Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
US National Security Breach: Email to DIRNSA
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The following Email was sent to DIRNSA (an unmentionable word at one time) on Saturday, 30th March 2002, since previous Emails to President George W Bush about this subject brought no results. 
The critical factor is that those abusing their power in the extreme and whom I characterise as being "psychopathic" (without any moral standards whatsoever) have employed and exploited others especially one particular individual to assist them in its usage.  This person has been dedicated to stalking and harassing me for years since I reported her child abuse among a group of people in May 1998.  Her criminal character has been well noted by me in extensive correspondence.  She has no scruples whatsoever and is totally unqualified as to character or background to be made privileged to the most sophisticated surveillance equipment known to mankind and most especially given the access to what is in my brain as memories of national security matters from my previous work in Air Force Intelligence when serving my military obligation from 1961 to 1964.  In short, she is a blabber mouth and does not hesitate to tell all and sundry whatever she wants to bolster her own self importance. 
This really reflects those of similar character selecting other members of the general public to assist them in carrying out this extraordinary surveillance activity which is no surveillance activity at all but an experimental endeavour intended to create what it purports to observe.  It is destructive in the extreme and its activities constitute attempted murder. 
As regards to my work in Air Force Intelligence as a Communications Intelligence Analyst, it was what I did with great pride during a Cold War period which reflected extraordinary events.  After I entered the Air Force in June 1961, there followed:
1.  The Berlin Wall went up in August 1961.  I thought that meant war was at hand. 
2.  In October 1962 there was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  We all were ready for the missiles to be launched from Cuba.  These had a range of 1800 miles.  Although I did not participate directly in this, someone who worked right next to me did.  He went to Key West where he flew missions during the crisis.  It has been well noted that most including the critical information which was available during this crisis came from SIGINT (Signals Intelligence). 
3.  On 22nd November 1963 President John F Kennedy was assassinated.  Just three weeks before that a coup was staged in Saigon overthrowing the then President of South Vietnam.   It has been subsequently noted that the CIA was behind this coup.  However, for us working at that time, JFK's assassination was a terrible blow from an unknown enemy whom we felt was being addressed and contained by our work. 
4.  The background to this period was the critical time in Vietnam which was followed by its subsequent escalation after Lyndon Baines Johnson was elected president in November 1964 when I was discharged from the Air Force.  I was not a supportor of the Vietnam war or its escalation.  Please read Neil Sheehan's "A Bright Shining Lie" for an extraordinary account of Vietnam in the pivotal years of 1962 and 1963 when events were "managed" to produce the eventual massive US involvement which did occur. 
This was my military service which we were all obligated to serve in those days.  I did so with great confidence that what I was doing as regards to working with intercepted communications from foreign military sources which were deemed a Cold War enemy was in the national interest of the US and all its people as well as the world at large. 
However, due to my personal experience, I now see what has been happening against this background with regard to the existent total invasion of the human being by means of surveillance equipment.  I completely and utterally repudiate it since it carries such a potential for abuse of power and destruction which was formerly unknown to mankind until now.
What has gone wrong, how, why and where must be addressed so that the course of human events can be altered to prevent the loss of what all those in past wars and conflicts have sacrificed so much in order that we might enjoy the freedom and life which we have today.  
This does not mean using this surveillance equipment in a suppressive and destructive way.  It means recognition of it as a weapon of mass destruction which should be treated accordingly with great control and virtual non-use. 
Whether that is possible remains to be seen, but it is why I am publishing all of this to make the problem known so it can be dealt with properly, thoroughly and adequately to prevent abuse and the subversion of democracy itself.  Perhaps my military service will continue to be of benefit.

 Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 14:01:41 -0500
<[Gary D Chance]>
To: <>
Subject: Please Forward to General Hayden, DIRNSA
My apologies for sending this to your Email address, but your web site is short on contact information and this is most important.  

Will you please forward it to General Hayden for me?

Thank you.  

Lieutenant General Michael V. Hayden
Director, National Security Agency
Central Security Service (NSA/CSS)
Fort George G. Meade, MD.
Saturday, 30th March 2002

Dear General Hayden

I am writing to you regarding the unique, state-of-the-art surveillance to which I am being subjected which is described below.  But first let me explain my background which is the reason I write to you having failed in a couple of attempts to bring this to the attention of President George W Bush as a violation of national security against a totally innocent person (me).   

I served in USAFSS [USAF Security Service now called the Electronic Security Command] from 1961 to 1964.  After six months of technical training at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas, I served from March 1962 to October 1963 at HQ USAFSS at Kelly AFB, San Antonio, Texas, working in ****** where I was an ************** analyst performing total collating of all information for final analysis and reporting.

I note that you have served at Kelly AFB so that a brief check on this information will provide you with a substantive basis for exactly the kind of work I did, its scope and the destination of the reporting.  I also attended the USAFSS Commanding General's weekly preliminary briefing which was open to anyone who wanted to attend in addition to reading the world wide Daily Intelligence Brief.   

Subsequently, I was stationed in Trabzon, Turkey, from November, 1963 until November 1964 working in Mission Control where I was responsible for coordinating the implementation of the unit's mission as directed which also involved producing the unit's quantitative and qualitative evaluation reports.   

Once again a quick check will reveal the source of this mission information and the destination of the reporting.   

Please also note that ******* was managed by Mr ****** ******** a GS11 at the time I worked there.  I replaced a GS9 at the time when I started work.  I subsequently met Mr ******* in Trabzon in late 1963 as he was there on a tour of bases.  He had been promoted to temporary GS12 and was put in charge of the European Theatre in Frankfurt for the type of work he did.  

Further, while at Trabzon I worked for Technical Sergeant ******** ********.  This was his last posting before retirement.  He returned to work as a civilian at NSA.  I worked in the operations office with him and the two OIC's of operations.  My last APR written by Sergeant ********* was "Outstanding" and so countersigned by Captain ********* ********* who personally observed me work on a daily basis.  

I also noted that you have been stationed in Guam.  I went to the first grade there in 1948/49 when my father, a US Naval officer, was stationed there.  He had been stationed at Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941 surviving the attack to fight the war in the Pacific as captain of a fleet tug, the USS Zuni.  He subsequently served in the Korean War as captain of a food cargo ship, USS Merapi, taking supplies to Korea.  He died in 1968 and is now buried in Arlington National Cemetery.   

Following my USAFSS service, I returned to school obtaining a BA in 1969 and an MBA in 1973 from Columbia University.  I had been at a division of Emory University before entering the USAF.

The totally unjusttified surveillance which is described below represents a compromise of national security in its total invasion of all my memory and the ability to read my thoughts and the images in my brain.  Last year when the Russian airliner was shot down over the Black Sea north of Trabzon, I was unable to not think about that situaiton which was picked up by those monitoring me with the surveillance equipment noted below.  There have been other instances relating to my work at HQ USAFSS as well.  

As a result, I notified President Bush of this security violation.  However, no remedial actions have been taken.  In fact the scope for further breaches to the general public has been widened since then.  This is most serious since general members of the public have been given access to this equipment and use it effectively to note all that goes on in my brain with great accuracy as I continually test it and note the responses.  They are a very noisy and verbal lot giving away almost all that they do.  My traning as an intelligence analyst has served me well in this circumstance.  Comments by them have been made about the security breaches so noted.   

There are two US Government Agents who are ex-US Marines. The senior one has identified himself as Colonel Vine. The other is on his first assignment carrying out this activity with complete disregard for any legal constraints whatsoever.  He has described it as experimental.  His character is such that he is a braggart and showoff displaying everything that he does to all the people in this environment compromising both the state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and the content which it reveals.  He would be an anathema to anyone in USAFSS from the days when I served there.  By his actions I have concluded that he is psychopathic since he has no moral standards whatsoever.  He has done great harm to the intelligence and surveillance effort of the United States.

I am bringing this to your attention for two reasons:

Firstly, to note that I cannot be held responsible for any national security information to which I was exposed from September 1961 to November 1964 while I was cleared for and had access to Top Secret Codeword Cryptographic information (a green badge in those days), and;   

Secondly, I am again making the point that I am totally innocent and being subjected to this terror and torture campaign being carried out against me by this group of people with no legal justification whatsoever utilising the most sophisticated technology available as supplied by these two US Government Agents, and I seek to have it halted.   

The basis for this is not only total innocence but also the breach in national security something I have never done nor will I ever do consciously.  However, in this situation, it is no longer under my conscious control.   

Hereafter follows a brief description of part of the surveillance to which I am being subjected:

I have been subjected to instense surveillance for 3.5 years with the last year involving 2 US Agents utilising state-of-the-art brainwave monitoring of the most sophisticated kind in an experimental situation.  I believe that research and development and personal corrupt self interest have overriden any objective utilisation of this equipment.   

It is now possible to monitor these brain activities with accuracy without implants:     

Thoughts and Images
Feeling (Pain)

This can be done without implants and is portable so that the "victim" can be followed anywhere with effective monitoring of the above.  This is tantamount of house arrest.  I have been called frequently a "prisoner".

Worse, however, is the "feedback" process where such things as hearing are reintroduced into the "victim" for use as harassment and interrogation by provocative statements and allegations repeated ad nauseum.  The intent is to "break down" the victim.  This is terror and torture.     

The same is true for feeling (pain).  I am not certain about eyesight yet.     

Thoughts and images can be induced in the brain especially with regard to dreams while sleeping to provoke memory associations and dreams as part of an interrogation process.  This actually damages the brain causing swelling of brain tissue and a slight headache.  In addition, it wakes the "victim" frequently and results in chronic sleep deprivation as does the constant attacks from the hearing feedback process.     

The one serious flaw in the monitoring is that context and fantasies cannot be determined.     

The great risk is that this is wide open to abuse.     

Please see my website on "Surveillance" below where I am beginning to document this activity which has been directed against me as described above.  Start reading at the Overview and Table of Contents page.     

As noted I have been used as a quinea pig for a total suveillance experimental programme which also includes surreptitious medication administered either by molecular sized vaporisation (perhaps by time release or water consumption trigger) or by the rerouting of my water supply.  I happen to live in a unique situation where this latter method can be done through individual water tanks in each flat.  I always drink bottle water. I drank 1/2 glass of water last Tuesday and was drugged almost immediately.   

The potential for the abuse of power is mind boggling.  I believe that this situation is such an extreme abuse of power for its objective is corrupt self-interest, namely, greed, glory and power for those involved at any cost.  

I trust that you will seek a proper resolution of this violation of security and the national intersts of the United States.   

Yours sincerely,

Gary D Chance

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