Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Human Rights Destroyed By Military Justice and Extradition
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This page was last updated on Monday, 7th July 2003.

The Military Commission created in the US for trying the terrorist is wide open to abuse. It is possible for suspects to go to their death without ever knowing the evidence against them which brought about this judgement. Six such suspects including two British citizens and one Australian citizan are slated for these tribunals from Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba while two such suspects formerly in the US civil justice system are subsumed into the military justice system now. This is totalitarian government destroying the democratically determined rule of law.

The UK has signed up to this protocal recently by entering into a treaty with the US whereby extradition can be carried out based upon suspicion only in the absence of any evidence. Under this treaty Derek Bond could be in a US jail now instead a free man. A pilot incarcerated in the north of England for six months as a suspected terrorist could be in the US military justice system facing a possible death penalty had not evidence been required. There was no evidence in either of these cases. These men were incarcerated based upon the word of US agents. Derek Bond's case was one of mistaken identity. This treaty is still subject to vote by Parliament in the UK. It should be refuted.

In the following letter to the UK Prime Minister I note these facts which jelled at the same time citing my experience in what I believe to be the key reason behind this relegation of evidence to the secrecy of the military and intelligence mind stemming from the very nature of the surveillance technology driven torture and interrogation programme which now exists in using brain wave electromagnetic monitoring and feedback technology.

Then a day later I received an Email announcing a conference in California dealing with these issues. It fit perfectly into the freamework of what is happening. I offer it here with its synopsis of speakers and web sites to add validity to the information base about what is actually happening in this world which is driving these massive shifts from liberty, rights and responsibility to slavery and destruction.

Sunday, 6th July 2003
The Right Honourable Tony Blair
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA BY FAX 0207 925 0918
Dear Mr Prime Minister
Re Crime and Her Majesty's Government's Complicity Are Standards Part II
The Friday night, 4th July 2003, reporting by BBC Two's Newsnight about the Camp Delta Military Commission forthcoming trials was astonishing.  There is an important element which is not being factored into this process.  It does not justify this abrogation of civilisation.  Far from it.  This factor is another and perhaps the most important threat to civilisation as we know it based upon the democratically determined  rule of law and an independent judiciary in a legal justice system which insures that decency, fairness and justice prevail. 
First, I want to point out that apparently Baroness Symons who was interviewed did not actually state that Her Majesty's Government has actually requested that the British citizens held at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba be returned to the UK for trial.  She only said that the US Government knew about Jack Straw's and Her Majesty's Government's position.  Earlier on Channel4 News she would not respond with a direct answer to the direct question "Did the UK Government ask the US Government to return these prisoners to the UK for trial?"  Apparently, this request has never actually been made.  That is unbelievable. 
There are three of the six detainees at Camp Delta announced as being ready for trial by the Military Commission who are native English speaking: one Australian and two from the UK.  I assume these are native English speakers.  Also reported was the fact that the Military Commission has the astonishing ability to try these and others on evidence which is never made known to them violating the fundamental right to know, examine and challenge evidence brought to support any allegation made.  This denies anyone a fair trial.  Assurances that this evidence will be made known to the defence lawyer are not sufficient to ensure that justice will be done if the defendant is not also informed and allowed to respond. 
I recall an excellent comment about this from one of the interviewees who pointed out that such evidence might come from a long standing enemy of the defendant.  In this case such evidence cannot be shown to be unreliable on that basis if the defendant is not made aware of it in order to properly challenge it.  Someone with a vendetta who is retaliating against another might very well fabricate evidence.  If the defendant is not allowed to know what the evidence is, there is no real defence at all.  It has been denied.  Justice is not served.  And the Military Commission becomes a rubber stamp for the charges applying gloss to what has already been determined.
What really astounded me about the Newsnight broadcast was the fact that the US had taken its own citizens who were being processed by the civil justice system into the military justice system.  There are three of these, and you noted that two of them have been so subsumed.  One was described as having been in the civil judicial system for 18 months when he was recently channelled into the military system taking him out of a system which preserved his rights into a system of incommunicado limbo where these rights disappear.  There was a third where such a fear was expressed against a background of anticipation that he would soon be subjected to military justice.  This stunning activity shows that civilians in the US can be subsumed into the military justice system with evidence presented against them about which they may never be informed.  This is beyond belief for any civilised society making claims to freedom under the democratic rule of law.   This is not democracy.  It is totalitarianism. 
The UK invasion of Iraq has more recently been justified as ridding that country of a tyrant who did not recognise human rights abhorring the terror, torture and murders of those found in mass graves.  Originally, the UK was led by the US determination to invade on the basis of eliminating weapons of mass destruction, but the word "Liberation" was used throughout the invasion.  Now the US is setting up military tribunals in the most totalitarian manner.  Among those who could be subjected to the death sentence are two UK citizens.   This death sentence could be determined by a process completely in the hands of the military with appeal only to the military and its Commander-in-Chief George W Bush in a complete denial of human rights. 
Newsnight also broke the story to the world about the treaty which the Home Secretary David Blunkett signed with the US Attorney General Ashcroft.  This provides for the return of suspects to the US based upon suspicion only without any evidence.  However, the UK must still present evidence to the US to extradite anyone from the US to the UK.  The nasty scenario now arises where someone from the UK or any other country with which the US has negotiated this kind of extradition treaty can be taken to the US on suspicion only and then put into a military justice system depriving that individual of all civilised human rights which could lead to the death penalty.  It would be possible in this scenario for the US to reach tentacles into the rest of the world to bring people back based upon suspicion only into a military justice system where that person could face the death penalty and never have the opportunity to know what the evidence was against him/her which might very well have convicted them producing a death sentence. 
What's The Real Reason Behind Military Tribunals?
Here's the added dimension behind this overall procedure which I believe is leading to these decisions and procedures impacting both the UK and the US getting agreement from Her Majesty's Government to extradite based upon suspicion, be subsumed into a military justice system and face the death penalty without ever being able to address the evidence.  It is the nature of surveillance and interrogation now employed using brain wave monitoring and feedback processing.  This is now successful with the ability to read thoughts (words and images) effectively as well as induce such words and images by feedback electromagnetic radiation to prod memory producing associations including dreams.  Other aspects of this surveillance include the ability to accomplish this wherever the subject is located day or night.  Also, sight and hearing are monitored so that those conducting the surveillance can see and hear with the eyes and ears of the subject.  There is also the process whereby hearing feedback can be accomplished with electromagnetic radiation instead of acoustic impact on the ear drums.  This has been well known for decades. 
This means that interrogation can be carried out by a completely new means of questioning involving electromagnetic radiation terror and torture while monitoring the impact on the subject in terms of thoughts (words and images).  This circumvents all known processes and procedures for interrogation now existent in civilised society.  The justice procedures emerging in the US reported on Newsnight show that the civil justice system is being undermined in favour of a military justice system including the withholding of evidence from the defendant.  I believe that this is being done because of these brain wave technology interrogation methods used to gain information by  military interrogation techniques which are being kept secret and still used as sources of evidence.  Thus, a system is being set up to allow this to happen and also not allow the subject to know what evidence is being used against him to hide the source.  All of this will be done in secret so that none of these critical parts will get out even if only parts of the military tribunal trials are carried out in secret. 
The UK Government is going along with this by means of the extradition treaty described on Newsnight too because this will also allow this kind of information to be used to generate "suspicion" which can be used as the basis for extradition out of the UK back to the US then further maintaining secrecy by subsuming the whole process under the military justice system specifically set up to allow for this type of evidence from brain wave terror and torture interrogation.  This is clearly totalitarian justice where the end justifies the means in the eyes of the despot.  This is wide open to abuse.  All of the experience which has led to the development of the democratically determined rule of law procedures and processes in a civil justice system to protect against these well known and prevalent abuses are being swept aside in favour of military, despotic rule.  This has now gone so far as to permeate Her Majesty's Government resulting in the very abrogation of the democratically determined rule of law that we all believe to be the standard for this country.  It is not any longer. 
I have been subjected to this terror, torture, torment, incitement and interrogation process now for almost 2.5 years since about February 2001 carried out by two ex-US Marines (retired) now US Government agents, Lt Harry X and Colonel (probably Lt Col) Vine.  There is no doubt about what is happening and has been happening for these almost 2.5 years.  I have tens of thousands of pages of documentation on what has been done to me as it has occurred.  It is my belief that this is the same process which is being used against the detainees at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and those incarcerated elsewhere including in the US in the civil justice system. 
I believe that the prime usage at present is in the English language with results of some kind being produced quicker and better from English speaking subjects.  Hence, there are three primary (presumably) English speaking detainees among six now declared as ready for the military tribunal system with a possible death sentence at the end along with the current construction of a death chamber at Camp Delta.  I also believe that the two accused terrorists who were in the US civil justice system but are now in the US military justice system were put there to protect the source of information which was gained by brain wave torture and interrogation methods. 
Not very long ago the FBI gave away its ability to capture keystrokes from computer systems in a trial of organised crime types in New Jersey.  This was sensational but was necessary to obtain a conviction.  The FBI disclosed its surveillance technology because it had to do so in the US civil justice system.  Every effort is being made to avoid that with the use of brain wave monitoring and feedback surveillance technologies as well as further developments in computer technology surveillance and feedback.  The two are quite similar.  There are also the elements of surreptitious medication by means of electromagnetic radiation to emulate chemical activity in the brain to debilitate and incapacitate subjects.  These are called biological weapons and are forbidden by treaty.  This too must be kept secret. 
I have been used as a guinea pig as part of an experimental programme to research and develop such surveillance technology for the purpose of interrogation by means of terror, torture and torment as I describe in my web site.  I believe that one of the key reasons for setting up Guantanamo Bay's Camp Delta was and is to carry out these medical experiments to research and develop these brain wave monitoring and feedback activities in the various languages of the world where the terrorists exist.  What has to be recognised is that this is a world wide research and development programme being carried out by the US military and/or US Government elements so associated with military and intelligence activities. 
The entire UK law enforcement and justice systems have been totally circumvented in my instance with the most gross allegations made against me which have all been totally false.  The sovereignty of the UK has been surrendered to local US Government agents acting as vigilantes doing whatever they choose to do outside the law carrying out intense 24/7 terror, torture and interrogation operations driven by the surveillance technology described above (plus much more).  The only way for this to succeed is to ensure that I never enter the legal justice system.  I have been blocked from High Court after starting procedures there in March 2001 shortly after the arrival of these two US Government agents by the use of their surveillance technology.  Now, it looms as a possibility that extradition can be achieved on the basis of suspicion alone to the US which can then be subsumed further into the military justice system to hide all that I know and have thoroughly documented.  This can all be done on trumped up allegations which can be hidden completely from view and myself to the point of sentencing.  In other words this whole procedure can be used to silence dissent and freedom of expression by a totalitarian system without the defendant ever knowing what evidence was used. 
I am totally innocent of all allegations against me.  In fact, I have never engaged in any violence or criminal activity of any kind.  Instead, I have been on the other side reporting crime and corruption while working with the authorities to address these problems for decades.  I am totally baffled by this campaign against me and will be writing extensively about it to explore the what, why and how of all that has and is happening.  There are big questions which come up as to regard to these issues and problems given my past experience over the last several decades.  There are three key areas from this experience:
1. I was a top pension fund manager in the US recognised internationally as such with a track record second to none.  I was able to put together a pension asset management structure which maintained return without any downside risk in a very uncertain economic and investment environment.  This was still subjected to management manipulation, and I blew the whistle on the mismanagement publicly in 1982 after bringing it all up internally following five years in that capacity with a major multinational corporation.  By that time I was recognised as one of the top pension fund managers in North America and the UK.  The kinds of management problems I encountered had overtones of what eventually turned out to be problems which were exposed by the collapse of Enron and the expropriation of pension fund assets by Robert Maxwell.  I tried to address these similar problems two decades ago and failed.  Many more problems have come to the surface lately putting pensions in crisis.  Destruction of those who bring management excellence by those with their own agenda eventually leads to failures all around. 
2.  During the 1980s I addressed crime and corruption issues centred around the building where I lived in New York City where the landlord was a reputed Mafioso.  I lived there for six years and a quarter.  This is an incredible story of the failure of government and the courts at all levels for many years.  There were several attempts on my life at that time including what I thought was someone who was killed by mistaken identity.  He lived on my street, looked just like me and happened to be very well known as a tenant advocate for decades in New York City.  His was a sensational murder with a memorial service at the Cathedral of St John the Divine.  I subsequently saw the person whom I thought was responsible for this murder stalking me later.  I believe that I was supposed to be the corpse which had turned up headless and handless in two plastic bags in the Bronx.  My life was clearly in danger with corruption penetrating almost everywhere possible. 
3.  For the past 12.5 years I have lived in London.  I am an Irish citizen.  For the past seven years of this period I have lived in this North Kensington Estate tenant management environment and found the same crime and corruption which I noted in New York City during the 1980s.  The same failure of government, courts and even worse now law enforcement.  During the 1980s I worked closely with the police and organised the tenants to address the crime problem.  In this situation today the tenants as a result of tenant management have managed to establish a standard of criminal activity with the police either hoodwinked or manipulated into a position of appearing to be corrupt to the core.  There is no proper law enforcement at all in this area.  It is no wonder crime flourishes.
I have much to write about from all of these experiences which I think will be beneficial overall in addressing many sources of problems which are currently impacting society in major ways that negatively affect the lives of millions.  What I have tried to do all along is address each of these problems as they arose.  My failures were symptomatic of the fundamental direction of overall society which pushed aside basic standards and those who maintain them for the expediencies which satisfied greed, glory and power.  This has spanned corporate management involving pension fund asset management, organised crime operating in housing as a legitimate business and now the government itself carrying out extreme criminal activities subverting law enforcement, the legal justice system and the very process of government itself.  Are the bad guys now overwhelming the good guys? 
It is obvious that I have a lot of enemies who would like to see me silenced one way or another.  I now see developing the means to do this for people who are seen as those who will speak the truth which is not in the corrupt self interest of various people in government here and abroad.  There are also those in corporate management who would love to retaliate against me, and reputed organised crime members who have an intense hatred against me.  Operating outside the law has become the standard as I have experienced it.  Without  my speculating on any of this, I am pointing out what my experience has been for the past almost 2.5 years of this seven year experience in North Kensington.  I am addressing this problem now, but the overtones of the past experience cannot be ignored.  The facts of these situations from past decades repudiate the allegations currently being made against me.  Destruction of all my documentation is in the interest of those currently carrying out the terror and torture interrogation against me.  They have creted such a situation that they need to deny me any possible defence for it is formidable and well documented.  My life is a matter of public record. 
I have all the documentation from these decades of experience which I have been trying to organise, write about and publish all this time.  Every effort has been made and is especially being made to stop this from happening.  Now I have also documented the current incredible experience where I have been used as a guinea pig for the research and development of brain wave monitoring and feedback surveillance technology along with biological weapons used to incapacitate while such terror and torture interrogation is being carried out.  I believe my experience is important for and relevant to all.  While the past problems with regard to corporate management, organised crime and government administration have been well noted in many areas, my addressing these have not done any good.  I believe that this is a typical story, but one well worth noting. 
The same is currently happening now with the state-of-the-art surveillance technology development and usage.  I think this is something which impacts every single human being on this planet and will be getting worse.  What I urge is the thorough and complete investigation of surveillance technology and its usage in conjunction with those being detained at Camp Delta and how this might be used as part of the developing military justice system which is subverting the civil justice system and its foundation on human and civil rights. 
I believe that I am correct in my assessment that the key reason for developing this military justice system is to hide the use of this brain wave monitoring and feedback technology being used as a terror and torture interrogation weapon which is highly lethal in and of itself.  This usage also constitutes medical experimentation in a concentration camp environment or carrying out such medical experimentation against innocent people in their homes such as myself where I and others are effectively under house arrest and held prisoner without any proper legal proceedings whatsoever. 
What has happened to me so far as been an activity which uses fabricated allegations against me to preclude my knowing any charges against me brought officially into the legal justice system.  Instead, for almost 2.5 years vigilante US Government agents have taken the law into their own hands to do whatever they please under the complete supervision of the Her Majesty's Government representatives in North Kensington.  Nothing that I have done in communicating the essence of all that is going on has been effective to stop this terror, torture, incitement and interrogation 24/7 by the US and UK governments which has been going on for years. 
I also believe that the real problem facing all of us is that someone like me who has been consistent in addressing problems of crime, corruption and mismanagement over decades is then singled out for a massive smear and fear campaign to create a totally false negative image.  I believe that the same thing can be done to anyone.   If the civil legal justice system is being subverted not only as I have experienced it in the past several years but also now with the institutionalisation of the military justice system to apply to anyone who can be subsumed into it based upon suspicion alone and then convicted including a possible death sentence by evidence withheld from the defendant, I believe that this is the end of the democratically determined rule of law.  Open courts and procedures in the civil justice system must be maintained and must be primary.  Otherwise a military takeover of society is occurring and reflects both subversion and treason. 
It is imperative for everyone to address these issues to get at the facts about all that is going on.  This is why I have outlined my experience against the background of these profound judicial changes which are not going on.  Everyone must know the fact and be able to think and judge for his or herself. 
Yours sincerely
". . . O! It is excellent
To have a giant's strength.
   but it is tyrannous
To use it like a giant.
. . . but man, proud man,
Drest in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he's most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep. who, with our spleens,
Would all themselves laugh mortal."
Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" II ii
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Learn about GPS satellite & Microchips, Government Mind Control
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Controlled America lectures were formed to educate the public about the
Government's Directed Energy Program. Through rallies, lectures,
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U.S.Government, military, C.I.A., F.B.I. and Independent Contractors and
their use of bio-electronic weapons (such as extremely low frequency
electromagnetic weapons, which have been used as mind control devices).


Sat. July 12

10:00 - 11:00
Ted Gunderson -
Ted is a retired FBI Sr. Special Agent in harge in the Los Angeles office.
Some of his more high profile cases have been the McMartin preschool, Polly
Klass, and Franklin cover-up.

11:10 - 12:10
Dr. Hal Tracey - One of the Founders of the International Tesla
Society, Dr. Tracey is a scientist who is well versed on how
electromagnetic energy and other energies affect a person's health and
their environment.

12:10 - 1:00 Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 -
Celerino "Cele" Castillo - Worked for the DEA for many year and was a twenty
year criminal investigator, specializing in drug cases.

2:40 - 4:10
Clayton Douglas - Lecturer and Writer, Clay is the Publisher of the
monthly Free American Magazine and Host of the daily radio show The
Free American Radio Hour, and was a Founding Member of The American Media
Association (AMA). Free American Group  2943 US Highway 380 Bingham, NM
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4:20 - 5:00 -
Dr. A. Michrowski - A world renowned scientist who has conducted
Extensive studies on how electromagnetic energy effects a human being and
the environment they live in. He has a newsletter called Essentia and he
helps run the Plantetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE). On his
website you can find books, EM detectors and
health aids. He will be on video tape and his lecture is entitled
"Health Physics: radiation protection, detection procedure, guidelines,
typical problem/inexpensive solutions." Oriented for health practitioners,
engineers, electricians, and responsible laypersons.

Sun. July 13
1:00 - 2:00
Dr. Maimul Ahsan Khan
Amnesty International Afghanistan Specialist, And professor of Law at U. C.
Davis and U.C. Berkley.  Dr. Kahan will Be addressing mind control and the
West and how it effects the Muslim World.

2:10 - 3:30
Jerry E. Smith - Author of "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the
Conspiracy" (a title in the Mind-Control Conspiracy Series from
Adventures Unlimited Press (August 1998)). Jerry has been a writer,
poet, editor and activist for over three decades. His bibliography of
published works includes chapbooks of his poetry, a handful of fiction
pieces, several "ghostwritten" books and over 100 non-fiction articles and
reviews. Jerry has been on many radio shows and was featured on the PAX TV
show "Encounters with the Unexplained. and his
email is

3:40 - 5:00
Cheryl Welsh - Director of Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (CAHRA) since
1996. This organization was formed by a group of victims of
nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and
neurological weapon testing programs by the U.S. and other governments.
Cheryl is recognized by the United Nations as an expert on Non-lethal
Technology (Directed Energy Weapons). Cheryl has been on a CNN program to
explain the use of Directed Energy Weapons on U.S. citizens. She has co-
authored several books including "International Campaign to End Human
Rights Violations Involving Classified New Weapons of Mass Destruction:
Electromagnetic and Neurological Technologies" Recently she has authored two
articles for the UFO Magazine Feb/March 2003 and April/May 2003 "Cover
Stories Torn Away: New Evidence of Active Mind Control."

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