Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Direct Interference With Medical Care
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Interferring with Medical Care and Blocking Emails
1.  Friday, 2nd November 2001, visit to an optician is logged at a local Internet shop following the examination.  I had "heard" their interference with my primary optician while I was being examined by another.  I documented it in the logs on this date as I overheard subsequent conversations at the Internet shop between those involved as they continued to stalk and harass me. 
2.  Saturday, 3rd November 2001, again diary/logs noted at another Internet shop where I usually worked when re-sending the blocked Email to the Optician.  The Email to the Optician provides an overview account of my problems as regards to the surveillance caused personal injuries and obtaining medical care for my eyes which incurred deliberate interference.

Diary/logs written at an Internet shop close to the Optician immediately following an eye examination on
Friday, 2nd November 2001.

easyEverything Tottenham Court Road [Internet Shop]
Friday, 2nd November 2001
[Name of Optician]: eyes seriously worse; each increased by +1 diopter to 11 and 9 for the left and right eyes; contact lens prescription; this is extraordinary; cataract caused maybe but one of two things accrues:
1) prevention of cataract corrective surgery which I could have right now; or
2) direct and further personal injury to the eyes by the criminal stalking and harassment especially the chronic sleep deprivation;
Diplopia much worse as noted in the past two to three months; likely due to the vision acuity failure and/or the direct result of the criminal abuse as noted above; they are preventing me from getting proper medical care by the continuing criminal activity against me and will not relent even though a suspected heart attack has been noted 'by them' including the arrival of an ambulance and physician at midnight two weeks ago;
The night following I was knowingly kept awake from 0100 to 0500; other 'heart attack' instances have been noted but totally ignored as the excessive and damaging activity continues without any foundation; my eyes worsen; personal injuries resurface and new ones that are life threatening emerge; blindness and death are the results of the criminally driven stalking and harassment carried out by means of surveillance equipment; and these subhuman dodos will not stop!!!!; instead the step it up hoping to achieve the impossible which has not been accomplished in over three years because it does not exist;
Terminal k-13; logon q4j0lp; just left [Optician's Name] after exam; overheard conversation with [Optician] by the same male below who answered the question; 'He's very psychotic' he said, and they went on talking; I heard her reply a couple times;
11:49:43 'What did she say?' asks a male toward the stairs; 'Courteous as hell' comes the reply from the interviewer; the voices are coming from the right by the stairs as I sit in the middle rear corner of the front room facing the front window;
12:01:40  'We have to get him out of here' says a female to the right; before this the male said 'He is psychotic';
12:04:44  'We've got to stop him; call Paul' instructs the female from the right;
12:09:10  'He's psychotic' says the male as the male - female conversation continues from the right; this is a totally false allegation;
12:10:41  'Tomorrow' says the female from the right;
12:16:14  'There it is; he's got it; he's very psychotic' says the male from the right as the CU Email finally connects; after a pause the false allegation of 'psychotic' is repeated;
12:32:50  '[You've] lost it' says a male from right;
12:45:05  'He's trying to Email that girl [the Optician I just saw]' says a male from the right;
12:55:13  'It means he's not authorised; access denied' says a female from the right when I tried out of the blue to find the [Optician] web site using [URL];
12:56:17  'Beautiful' says a male from the right;
13:06:42  Out;
Made a quick trip to [Optician] to get web site and Email address; [URL]; SS QQ aka SODM yelled something as I left; then 'He's potty' as I was returning;
13:28:07  Back at eE TCR; terminal a-21; way back in the far southeast corner; again a male said 'He's psychotic' from the same area only now to my left;
13:34:53  More male comments as I type this;
13:39:39  'Let's get him out of here' says a male; before that a male said 'I'll get him out'; not legally you will not for I have done nothing; if you should commit this criminal act, the damage claim will be 370 million pounds [this is double what my claim of 185 million was that time if force and violence were used against me in any form anywhere]; you have no idea what you are doing; the allegations are false; totally;
14:48:50  Out as the conversation among the 'surveillance' participants continues from the left; talk of 'out' has subsided; Email to [Optician] sent;

The following day, Saturday, 3rd November 2001, at my regular Internet shop to review and "clean up" the interference mess as regards to the blocked Emai.

easyEverything Kensington High Street [Inernet Shop]
Saturday, 3rd November 2001
Terminal f-g1 with q4j0lp
09:02:36  'He's psychotic; he killed his mom; that's true; we know it' says a male behind me as I am in the rear corner facing it on f-g1; he has been talking from the front window area since I arrived and tried to log on to the f-f6 terminal behind me facing forward; the 'p' key does not work; he is engaging in character assassination, crinminal stalking and harassment and provocation in the extreme; he nor anyone 'knows' this since it is totally false; it did not happen at all; this is a total fabrication for purposes which are unknown except to foster and maintain a coverup for reporting crime and corruption;
09:11:45  'You did a beautiful job' said the male from the same location behind me as I face the rear wall near it; I was looking at the returned Email to [Optician] with the convuluted address that made no sense; it was obviously interfered with when I put in the address and changed; then this was complimented just now as it did not go through to [Optician];
09:15:02  'Beautiful job; he's psychotic' says the male once again as I accessed the CU Email service;
11:02:52  Finished reviewing Email sent to [Optician]; not returned yet; got two auto responses from the White House and Sunday Times; as I was finishing this Email, there was continuous talk from those in the front behind me about it and my activity with incitements to 'get him out' and other such comments; I did not take the time to note these as I was working with a concentrated effort and did not want to stop until it was finished; there is mostly silence now after it was sent with a bit of comment but not much;
11:20:38  'Liar' yells the SS QQ aka SODM from behind me toward the front windows; he denies it immediately after he says it; nothing he says can be trusted at all; he is only talking about himself here obviously and certainly not me;
11:23:15  'Get him out' says the SS Zwei aka Tarzan/Colonel Vine from the same location;
11:34:35  Out; pit stop below; Dixons; Sains for food; see tape for the constant abuse meted out by the Soap Suds McGooey (aka SS QQ/SODM) foaming at his motor mouth and leaving a slick, slippery trail along the pavement;
As I was coming back on Allen Street just before KHS, the SS QQ aka SODM said 'He's going back' meaning to easyEverything Kensington High Street; his tone of voice expressed that he was not happy about that; he wants me to do what pleases him; it will please me to see him in the dock [courtroom]; what pleases him is his problem;
12:57:19  Back at f-h29 with q4j0lp; 'We have to move around' said a male as I sat down at this terminal right next to the back wall facing the door out to the computer room;
13:02:12  'It worked; don't worry about it' says the male who said they have to move around; 'If there is a chance . . .' he goes on saying; this is total criminal activity reflecting attempted murder; it is being approved in the degree to which SS QQ aka SODM wants to carry it out including his numerous death threats and actual movement to do so;
It is difficult to see how this has 'worked'; there is nothing to find out, because I am totally innocent; the representations about this from SS QQ aka SODM must be 'misrepresentation', distortions and outright fabrications; this guy has evidently swallowed it hook, line and sinker; this approval of attempted murder in these circumstances fully implicates Her Majesty's Government in such behaviour up to and including the Prime Minister; this guy obviously does not know what he is talking about;

This is the re-sent Email to my Optician accomplished on Saturday, 3rd November 2001.  I had been under her care since September 1998 coincident with the start of the electro magnet radiation imaging device (EMRID) usage which tracked me in my flat from the one above day and night.  
The deterioration in both eyes was completely documented by her examinations and medical records copies of which I have maintained all along.  She was instrumental in referring me back to hospital for further care which led to the cataracts diagnosis.  It was puzzling to both of us why my stronger eye, the right one, was deteriorating faster than the weaker left one until I realised that I sleep mostly on my left side with my right eye facing up from where EMRID came. 
This constituted a direct and delibereate effort to interfere with and disrupt my medical care to cope with the personal injury damage done to my eyes and has overtones of trying to bring that care to a halt perhaps since it was so well accomplished and documented.  You will note that this went to the full distribution list since it was a most serious incident of interference.  Helping me become blind is one way of preventing me from dealing with this as I was doing. 

Date: Sat,  3 Nov 2001 06:00:24 -0500

[Optician]@[Email address]
"US Gov President George W Bush"
"UK Gov The Prime Minister Tony Blair"
      <will someone please forward a copy of this to Mr Blair?>
"UK Gov HM Treasury Chancellor Gordon Brown"
"UK Gov Home Office Secretary David Blunkett"
"UK Gov DOH Secretary Alan Millburn"
"UK Gov DSS Secretary Alistair Darling"
"UK Gov DWP Secretary Alistair Darling"
"UK Gov DTI&W Secretary Patricia Hewitt"
"UK Gov MP Karen Buck"
"St Mary's Chief Executive"
"Western Eye Hospital General Manager"
"Media BBC Today"
"Media BBC PM"
"Media BBC World At One"
"Media BBC Broadcasting House"
"Media Telegraph Crime"
"Media Independent News Editor"
"Media Times Letters"
"Media Times Sunday Letters"
"Media Guardian Letters"
"Media Evening Standard Letters"



For the attention of [Optician]

Hi [Optician]--

[NB I sent this yesterday, Friday, 2nd November 2001, as described herein, but it was returned to me.  I now have access to my normal Email service and am resending it today: Saturday morning, 3rd November 2001; see the PS below.]

I have moved to the easyEverything Internet shop down the street to quickly Email you after my visit this morning [Friday, 2nd November 2001].  

While being examined by [Optician], I overheard a conversation with you that was subsequently validated by what I heard here a little while ago.  

As I described in our visit, I noted that the situation had become very complicated.  I have been prevented from proper medical care by criminal stalking and harassment.  This criminal activity is carried out under the guise of legitimate pretenses.  The allegations to do so made against me -- all of them -- are false.  I heard at least one of these being made to you this morning while I was being examined by [Optician].

It is totally false and part of a smear campaign intended to disturb and interfere in my life trying to make it impossible for me to get these matters done especially those relevant to health care that I need.  In fact, it makes these worse.  Maybe you will better understand now what I am talking about when I said "complicated".  

I have reported crime and corruption up to and including the highest level.  There is every effort being made to discredit me and my reports.  I continue to collect extensive evidence regarding all this activity which is also the target of destruction.  

After I departed your premises, this is what I heard as I worked at the easyEverything terminal down the road toward Oxford Street while they talked about the discussion with you:

11:49:43 "What did she say?" asks a male toward the stairs; "Courteous as hell" comes the reply from the interviewer [the same American male voice I had heard talking with [Optician]]; the voices are coming from the right by the stairs as I sit in the middle rear corner of the front room facing the front window;

12:01:40  "We have to get him out of here" says a female to the right; before this the American male said "He is psychotic";

12:04:44  "We've got to stop him; call Paul" instructs the female from the right;

12:09:10  "He's psychotic" says the male as the male-female conversation continues from the right; this is a totally false allegation;

12:10:41  "Tomorrow" says the female from the right;

12:16:14  "There it is; he's got it; he's very psychotic" says the American male from the right as the CU Email finally connects; after a pause the false allegation of "psychotic" is repeated;

[I had great difficulty getting my normal Email service where your information was stored; in fact, I never got it permanently and went back to the [Optician] store to get it eventually;]

12:32:50  "[You've/he's] lost it" says a male from the right;

12:45:05  "He's trying to Email that girl [the Optician]" says a male from the right;

[I got the CU Email service temporarily but then lost it again; they realised by reading what I was accessing (a former Email to you for details) what I was trying to do;]

12:55:13  "It means he's not authorised; access denied" says a female from the right when I tried out of the blue to find the [Optician] web site using [URL];

[I got it wrong and then learned from the store that it was [URL]  with the hyphen; UK Yahoo search had produced nothing;]

12:56:17  "Beautiful" says a male from the right; [this is what a male said as I was forced to log off to go back to get your Email address; they are quite determined to "stop me";];

I want to communicate with you immediately to let you know that these and any other allegations are totally false.  I actually think that you can see for yourself that they are.  It is important to note your apparent response in the interview to verify that what I am telling you is true.  Also, it is absolutely correct and always so that I am "courteous".  Further, they noted that I was trying to send you this Email.  I've had to use another Email service to contact you as the one I usually use is still unavailable.  [This too failed as noted in transmission.]

My primary concern is to prevent any alarm or unnecessary upset that the visit of this guy (or more people) this morning might have caused.  This happens to me always now for the past several months and is a contributing factor in this ongoing eye health problem which I am trying to address.  I hope that I can bring it to an end soon to get on with proper health care, but in the meantime I have to keep working at the problem as I am doing.  

I repeat that no allegations whatsoever against me are true.  They are totally false and invented to do as much damage and harm to me as possible to keep me from getting this problem properly, legally resolved.  You might recall that I was in the High Court last March with this matter when I visited you on 23rd March 2001.  I am being blocked from completing that processing too by this activity.  

I shall be back at the end of next week for the additional tests and to see about the delivery prospects for these lenses.  

In the meantime, thanks again for the health care.  My eye deterioration is as bad as I thought (+1 each to a -9 and -11 in the left and right eyes respectively) and requires correction to prevent further problems especially from the diplopia which needs to be stabilised.  

You will note in the copy of the Western Eye Hospital's [Consultant] letter that this was not the case on 10th September 2001.  My vision was a little off from your examination.  I showed the consultant there a copy of your record following his eye examination.  He said it was almost the same.  Most of this deterioration has occurred in the past two months consistent with my noting the re-occurrence of the diploplia.  

Much of this is due to the intensity of the 24-hour per day criminal stalking and harassment concentrating on sleep deprivation using surveillance equipment to effectively accomplish this.  It was this equipment in use since August/September 1998 which caused the cataracts as the floaters/flashers began about November 1998 and were examined at the Western Eye Hospital in December 1998.  All this you tracked personally since September 1998.  

There is one comment at the bottom of the examination record which [Optician] produced that needs to be corrected.  I am not waiting for a "specialist opinion" in March 2002.  I am waiting because this problem of the criminal stalking and harassment which deliberately creates chronic sleep deprivation nightly
and has been doing so for three plus years needs to be ended.  I explained this to you having been offered corrective surgery for last month, October 2001, with no waiting list (the consultant showed me the surgery schedule book), and you have a copy of the letter from Western Eye Hospital's [Consultant] indicating that I was waiting to resolve problems.  These are the problems caused and created by Her Majesty's Government as a result of my reporting the crimes which I described to you.  

I have been communicating to the Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet, the chief executives of St Mary's and the Western Eye Hospital, the media and press (see [distribution]) for a year now about this matter and the physiological impact of this criminal activity being carried out against me.  All who were not originally on my mailing list commencing in August 2000 were subsequently supplied with all Emails sent since that time.

During July and August of this year, I sent daily logs of all this activity to this mailing list to bring it to an end but failed to do so as you see.  It has escalated into the proportions which you heard this morning during this period to effect a coverup of my reporting the crimes and corruption.  Now, it is a massive coverup that reaches all the way to the top.  

Again, please do not be alarmed or concerned about any of these false allegations that were made against me today.  They are just that: totally false.  

I would ask you to keep a written record of any such visits including all that was said against me with special attention to obtain full identification of any person(s) asking questions and/or making these defamatory, slanderous and libelous statements.  It is most important to establish complete identity including organisation and authorisation for any such conduct.  It is not official in any capacity, otherwise it would be in the legal justice system as I tried to accomplish myself as noted.  This is criminal activity by at least two rogue agents representing the US Government in this country under the auspices and control of Her Majesty's Government.  That is where the name "Paul" comes in in the above noted log notes.  

I am most concerned about this interference in my seeking health care from a private organisation requiring the need for complete confidentiality in all my health matters at any time even including my visits to any such organisation.  I sincerely hope that no information has been given to anyone.  Even the fact that I am present for health care purposes is a confidential matter and should not be divulged.  Such active participation in anything that is not in response to a bona fide court order is extremely damaging to me, unlawful and possibly criminal.  It circumvents my right to privacy as provided by the European Human Rights Act of 1998 which became law in this country at the beginning of October 2000.  

I would appreciate receiving from you all the details noted above concerning this visit coincident with my health examination on the morning of 2nd November 2001 especially noted who he (they) was (were) and what was said.  

Thanks again

Yours sincerely

Gary D Chance

PS  When I went to work on this now (Saturday morning) at the easyEverything on Kensington High Street, the following comments were heard:

09:11:45  "You did a beautiful job" said the male from the same location behind me as I face the rear wall near it; I was looking at the returned Email to [Optician] with the convoluted address that made no sense; it was obviously interfered with when I put in the address and changed; then this was complimented just now as it did not go through to [Optician];

09:15:02  "Beautiful job; he's psychotic" says the male once again as I accessed the CU Email service;

These comments were made as I prepared to send this Email once again through my CU Email service.  These comments are deliberate and intended to reflect direct stalking and harassment making me *know* exactly what is going on.  Most importantly, however, is the fact that it represents continuous efforts to keep me from addressing this and other critical physiological health matters.  There are no psychological problems.  Psychosis means the inability to tell fact from fantasy: in a word "delusion".  I am dealing with facts as they are presented to me, and there is no fantasy involved whatsoever.  That is why they want to stop this, so that I cannot make the truth known in my own defence legally.  My health care problem resolution is attacked for this reason too. It is criminal behaviour in the extreme.  

Copyright 1996 - 2004 by Gary D Chance

All rights reserved

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