Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Correspondence to My Member of Parliament - Abuse of Power I
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Repeated "Firing Squads" as Terror and Torture

Overview Comments about the "State of Seige" on December 1999/January 2000 which had resumed in the autumn of 1999 following the initial September 1999 correspondence

The Honourable ****************

Member of Parliament


House of Commons

Friday, 17th November 2000

Dear *************

Re: Abuse of Power Part 1A: Repeated ******** "Firing Squads"

Following my fax of 23rd September 1999 to the Prime Minister seeking to abate the stalking and harassment, it quickly escalated instead to a State of Siege where for a month I was quite literally put before a figurative "firing squad" of a direct threat to storm my flat and remove me forcibly from the premises. Commencing in mid-December this continued for about a month on a daily basis through Christmas with the "assault" mounted two or three times a day sometimes including Christmas Eve and the day before. This went on all night with repeated efforts to detect or verify my presence by means of sound and infrared detectors. It was the most unbelievable experience I have ever had which I have never known anyone else to ever have been subjected. It was a police raid conducted over and over again against me in my flat on a daily basis whenever the tenant below reported my presence there.

I am not going to go into the details for I have that all written down minute-by-minute in my diary notes as all of this occurred. I will say that full sound listening devices were installed in the flat below with much drilling and hammering initially. These were at my floor level and within some three feet of my bed and head. I had to listen not only to the presence of someone waiting there for me to make a noise which could be reported, but I also listened to comments about my breathing (characterise as "snoring" when I was only breathing). Worst of all were the vocal urgings for me to make a sound and the deliberate noises that were made quite close to me from what I dubbed these areas as "sound detection boxes". These followed after hours of listening when I was asleep and woke me in the hopes of causing me to make a sound when my sleep was disturbed.

This became a routine event not only daily but several times a day. When the "sound detector" caught a noise such as my turning slightly or scraping the sheet/pillow with my hand, he would slam down the lid to the "sound detector box" next to me in the wall, slam the door in the flat below as he ran outside for verification of my presence and oftentimes was told that it was not a valid reading which would cause much moaning and complaint. Thus, whoever was doing this would oftentimes come back to try again.

If that was not enough, infrared movement detectors were mounted on the balcony of the flat below while these assaults were in progress to capture any movement by me in the flat. Sometimes I was in my chair reading when this occurred. I recall one evening sitting motionless for hours only to have a frustrated guy outside say "Move!". Usually, when this occurred, I sat there with the notebook computer on my lap writing silently all that was going on minute-by-minute. The contradiction was that this was also being "read" by those above by means of "Tempest" interception of the notebook screen emissions. I also sensed that there were arc lamps placed outside to be ignited when I was detected inside the flat and the assault commenced as the noises of this equipment with cables being set up was quite obvious.

On several occasions the activity was so intense all around (outside, below, above, in the Walkway) that I just prepared for someone to come smashing in through my door. I would get dressed, shutdown all the computer equipment and just wait. On numerous occasions I heard and saw a fire truck, ambulance and police vehicles as well as a great number of people outside during these operations. Actually, on two occasions when I thought they were going to come through my front door, I actually unlocked it to prevent damage. If they are going to come through, I thought, they might as well have easy access. However, I had no idea what the police would do. I heard loud clanking in the Walkway of equipment and knew that a steel door used to seal flats had been brought along.

I was the subject of a numerous massive and continuous police raids over and over again for an entire month that never actually reached a conclusion of entering my flat. It was beyond me why such a thing would be done against me in the first place. On the morning of Christmas Eve 1999 about 6:00 am, one of the ************ matronly ladies whose voice was very familiar to me (the same one noted below in the first letter dated 21st December 1999 to the police under the Water Sampling section in that letter), encountered the women tenant from the flat below when they were both outside. She expressed amazement that I had not yet been removed from my flat that night and said that she was sorry this had not happened. That made me feel wonderful. There was also no doubt then that the ********* was directly involved in this unlawful and criminal activity. This was clearly an abuse of power.

This had been the end of an all night activity that just went on over and over with all the deliberate shouting between the participants outside going on about removing me from my flat. Someone in charge had told a "*******" to "let it go" after midnight with no success. "********" just kept on at it. He was going to get me out. Later the "Doctor" [aka Dr "Volkswagon"/"VW"] due to the sound of his auto] whose voice has become very familiar to me was pushing the police over and over very hard to enter my flat and remove me because they just "did not know" about these things or "understood" them. Thank goodness the police exercised discretion and forbearance in this instance to prevent a great travesty from taking place.

The "Doctor" [aka Dr VW] as I realised then and subsequently is truly an apparent psychiatrist who is totally "clueless". Thank goodness he does not have any power in these matters for he would have started legal retaliation from me that would never end. This is power that the Labour Government would give psychiatrists in the community which I strongly opposed as a travesty of justice, legal due process and a violation of human rights. Psychiatrists are no more qualified to make judgements or predictions about human behaviour than anyone else. Those who have not offended cannot be incarcerated in any manner whatsoever without due legal process where both sides are present.

More recently I have overheard a conversation between this "Doctor" [Dr VW] and the old guy [aka "OG"] below where the latter urged him to remove me from my flat. The "Doctor" [Dr VW] replied that "When I get the power, I will do that." Let us hope that this never occurs because this is a prime example of a situation where a fabricated complaint by a neighbour can result in an extra-legal and unlawful eviction. Since you sit on the ************ ******** Committee in Parliament, I ask that you make this known to them as regards the formulation of the law proposed by this Government and currently under consideration which would give psychiatrists such power. We do not need another unqualified police force in the community acting outside the proper legal due process procedures. One is enough. Let's train that one properly!

This shouting outside my window about what was going on was familiar by then because on one earlier occasion I had heard the old guy [aka "OG"] from the flat below trying to explain to the police how easy it would be to enter my flat through the balcony windows or doors. On another occasion he went running outside to them yelling "He's in there! He's in there! Can't you hear him?" I had just barely whispered something while sitting in my chair. This could not be heard at all by anyone further than a few feet away from me let alone by someone outside my flat on the ground below through a closed window. He had heard it through an audio listening device that I had always suspected was planted near my chair whose effect is also noted in my 23rd September 1999 letter to the Prime Minister. Also, on one occasion when I was dressing for the "arrival" of the gate crashers, the kid from above me went running down the stairs to tell the nearby police that I had just moved from the living room into the bedroom. The officer asked "How do you know that?" (This is in the attached letter dated 21st December 1999 to the police.)

My very special British Christmas Eve and Christmas weekend were spent in a state of terror. I went out the morning of Christmas Eve after hearing the lament from the ********** matron about her sincere regrets that I was still in my flat and had not been removed by force. She has good cause to destroy my evidence against her. First, I went to shop for food for the long weekend. Upon my return early that morning, I encountered a guy with his two children entering the front door. Before he could see me, he said "I'm going to get this guy." He did not know who I was as we passed by the front door with him going along the second floor to flat ********* under mine while I went along the third floor walk to my flat above where he went in. I held back so he would not see me. I went into my flat and wrote in the diary exactly what happened. I then overheard a telephone call to him which came from the flat above explaining what had happened and that he had passed me by the front door. The guy above had read my computer notebook diary typing by means of "Tempest" and notified him immediately of what I had described in my diary.

At this point the guy from the flat below whom I had encountered, left immediately and drove off at top speed in his car. I put away the groceries as the police were arriving below my kitchen window and just left the flat for the day. It rained all Christmas Eve day as I walked around in it. I returned after dark about 5:30 pm and just settled onto my bed fully clothed where I stayed trying to sleep for about six hours listening to the sound and movement detection activity going on as well as all the voices and activity out front. There was a storm that night if you will recall during the last half of the night which was what later was to hit Europe and especially France with destructive force. The detail of my experience which went on like this day after day is unbelievable. (See the second letter dated 27th December 1999 to the police attached)

When it started on or about 10th December 1999, and all the activity hit at once, I wrote a letter to the police which I faxed to them on 21st December 1999 describing all that was going on. Water sampling had also been instituted, and I was anxious to have this abated as it was a direct hasard to my health and life as I described. I have attached a copy of that letter to this Email since it provides an explicit account of what happened when this activity first started. If you can picture this going on over and over on a daily basis until on or about 13th January 2000, you will get a good feeling for what happened.

There was no foundation in anyway to subject me to such a terror campaign and what amounted to the most inhuman of tortures that would not even be carried out on prisoners in HM Prisons already convicted of crimes. I was judged guilty and being punished in the most heinous way without any legal due process where my side could be presented. I was then subjected to a massive, summary, extra-legal execution effort over and over where I was brought to the point of my flat being stormed when that never actually happened. If anything in the world is inhumane, this is the worst of it. I have never heard of any such thing ever happening even in the worst third world police state. Have you? Read my letters to the police and see what you think. How would you feel if it was happening to yourself for no apparent reason that you could think of?

All of this activity has resumed since I began my communications with you at the end of September [2000]. Recently an apparent arc lamp was momentarily accidently ignited under my window only to be reversed as whoever gave the instruction did not want it turned on. The use of a fire truck on one occasion that I noted (then sent back by the Doctor whom I now call Dr VW since he drives an auto with an engine that sounds like a VW engine) and an ambulance on numerous occasions have been in evidence during these recent revivals of last December's states of siege.

Why do you think this is going on? There is no legitimate reason for it. Are these the efforts of a police state trying to repress dissent and destroy evidence? Is this the Labour Government in action?

Yours sincerely

Gary D Chance

My first fax dated 21st December 1999 to the police regarding the "State of Siege"

The Honourable ******************
Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Friday, 17th November 2000
Abuse of Power Part 1B: Repeated ********** "Firing Squads"

1. My first fax dated 21st December 1999 to the police regarding the "State of Siege":

Gary D Chance
Tuesday, 21st December 1999

Sergeant ******************
***************** Police Services
***************** Police Station
************** BY FAX *************

Dear Sergeant *************

The stalking and harassment have exceeded all reasonable proportions once again in the past two days and nights following that extraordinary police action on Saturday night. Although it took on all the proportions of a dramatic police siege that was aborted, from my vantage point [it] was a step toward the proper resolution of this problem in a constructive manner as the central party to the harassment went away with the Social Services doctor [Dr VW]. I heard the conversation outside between them when the doctor arrived which was later confirmed not only by their departure (she asked "where's your car" as they were leaving following a discussion in the flat below) but also by an older woman with a matronly, familiar voice in the Walkway who said "Let the doctor take care of it."

A resolution for the immediate problem has not been the case as the stalking and harassment have continued unabated attacking my sleep, general activity, cooking, laundering, bath and toilet usage. Furthermore the simultaneous harassment from the flat above has monitored all these activities and contributed directly to disturbing my sleep and waking me in an effort to induce nightmares and talking in my sleep.

Worst of all the ongoing video imaging surveillance has been continuing with direct and explicit references to my activity in situations which could not be known by any other means. This is the crux of the problem as it sets up the baffling circumstances for the law enforcement agencies (yourself) to cope with. I believe that this is privately initiated by those in flats *********** and *********** both respectively below and above and not known to the law enforcement agencies who had initiated their own monitoring activity a week ago Saturday. [11th December 1999]

You will also have to recognise that they are engaged in the closest possible coordination for this harassment in order to effect a suitable outcome for those observing from below as well as outside. I hear this coordination activity continuously, and there is an air of desperation involved since they must destroy my ability to deal properly and legally with the problem if they are to succeed.

Death Threat Again

Saturday night (18.12.99) ended with a death threat from a woman whom I believe was the tenant below (Mrs ************* ************). About midnight the guy in the flat above was talking from his balcony to her as she apparently sat in a vehicle in the road outside. He asked her what was going on since her daughter whom I believe is called ************** was the one who went away with the Social Services doctor [Dr VW]. She replied "It's that guy again. I'm going to blow his head off!" I believe she was talking about me. This is quite typical of their violent disposition and character which was noted in my very recent fax (09.12.99) to you with regard to the threat of violence expressed to me directly by the one whom I think is called ***********.

Video Imaging Surveillance

Saturday night a week ago (11.12.99) when the police were first engaged in the "siege" upon my flat which resulted in the installation of listening devices below accompanied with much drilling and noise including the installation of sensing devices on the balcony below, I went into the bedroom to dress. The guy from upstairs came running down as he had noted my movement in his imaging equipment. I heard him tell a police officer that I was moving about in my flat and apparently what I had done. The officer's immediate response to him was "how do you know that?" That was very astute and quick of the officer. It would do you well to track this and verify it for it shows that independent surveillance was and is underway about which the police know nothing.

While doing the laundry in a bucket in my kitchen sink yesterday morning (20.12.99), there was an absence of water going down the drain as I was filling the bucket. This was an important question since water samples of my usage are being taken (see below). I heard a young guy from above yell "he's using a bucket" by way of explanation. The important thing is that he confirmed my then behaviour precisely from above without being able to see me in any visible way in the rear of the kitchen except by means of an imaging device.

This morning (21.12.99) when I went into the bedroom to undress before taking a bath, the one whom I believe to be called ********** associated with flat ********** below yelled evidently to people outside "He's taking his clothes off." This precisely described my activity which could not possibly be seen by any other means other than an imaging device. I was in the back of the bedroom by its door. The window in front is covered by a double sheet and is in the back of a balcony. In addition the window was covered in condensation as a result of the very cold, wet weather this morning. It was impossible to see me in any way other than perhaps the faintest shadow outline of my head and shoulders which could only be visible from a significant distance and through trees with the roof works contracting equipment also blocking a whole area outside. Her voice came so close that I could hear precisely what she said. She was using an imaging device.

Yesterday (20.12.99) when I went into the bathroom to use the toilet, a whole series of rolling wheel[s] sounded, loud hits and scrapes on the floor above, a sliding door like noise and a male voice saying "shit" occurred. These are all sounds that I have associated with the video surveillance equipment over the past many, many months with numerous other examples like this that resulted in direct confirmation of the placement of that equipment in proximity to where I was located at the time in the flat.

Last evening (20.12.99) when I went into the bathroom to use the toilet, there was the sound of girls giggling and laughing above which started precisely with my activity. The sound of the voice was similar to that of a girl's voice that I had heard earlier when a set of wheels was rolled back and forth over my head when I sit in the living room chair. This happens all the time in such a manner that it is not normal use, and I take it as harassment. The girl's voice at this time was saying "hello" and a few other words loud enough above for me to [hear] as if she was talking to me. I have believed for a very long time that an imaging device is placed there.

Tracking me into every room and making noise and comment about my activity has become commonplace with numerous examples enough so to make a credible case for the existence of this imaging equipment. These kids are evidently home from school and take great delight in engaging in this kind of harassment. The pattern of their school holidays coincides with the uptake in this surveillance generated harassment which has gone on daily for well over a year.

Water Samples

It was very obvious to me on Sunday morning (19.12.99) when I commenced cleaning and doing the laundry that the drains had been tampered with because the outflow was very slow. I do not use anything that could possibly stop a drain. In fact the drainage from the kitchen water appeared in the bathtub as I cleaned each of these rooms thoroughly. I tried some limescale remover to "unblock" them since this was all I had. There seemed to be a little improvement but not much. I was getting a very strong smell of the drain pipe back into each room indicating to me that it was "open". This should not occur at all. Although I have noted "water sampling" being done when I use water, it was not confirmed for me until last night.

When I took a bath yesterday evening (20.19.99), there was a man present who was talking with a matronly sounding older woman in the Walkway. Her voice again sounded like the one I have heard quite frequently nearby talking with those in flat **********. I believe that she is significantly connected with the ************* *********** ************* and might even be its former **********. The male told her explicitly "We're going to take a water sample" which he did as I finished my bath. There was much noise below of thuds and thumps in the wall water pipe shaft area below the toilet. When I began draining the bathtub, his connection to the drain pipe below and the filling of a vessel was obvious. The draining of the tub took a long time.

This process was repeated this morning by two people (a man and a woman) and a child. The child asked the man's name. He responded twice very clearly "**************". While taking my bath I heard water running in the pipes from another source and the simultaneous noises of something being screwed ["on/off"] as if to a connector device again in the wall water pipe shaft below the toilet area in the bathroom. My worry in this instance is if this could be a "setup" by drawing off water from the usage in another flat. Again, when I began to drain the tub, his collection activity below was obvious as he filled a vessel(s) for what was the entire tubful of water which took a long time to drain.

Tampering with the drains in this manner constitutes a life threatening danger to me from bacterial infection since I have no lymph nodes under my right arm due to cancer surgery. Not only did I see extensive drain backup into the bathtub on Sunday which I tried to alleviate, but I noted it this morning before I began my bath and had to rinse the smelly effluent from the tub. This is a grave health threat to me. I have had serious bacterial infections on three different occasions for which my cancer surgeon had already given me an antibiotic prescription which I carried for that purpose. I take every reasonable precaution to avoid bacteria danger. It is one of the problems I have with the inadequate rubbish disposal facilities in this **********. It is obvious to me that the drainage has been tampered with as to block it in order to obtain "water samples" from my usage.

I take baths like this to soak my right arm to help alleviate the lymph oedema problem that hardens the tissue. I am trying to keep it soft to facilitate lymph fluid drainage so I am resuming taking two baths a day that the harassment has taken away from me in July 1998. Instead, I am now getting a far worse and direct harassment that causes extreme distress, anxiety and disturbance. To remove the essence of any privacy that I might have in the bath is reprehensible beyond words, but to do so in the presence of both a female and child participant is the most despicable thing that I can imagine. When the water sample was being taken Monday evening, a little girl below was shouting "bad" over and over.

Sleep Deprivation

On both Sunday (19.12.99) and Monday (20.12.99) nights I was subjected to extensive direct harassment from those in the flat above that especially focussed on waking me up after I had fallen asleep. The purpose of this is to induce a dream/nightmare which will create talking or some noise in my sleep which they can then claim is some kind of abhorrent behaviour such as sexual intercourse which they have crudely described for well over [a] year in the most abusive and malicious way.

As a result of the video imagining device, they know exactly when I lay down to go to sleep. After a period (sometimes very short because I can go to sleep quickly) of time, they begin to stomp on the floor to wake me hoping to induce a "noise". The evening starts earlier than this, though, with constant and similar noises on the floor directly above me which are designed to create distress and anxiety about what is to come when and if I go to sleep. Recently I spent an entire week not going to sleep until after midnight (about one or two o'clock) to avoid this and hopefully sleep right through any disturbance so that they cannot use this against me. Left undisturbed I normally sleep right through. This is especially carried out when there are "observers" present to note any noise that I might make.

Sunday evening (19.12.99) was one such time. I was exhausted from the prior night's experience with the police "raid", had gotten up at 5 am and thus went to sleep early. I also noted the arrival of people below whom I thought were here to observe including the "doctor" [aka Dr VW]. The stomping and various loud noises on the floor above started earlier and continued for some 20 minutes after I went to bed before I fell asleep for about and hour and a half. I woke to the sound of someone actually describing my waking. It was the voice of the one whom I believe is call[ed] ***************. This was followed by a male and this woman outside on the footpath departing. Then there was the arrival of vehicles and voices. I then could not go back to sleep and listened to the stomping on the floor resume for upwards of an hour and a half until my last log entry just before midnight. This was a clear and unequivocal attempt to disturb and disrupt my rest in the presence of witnesses outside. The efforts were frantic and designed to be effective. I just was not asleep.

A similar if not as an extended an effort occurred last night (20.12.99) as well. I went to bed about 10 pm and got a full and immediate dose of feet stomping above including a very loud and disturbing "running in place" which continued into another room above about 10:30 pm when I finally went to sleep. I was dozing off during this 30 minute period and being woken by his stomping feet deliberately done above. Remember he knows exactly when I go to bed and exactly where. I am surprised this whole episode and the one from the night before are not recorded because you have installed an extensive sound surveillance system around my living room floor. This had just been augmented by more such drilling and sound surveillance equipment installed earlier last evening following the call placed by the woman I believe is called ********** when the guy [police officer I belive] recognised her and said "oh, its you again!" Thereafter the followed the explicit "water sample" bath and a great deal of noise and drilling from below.

While these are only two of the most recent nights where direct harassment is intended to cause a reaction in my sleep which is then used against me by those who cause it, it [has been] a daily and nightly occurrence for the better part of 18 months. This is what triggered my letter to the Police Commissioner at the end of October 1998. What amazes me is that no one has picked up on this noise from above (and below) me at all. I am left standing the victim of direct harassment by these well coordinated actions between the flats above and below, and they are apparently being ignored completely. Worse, the method of their harassment is also being ignored although mind boggling [it] is nevertheless true. All of this was in evidence too on Saturday night (18.12.99) during the police "raid".

Stalking and Harassment

Yesterday afternoon (20.12.99) while washing sox in the bucket in the kitchen sink (I was washing out some very dirty sox), 10 to 12 hits from below were made against the wall or some solid object there in obvious protest to my doing normal household cleaning. This was followed by an apparent telephone call to someone (the police?) who arrived shortly. The guy then said on noting the person below who had come out to meet him "oh, it's you again!" Then I heard the familiar voice sound of the one whom I believe to be called ************ apparently explaining everything that was happening. This led to the presence below of people monitoring my activity both in the kitchen and bathroom as noted above. I could hear the voices talking as I carried on my normal activity.

[NB This woman called "*************" was the one taken away by the "Doctor" [Dr VW] the preceding evening which resulted in the death threat from her mother, Mrs ************* ********* (the tenant in flat ********* below), against me shortly after midnight as described above. This "*************" came back this Sunday morning and explained to those above that the "Doctor" [Dr VW] had taken her away to see what I would do. Instead of the resolution of the situation which I thought had been properly judged and taken care of, it was actually a deceit intended to mislead me. This was stunningly duplicitous behaviour by the "Doctor" [Dr VW] after having gone through the whole procedure the night before of setting up a complete raid on my flat after having done this kind of thing for a week already including the presence of the fire truck and ambulance. I had dressed, shutdown my computers and was waiting for them to enter when he drove up in his VW sounding auto, approached the balcony below my front window as I sat in my chair and started talking with this woman named "************" convincing her to go with him apparently to the hospital. I thought that this was exactly what was need[ed] since I had realised a long time ago that she was seriously emotionally disturbed and in need of medical help. Her continuing and unabating false accusations, stalking and harassment against me which had evidently included this whole police operation were, for me, sufficient evidence upon which to base this judgement. I was wrong. No such judgement was made. It just manipulative behaviour against me and the siege operations continued until on or about 13th January 2000.]

Whenever I prepare food it also gets immediate attention from those above and below. This has been going on for many, many months too. Yesterday too as soon as I began to slice a potato, someone ran into the room above the kitchen. This applies to the process of cleaning and straightening even to the small activity of opening and sorting the post.

Conclusion and Request

I do not use drugs. I never have. I will have nothing to do with drugs or those who do. I do not masturbate in the bathtub. There is nothing that you can possibly find in my bathwater or any other water that you are sampling. If a blood/urine test will satisfy you on that score, I will be happy to oblige.

I have a significant legal complaint against these tenants, the *********, *********** and Council. As a result of this and my recent complaint about direct harassment in my fax to you (your officer visited this person "*************" out front of the building shortly after this recent incident), I request that you identify for me all the people in and associated flats ********* and ********** as well as the person named "**********" described above especially his organisation. I would like to know the identity of the matronly woman who was notified on last evening about the water sample being taken. I need this information including full names and addresses in order to serve writs. I will need to apply to the High Court as promptly as possible for an injunction to enjoin these actions which are a direct threat to my health, well-being and life.

In the meantime, will you please contact whoever is responsible for the "water sampling" to obtain their immediate cessation of this imminent threat to me. I believe the ************ is well aware of this activity and certainly if you identify "**************" you will know.

Yours sincerely

/s/ Gary D Chance

[NB This request has never been fulfilled]

My second fax dated 27th December 1999 to the police regarding the "State of Siege"

The Honourable ******************
Member of Parliament
House of Common
Friday, 17th November 2000
Abuse of Power Part 1C: Repeated ********* "Firing Squads"

2. I have reviewed the subsequent fax dated 27th December 1999 to the police after their Christmas weekend's State of Siege and feel that it is significant as well to forward to yourself as regards this situation for it addresses the essence of the problem in the context of specific activity (my apologies for the few typos present):

Gary D Chance
Monday, 27th December 1999

Sergeant *****************
***************** Police Services
***************** Police Station
******************** BY FAX *************

Dear Sergeant *************
I hope that after this Christmas weekend's actions involving the police that you are able to correctly and honestly assess the truth of this situation to be able to effectively solve it.

Harassment Aimed at Sleep Deprivation, Nightmare Creation and Talking in Sleep

Christmas Eve

During the Friday night Christmas Eve police action for several hours, I was subjected to the normal variety of harassment amid your listening and detection activity. The flat door below was slammed numerous times in multiple slams each time to disturb me as was the feet stomping on the floor above.

During the remainder of the night from 11:00 pm on the same extraordinary foot stomping activity continued on the floor above me. I managed to sleep from 0030 to 0400, but the storm and other noises woke me. I then noted continuing voices above and outside in the Walkway in proximity to my flat.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day Saturday night I went to sleep early about 9:00 pm amid various noises including the dog barking on the balcony below. I was woken at 1:40 am by tapping on the floor above. This was intended to cause me a sleep disturbance hopefully leading to my talking in my sleep. I did not to the best of my knowledge. The solid thuds above me continued as I got up for awhile. When I went back to bed about 2:40 am, the hard, loud stomping above me continued while I was trying to sleep. It woke me after about an hour's sleep at 4:10 am and continued. Again I made no noise from talking in my sleep and did go back to sleep again for just over another hour when a motor bike operating on the [footpath under my window] woke me at 5:40 am.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day Sunday night is where this type of disturbance apparently paid off for those harassing me as apparently they called in the police with "observers" remaining for almost four hours from just after midnight until about 4:00 am this Bank Holiday morning. Again due to a night of little sleep I went to bed early at about 9:00 pm only to be woken shortly thereafter about 9:30 pm by the dog barking on the balcony below and blaring music. I rolled over and went back to sleep only to be woken an hour later at about 10:30 pm by my own yell.

1. At 10:30 pm I had a nightmare as I woke sleeping on my back and yelled "Oh!" once loudly. I had been dreaming of a black shroud being put over my head and the breath knocked out of me. Perhaps this was sleep apnia (cessation of breathing - a common sleep disturbance), but I awoke to the very loud sound of adults and children on the front footpath going by my window to the road. This normally would not disturb me or only cause me to wake up and go back to sleep, but in the circumstances I had a nightmare and yelled. There was a lot of reaction to this including a woman outside under my window who said "he is frightening them." Of course, I am being terrorised by "them" as noted.

2. At 00:15 am this morning I had a nightmare which started with loud shouting of arriving people outside (in my dream) and yelling back and forth. One of the women in the flat below then described how she was going to hit me. This, of course, relates directly to the verbal violence threat I received directly from the one whom I think is called "**************" in flat ********** below a complaint of which was faxed to you on 9th December 1999 immediately after it occurred. I must have talked in my sleep during this nightmare for much vehicle and people activity ensued.

There were many and continuous hard hits against the wall below my rear living room wall causing very loud, disturbing thuds and the room to vibrate. These were followed by the hardest possible stomping on the floor above including what sounded like jumping up and down. I characterised this in my notes as sledge hammer-like pounding that was over and over. At the same time I heard the resonant sound of a woman from below talking continuously evidently to someone below. There is no doubt that this incredible pounding had to have been noted. This activity continued for at least 30 minutes.

3. I was then afraid to go to sleep at all for fear that further attempts to wake me to induce a nightmare and talking in my sleep would occur. At the same time there were people below evidently now "observing" what was happening. Did they note the pounding? The scraping of furniture from below on its floor as well as a couple of door slams below continued until just before 4:00 am when apparently these people left accompanied by very loud noises below and outside (voices and vehicle doors slamming) as they departed.

These furniture scrapes and door slams are enough in and of themselves to wake me in the middle of the night to cause the above sought for problem. Thus, the observers whether or not they realise it are contributing to the situation and causing the very thing they are trying to observe. In fact, I must have dozed off shortly before 2:30 am as a male voice under my window said "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" as I was woken by something. Perhaps I was talking in my sleep having been woken by one of these noises. I do not know. I do know that his loud voice under my window either did wake me or could have done so alone.

4. After all these people left about 4:00 am, I fell asleep and was woken again at about 5:00 am from a dream. This was a dream about sailing in very strong winds. I was shouting orders to prevent the boat from capsizing. Recently I had seen the Times 2000 sailboat in front of Earls Court Exhibition centre and most likely this is what prompted that association. The shouting orders to keep upright in a strong wind was obviously related to my predicament and the storm of Friday night/Saturday morning during the police action noted above. So all my dreams are related directly to my immediate experience.

I must have talked in my sleep during this sailboat dream as activity again ensued with the sound of an auto pulling up, female voice talking and male voice responding "all right" down the road in the distance but still discernable. The female voice went on talking in a resonant tone again for awhile.

Other Continuing Weekend Harassment Activity

Water Samples

The overall harassment from the tenants in flat ******** below and flat ******** above continued as described above this past holiday weekend with additional activity also continuing including the taking of water samples from my usage including my bathing with male, female and child voices below with the obvious sounds of turning a tap and filling a vessel while my tub drained very, very slowly. On one occasions when the bathtub overflow provided initial water for a sample that was capture[d] and noted as such by voices in the Walkway yelling in glee that a "sample" had been obtained. Also on one occasion there was prowling very close to my bathroom window and front door where a younger male voice told an older male voice "that's where it is coming from" as a sample was being taken while I sat in the tub as it drained. This is terribly distressful harassment.

The drainage from the kitchen sink still backs up into the bathtub leaving a residue of bacteria which is immediately threatening to my health given the absence of lymph nodes in my right arm. The bathroom smelled like sewage from one such back[up] residue this morning.

Stalker Identified

On Christmas Eve Friday morning when I returned to the building from grocery shopping, I encountered someone at the front door who was threatening me. Before [we] actually met as he was coming in the front door and I was walking toward it but out of sight, I heard him say "[I'm going to] get this guy!" A split second later we met by the rubbish chute area next to the front door. He was a tall, burly guy with blond, curly hair. He had two small children with him. I stopped to let them pass OK say[ing] "sorry" as I was in the little girl's way but could move no further to the right. The blond guy then guide[d] her around me calling her "*******" as he did so. They then went into flat ******** below mine as I tarried to make certain there was no further encounter as occurred on 9th December.

Following that encounter there was extensive activity from below noting my presence and seeking to "get me" by summoning the police evidently. Since I had many Christmas Eve chores to do, I left my flat to get them done. I believe it is this guy with his young daughter who are continuously involved in taking water samples below while I am in the bathroom taking a bath. Evidently he has been making every effort to stalk and harass and "get me".

Christmas Eve "Arrest"

One of the key stalking and harassment activities has been to misrepresent the talking in my sleep which those engaged in this intense harassment create by sleep disturbance and deprivation. I have explained that they call this "sexual intercourse" only in cruder terms. This is what occurred Christmas Eve Friday night as I returned and rested after a long day of walking in the rain to get things done. Voices noted from outside that I was probably "in bed" and "f******" which was nonsense and always has been. But a most unusual thing happened that night when it sounded like the female making these misrepresentations was taken away by the police. It was after this that I finally got up not being able to rest any longer to carry on with my activity.

The key to this episode is that this characterisation is a stalking and harassing objective to assign and attribute to me the most demeaning of defamatory and slanderous conduct which is not true. This has been going on for at least a year now. I hope that the police got a first ha[n]d view of it on Christmas Eve Friday night when the false accusation was made while the sound and sensor activity was under full operation to "prove" that it was not true. I also hope that the noises that were made by me last night as a result of sleep disturbance and deprivation will be viewed as such and that any representation to the contrary is false.

Sleep Disturbance and Deprivation

This sleep disturbance and deprivation activity has been going on for 18 months now and has been reported to all responsible parties in authority including the ***************** Police commencing in late October 1998. I want to stress as much as I can that at no time have I ever made a voluntary noise like these ever. I just do not do that at all in any context. The noises that are heard are involuntary and unconscious originating from sleep disturbance and deprivation only and from no other source. Those who state otherwise are making false and defamatory statements with malicious intent to get the police and others to act as they repeatedly urge.

Bullying the Police

I have never in my life seen the police and others in authority so bullied into action than I have by these people from the flat ********* below. The extent of their activity in this regard is a prime example of emotional disturbance. I do recall someone this past week who resisted such bullying tactics by the woman "**********" from the flat ********* below. This person had to finally tell her to "p*** off!"

I have never engaged in such activity and have endeavoured to present the facts as I experienced them leaving to those in authority to best pursue an investigation. In fact, that is all I have urged. My complaints are that the investigation [was] never properly done or this matter might have been put at rest over a year ago.

All of the calls to the police now for well over a year have been false calls when they concern me. The police in doing their job must respond to each and everyone of them and do not know what is valid or not. That is a public responsibility that I always observe without fail being most reluctant to call the police unless it is clearly a matter for police emergency intervention. When that is the case, I have done so. To call the police night after night and several times a night in false situations where those calling have knowingly created the situation about which they are calling must be a criminal offense. There is significant risk to officers and public alike in making each and every response. To multiply these as has occurred in this situation is a travesty beyond words. We have just learned this weekend about the death of children from a police emergency response. If this continues in this situation, some accident will happen.

What is the Reality of this Situation?

The most important point in this situation is to get at the truth of what is really happening. If that is not solved properly, it will only continue in another context and another time to the detriment of everyone involved. That is why I have endeavoured to communicate this information to the ****************** Police from late October 1998 onwards. It is absolutely imperative to get this one right and do it now in this context for the sake of all people involved as well as *********** and local government management. To get it wrong means the flourishing of a bully dominated ************ [criminal] environment with all the consequences that will entail for the community at large.

I want to add that simply and categorically have I never engaged in any kind of harassment or noise nuisance activity consciously or voluntarily in these premises. In fact, I have restricted my life for the past 18 months to a noiseless and limited existence so as to offer no grounds for contributing to the current situation. In no way would I ever be provoked [to retaliation] by the ongoing harassment I have received except by proper legal means after first exhausting the relevant governmental authorities[.] However, I cannot control the one normal, natural response mechanism which the body provides for relieving itself of distress and that is dreams, nightmares and talking in one[']s sleep. Those harassing me have discovered this and played upon it to the extreme creating a very difficult but not impossible problem in law enforcement for you to solve.

Yours sincerely

/s/ Gary D Chance

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