where I go to get this work done having been deprived of my home ISDN telephone service on 1st March 2000. I am woken over and over each and every night, kept awake and driven out of bed frequently with the constant barrage of excessive verbal and other noises, abuse and false allegations from these people.

They hope to break me down and create the responses that they want to be able to access with the brainwave interception methodologies to read words, thoughts and images at any location. They also seek to provoke dreams to examine those as well. This is nothing short of interrogation by terror and torture. The proof of this lies in the detail. I am very careful to accumulate many, many observations and tests to verify this process wherever it is carried out. I take notes of all on this activity. Obviously, one of the objectives is to remove me from my home in order to destroy these diary/log notes about these activities.

Here is what I have done to counter that. The criminal stalking and harassment was so intensely carried out by the SS QQ during April, May and June 2001 that by the end of June 2001, I began sending a daily log and summary comments to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Ministers responsible, hospital executives involved, my Memeber of Parliament and numerous media and press recipients. The logs ran anywhere from 20 to 40 pages in length. My purpose was to make it all known widely by this communication so that those responsible for this activity would bring it to an end. I notified the media and press so that the balance against a Government intent upon cover-up would be affected. That is the reason why I have those sleep deprivation logs published here.

This did not work, and I met with further and a much more intensified criminal stalking and harassment effort directed against me. This was evidenced by two distinct savage increases at the end of July and at the end of August after one and two months of my sending out the daily diary/logs. All my activity in the Internet shop was and is monitored totally by a group of people seven days a week. They have intercepted and captured file transfers to Email facilities and tried their best to stop such transfers.

The SS QQ did most of this, but it took a large number of people in July to capture my uploads of past diary and correspondence files to storage on the Internet. This was all obvious to me. I have even more recently seen many of them whose voices I recognised congregated near me trying to keep the SS Zwei from kidnapping or killing. He had cited an incident where he had picked up someone from the Royal Festival Hall after a concert "with no problems". He was proposing to do the same to me.

At the end of July, on its last Friday, I was met with a barrage of the very false medical diagnosis: "He's psychotic". This was led by the PPQ who stirred up the whole area outside my front window with the false diagnosis and allegation. I logged no less than 70 different occasions on which numerous people repeated this false allegation, and I did not get them all. Thus, this psychiatrist with the help of the SS QQ and the PCPHF deliberately stirred up fear in a mob hysterical frenzy for the purpose of attacking me with this verbal weapon. It was no more than the worst kind of bullying and name calling. To this date I have never seen any document or had any personal interview with anyone about this false diagnosis which has continued as a key basis for false allegations against me since this date at the end of July 2001.

This continued throughout the month of August 2001 around the clock amid all the other false allegations I was getting. However, I noted them all and reported them as described leading to a further escalation by the end of August. On or about the 29th of August 2001 on the very day I was starting to use the tape recorder to note all the verbal abuse I was getting from the SS QQ and the PCPHF accompanying him during the day as I walked about getting things done, he launched into the most abusive and false of the allegations.

After he tried to stop me from shopping in the supermarket by falsely claiming I was a "bomber" and making a bomb with the purchase of batteries for my portable tape recorder, one of the first statements I was to record in his continuing verbal stalking and harassment campaign against me was that "He raped his mother". This was so outrageously false that I could hardly believe it. Naturally, I refuted it immediately on the tape as I recorded this false allegation from him and the female he was with at that time.

This was not to stop. Within a few hours outside my front window in public he had expanded his false allegations to "He killed his mother". This was also totally false. The SS Zwei not to be left out of the fear mongering and hate campaign added that there were three other murders too. Finally, these came out that "He killed his father", "He killed a New York City police officer" and "He killed one other person too".

These were all totally false and had no foundation in truth whatsoever as regards to any evidence or fact. They could not have since they were preposterously untrue, but that did not deter the campaign from these allegations as these fear mongers then incited others by playing on the emotions of anger and hatred based on bigotry and ignorance (FAHBI) to move against me to accomplish their criminal objectives in having me removed by force and violence from my home. This was continuously carried out by summoning the police based on emergency calls to the area.

There followed from these calls that "He's psychotic; he killed his mother" as means of incitement for whoever was called to carry out the criminal objective of these two "SS" types. These went on all night long with the direct involvement of the PCPHF and TULIP as well. However, all the totally false allegations of "He killed his father", "He killed a New York City police officer" and "He killed someone else" have all been dropped with the comment at one point by the SS Zwei that "apparently these were not true". I guess not since they were totally preposterous as all of them were.

They did, however, cling to the utterly preposterous and untrue allogation that "He killed his mother" and "He's psychotic". Whenever they tried to use these as reasons for the police to remove me from my home, the police always refused often correctly citing that this is a "democracy". Here was vigilante and fear mongering behaviour at its worst. Long before the SS QQ noted that they were "breaking every law in the book". He continued to do just that. He was a one man vigilante lynch mob inciting all others by his totally false allegations.

My position has always been that if these are true (and they are not), then why isn't he in the legal justice system processing things properly? Why does he have to act like a terrorist in the public road in the dark hiding and inciting others to carry out his criminal objectives? Whenever he is thwarted he goes into a rage threatening to kidnap and/or kill me himself. The SS Zwei has done this himself as well. Both of these "SS Twins" continue to threaten my life to this day.

I have never had a history of violence at all at anytime in my life ever. There is no foundation whatsoever for any of these false allegations. They are totally without evidence. That is why the SS QQ cannot work within the legal justice system. This explains why he is behaving as he is doing: trying to force and create an allegation which does not exist at all by denying me all the safeguards and protections afforded by the laws duly passed by the people's representatives in Parliament. He is an outlaw, representing a foreign Government on British soil and carrying out all the criminal activity he wants to carry out under the auspices and with the approval of Her Majesty's Government.

What this all boils down to is that I have been arrested, charged, tried, found quilty, sentenced and am now being punished in the most inhumane way known to man. In fact, I have been condemned to death by these people who are acting as a one-man or small group justice system all by themselves taking the law into their own hands and carrying out an excecution. The surveillance activity alone is a killer. Chronic sleep deprivation kills. They have burned out my eyes with the electormagnetic radiation imaging device (EMRID). I am going blind. They are terrorising and torturing me around the clock in an ongoing interrogation process intended to gain information to support the false allegations. There is nothing there to gain. They are terrorising and torturing a totally innocent person.

On 5th November 2001 the SS Zwei said "He didn't actually kill his mother". This was in response to a very direct question asked outside under my window: "Exactly how did he kill his mother?". That response did not miss a beat and was the truth. Further, just a couple nights ago at the end of November 2001, the SS QQ said "I have to prove it" as a reason to gain access to my home. He wants me removed so that he can get at all my papers and documents all of which clearly show that these allegations are totally false.

What he really wants to do is cover-up all his criminal activity by destroying all my evidence of it. He needs me out of my home in order to do this. There have been recent past statements to incite the police to enter my home by force to remove me by violence so that others could come in and destroy my computer files. They want to completely remove me from my foundation of evidence which protects me and will keep me defended by proper procedures in the legal justice system which they want to avoid in any way possible. There are far too many examples of all this activity noted with this intended objective.

I have carefully maintained all my records over the past two plus decades as I have much to write about concerning my experience and have bene planning two or three books in order to do so. They want to destroy this documentation or at best keep what they can to pervert the course of justice (obstruct justice) in order to ensure the climb up the greasy pole for themselves and keep the BMW in the garage. It is his BMW that the SS QQ values most highly.

It is my intention here in these web pages to publish all that is going on to preserve and protect myself and the issues of freedom, justice and democracy which are being destroyed by this process. As I have noted, this is an experiment and research project run amok with the abuses as noted from those engaged in this activity. Given the ability to abuse power by means of this incredible state of the art surveillance equipment that is now available, it is too great a temptation not to resist. It is used as a weapon to further the personal interests and ambitions of those so using it.

The false allegation of "Psychosis" is most telling. This is both a weapon and a smokescreen. The idea is to hide behind the smokescreen and use the weapon as a means of discrediting what I say. These are personal attacks against me and do not deal with the content or issues which I raise. They cannot do that. They have to attack the person. This shows that they are bankrupt. If they had any content to deal with the issue properly, they would then be doing just that.

The great problem further created by all the available surveillance equipment in accessing all my documents and records especially my diary/logs available electronically is that all my activity can be determined. This leads to being able to bring further false allegations against me. This has already happened. By allowing those in the flat below who have a grudge against me for reporting their child abuse and are bent on revenge and retaliation, they are handed the means to see all that I do in order to effect just that revenge. At the same time they know all my diary entries and can create whatever false allegations against me they think that they can get away with. This has already been done within my hearing.

One of the key objectives for me in all of this was to completely avoid all contact with these people to make certain that no such allegation could be falsely made. Now, instead of being able to do that, the SS QQ leads the PCPHF all around behind me tracking all of my movements and activities thus exposing me to the malicious attack and further false allegations. These are people who have repeatedly threatened my life. Now, the SS QQ has enabled them to know all my movements to facilitate any violence they might wish to carry out against me.

Recently, TULIP told the PCPHF in the middle of the night "Don't ever lose your gun". She replied emphaticlly "I won't". This tells me that Her Majesty's Government's representative has armed a member of the public who has vowed "I want him dead" in talking about me. This leads to more and more questions. All of these and many more will be raised and examined in this website as regards to the surviellance activity and its complete alter legal justice system existing outside that established by society in the light of day to make certain that abuses like these do not occur. There is clearly a serious danger to all from the actions of these few. This is the debate I wish to stimulate and the issues I want to make public based on my experince.

One further important note in all of this. The advent of the involvement of the two US Government agents is very recent. Their allegations were not known before. When it was noted some three months ago that "He killed his mother", the PCPHF said "I did it all by myself". Well, she is claiming credit for all that has gone on which she actually created, but, more importantly, she is acknowledging that the whole foundation for all this surveillance before 2001 was generated from other sources and had nothing to do with the false allegations from these two US Government agents. My suspicion is that now the records will be back dated to make certain this was the motivating factor for all this time when it was not at all which all my documentation can show conclusively.

On top of this is the fact that their allegations are totally false and given proper processing in the legal justice system will be shown to be so. That at present is being denied to me. I am fighting to bring this into the court system. I tried last March 2001 but was driven out and kept out by the intense surveillance activity used as a weapon. In fact, that is when my water supply was tampered with which made me so violently ill. This was claimed by a male from the flat below to be "dog shit" in the water supply. It occurred on 30th March 2001 one day after the second High Court hearing I had had on 29th March 2001 which was known to all. This illness (e coli poisoning?) was a major contributor to keeping me from processing my legal claim by obtaining the protection from the High Court as provided by law. The intensifed criminal stalking and harassment carried out by the then present SS QQ and SS Zwei at that time added the remaining barrier which was then further intensified to the completely apparent blocking attempts noted above throughout last summer and to the present.

Recent Pithy Quotes (having substance and point: tersely cogent)

"I want him out. It's my home, right?"
Sunday, 21st October 2001

"I don't care about that. Piss off! I'm going now."
Probably departing police officer.
Sunday, 21st October 2001

"He didn't actually kill his mother."
SS Zwei (US Government Agent) in response to the question
"Exactly how did he kill his mother?"
Asked by an anonymous male under my front window
Monday, 5th November 2001

"So, that's how he killed his mother."
SS QQ (US Government Agent) to the PCPHF
Friday, 23rd November 2001

"If he didn't kill his mother, there's hell to pay."
Anonymous male under my front window
Tuesday, 4th December 2001

"This is Colonel Vine from the murder of . . ."
SS Zwei (US Government Agent) from under my front window right side
Thursday, 6th December 2001

All the allegations are totally false. Legal "Payday" looms on the horizon. Never forget that this is a monstrous Hoax and Cover-up. Even the participants reveal basic truths and contradict each other when caught in an unguarded moment of truth as they fabricate.

VII. Resolution Attempts

VIII. Psychology

The psychology of the situation is tremendously important for understanding character and behaviour. Much of what has and is going on is quite common in the human animal and has been well noted over past decades in the works of many which I have read over these years since the 1950s. I have gone back through some of the works and noted relevant passages for my own understanding and to enable me to communicate the essence of a fundamental understanding about human behaviour and motivation.

Despite this body of knowledge the human animal persists in behaviour that, as Erich Neumann calls it, is atavistic (a recurrence in an organism of a trait or character typical of an ancestral form and usually due to genetic recombination; e.g., throwback). This will be a very powerful concept for the understanding of what is happening and what might be suggested as a cure and solution direction for the problems here.

I am going to list the authors and works I have found most rewarding for understanding and dealing with this situation from my own experience and observations of the people directly involved. I want to note that not unsurprisingly these works are still available in print as they have remained relevant for decades in that they deal with and articulate fundamental truths of human character which have survived the test of time so far.

Please note again that I have no financial relationship with any links on this website. They are provided for the benefit of readers to use and followup knowledge paths on their own. I am providing a link here for one online bookstore that I know about dealing in psychological and related texts. They have stores in both New York and London as well as online sales. I just happen to know that they have all the books which I list here. No doubt most are available from other sources at varying prices.

My point is to list works that I know are still in print and that can be easily obtained from at least one source. I do this because I might offer short quotes from the works as a much better expression of the author rather than a paraphrase in my own language. I do this as a review of the book which is still offered for sale and provide at least one location where it can be purchased. I believe that this will satisfy any copyright obligations.

I do urge everyone to read these books if there is any interest in this subject because I think other readers will find them as fascinating as I have, but I realise that many browsers here will already know most if not all of these books from their own reading experience.

Karnac Books

1. Janet Malcolm

"Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession", Vintage Books a division of Random House, New York, 1982.

2. Carl Jung

"Psychology and Religion" (based on the 1938 Terry Lectures delivered at Yale), Yale University Press, New Haven, 1938, Yale paperbound 1960.

3. Erich Neumann

"Depth Psychology and a New Ethic", translated by Eugene Rolfe, Forewards by C G Jung, Gerhard Adler and James Yandell, A C G Jung Foundation Book, Shambhala, Boston and Shaftesbury, 1990.

"When man's religious orientation formed the background to his ethical orientation, he knew quite simply that Yahweh or Ormuzd, Christ or Allah had ordained the fight and with it the hierarchy of values. But the question as to whether "industry" or "class", "imperialism" or "nationality" or "race" is the driving force behind the conflict, as to whether the individual is deceived or ignorant about its causes because the driving forces behind it are camouflaged, or whether he is fighting without being aware of the disease of which these conflicts are really the sypmptom -- this whole apparently insoluble question which has been given a thousand different answers lives in the consciousness of every combatant as an expression of the chaotic situation of our time." (p 28)

This book has a history worth noting as it was originally available for publication in 1949 with the date of C G Jung's foreward March 1949 and the author's orginal preface May 1948. Few books could be more directly relevant to the world's situation today as a potential for solving key problems.
This is the one exception to the books listed here which is not noted as available at Karnac Books online as the others are. While trying to locate a bookseller indicating that it is still in print, I offer the publisher's addresses:

Shambhala Publications Inc

Horticultural Hall
300 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
(Noted as currently out of stock; usually ships in 3 to 5 weeks; they print on demand)

The Old School House
The Courtyard, Bell Street
Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8BP

The C G Jung Foundation address is:

28 East 39th Street
New York, NY 10016

"Art and the Creative Unconscious: Four Essays", translated from the German by Ralph Manheim, Bollingen Series XLI Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1959, 1971.

4. Alice Miller

"The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self" (Originally published as "Prisoners of Childhood"), translated by Ruth Ward, Basic Books, New York, 1981.

"We can solve this riddle if we manage to see the parents, too, as insecure children--children who have at last found a weaker creature, and in comparison with him they now can feel very strong. What child has never been laughed at for his fears and been told, You don't need to be afraid of a thing like that. And what child will not feel ashamed and despised because he could not assess the danger correctly, and will not that little person not take the next opportunity to pass on these feelings to a still smaller child. Such experiences come in all shades and varieties. Common to them all is the sense of strength that it gives the adult to face the weak and helpless childs fear and to have the possibility of controlling fear in another person, while he cannot control his own." (pps 66-7)

"Contempt for those who are smaller and weaker thus is the best defense against a breakthrough of ones own feelings of helplessness: it is an expression of this split off weakness. The strong person who knows that he, too, carries this weakness within himself, because he has experienced it, does not need to demonstrate his strength through such contempt." (p 67)

"Since women, however, have control of the new-born and the infants, these erstwhile little girls can pass on to their children at the most tender age the contempt from which they once had suffered. . . . And these humiliated adult women, in turn, if they have no other means of ridding themselves of their burden, will revenge themselves upon their own children." (p 68)

"Contempt is the weapon of the weak and a defense against ones own despised and unwanted feelings. And the fountainhead of all contempt, all discrimination, is the more or less conscious, uncontrolled, and secret exercise of power over the child by the adult, which is tolerated by society (except in case of murder or serious bodily harm). . . . Until we become sensitised to the small childs suffering, this weilding of power by adults will continue to be a normal aspect of the human condition, for no one pays attention to or takes seriously what is regarded as trivial, since the victims are only children." (p 69)

"Let us hope that the degree to which this discrimination is persistently transmitted from one generation to the next might be reduced by education and increasing awareness--especially in its more subtle manisfestations. . . . When our children can consciously experience their early helplessness and narcissistic rage they will no longer need to ward off their helplessness, in turn, with exercise of power over others. In most cases, however, ones own childhood suffering remains affectively inaccessible and thus forms the hidden source of new and sometimes very subtle humiliation for the next generation." (pps 69-70)

"Nothing will serve better to acquaint us with the hidden tragedy of certain unconscious mother-child relationships than the analysis of a perversion or an obsessional neurosis. For in such an analysis we witness the destructive power of the compulsion to repeat, and that compulsions dumb, unconsciousness communication in the shaping of its drama." (p 87)

"For Your Own Good: Hidden cruelty in child-rearing and the roots of violence", translated by Hildegard and Hunter Hunnam, Farrar Stauss Giroux, New York, 1983, 1984.

"The collective form of absurd behaviour is no doubt the most dangerous because the absurdity is no longer apparent and because it is sanctioned as normal." (p 139)

"But the nature of the subsequent enactment reveals that the whole history of early persecution was stored up somewhere; the drama now unfolds in front of the spectators with an amazing resemblance to the original situation but under another guise: in the reenactment, the child who was once persecuted now becomes the persecutor." (p 145)

"Within this family structure, the children are the oppressed. If they have younger siblings, they are provided with a place to abreact their own humiliation. As long as there are even weaker, more helpless creatures then they, they are not the lowest of slaves. Sometimes, however, as was the case with Christiane F., the child is ranked below the dog, for the dog need not be beaten if a child is available." (pps 146-7)

From the Afterword (p 277)

"[A colleague of Alice Miller's ponders:] 'I wonder if what is pedagogy may not be simply a question of power, and if we shouldn't be speaking and writing much more about hidden power struggles instead of child rearing.' [To which she replies:] 'That's exactly what I have tried to do in the book I have just finished.' . . .

"In the same way that technology was used to help carry out mass murders in the Third Reich in a very short space of time, so too the more precise kind of knowledge of human behavior based on computer data and cybernetics can contribute to the more rapid, comprehensive, and effective soul murder of the human being than could the earlier intuitive psychology. There are no measures available to halt these developments. Psychoanalysis cannot do it; indeed it is itself in danger of being used as an instrument of power in the training institutes. All that we can do, as I see it, is to affirm and lend our support to the human objects of manipulation in their attempts to become aware and help them become conscious of their malleability and articulate their feelings so that they will be able to use their own resources to defend themselves against the sould murder that threatens them."

"Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society's Betrayal of the Child", translated by Hildegard and Hunter Hunnam, New American Library, New York and Scarborough Ontario, 1984, 1986.

5. Alexander Lowen

"Narcissim: Denial of the True Self", Collier Books, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, Collier Macmillan Publishers, London, 1985.

"Narcissim describes both a psychological and a cultural condition. On the individual level, it denotes a personality disturbance characterised by an exaggerated investment in one's image at the expense of the self. Narcissists are more concerned with how they appear than with what they feel. Indeed, they deny feelings that contradict the image they seek. Acting without feeling, they tend to be seductive and manipulative, striving for power and control. They are egotists, focused on their own interests but lacking the true values of the self--namely, self-expression, self-possession, dignity and integrity. Narcissists lack a sense of self derived from body feelings. Without a solid sense of self, they experience life as empty and meaningless. It is a desolate state.

"On the cultural level, narcissism can be seen in a loss of human values--in a lack of concern for the environment, for the quality of life, for one's fellow human beings. A society that sacrifices the natural environment for profit and power betrays its insensitivity to human needs. The proliferation of material things becomes the measure of progress in living, and man is pitted against woman, worker against employer, individual against community. When wealth occupies a higher position than wisdom, when notoreity is admired more than dignity, when success is more important then self-respect, the culture itself overvalues "image" and must be regarded as narcissistic." (p ix)

"Power, performing, and productivity have become the dominant values, displacing such old-fashioned virtues as dignity, integrity, and self-respect." (p 13)

"[Narcissists] have learned to play the power game, to seduce and to manipulate. They are always thinking about how people see and respond to them. And they must stay in control because loss of control evokes their fear of insanity." (p 228)

"True respect looks beneath the surface or the appearance to the inner reality, which is the opposite of the narcissistic attitude. By the same token, self-respect is based on an appreciation of one's true or inner self, not on one's appearance or position. We have self-respect when our activities stem from principles or deep convictions rather than motives of expediency or gain. Impressing or manipulating others brings a loss of self-respect, and without self-respect, one doesnt respect others. The narcissistic person has no self-respect." (p 216)

"At the other end of the spectrum, furthest removed from health, is the paranoid personality . . . [who] may believe they have extraordinary powers ["I just know"]. When they become unable to distinguish fantasy from fact, their insanity is clear. In that case, we are dealing with full-fledged paranoia--a psychotic rather than a neurotic condition . . . Nevertheless, even in such extreme cases, we find most of the characteristics of narcissism: . . . a marked discrepancy between the ego image and the actual self . . . insensitivity to others . . . projection . . . denial." (p 24)

"Particularly characteristic of the psychopathic personalities is a tendency to act out, often in an antisocial way. They will lie, cheat, steal, even kill, without the any sign of guilt or remorse." (p 22)

". . . narcissists are as incapable of expressing anger or feeling anger as they are of any other feeling. It is true that narcissists can and do at times fly into a rage. Indeed, one could say that a tendency to fits of rage is characteristic of this disturbance.

"Isn't rage the same as anger? Although there is a strong element of anger in an outburst of rage, the two expressions are not identical. Rage has an irrational quality--just think of the phrase a blind rage. Anger, in contrast, is a focused reaction; it is directed toward removing a force that is acting against the person. When the force is removed or nullified, the anger subsides. A good example is the anger children feel when their movements are forcibly restrained. As soon as they are set free, their anger disappears. As adults, we may become angry for similar insults to our being. But true anger remains proportional to the provocation; it is a rational response to an attack. Thus, a verbal insult does not immediately lead to a fistfight, and the anger recedes after an apology. With a physical assault, we may want to return the injury, but the extent of this response is measured by the degree of actual danger.

"Rage, however, is not in line with the provocation; it is excessive. Nor does rage reside with the removal of the provocation; it continues until it is spent. And rage is destructive rather than constructive. Indeed, rage is tinged with a murderous intent. One of James Masterson's patients provides a clue to the meaning of rage. In this patient's words: "Giving up the idea of you and the others doing it for me--leaves me feeling hopeless, helpless, and in a rage." He then spoke of the feeling of wanting to kill. "When I have to do it myself, I feel thwarted and want to kill."

"The incongruity of the reaction makes one suspect that the true motivation for the murderous intent was for a more serious insult or injury that had occurred earlier in life, probably in childhood, which was then repressed. If the repression was lifted and the injury made conscious, the reaction would change from one of rage to anger. That is the therapeutic task.

"It is significant that an outburst of narcissistic rage be closely tied to the experience of frustration, of not being able to get ones way; in other words, of feeling powerless. For Mastersons patient, the frustration of not being able to get others to do it for him led to the rage reaction. . . . When the illusion collapses, the rage associated with the original betrayal--a more significant insult that occurred in early childhood to which one could not respond at that time--surfaces like the explosion of a volcano. But since it is divorced from an understanding of its source, in other words, since it is blind, it is ineffective as a remedy for the injury.

"Why is the reaction called narcissistic rage? Recognising the murderous quality to all such reactions, we can postulate that the insult provoking the reaction must strike a vital chord. The current provocation may be slight, as in the case of Mastersons patient, but the provocation evokes in the persons unconscious the memory of an earlier insult to which he or she could not respond when it occurred. Describing the rage as narcissistic tells us that the insult was to the persons sense of self, that it was a narcissistic injury. The experience was one of humiliation, of being powerless.

"As we have seen, it is this experience of humiliation that underlies narcissists' striving for power. Through power, they believe that they can wipe out the insult. Any challenge to their power or image threatens to make them feel powerless and evokes the fear of being humiliated. Mastersons patient said that he felt "hopeless, helpless." It is difficult to see how such feelings could send someone into a rage. They would seem more likely to lead to a feeling of despair. But if we change this patient's words to "feeling powerless," his reaction makes sense. Like so many narcissistic patients, he was in a power struggle with his therapist, and he believed that he had control of the situation. The shock of finding that he was really powerless triggered a rage that was both irrational and murderous." (pps 92-4)

"Parents may also react violently to a baby's crying. I have seen a parent hit a child to stop the crying. Threats of abandonment or punishment are commonly employed. In most cases of child abuse, the violence against the child is triggered by crying. Isn't that insane? It's like heaping fuel on a fire to stop it from burning. Yet some parents seem to be driven wild by a childs crying, and they will hit their children as they were hit when they were young. Such situations combine terror and horror for the child. The horror may come out in nightmares which seem "silly" to their parents. In the children's eyes, the parents have become monsters. As adults, we may fail to see this monstrosity because, like the adults in the tale of the emperor's new clothes, we have been seduced or threatened into denying the truth." (pps 149-50)

"Slow torture is one such situation. In ancient Chinese practice, for instance, people were tortured by having a drop of water fall continusously on one spot of their heads while they were immobilised. The buildup of the constant stimulation became more than they could stand, and their minds cracked. Any person can be broken by torture that doesn't stop. One either dies or goes crazy. In the first case, it is the body that is broken; in the second, it is the spirit--the energetic connection between mind and body is split. Which of the two will happen depends upon the nature of the torture and its aim.

"Torture doesn't have to be physical, in the sense of a direct attack on the body. Sound can be used to break a person's will or resistance. At certain frequencies it can be so painful that the person cannot stand it. Fear is another way to break a person's spirit. In Dostoevskys recounting of his arrest and imprisonment together with a group of radical Russian students, the following incident occurred: at their trial they were all sentenced to death. They were brought to the execution grounds, and several were lined up before a firing squad. Then, at the last moment, the rifles were lowered, a reprieve from the Czar was announced, and they were sent to Siberia. Yet one of the men, facing the firing squad, went raving mad. His fear was too great." (p 171-2)

6. Eric Berne

"Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships", Grove Press Inc, New York, 1964. My edition is the 25th printing in August 1966. The first printing was July 1964. Just goes to show that popularity can be right.

"If she chooses to play it as a criminal assault, she may have no difficulty in finding mercenary or morbidly interested allies, such as the press, the police, counselors and relatives. Sometimes, however, these outsiders may cynically turn on her, so that she loses the initiative and becomes a tool in their games." (p 126-7);

Aim: Malicious revenge
Roles: Seductress, Wolf
Dynamics (Third Degree [see below]): Penis envy, Oral violence, Phallic and strong anal elements:
(1) Internal Psychological--expression of hatred and projection of guilt;
(2) External Psychological--avoidance of emotional sexual intimacy;
(3) Biological--sexual and belligerant exchanges; and
(4) Existential--I am blameless

"A game is an ongoing series of complementary ulterior transactions progressing to a well-defined, predictable outcome. Descriptively it is a recurring set of transactions, often repetitious, superficially plausible, with a concealed motivation; or, more colloquially, a series of moves with a snare, or "gimmick." . . . Every game . . . is basically dishonest, and the outcome has a dramatic, as distinct from merely exciting, quality." (p 48)

"The presumption that a certain sequence constitutes a game is tentative until it has been existentially validated. This validation is carried out by the refusal to play or by undercutting the payoff. The one who is "it" will then make more intense efforts to continue the game. In the face of adamant refusal to play or a successful undercutting he will then lapse into a state called "despair," which in some respects resembles a depression, but is different in significant ways. It is more acute and contains elements of frustration and bewilderment." (p 53)

". . . some games are urgently necessary for the maintenance of health in certain individuals. These peoples psychic stability is so precarious, and their positions are so tenuously maintained, that to deprive them of their games may plunge them into irreversible despair and even psychosis. Such people will fight very hard against any antithetical moves." (p 62)

"These three variables [Flexibility; Tenacity; Intensity] converge to make games gentle or violent. In mentally disturbed people, there is often a noticeable progression in this respect, so that one can speak of stages. A paranoid schizophrenic may initially play a flexible, loose, easy game of first stage "Aint It Awful" and progress to an inflexible, tenacious, hard third stage. The stages in a game are distinguished as follows:

a. A First Degree Game is one which is socially acceptable in the agents circle.
b. A Secind Degree Game is one from which no permaent, irremediable damage arises, but which the players would rather conceal from the public.
c. A Third Degree Game is one which is played for keeps, and which ends in the surgery, the courtroom or the morgue." (p 64)

7. Erich Fromm

"The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness", A Fawcett Crest Book, Fawcett Publications, Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut, 1973, 1975.

8. R D Laing

"The Divided Self: an existential study in sanity and madness", Penguin Books Ltd, Hammondsworth, Middlesex, England, 1960, 1965.

"R D Laing: The Man and His Ideas", Richard I Evans, A Dutton Paperback, E P Dutton & Co, Inc, New York, 1976. This book is also not listed at Karnac Books, but I found one used copy available at Barnes and Noble at the following link and will look for more.

Barnes and Noble For R D Laing Dialogues by Richard I Evans

". . . [Schizophrenia] demonstrates a disorder, generally found all over society, to which some people are subject, many of whom have managed to reinforce their disorder in a socially acceptable way by becoming psychiatrists." (pps 25-6)

"A great degree of of psychopathology and psychiatric theory is an institutionalised, reciprocally reinforced projection system applied by people to people, and that says, in many cases, more about the psychiatrist than it does about the patient." (pps 26)

"There was an institution during the Inquistion a few hundred years ago--a very highly regarded group of men who were called prickers. They carried around pricks--needles of different calibers--that they used to stick through the skin and into the bone marrow of women who were thought to be witches. They listened to the screams. Did they scream or did they not? If they didn't scream, they were probably witches, able to counteract the exquisiteness of the pain. If they did scream, it had to be determined if the screaming were genuine or fake. This could be a witch who was inured to pain, who had taken some forbidden painkilling drug and who was not really feeling the pain, just pretending to scream, in order to get off. So the prickers became experts, technologists, who could find the most painful part of the body, apply pain, and observe the reaction. It's the same sort of mind, the same sorry thing today. It's evil." (pps 26-7)

"Once you have the backing of a professional stance by massive economic interests, then both theory and practice in that profession are in danger of serving the ends of the economic interests that are paying for it . . . All over the place individuals and clusters of individuals get so knotted up, so screwed up, so embroiled in very complex situations that no one in the situation knows what is going on. Someone must be brought in to intervene in the hope that intervention will in one way or another bring some clarity to the situation, so that the confusions of the people will be mitigated in some way." (pps 36-7)

"Our interdigitated plurality of systems is the product of the individuals who compose it, so I am not talking about the system itself as some entirely alien, malevolent, paranoid-persecution-machine structure that is devouring everyone in it, though some of us no doubt sometimes feel that way. . . . I can talk about certain considerations and certain matters of principle and certain specific matters of practice." (pps 37-8)

". . . But, he will be picked up by the computer for life. That is already part of it, you know, all such data are beginning to be programmed into the world computer brain. That's one extreme of a system that psychiatrists are a part of, and there are quite a lot of psychiatrists who have been among architects and designers of this system. That's a growing side of life that's far from the consciousness of many people. In a way I haven't got anything to say about it, except that I hate it. I saw that that wasn't where my contribution could lie. At the time I felt more desperately and unreconciledly negative about the development of the whole thing but I now feel that it has already developed into such a worldwide network, expressing and accommodating to a new socioeconomic reality, that, without detesting it less, I see no way to turn the clock back. I don't see what can be done about it, without human beings refusing to treat human beings in that sort of way." (pps 39)

"But we haven't gotten to the thing that I am particularly interested in: that there is still a domain, an arena in which one human being actually gets into the same place at the same time to meet another human being. This is what all this infra- and superstructure should be for: to allow somebody to meet somebody, or even several people. . . . In the course of that time he [the student] is going to be very lucky, within the context of his professional life, if he hasn't had cultured out of him his capacity to relate to other people in a personal way, even within the framework of his professional role. I don't see that being a professional need necessarily preclude someones being able to be open-hearted and open minded, but it seems to happen to many people. This, of course, is a story that has been taken up by a number of other people and I hope that it will be amplified. If the effect or the implication of all that training, all that money, all that planning and organisation is in the service of facilitating arrangements for people to come together with people without fear--so that the ground can be cleared, so that an open space is created, so that communication can occur--then it is all for the good." (pps 42-3)

"Now if, in our training, we only tell people how to use drugs, how to push buttons, how to be instrumentally effective in doing this, that, and the next thing, we lose the substance in the pursuit of shadows. We lose the baby, I feel, with all this attention to the bath water." (pps 44)

". . My impression derived from participant observation, from students who approach me about this, and from older, senior people in this set of professions [psychology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, social work, etc], is that the present professional training may actually be culturing out the aptitudes that we want to draw out and cultivate. Education (in one of its edifying etymological senses) means educing, drawing out, the capacity--the native flair, if you like--that some people have. This can be educed, or drawn out of someone. Now you can draw that out of a housewife, you can even draw it out of a medical student. You can allow it to flower. It has nothing to do with the capacity to take in from a written print-out some sort of information, process it, and then bring it out again. Turning one's mind over to being a biocomputer--a rather inefficient adjunct to the world computer that is developing--is not the sort of thing that I would consider to be in the domain of such aptitude. If is not the kind of thing I would like to see develop as the distinctive competence in this field. The fact that one has gone through all that means that one has got oneself into a position in the power elite. By showing that one can do that, one is accepted into the side of the system that is on the side of the desk from which the programme is set up. They are the people inside the building, who planned the building, and who are now in it. But theres the whole world of people who are on the outside of the building. They are often the children, the families, the friends and the relations of the people who are on the other side of the desk. There is a fantastic dividing line there, and there doesn't seem to be any way that it can be got over. But the people who are in the professional role certainly shouldnt think, in finding themselves in that social space, that they have acquired any claim to distinctive competence that a housewife--given the chance to spend time with disturbed people--has not possibly got to a greater degree." (pps 46)

"As I said at the beginning, there seems to be a fundamental paradox in a system that has come to think entirely in terms of production. There is the production of things, objects, matter derived from material and assembled in a certain way, produced in the form of something that can be handled, that becomes a commodity. There is a price on it; it can be bought and sold. All these programmes of community therapy, all these things that are being done under that general set of activities, are thought of, almost exclusively, in terms of production of a commodity--results. Although you cant see it, touch it, or feel it, therapy has now become a commodity. It's an elitist practice with a market value. There is a type of mentality with the bit between the teeth, now searching around to find the commodity that has been paid for. It's very elusive. It might be that there is some error in some premise. We may be looking for a nonexistent product, because if there is a result, what is it? There is a relationship that you cant measure. You can put the sound on tape and do the whats, wheres, and whens count. You can do a fromal analysis; you can do a more or less sophisticated linguistic, paralinguistic, kinetic analysis. You can produce more and more mathematically sophisticated and sharper indices of autism, or its opposite, for example. One can get into hand movements, finger movements that can be judged in terms of the rate of change from rest to certain movements that stop suddenly as other movements take over. OK. None of these things seems to be particularly convincing to me and they are not particularly convincing to the people who do them either, often because, I think, we must consider what we are trying to measure, what we are trying to control or manipulate, what we are trying to buy and sell, what results we want, given our environment and genes. What is the product? What is the domain in which this particular transaction is occurring? Let's take feelings, emotions, effects. In an ordinary, good enough, genetically expectable environment we would not especially obscure the subject. We're dealing with how people feel. Let's take feelings such as anger, pity, tenderness, love, jealousy. These are not in the domain of touchable objects. I defy anyone to lay out jealousy for me to see. By certain criteria of behaviour, perhaps you can distinguish a jealous person, but even that is not easy to do. It's really an inference theory." (pps 47-8)

"Yes. Jealousy, et cetera, can scientifically be inferred, although it may be directly experienced, like all those human emotions that are not the subject matter of direct "scientific" study. We've got a sort of thinking going on now which argues that if we can't support an experience with the "hard" data of science, the experience doesn't count. It is discounted. The hard data of science are sight, touch, taste, smell, objects, but these, to science, merely give indications of states of affairs that are extra- or para- or metasensory. The advances of sciences have gone through the apparent manipulation of a domain of energy we cannot see, touch or taste, or smell directly. The scientist has to come back to his observations however, to the things he can see and hear and touch and taste and smell. We're all living in that phenomenal framework and we infer (within the scientific rules) what is going on outside it.

"But there is a special problem about feelings. On the one hand, they are more directly immediate than anything else, and on the other, they are scientifically so remote that many scientists hardly regard them as existing.

"The principle of not multiplying hypotheses unnecessarily seems excellent, but there is a strange tendency to turn this into the proposition that what science does not know how to study does not exist. This is to deny reality, because we haven't a hypothesis to account for it. In that case we might as well say that nothing exists, and quite a few people have said that.

"Its not just turning ones skin inside out, trying to look "objectively" (from outside) at what is "subjective" (inside)--an incredibly alienating procedure. We have not even the precise proper word for it. Merleau-Ponty writes of structure of behaviour and the primacy of perception, trying to reveal a radical transformation, currently going on in the human experience of space and time and all their elements. Something is happening to the way the human environment is actually experienced by [normal] human beings that releases and facilitates--in fact, dictates--a type of practice that wouldn't arise unless one's environment was experienced in that manner. Certain things wouldn't even begin to occur to one as relevant or meaningful, or even as a human activity, unlesss one was seeing the world in a particular way. And some people seem to find the world, seen this particular way, annihilating to them, persecuting to them, destructive to them, in terms of their feelings, in terms of what it feels like to be a human being. If we are looked at in this way--as often represented in Scientific American models--you cant distinguish on paper where the flesh begins and the instruments end. Its all the same. But if one feels one is a machine, a robot, a device, not hung together in terms of organic unity, thats regarded as a state of schizoid, psychopathological deterioration, depersonalisation, and whatnot. That very mentality, when it crops up in certain manifestations, is considered to be almost the epitome of psychopathology. But it's actually to be found in its most rampant, pure form when it crops up in another sort of manifestation--in the minds of the people who are, generically, this very psychopathological theory they are propounding. The very psychopathology that is being studied is demonstrated most clearly by the people who are creating the psychopathological theory. If you want to see it and read about it, if you want a perfect example of schizophrenia, just read a psychiatric text like Bleulers (1951) textbook on schizophrenia or any of Kraepelin, especially his case histories, or any number of more recent things, and you will see manifested in the mentality of the psychiatrist the very disease, the very psychopathology, that is projected onto the person who is supposed to be the patient. I would say that this fallacy, the switch around, the confusion--I don't feel that I have found a way to give adequate articulation to this, but I'm trying--is a profound crisis of a shifting transformation as we move through this rapid, transient phase whatever it is we are doing to ourselves and to the world. Or being done to." (pps 48-50)

"Its in the interest of all of us to make our system work for us. It has become our world. This is completely political, one might say, and also completely nonpolitical. The top brass are as desperately alienated in and by the system they may think they control as the dustmen, who also sometime develop delusions of grandeur. Every human being has an interest in making this system work on behalf of life on this planet, women, men, the young and old, the birds and animals and plants. We want it to work on our behalf. They are all of us. We want all this hardware we've got, all this stuff that we're producing and exchanging, all the money and all the things that money can buy, to be serving or servicing us. But it's a very tricky position, very ambiguous, and when we look at it in some ways, we are already rather inefficient machines serving machines of our devising, upon whom we have become abjectly dependent. We've got to service the machines that service our lives. We can get machines to service machines and then we've got to service those machines. We've got a system in which we're being devoured by our own shit. It's using us up and using our children up. That nightmare has already been articulated by others in some detail. It must be grasped more. Psychiatry and social psychology, sociology, anthropology--all the human sciences--are at the very heart of the dilemma. These disciplines study human beings in their ecosystems (Bateson 1972). They have to do with the relationships between human beings themselves. But we all now know that these relationships are in a context. What we've got to keep in mind, it seems to me, is that, in academia, whether it's medical school, in the training of an anthropologist, or a social psychologist, the training must attempt in theory and in practice to clear away the rubble, to clear some ground, so that some relationships between these people can exist, even temporarily, where and when it is possible to breathe a little more freely--sanctuary, asylum, where life-in-relation can flower. Is that now a utopian dream? The field of competence of these distinctive human sciences isn't as naively confined to human beings alone as most theories and practices in psychology, et cetera, give students the impression, because our "human" environment is largely a nonhuman environment. Relationships between human beings occur within a context of the physical, nonhuman environment, a great deal of which is now human artifact. We can't put the clock back--this is the field in which we're operating. If we keep ourselves as clear about it, if we orientate our theory to keep the central point, if we use the machines to facilitate getting together instead of being shredded apart in the service of the machines, if we don't turn ourselves into machines and don't treat other people as machines, and if we don't allow ourselves to be treated as machines, we still may not end up with machines servicing machines, as the nearest we can glimpse of what the savage minds of our grandfathers once called love, charity, and compassion." (pps 51-3)

". . . In the first place I do not always regard these people, to whom the diagnosis of functional disorder is applied, as necessarily having anything the matter with them. Suppose someone is placed in an environment set up to disorder them. That is quite easy to do. Animals used in ordinary laboratory experimentation have been deliberately driven crazy by environmental experimentalists, just to show how easy it is. We know that the communicational environment alone can induce functional disorders and physical disorders. We know--at least we ought to know--that there is nothing more sensitive to social, psychological, communicational, and environmental influence than the chemistry of the body. The body chemistry is a contingency of unremitting resonance with its social situation." (pps 20)

9. Charles Brenner

"An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis", A Doubleday Anchor Book, Garden City, New York, 1955.

From Chapter Eight: Psychopathology (p 193)

"The reader will note that the classifications which Freud proposed were based primarily on etiology and not simply on symptomatology. Indeed, he specifically mentioned (Freud 1908) that a case should be diagnosed as neurasthenia only when the typical symptoms were accompanied by a history of excesive masturbation or emissions, since without such a history they must be due to a different cause, as, for example, general paresis (syphilitic meningo-encephalitis) or hysteria. It is important to emphasize that fact for the reason that even today the usual psychiatric classification of mental disorders which are not the consequence of disease or injury of the central nervous system is on the basis of their symptomatology. These are what are known as descriptive classifications and in psychiatry as in any other branch of medicine, descriptive classification of diseases or disorders are of relatively little value, since proper treatment depends on a knowledge of the cause of the symptoms rather than of their nature, and the same symptoms in two different patients may have quite different causes. It is therefore worth while noting that from the very early years of his work with mentally ill patients Freud attempted to go beyond a purely descriptive classification and to set up categories of mental disorders which resembled one another in having a common cause, or, at the very least, a common, underlying, mental mechanism."

10. Sigmund Freud

"A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis", Washington Square Press, New York, 1924, 1960.

11. Wilhelm Reich

"Character Analysis", translated by Vincent R Carfagno, Pocket Books, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1941, 1976.

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