Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Attempted Murder By Poisoning And Camp X-Ray
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The following is an Email sent on Wednesday, 27th February 2002. 
The distribution list is at the end of the Email.

It finally happened.  The US Government Agents (two ex-Marines) operating totally outside the law tried to kill me on Sunday [24th February 2002] by poisoning me. 

Following two Emails to BBC's Radio 4 Today on Thursday and
Saturday, 21st and 23rd February 2002, this explicit attempted
murder occurred on Sunday, 24th February 2002. 

When I returned home Saturday afternoon, there was a distinct
smell of perfume throughout my flat.  It was so strong that
I had to open the kitchen window to air it out.  When I noted
that in my diary/log one of the male ex-Marines said "Perfume?
That was stupid."  [This was the same ex-Marine whom I call "Tarzan" who admitted on an earlier occasion to having been inside my flat to another person outside my window within my hearing.  He did this by reference to a description of the contents.  There was no doubt as to what he was talking about.  That too was logged.  Entry into my home is made freely and frequiently.]

That Saturday night I clearly heard the other ex-Marine state
"Poison" in what sounded like a response to a question "How
are you going to kill him?" 

It hit me Sunday night about 6:00 pm, and I went to bed feeling
feverish.  I thought that it was wind blockage causing severe
stomach pain, but it was not.  There was also a sharp pain in
my chest in the heart region.  These two were close together
but distinct. 

I went on until midnight being unable to sleep due to the constant
stalking and harassment which has been well communicated to
all.  It was continuous and kept me from sleeping.  I finally
threw up twice.  This helped a bit. 

I then put in my verbally recorded notes all the information
about those six hours and all the false allegations which had
been made during this period.  This and what went on for the
next two days made it absolutely conclusive beyond any doubt
whatsoever that the allegations which were being made against
me were totally false.  They bore no relationship to reality
whatsoever.  They were blaming me for what they had done. 

I got virtually no sleep at all Sunday night/Monday morning.
I did hear the 2nd ex-Marine noted above state very clearly
"He's marked for execution." The female with him noted in the
Email below said "I remember you saying that, but I did not
think you would do it."  This was explicitly clear too. 

I tried my best to sleep as much as possible during the day
on Monday.  I had started taking baths after midnight on Monday
morning and then again later in the day on Monday to ease the
pain and absorb some water.  I could not drink or eat anything.
The first drink and food I had was on Tuesday nearly 48 hours
after this ordeal started.  However, my kidneys functioned during
the period fortunately.  I believe that by frequently soaking
in the tub I reduced dehydration and possible kidney damage
which attends such poisoning. 

I believe the pain which I experienced was supplemented by the
ability of this surveillance equipment's "feedback" which is
described in an Email below.  On Tuesday morning after midnight,
the 2nd ex-Marine stated "Watch this."  Immediately afterwards
I felt such a sharp chest/stomach pain that I had to turn over
in bed.  He had been talking about how he could make me move. 

This occurred shortly before I threw up again for the fourth
and final time of this 48 hour period.  After that one of the
apparent "observers" drove a bit down the road and started talking
to this ex-Marine exclaiming "That's torture".  From then on
I began to recover as I was allowed to sleep finally.  They
use this equipment to wake me. 

Movement is the best way to cope with such intense pain.  I
was moving on the bed back and forth.  Then over to the chair.
Then into the bathtub.  All in a sequence of moves intended
to stay active and keep the pain subdued as much as I could.
The bath relaxed muscles and helped a lot.  I took an off-the-shelf
pain killer which I had gone out (just barely could make it)
on Monday morning to purchase.  I never keep any aspirin or
medication of any kind at home.  I never need it.  These helped
only a little, and the 2nd ex-Marine said that they would do
no good when he noted what I was doing.  I guess he was right
given the equipment he was using to induce pain. 

I managed to get some sleep then early Tuesday morning and went
out to attend some personal business in the late morning.  In
the late afternoon I finally had something to drink and eat
(just a half can of tomato soup). 

When I tried to lay down for a rest in the afternoon before
eating, the Furies (evidently teenage girls) went on a rampage
of yelling "Get out" and various harassment activities like
that.  At one point one of them yelled "Let's wake him one more
time."  This once again reinforced the fact that the complete
and total surveillance invasion of my privacy and all that I
do is available to the public at large and anyone who wants
to participate in the stallking and harassment. 

I then got up and ate a bit as noted above.  However, shortly
after that I began to get a very sharp pain in my lower right
side that felt like a very serious muscle strain.  I had not
strained any muscles that is for certain because I could barely
move about.  I once again headed for the bathtub to soak.  That
same ex-Marine said "Cracked rib" and then the female with him
(the same as is noted below again) said something to the effect
"Oh, is that what that is."  That pain was excruciating.  This
must be the "cracked rib effect" for pain inducement. 

Oddly enough it went away a couple hours later, returned slightly
some time after that and then went away entirely.  I do not
think that this could have been any actual injury for it would
have taken days for a muscle strain like that to recover.  I
believe that this once again reflected the ability of these
ex-Marines to inflict injury like pain at will in what is literally
torture as was noted in the early morning hours of Tuesday.
They can emulate a heart attack, I believe, and might even
be able to cause one.  This has already been done to me [emulation only]. 

This morning all was fine except that I was moving very, very
slowly.  It must be remembered that throughout this ordeal I
was getting constant verbal abuse of the most terrible kind
that was totally unrelated to what was actually happening. 
They were inducing the condition which they and others could
observe through the surveillance equipment and then pointing
a finger at me as the source of it when, in fact, they had caused
the problem all along. 

They use the name calling epithet of "Psychotic" or "Potty"
in the hopes of being able to ascribe to me not only what has
impacted me but also anything I might say about the truth of
what is actually going on.  I have no delusional problems whatsoever;
there has never been any violence in my life and the true psychopaths
are those who inflict such sadistic punishment on other people.
They try to deny the validity of what I report by calling me
"Psychotic" which is totally false.

Those allegations against me escalate by the moment.  During
one evening the female with the 2nd ex-Marine yelled "He raped
my mother" which was totally false.  At that time again another
apparent "observer" drove down that road to reprimand her for
saying this and noted "I mean it".  This sounded like Her Majesty's
Government representative who is called "Paul". 

These people will latch onto anything that they think they can
make stick in their totally obsessed and driven stalking and
harassment to have me removed by force from my home when I have
done nothing more than report this woman and others in the flat
below mine for child abuse in May 1998.  They have been at this
ever since which has been well communicated to all and sundry. 

On Tuesday morning I heard David Blunkett [Home Secretary] being
interviewed by Sue McGregor on the Today programme.  One of the
issues that came up was that of the release of the five British
"prisoners" from Camp X-Ray.  He noted that there were to be
conditions to such a release, but pointed out that there is a Crown
Prosecution Service in this country and that they would be subject to
the law. 

Now hearing further this morning that the US is not going to
prosecute any of these some 500 [actually 300] "prisoners"; that the
military procedure order drawn up for President Bush was flawed; and
most likely those British "prisoners" would be sent back to
the UK as all would be sent back to wherever they originated;
this raises an enormous issue. 

If the laws of this country are so flauted by these US Government
agents to the extent that they are allowed to continuously threaten
to kill me and actually do try it, where is the Crown Prosecution
Service in this country and where is even basic law enforcement
for that matter?  Evidently representatives of Her Majesty's
Government know all that is going on and permit it to continue
even in the face of an obvious attempted murder.  This is truly
the ******* ************** Killing Fields. 

No one, but no one, can possibly hide behind these false allegations
given all the documented evidence I have collected. The only
way they can succeed is to kill me.  They have just tried that.
Don't you think it is time to stop all of this.  If the US
can see that there is no evidence to prosecute the 500 [300 actually] or
so "prisoners" in Camp X-Ray after a matter of weeks of interrogation
for these presumed terrorists, don't you think that after 3.5
years of continuous round-the-clock surveillance which has produced
nothing because there is nothing to produce, it might be deemed
appropropriate to stop this in my case as well? 

Or, is it better to kill me instead of facing the truth about
what has really happened?

Yours sincerely

Gary D Chance

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**********Email to BBC Radio 4 Today 23.02.2002**********

Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 06:51:32 -0500
Reply-To: *******************
To: <>
Subject: Professional Criminal Witnesses? OMG!

Former SAS officers acting as a private police force to provide
professional witness testimony in criminal cases: are you serious?
The paid for witness men and women.  Don't you think they will
work for whoever pays them and not for the interest of law enforcement and justice?  

What does this mean?  The failure of the police?  Law enforcement?
Justice system?  

Mercenary, for hire professionals outside the law enforcement
establishment, unaccountable to anyone but themselves, untrained
and inexperienced in civilian law enforcement.  Who's going
to watch these guys?

I've seen these "creeps" at work.  What happens when a neighbour
fakes it and makes a false allegation, then the mercenaries
spend all their time using surveillance equipment to fake testimony
because they want to make money?  

They come in with a mind set to find what they what they are
told to find to make money.  These are simply mercenary vigilantes.
I've seen it all: bribery, threats, breaking laws at will,
using the most sophisticated surveillance equipment, fabricating
and alleging things that are totally false.  Stalking and harassing
in the most brutal manner imaginable.  Using members of the
public to totally invade privacy and confidentiality.  Who's
to know to whom they will contract out such work to help with
the job?   

In my case the person who was originally reported by me for
child abuse four years ago has been progressivly involved in
the surveillance activity using it as a weapon all along for
3.5 years to the point now were she is totally involved and
will not stop 24/7 making the worst of the fake allegations,
stalking and harassment.  Oh, yeah, she thinks that she will
obtain possession of my flat when I am criminally and unlawfully
removed by force and violence which they seek hour-by-hour,
day-by-day.  Is that the kind of contracting out mercenary that
the public can expect?  It is really institutionalising criminal
activity for the bully tenant [in tenant management].  

Where's the responsibility and accountablility?  

What are they trained for in their 20 to 30 year SAS careers?
Certainly not law enforcment and the law.  They are trained
to fight and kill, to achieve objectives in their highly specialised
role on a specially designated battlefield.  

They have done one hell of a job as we all know remembering
the Saudi Arabian Embassy facing Hyde Park as just one example.
But, that is not law enforcement.  That is storm the palace.

I've written an awful lot about the two ex-US Marine *creeps*
who have flauted and broken every law they want plus all conceivable
human and civil rights protections possible in their quest to
fake it by making up the observations which they are supposed
to be doing objectively.  These particular guys have been at
this for almost a year now against me concentrating on what
amounts to attempted murder and saying as much continuously
while law enforcement looks the other way.  

I do not believe than any private, non-governmental organisation
should be involved in this work at all.  It must all come from
the Government who must be accountable and provide the highest
trained personnel matching jobs and responsibility with experience
to do this work successfully and well within the law.  

The US uses FBI agents who have law degrees for this kind of
work domestically.  God knows what the CIA uses overseas: probably
these *creepy* ex-Marines who think that they are totally outside
the law and accountable to no one.  They have threaten HMG representatives that they will kill me if they do not get the criminal acts
they want.  

The UK needs an FBI type national law enforcement organisation
with highly trained people in both the law and its enforcement
to carry out this type of work.  They can then testify in court
and make certain that they have not trampled all over everyone's
human and civil rights.  

This is tantamount to opening up the door to institutionalised
vigilantism as I have recently called my experience of it.  

It will not work I predict.  Where will it stop once it gets
started?  Will these guys then start free-lancing for the highest
bidder?  I have seen the psychopaths (no moral standards at
all) who are working to *kill* me, and I think that they represent
the future if this is allowed to go on.  

It ought to be stopped immediately, kept within the Government
for professionalism and accountability.  This really strikes
me as a way to fake evidence (it is too tempting and easy to
do) for a fee where the police are not directly involved.  All
that will happen, I believe, is that as the faked cases fill
the jails, more and more hostility and rage will build up in
the community to then spill over as a violent backlash.  

It is time to really sit down and think the whole problem out
using the professionals charged with this activity in the Government
to come up with an answer that fits the problems.  

Allowing ad hoc professional witnesses to engage in surveillance
and then testify is a horror story since I have seen what real
abuse of surveillance equipment and power from that source means
in real life.  

BTW it was another excellent, understated and pointed interview
that tried to get the facts out in a very gentle way, but those
facts when looked at closely create alarm bells that go off
everywhere.  What's worse than a police state: private thugs
on the prowl with immunity from prosecution.  


**********Email to BBC Radio 4 Today 23.02.2002**********

Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 09:36:49 -0500
Reply-To: *********************
To: <>
Subject: US War Crimes Ambassador on calls to free Guantanamo
Bay prisoners

I heard this interview this morning and was stunned.  It was
brilliantly done with just the right questions and points at
the right time.  It is truly exasperating to have the trust
in the US so undermined by what they consider short term expediency
at the expense of rights and the recognition of laws and treaties.

I am very concerned about how all these prisoners are being
treated based on my experience about which you have been well
informed, but I have concluded that Camp X-Ray is the modern
technology equivalent of a concentration camp as the name itself

I am currently undergoing the kind of brain wave intercept monitoring
interrogation 24-hours a day wherever I am including asleep
with disturbances and disruptions to that for dream and thought
monitoring purposes.  

As the orginal sceptic, I have confirmed for myself based upon
my own experience and "tests" beyond any doubt at all that all
the senses are capable of being monitored as follows:

eyesight: what I see can be seen by those monitoring me;

hearing: ditto

smell: ditto

touch, feeling and pain: ditto

Thoughts in words and images can be viewed accurately, however,
there is no context and there is no ability to distinguish between
fact and fantasy.

There is a reverse feedback mechanism which can activate the
nervous system causing muscle spasms and pain, e.g., chest pains,
intestinal peristalsis.  This is especially noted with hearing
since this is how they make it possible for me to hear all that
they are doing.

That's how the brutal interrogation goes on 24-hours a day between
"good guy" and "bad guy" by confronting me with a continuous
stream of allegations (in my case all false) to provoke thoughts
and images for them to read.  They record these and review them
in an instant replay activity mode to verify what I have just
been thinking.  

I hear them do this and make extensive notes of all this activity
given what is thought.  Oftentimes words will be shouted which
were exactly what I was thinking or images revealed which are
the same.  I test this in many ways, and it all works except
for context and differentiation between fact and fantasy as noted.  

This makes it unreliable, but it points to areas of further
investigation which is what they want.  It lets them by pass
all the legal compliance and protections for anyone subjected
to this.  That is exactly what is happening in Camp X-Ray isn't it?

This is the most inhuman terror and torture ever known to man.
It goes way beyon Winston's experience in 1984 since he could
hide from the camera's view.  Here one is the camera, the audio
listening device and even the olfactory detector.  

This can be monitored wherever I am whenever they choose which
is all the time, but I must be in range.  I have gone out of
range and heard one of them say "He's going out of range" as
I crossed Holland Park's sport's field once.  

The recent FBI alert must have come from this activity at Camp
X-Ray for the information it generated since it was attributed
to Camp X-Ray.  I conclude that these prisoners are being subjected
to the same terror and torture interrogation activity as I am.
They probably think their thoughts are safe, but they are not.  

My terror and torture is totally outside the law and all legal
due process procedures have been characterised as an "experiment".
The activity conducted against me is the extreme of institutionalised

The impact of this is attempted murder in my case since it creates
chronic sleep deprivation which is a killer.  I have been subjected
to this varying use and abuse of surveillance technology for
over 3.5 years and chronically sleep deprived the whole time.  

They have sealed off all access to these prisoners at Camp X-Ray
as you noted in the interview with no legal representation permitted
while they interrogate them as above I believe.  That is why
they are not POWs as is obvious.  Your point about this contradiction
was extraordinarily well done.  The interviewee was equivocating
on "Rules/laws of war" and "POW" status.  

This terror and torture leaves no marks.  I kills from within
and looks like a natural death.   

I hope that you can "penetrate" the reality of the treatment
of the prisoners at Camp X-Ray.  It is my belief that my outline
of their interrogation treatement will be confirmed.  

I want this to be known to the world at large to stop the abuses
which are now starting for they could have extraordinary implications
for every single person on this planet and civilisation itself.  

Thanks for another great interview.  


Copyright 1996 - 2004 by Gary D Chance

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