Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
J'accuse: Crimes Against Humanity
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The following Email sent on Monday, 8th April 2002, has five parts as follows:
Part I February and March 2002 Synopsis
Part II Brainwave Technology Intercept Monitoring/Feedback
Part III The Context of the Poisoning on Sunday, 24th February 2002
Part IV Just Over Five Months Ago - Surveillance Throughout London at Three Separate Internet Shops on 1st November 2002
Part V Conclusion

Date: Mon,  8 Apr 2002 12:06:14 -0400
Subject: J'accuse: Crimes Against Humanity (Read Part V First)

"US Gov President George W Bush"
"UK Gov The Prime Minister Tony Blair"
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"UK Gov HM Treasury Chancellor Gordon Brown"
"UK Gov Home Office Secretary David Blunkett"
"UK Gov DOH Secretary Alan Millburn"
"UK Gov DSS Secretary Alistair Darling"
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Mesdames et Messrs

This is a short synopsis overview of the events since January which reflect the intense, ongoing and relentless effort to deny me any normalcy in my life resulting from 24/7 stalking and harassment carried out by agents of the US Government (SODM and Tarzan) and recruited members of the general public including one in particular (BODM).  It follows on in synopsis form from the filing of the required personal and corporate financial reports by 29th January 2002 which has already been explained.  It follows on after my Email of Friday last, 5th April 2002. [See Below]

Part I February and March 2002 Synopsis:

On Thursday, 14th February 2002, the desktop computer would not boot.  There was nothing except the Post (initial hardware check).  This was not restored for some 39 days until Monday, 25th March 2002.  This failure fell most suspiciously in the middle of more activity like the financial reporting just concluded to bring activity up to date and normalcy in the face of intense 24/7 stalking and harassment of the most criminal kind including attempted murder as has been described repeatedly in the past.  

Some eight days after this initial failure on Friday, 22nd February 2002, the system actually did boot a little bit.  I had left it on and tried it from time to time.  That one time it displayed the BIOS/CMOS password prompt screen.  Immediately, BODM screamed from below Why did you do that to someone there in the flat ********* as she evidently immediately noted that the system was booting probably by her using TEMPEST to see the monitor screen activity or maybe another keyboard surveillance programme monitoring activity such as D.I.R.T.  

I entered the password, and the system continued to boot properly until it hung in the middle of the DOS boot section before getting to Windows 98.  This occurred just after BODM had screamed her statement noted above.  It appeared as if steps were taken to immediately stop all such activity and interfere with the computer systems boot process ending it.  From that time on until Monday, 25th March 2002, the system would not boot and was inoperable.  

Given all the deliberate interference from SODM and BODM with the computer systems (desktop and notebook), I assumed with a solid and extensive background of a pattern of evidence that this was deliberately done.  Other comments and an apparent admission by SODM confirmed for me that the desktop system had been deliberately disabled and rendered inoperable.

This was no surprise to me as I had been planning a telephone re-installation after not having one for almost two years since 1st March 2000 when it went out under very mysterious circumstances.  I was further planning to reconnect to the Internet with ADSL since the price had fallen to reasonable levels with regard to costs all around especially for someone on as limited an income as myself who also had further legal compliance obligations and responsibilities to meet which this would assist.  

It just so happened that I began to take steps that very day on Friday, 14th February 2002, to install a telephone and connect to the Internet via ADSL supplied by PIPEX who were the cheapest at the time even waving the installation charge.  On that same day I also received a very nasty letter from British Gas demanding meter reading access to the premises to which I responded by an immediate telephone call granting such access at their convenience.  I had never received any such request from British Gas prior to this letter.  I complied immediately as I would have with any such request without the extreme threats that this letter contained.   An Email was actually sent out about this situation with British Gas because it reflected the two prior years of the impact of the stalking and harassment upon my life as did the problem with BT and my cancelling my telephone service for failure to repair in early March 2000.  

British Gas elected to come by the following Wednesday morning, 20th February 2002 for a meter reading.  Therefore, I telephoned to BT set up a phone installation for that very day as well which would be suitable for PIPEX ADSL. I had been investigating this since January and met with constant verbal obstruction comments and attempts from SODM who even said at one point If he gets it, were screwed.  He was talking about the telephone reconnection service and the Internet connection. I contacted PIPEX ADSL to begin the order process for the ADSL set up providing the phone number which had been given to me on Friday, 14th February 2002, which would be available for conversion to ADSL from Wednesday, 20th February 2002, the date of installation.  

Subsequently, every effort possible was made by SODM to obstruct the telephone installation process which I heard and logged.  On the Wednesday morning, 20th February 2002, both the British Gas meter reader arrived as did the BT installer who put in the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone service converting it from the former BT Home Highway ISDN line.  SODM and BODMs presence (as always) was well noted that morning along with others.  There were what sounded like very significant conversations with these people prior to their ringing my door buzzer for entry.  Their actions indicated that they were apprised of something unseemly about me.  I had noted and logged all the comments I overheard regards to this activity.  Each made a very fast exist as if they had been warned of something terrible.  Of course, this was totally false but such was and is the interference with my life in all that I do.  Every effort possible is made to denigrate, defame, slander and libel me in every conceivable way by SODM, BODM and others which has been extensively logged and recorded.  

Surprisingly, the London Electricity meter reader arrived that same Wednesday, 20th February 2002, morning too so all the utilities were well cared for on this one day.  Comments made in the Walkway indicating Hes up there were well heard by me, and I believe were made in regards to these visits.  It took the BT installer/converter an hour to get the work done, but when he finished, the phone service was available for ADSL conversion.  I was subsequently notified by message on the PIPEX web site that the line tested OK for ADSL and that conversion would take place on Monday, 25th February 2002.

In other words at the end of that day [25th February], I should have been able to connect to the Internet had all things been equal.  They were not. One problem was the necessary modem which had to be purchased separately.  When I knew exactly what was going to happened and all was OK with the telephone service, I order an ADSL modem.  It did not arrive until Wednesday, 27th February 2002, so I could not have connected to the Internet until this time.  However, due to the fact that the desktop system was inoperable and was to remain so for four more weeks until Monday, 25th March 2002, I did not connect to the Internet until a month later.  

I, therefore, paid for a months connection service without being able to use it at all due to the fault in the desktop system which I thought was caused deliberately by SODM and BODMs activity intended to stop such Internet access.  I had to work very slowly on the desktop computer repair because of my belief that it was deliberately being interfered with.  Any work done could just be rendered moot by more interference so that I would not really know what the problem was.  I sought advice from several sources on the Internet using the Internet shop for communications.  Things finally fell into place with the repair and ADSL installation and connection effected by me on Sunday and Monday, 24th and 25th March 2002.  

The system had been down for about 39 days depriving me of its usage.   I had been deprived of access to the Internet for some 26 days when it was available to me.  I believe that this was deliberately done.  One of the key reasons also for the problem which developed with the desktop was my ability to record the sound of the voices who were stalking and harassing me with all kinds of threats and intimidation.  Thus, I had actual recorded proof of what was being said.  Further, the video camera which looked out my front window gave me an excellent view of the road and what was happening in front of my home.  This is the same as if I was looking out my front window.  

However, not only were all these things denied me during this period as described, but every effort since Monday, 25th March 2002, has been made to deny me viable Internet usage and most certainly both the sound recorder and the video have been knocked out as well thus preventing the direct collection of evidence and confirmation of such arrivals as the emergency services who were called repeatedly on false pretexts and urged to carry out criminal objectives by SODM, BODM and those with them from time to time.  

Thus, I have only been connected to the Internet along with restored desktop computer usage for just two weeks as of today, but during that time it has been a nightmare of interrupted and disrupted computer usage intended to deny me access to and utilisation of the Internet and its resources to adequately defend myself against this criminal onslaught while communicating about it as I sought relief from what were crimes up to and including attempted murder.  This has been a denial of the freedom of speech and expression by limiting the sites which I can access and shutting down all such access when I was doing what these people led by SODM and BODM just did not like me doing as they monitored all that I did every second of all of its activity.  

The two US Government ex-US Marines are rogues in the extreme with no regard for any law or repect for the rights of anyone.  They are, in a word, psychopaths having no moral standards whatsover.   There is a series of quotes throughout this period which reflect precisely their character and disposition:

"We want to put him on a plane" said Tarzan aka Colonel Vine aka SS Zwei on Sunday, 13th January 2002

"I will kill him before I stop" said SS QQ aka SODM (US Government agent) to the PCPHF aka BODM on  Tuesday, 22nd January 2002.  Bribery, blackmail and death threats are all part of his everyday repertoire.  

These above were just a small part of what was going on in total as I was trying to meet my legal obligations with regard to corporate and personal tax filings and financial reporting in January 2002.  However, when it got to the day when I actually installed ADSL and connected to the Internet, I got the following:

"He's a prisoner, right!" said SODM on Monday, 25th March 2002, after the PIPEX ADSL Internet connection was up and running following the computer boot repair.  He was trying to deny me any and all activity following 39 days of computer outage and 26 days of paid-for denial of ADSL usage.  

Continuing along on that theme in direct violation of all Human Rights and Civil Liberties I heard the following Monday just a week ago:

"He's our prisoner" said Tarzan aka Colonel Vine on Monday, 1st April 2002.  

I want to further add that during this week between these Mondays from 25th March 2002 to 1st April 2002, there were many other significant statements not the least of which was one from SODM who stated You cannot stop me when he was apparently being restrained verbally from such interfering conduct by one whom I think was Paul aka Tulip, Her Majestys Government representative and a member of the police.  The key in all of this is that these two guys are killers, have no legal or moral standards whatsoever (psychopathic) and ignore completely the sovereignty of this countrys official representatives and defy anyone to stop them from whatever they want to do.  This is anarchy and the complete absence of Government.  

Part II Brainwave Technology Intercept Monitoring/Feedback:

Please note the web site at the very end of this Email. That is what I am building at present concerning my experience which I outline briefly here. That experience has stunning implications as you will note.

I have been subjected to intense surveillance for 3.5 years with the last year involving 2 US Agents utilising state-of-the-art brainwave monitoring of the most sophisticated kind in an experimental situation.

It is now possible to monitor these brain activities with accuracy without implants:

Thoughts and Images
Feeling (Pain)

This can be done without implants and is portable so that the "victim" can be followed anywhere with effective monitoring of the above. This is tantamount to house arrest. I have been called frequently a "prisoner" as noted above.  

Worse, however, is the "feedback" process where such things as hearing are reintroduced into the "victim" for use as harassment and interrogation by provocative statements and allegations repeated ad nauseum. The intent is to "break down" the victim. This is terror and torture.

The same is true for feeling (pain). I am not certain about eyesight yet.

Thoughts and images can be induced in the brain especially with regard to dreams while sleeping to provoke memory associations and dreams as part of an interrogation process. This actually damages the brain causing swelling of brain tissue and a slight headache. Fluid from this injury drains into my sinus cavities and eustacheon tubes from the ears to the throat out of the cranial cavity at night (mostly) and during the day.  Each time I now wake with my left sinus and nose blocked from sleeping mostly on my left side from this accumulated fluid which also drips into the back of my throat continuously now.  In addition, it wakes me the "victim" frequently and results in chronic sleep deprivation as does the constant attacks from the hearing feedback process.

The one serious flaw in the monitoring is that context and fantasies [of thoughts and images] cannot be determined.

The great risk is that this is wide open to abuse which is rampant in my situation from both SODM and BODM.  

As noted I have been used as a guinea pig for a total suveillance experimental programme which also includes surreptitious medication administered either by molecular sized vaporisation (perhaps by time release or water consumption trigger) or by the rerouting of my water supply. I happen to live in a unique situation where this latter method can be done through individual water tanks in each flat. I always drink bottle water. I drank 1/2 glass of water recently and was drugged almost immediately.

No one actually deals with the state-of-the-art surveillance as it really exists at present. Here it is totally revealed to me by the ego mania and sheer stupidity of those doing the work. I'm totally innocent and am doing all I can to fully document and communicate all that is going on.  That is why I also am subjected to the total interference which I am describing.  

The potential for the abuse of power is mind boggling. Imagine being able to see all that another human being sees with his/her eyes or thinks. Contemplate the full implications of this technology. Who needs to hack a computer when the human being can be hacked? Computer hacking by the most sophisticated technology is also being employed. How about ultra sound photography? It's all there from the victim's experience.

Part III The Context of the Poisoning on Sunday, 24th February 2002:

I think you will gain a much better understanding of the pattern of events when you fit into the context of what I have just described the contents of the Email I sent along following my attempted murder by poisoning which commenced on Sunday, 24th February 2002.  That has been posted and made public on the Surveillance web site noted below.  

Think about the explicit threat from SODM noted above that he would kill me before he stopped and further added that no one could stop him.  Look at the poisoning date of Sunday, 24th February 2002, in the context of the telephone installation on Wednesday, 20th February 2002, the subsequent pending activation of the ADSL by BT on Monday, 25th February 2002, and the order for the ADSL modem.  All of these were accomplished and in place by Saturday, 23rd February 2002, and known to SODM, BODM and all those involved in the total surveillance activity.  It is reasonable to conclude that they took this step consistent with verbal threats to stop the Internet access which was arriving.  

However, the desktop computer was still inoperable for a month until two weeks ago on Monday, 25th March 2002, when it was restored to operation and the ADSL Internet connection established.  From the time of the poisoning attempt until this day some six weeks later, every attempt has been made around the clock to destroy all my activity.  I have it all logged in writing and on recording tape.  Neither computer video or voice recording have been allowed to run properly during this period to deny me direct evidence collection.  

The extraordinary intensity about what I have described above with regard to the surveillance equipment usage has focussed both on the brainwave monitoring/feedback stimulous and the computer activity to such a degree as to make every effort to deny me the ability to document what is happening [thus] perverting the course of justice and totally invading my brains activity so as to create a high risk of death further compounding the poisoning episode and carrying on from that point.  I have not been the same physically since that time six weeks ago as described above.  Normally, I have no physical problems.  Now, I am developing them from cataracts to potential brain tumours or just brain injury (stroke) from directly utilising electromagnetic radiation.  

The full impact of what has been happening constantly 24/7 can only be appreciated by reading the detailed diary/logs.  While I tried last summer to convey the importance and urgency of that situation by sending them along, it did no good.  Thus, I am only providing a synopsis here.  One reason is that the activity being carried out is so voluminous that it takes up a significant amount of time just noting it.  

Part IV Just Over Five Months Ago - Surveillance Throughout London at Three Separate Internet Shops on 1st November 2002:

easyEverything Tottenham Court Road
Thursday, 1st November 2001

10:34:55 Logged on eE TCR at terminal HI6 with q4j0lp; since a entered a few minutes ago and sat down, the male voice has been yakking: 'He's psychotic' and apparently telling staff/manager what he wants to say; damaging my reputation at every step of the way for false reasons and failure to do their work properly; they cannot legally penalise me in such a manner with this kind of 'punishment' by taking the law into their own hands; last thing he said was 'Perfect' talking with a female just before I started this entry;

10:43:12  'He's very sick' says this same male to the same woman who replies; he is apparently having difficulty getting cooperation; maybe wants me thrown out which cannot be done without enormous legal repercussions; his allegations are totally false;

10:47:47  'Psychotic' he just said from behind me toward the front where his voice has been coming from all along; I am almost to the back, facing the back and over next to the right (north) side;

'It's working' said Sure Shot Qum Quat (SS QQ aka SODM) yesterday afternoon as I was walking down Marloes Road;  this constitutes an admission that the stalking and harassment as documented is intended to cause as much disturbance, disruption and destruction as possible against which they can then make their false allegations, namely, 'He's psychotic' which is totally false and 'caused' by them (especially the SS QQ aka SODM and the PCPHF aka BODM);

10:59:37  Female with male now says 'Psychotic'; goes on talking behind me toward the front window;

When they arrived, he said, there was no attack and no imminent threat from the retreating Iraqi tanks. 'Some of the tanks were in travel formation, and their guns were not in any engaged position.' The Iraqi crew members 'were sitting on the outside of their vehicles, catching rays,' he said. 'Nobody was on the machine guns.' And yet the Americans 'wanted to fire them up.' Just like Sure Shot Qum Quat aka Fire Up Motor Mouth Immediate Exterminator (SS QQ aka Fummie aka SODM); was I ever right on 'target' with that name from the start!!; from Sy Hersh's 'Overwhelming Force';

[McCaffreys Iraqi War Campaign; see:]

11:13:12  'Oh, Paul' says the female behind me as they continue to talk away;

11:15:50  'Honest' says the male with the female probably SS Zwei [aka Tarzan aka Colonel Vine] talking and sounds like he is trying to make one of his false allegations sound true by such reinforcement; nonsense if that is what this was;

11:18:11  'He's psychotic; he knows it' says a male from behind me; that same Goomba Idiot SS Zwei [Tarzan/Colonel Vine] it sounds like; totally false; what is *known* is the extensive damage done from sleep deprivation that continues to wreak havoc physiologically but not psychologically;

Last night I was woken shortly after 0100 and kept awake for the rest of the night for all practical purposes; I had gone to bed at 2000 after taking a bath and washing my hair; this was a public performance as there were a number of male and females present being given a guided tour with constant comments as I washed my hair, shaved and washed; this is fully documented; then afterwards as I was trying to get to sleep, it continued out front under my window with constant false allegations and threats of a violent removal and/or incitements to same; there was a full moon:

"Peace of the flowing air to you
Peace of the running wave to you
Peace of the quiet earth to you
May the moon shine its healing light upon you"

10th century Celtic blessing;
[Thanks to composer Bill Douglas]

I suspect that I got to sleep about 2030 - 45; the number of times woken remains to be checked on the diary/log; but after 0100 some four to five hours later, I was woken; kept awake for an hour; driven out of bed by this disturbance and continuing disruption; listened to the radio for an hour; back to bed; kept awake further; dozed on and off for short 10 to 15 minute sleep periods which were disturbed with what I think are 'Fly Fishing' dreams [brainwave and sound feedback activity to provoke dreams and memories to be monitored] and woken; finally, though, I did get some undisturbed sleep (without dreams) but will have to check the log for details;

The entire allegation of 'Psychotic' is based on a false premise of this 'induced' sleep deprivation from external sources; left alone I sleep on without waking, but this is never allowed to happen especially after midnight when the SS QQ ('Sure Shot Qum Quat' aka SODM) takes over with the PCPHF (BODM) always present no matter what; they and others commit numerous crimes in the process of creating what they want to report; it is totally false as they well know;  now, this is what I *know*: there is no psychosis; only chronic sleep deprivation deliberately caused in order to make the false allegation of psychosis; 'It's working' said the SS QQ yesterday; this is what he was talking about only he was and is wrong;

11:40:02  'Psychotic' says the male behind me toward the front window;  

'As one officer recalled the discussion, 'General Scott was all for the attack' -- even to the point of suggesting ways to provoke an Iraqi retaliation. 'He was asking a lot of questions about 'Can we get the Scout [helicopter] out and kick some dirt up and see what happens?'' Log Item 53, filed shortly after 7:30 A.M., states that Scott 'requests PSYOPS Helicopter.'

'Scott was sitting there saying, 'Let's go get these guys,'' Lamar told me. Lamar said his own view was 'We didn't need to kill more people -- we'd proved our point.' But, he said, 'McCaffrey had to have his armor battle.' Scott, when he was asked about his actions that morning, told me he was 'emphatic that the enemy had to start it. Eventually, we became convinced that it was a real, no-shit attack by the Iraqis.' ' Sy Hersh, Overwhelming Force; [see URL above];

Please note above that there was the suggestion and attempt to provoke in order to retaliate; this is what I have been facing for over three years; my response is to document totally and completely; no other response except private and personal words which are 'intercepted'; this makes it their legal problem; sounds like this Army activity is what the Jarheads are carrying out in civilian London disrupting and destroying the social order;

11:54:53  'He's psychotic' says a voice as I wrote the above paragraph;

'What happened along the causeway, he said [James Manchester], was 'f******* murder.' ' Sy Hersh, Overwhelming Force; this is precisely what is happening to me on an individual scale by two Jarheads out of control: attempted murder;

12:16:57  'Out';

eastEverything Victoria Station
Thursday, 1st November 2001

14:18:39  eE Vic logon at b-k3 with q4j0lp; SS QQ [aka SODM] says 'Paul!' shouted in the distance with an exclamation of amazement that he is allowing something to happen;

14:22:08  'He's psychotic' says a male from the left in the same area where Sure Shot Qum Quat [SODM] mouthed off; this is toward the stairs; they must have only bought temp tickets; should get monthlies; they work everywhere [all the easyEverthing Internet shops]; this guy must be alerting the staff with the slander, defamation and libel; more legal recourse and trying to do as much damage to me as possible; it is totally false;

14:24:40  'Psychotic' says the SS Zwei [aka Tarzan/Colonel Vine] sounding voice; at it too; relentlessly conducting a criminal campaign; same reply: totally false;

14:52:12  'Out';

easyEverything Kensinton High Street
Thursday, 1st November 2001

16:08:04 'Time bomb' says the male to the left; I am sitting at a terminal (number unknown) next to the Argyll Road back by the office area facing the front window; he is on the other side of the stairs; just logged on after trying three other terminals which did not work in the back corner area; this is outrageous; there is no substance for any such belief let alone an allegation as he apparently made; this is the way right into the legal system if he continues with these outrageously false allegations;

16:09:28 'Psychotic' he goes on to say talking with a female; absolute nonsense the

16:11:03 'Psychotic' followed by an 'OK'; it sounds like he is talking on the phone; trying to make himself appear like Mr Big Deal making up what does not exist to increase his own self-importance;

There is no substance for any of this nonsense; it has been worked over before and dismissed as preposterous; it is just one more item to use as a harassment tool to keep them busy when there is nothing at all of substance; so they make it up; total fabrication all of it; let them make a big mistake, and it will all be over and into the courts where they will not take it because they know there is no substance;

'I was as patriotic as they come,' he [James Manchester] told me. 'I was a gung-ho ass-kicking Commie-hating patriotic son of a bitch. I hated the Arabs. We all did. I dehumanized them. Did the Iraqis commit war crimes in Kuwait? Did they retreat back into Iraq to commit war crimes against their own people? The answer is yes to both questions. But does that make March 2nd justified? There have to be limits, even in war. Otherwise, the whole system breaks down.' the ending paragraph in Sy Hersh's Overwhelming Force; [see URL above]

Last night SS QQ (Sure Shot Qum Quat aka SODM) said in no uncertain terms and with no ambiguity whatsoever: 'I hate him'; this was his inflamed bigotry and hatred coming out that drives his death threats and extreme destructive actions; he will stop at nothing to carry out what he wants: my total destruction; I noted this when he said it and commented on it; he has made every effort to dehumanise and destroy me to all others by repeating his false allegations to all and sundry at anything and every time he can repeating them ad infinitum;

Yesterday there were three separate and disturbing total 'nuisance' eruptions which occurred from the flat ********; these where in the early morning around 0600; in the afternoon around 1600 and later in the evening around 1800;

These included the dog barking on the balcony below; a female shouting from the balcony or front window below to someone outside on the ground and/or in the road area to the right; a door slamming occurred once; in the morning and afternoon I was woken from my sleep after serious chronic sleep deprivation nights which were compounded by these deliberately and avoidable disturbances and disruptions of extremely excessive noises right under my window where I was sleeping; there is no excuse for this; the third incident occurred as I was sitting relaxing in the chair; these were are clearly nuisance neighbour activities in the extreme and consistent with such behaviour that has occurred repeatedly for all these five plus years; they just do whatever they want disregarding the fact that others live in the same area; in my case they know beyond any doubt when I am asleep and make every effort to disturb that; [thanks to the surveillance equipment;];

17:20:26  Female from the right on the other side of the stairs started yakking immediately as I began writing the above; she has most recently asked 'Are you going to pull him?'; this general tone of her speech and the odd words I caught were offensive and along the lines of attacking me for reporting these incidents rather than address the real problem as described which were well observed by all involved; any denial of them or belittling their magnitude and impact are simply efforts to cover up further any behaviour from those in flat ****** as irrelevant while accusing me; they are the source of the problem; I do nothing; this is patently obvious to anyone who takes the time to observe, but blind eyes prevail;

17:23:50  '[that] Girl' says the male with this female talking as if she is a victim; she is the prime source behind the whole activity of stalking and harassment directed against me to create the false allegations; she is about as hardened a criminal as you will ever meet; she has been at is for over three years and will not stop for a minute day or night as can be easily seen in her activity now; it is compulsive and deluded;

17:28:17  'Get him out' says the female from the right; a criminal incitement based on fabricated allegations which come from the source making the incitement; it would be a crime of most serious magnitude to do so;

These people have not even begun to get at the truth and never will as long as they choose to delude themselves;

17:32:28  'Let's bring him out' says the Goomba [Idiot] Male sounding like SS Zwei [aka Tarzan/Colonel Vine]; 'He killed his mom' he adds; totally false allegation and an attempt to emotionally charge the atmosphere and reactions of others to carrying out a vigilante act by taking the law into their own hands and committing a most serious crime; he commits a crime as noted by just inciting others to so act basing it upon a false allegation; this is why I say these people are no where near the truth at all which they want to bury to ensure that they prevail preserving their climb up the greasy pole while keeping the BMWs in the garage; that is the standard of values for the Ugly Americans;

Part V Conclusion:

I seek civil and criminal prosecution against all those involved in this process up to and including attempted murder and all the other unlawful acts and crimes committed by everyone from those adjacent to my flat and associates up to and including all those along the responsibility and accountability chain of command to Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W Bush.  

My total claim for all damages from all defendants to the present is 300 million.

Further, I will seek prosecution against Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W Bush and others for crimes against humanity as indicated in synopsis form herein but not limited to these comments and examples for keeping me under house arrest, describing me as a prisoner, attempting to murder me and attempting to destroy all my human rights, civil liberties and activity by invading every aspect and activity of my life to prevent me from properly and legally addressing these issues as is my right as has been repeatedly raised to all who will be named as defendants.  

I respectfully request in light of the above that all surveillance activity be halted forthwith as it has no legal justification whatsoever and reflects an abuse of power being used as a lethal weapon of destruction against life and property.  

Yours sincerely

Gary D Chance

The following Email sent on Friday, 5th April 2002, has two parts as follows:
Part I: Activity on Friday Afternoon, 5th April 2002
Part II: Interference with Internet Access and Its Shut Down at a Public Internet Shop on Kensington High Street Six Months Ago

Date: Fri,  5 Apr 2002 12:42:47 -0500
Subject: Shut Down All Activity for the Prisoner Under House Arrest

"US Gov President George W Bush"
"UK Gov The Prime Minister Tony Blair"
      <will someone please forward a copy of this to Mr Blair?>
"UK Gov HM Treasury Chancellor Gordon Brown"
"UK Gov Home Office Secretary David Blunkett"
"UK Gov DOH Secretary Alan Millburn"
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Mesdames et Messrs

My preparation of this Email has been deliberately disrupted with attempts to destroy my right to private correspondence by locking out access to the Email web page then shutting down all web pages when that appeared to fail.  Next, as I started to prepare it again while the process of interference was being prevented, a bribe of $500 was offered to that person if he would remove me from my home by force and violance.  

Those carrying out this actiivty were the two US Government Agents operating as if this were a pirate island where might prevailed over agreed upon laws and rights for all.  One of these ex-US Marines is now called SODM (see below) and the other was Tarzan (I believe) who has called himself Colonel Vine.  

BODM (aka PCPHF) noted below is a female non-resident who apparently lays claim to this flat as her "House".  She has engaged in 24/7 stalking and harassment for years since I reported her child abuse in May 1998.  It is explained below as the events of this afternoon unfolded.  

The second part of this Email are log entries from October 2001 where I worked in an Internet shop on Kensington High Street in London.  The surveillance crew there actually shut down my activity even though it was job search related.  At that time SODM was (and still is) known as SS QQ.  

I have installed ADSL at home for Internet access due to the low prices now available which I can financially manage.  Every effort is being made to shut down all this activity still whether I am at home or in an Internet shop.  Here is a bit of it and who is doing it:
Part I: Activity on Friday Afternoon, 5th April 2002:

610. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 13:45:17 [BBC] R4 Wato [World at One] off; SODM in full RODM again after denying access to microsoft to update software; this has been done since log on; he is saying "He killed his mother" and "Potty"; both nonsense; there is no justification for interfering in my life in any way without public court proceedings based upon both sides present and a fully adjudicated complaint procedure;

611. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 13:47:42 "It's true; he killed his mother" says SODM continuing in full RODM as a criminal vigilante espousing this totally false allegation with the apparent need to reinforce this fact by stating that "It's true" from his own sense of fabricating it and having to reinforce its validity; take it into the court system processing it properly through the law enforcement system;

612. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 13:49:23 "It's true; he's psychotic" says a male under the RW D/D sounding just like the same language use as SODM who is speaking from LW D/D;

613. Tried to access Microsoft to update the security level from 56 bits to 128 bits for encryption; this was blocked by SODM; access to Microsoft for updating the programmes which I have been trying to do since 25th March 2002 have all been denied; the one which I started with, Real Player, did not complete properly due to lack of HDD space on C:\ as a direct result of their using up that space for their software programme intended to interfere and deny me the abiltiy to utilise the system properly and fully;

614. This interference prevents me from being able to discharge my legal responsibilities and will be addressed first in order that these might be met without such interference; obviously, I cannot do so until such time as all interference is brought to a complete and total halt; the ability to interfere is in the hands of two people who have no law enforcement role whatsoever and are members of the general public; each has expressed the intention to effect revenge and retaliation including threats of violence and death; they will stop at nothing to make certain that I cannot do anything which is necessary for me to meet legal responsibilities; they have done this numerous times all of which have been documented; it carries on at present making it the top priority item of my ability to get anything done at all to effect such a termination of his criminal activity by these non-law enforcement personnel;

615. I had no problems whatsoever in accessing Tripod Site Builder, or Capital One account information this morning at eE KHS; the latter outlined security steps to be taken to match their requirements; when I examined the fact that this IE has a 56 bit encryption algorhythm and needs the 128 bit algorhythm, such access to Microsoft for update purposes was not available; under the circumstances it is logical to assume that this access was being denied by these two, SODM and/or BODM; even trying to access Microsoft itself was not successful;

616. Left alone these two people will effect every conceivable means to deny me any and all normal activity as they continue to carry out their criminal stalking and harassment activity; for this reason it is imperative that I address every aspect of this unjustified and unjustifiable criminal action taken against me by these two people to bring it to a stop by all legal means which are available to me(1);

617. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 13:50:54 Out; across street to post cheque to Dapem Secretarial; cleaner below out and on return; Moslem woman coming in bottom ********* door as I went out; exchanged pleasantries(1);

618. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:00:04 Home; back into the chair; update;

619. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:01:10 (1)"OMG" roars BODM when she reads this; she is so busy engaging in slander, defamation and libel to destroy my character that she invents it all and puts on this dramatic emotional response when I note the people whom I encounter entering and leaving the building; she, a nonresident, is doing everything she can to destroy my character when there is no substance to any of her allegations(2);

620. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:03:03 (2)"He's psychotic" yells SODM amid continuing RODM to carry out the same character assassination; his voice is now coming from RW D/D(3);

621. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:04:17 (3)"Psychotic" continues SODM once more in everlasting and never ending RODM; definitely a mental case here with his retardation level at the infant stage; extreme emotional disturbance as a result too;

622. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:19:48 (1)Very hard loud vehicle door slam from the road; male says "He's potty"; hardly; the pottiness rests with the speaker;

623. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:21:17 Into the kitchen; (see tapes 362B and 363A);

624. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:45:54 Back into the chair; eating tuna sands and tom soup; update;

625. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 14:46:40 "Are you really sure" asks a guy whose voice is coming in the RW D/D; must be trying to verify the "He killed his mother" statement; totally false;

626. If SODM had any evidence which he does not for it never happened, he would have taken it into the legal justice system; if he needs to search, then a search warrant should be obtained, but he refuses to do this and seeks to have someone carry out a criminal act of forced and violent removal based upon his emotional statements which have no substance or factual basis;

627. He makes the lame excuse that "He will apply for asylum"; this is his statement not mine;

first, he is denying legal protection if this is an option, and apparently given his behaviour he seems to think that it is although I have never considered it;

second, if he had set out over a year ago to proceed properly and legally, then any asylum proceedings would most likely have been concluded in a year's time, and it would be over whatever the outcome;

But, look at what he is doing and has done for more than a year with his vigilante words and actions; he has turned this whole environment upside down, subverting the accepted standards of legal and social behaviour and conduct for criminal standards which are now the basis of his and others' actions and what all people see as the way to behave and conduct oneself in this environment; this is the last environment to carry out such behaviour for it leads to further criminalising an already difficult crime environment;

628. SODM is a one person terrorism campaign with his chief recruit being BODM who was already at it prior to his arrival early last year; between the two of them they are setting the standard that terrorism and torture are the means to employ; they are taking bullying to its logical, unlawful and criminal conclusion and extreme;

629. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 15:02:43 Finished the above comments; changed the tape to No 363A; began recording the latest Caper which is tantamount . . .

630. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 15:03:26 "It's my house" roars BODM at the top of her lungs; that is the whole purpose of her actions; she looks for any little thing, goes berserk (as she just did once again) and then seeks to have someone carry out her criminal objective of my forced and violent removal from my home so she can have it; it is all a hoax; perjury is a better word and all intended to incite vigilante behaviour on the part of those who should know better;

631. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 15:06:02 "You're the victim" says a male to BODM who roars "I know"; that is backwards; she has been victimising me with false allegations for the better part of four years; I have them all documented and logged; these voices came from the road below the KW in thru it;

632. What BODM is really trying to do is destroy the evidence which I have carefully accumulated over these years by getting someone to carry out her criminal objective as described based upon perjured and false allegations; this is why she will never sign anything despite whatever other false reasons she might give; she knows that I will challenge any and all statements so rendered and most likely succeed in showing them to be totally false as they always are;

633. All of the allegations created to protect SODM and BODM used against me are totally false; they are fabricated so that these (and others) can hide their criminal actions behind a smokescreen while hoping to discredit what I have to say by describing in very accurate descriptive detail precisely what occurs in each and ever instance; if they were right in any of what they allege, this would have long been over, but since these are false allegations, there is no evidence to support them except the ongoing emotional outbursts from these two who rant and rave continuously as has been well noted this afternoon;

634. This incident started with a quite innocent action of putting a just removed tomato soup can lid in water in the sink;

635. BODM claims to know in the same way an infant claims omniscience (all knowing); she cannot know what she is talking about although she asserts it with extreme emotion hoping others will accept it as valid; most people grow up and mature into responsible adults; BODM has not done so; neither has SODM;

636. The great disaster in all of this has been to put surveillance equipment into the hands of someone like BODM who then uses it as a weapon of destruction and fabrication rather than honest observation and reporting; she has an axe to grind; she has sworn vengeance for my reporting her child abuse almost four years ago; she did this publicly out front in a large group of people shortly after that; instead of putting the surveillance equipment into the hands of responsible and well trained law enforcement types, it was put into tenant hands including that of BODM who now mainlines on it like a drug she can never do without;

637. All the objective and proper law enforcement was lost years ago in this situation by such actions which have only gotten worse; once she got her foot in the [surveillance] door, she kept barging in further and further committing more and more crimes because she could get away with it and cover up the fact with the surveillance equipment usage; no one else was any wiser because there was no objective, independent usage of surveillance equipment in this situation ever; the bully came to dominate and control all that went on;

638. BODM totally refuses to leave the area at any time when I am here; she will never leave the road at night despite any number of requests for her to do so; she throws the worst fits imaginable and has had to be sedated once when a doctor was called; contemplating giving up the surveillance equipment for her is worse then a junky contemplating withdrawal from a Class A drug;

639. It is amazing that it is so well understood that a heroin addict will stop at nothing to get a fix and make certain they are not arrested; they will kill to do so; a point of key advice is that when returning to one's home to find the door slightly open, never go inside; it may contain an addict inside stealing who will kill before getting caught; the same is true with respect to BODM only her drug is the surveillance equipment for many psychological reasons; one of the important ones is that she will be found out if she is not here to constantly disrupt, disturb and destroy my activity around-the-clock especially my sleep; if she were not here, there would be no complaint nor observations of what she claims exists; she would be found out; this terrorifies her as much as getting caught terrorifies a junky;

640. It is nothing short of incredible that no one has recognised the fact that both SODM and BODM dominate and control everything all the time around-the-clock; take them both away for two weeks; give them a break; they have had no sleep anyway and no days off; certainly not BODM; she never stops and has not for years; where is the basic thinking process and objectivity with regard to carrying out the most serious of activities (surveillance) which demands that well trained law enforcement officers use such equipment to make certain that it is not abused as it has been here for years; that is a basic failure in this whole process; it has allowed crimes to develop and compound into further criminal activity to the point where it now is a major scandal of monstrous proportions;

641. There is only one way to resolve it: the just, fair, right and honourable way based upon facts and objective observations of what is really going on;

642. First, the laws must be obeyed by all and sundry; anyone breaking a law must be dealt with appropriately with no excuses; it is up to each and every individual who seeks to preserve and protect life and property to actually do so; one cannot allow terror and torture which is tantamount to attempted murder to flourish in the name of preserving life and property; that is nonsense and why the laws are made to protect the innocent against such criminal activity until such time as a full legal process is rendered to determine by proper legal means guilt or innocence; by ignoring such legal procedures there never will be any such determination because the criminal using surveillance equipment will always try to pervert the course of justice so that the truth will be destroyed no matter what happens; then all that is left is the vigilante bully yelling and roaring at the top of his/her voice to try to make emotion into factual reality;

643. The laws are made to be respected, obeyed and enforced; if that is not done, society dissolves into a pre-law state of chaos where the strongest and best armed dominate and control; all lose in that situation; ask the people in Afghanistan or any other country where totalitarian, arbitrary and capricious rule and conduct has prevailed; the only way to stop it is to stop it right here where it is occurring with SODM and BODM breaking every law they can to do what they think is justified; well, they know it is not, and they know it is criminal for they know their words and actions only serve their own corrupt self interest and ambitions of greed, glory and power;

644. All that is necessary is to hear BODM roar "It's my house; I want him out" to get the accurate message about what is really going on; that is a vigilante call to arms and is not a complaint made to be taken into proper legal processing; in fact, it does not even express a complaint; it expresses an emotional desire and criminal objective; there is no complaint here; what is the complaint?; "He's potty"; that is not a complaint; that is infantile name calling which is used by the schoolyard bully for emotional reasons; the same is happening whenever SODM or BODM yells or roars it;

645. What, actually is the complaint: putting a tomato soup can lid in the kitchen sink full of water(?); to yell "Potty" in that instance is to alarm and cause fear, but what are the real facts(?); it is very easy to see how SODM and BODM are manipulating the situation; the same applies to the other false allegations; where are the facts(?); where is the evidence(?); why isn't it being taken into the legal justice system for proper processing(?);

646. There is no difference in the situation between SODM yelling "Take him out; he's potty" than a Southern White (Red Neck) Bigot yelling "Hang him, he's a nigger"; these are precisely the same statements trying to accomplish the same vigilante objective based on fear, anger, hatred, bigotry and ignorance (FAHBI);

647. Laws are made to stop this from happening; when those laws are ignored by those who are charged with the responsibility of enforcing the laws, anarchy results;

648. What would a police officer do today if someone like SODM or BODM yelled "Hang him, he's a nigger"(?); I do believe that person would consider arresting either of these two or both for making such a statement and most certainly never tolerate its being said ever again;

656. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 16:36:00 Lost all IE web pages loaded while preparing an Email; first blocked from the Email account; when a web page was seen to be generated, they were all terminated; this has happened like this before; BODM is roaring from LW D/D;

657. NB SODM was just commenting and arguing for his denial of my right to access by noting that he does not want me to have it upgraded to the 128 bit encryption option which I need in order to communicate with a financial resource of mine; it was this reason that I had to leave my home this morning to waste time to go to KHS in order to access it; I could not access it here; I am being denied all manner of variety of access which SODM does not deem I should be using;

658. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 16:39:39 "Paul" [aka TULIP Her Majesty's Governmet representative] appeals SODM DTR; then goes on talking; sounded like he said "It's not right"; it is my right to communicate with whomever I legally can communicate and that is everybody and every organisation that is not criminal or subversive as already determined; i.e., child pornography or terrorist organisations;

659. Fri, 5 Apr 2002 - 16:41:29 "He's psychotic" says SODM and continues to argue; totally and completely false; this is the one man vigilante justice and execution system all wrapped up into one determination based upon his bogus allegations what I can and cannot do; he thinks I am his prisoner; he is really the prisoner of his own delusion;

660. All constraints from my Internet access must be removed and kept removed;

Part II: Interference with Internet Access and Its Shut Down at a Public Internet Shop on Kensington High Street Six Months Ago:

eE KHS Monday, 22nd October 2001

11:47:51  Training school under way while I work at F-F6 in rear corner;

12:06:14  Trainee back in place to correct/set up(?); looks back as she advances; working away; then stands to take instructions;

12:24:25  Dark haired female keeps standing up to see if set up is working;

12:53:24  'I'm sorry' says a male diagonal left; not half as sorry as he will be when he gets the full dose of the truth;

13:24:27  'Let's see him get a job' says a female a bit ago; nothing confidential and private can be accomplished until all the surveillance activity is stopped FULL STOP; all activity accomplished in regard to its removal and addressing the criminal and unlawful activity is part of the job search in order to restore personal and corporate viability especially with regard to legal obligations with regard to ********* *********;

There is nothing that can be done for anyone with the privacy and confidentiality destroyed as it is especially when all the activity is in the hands of the tenants and general public; they use and abuse the surveillance equipment to effect criminal stalking and harassment; it is not for observation and information purposes; it is being used for criminal purposes; all that I say and do is broadcast verbally to the public outside my home as occurred last night;  

This was especially noted by the young teenage girls called [I've dubbed them this] the 'Furies' who both noted what I said and what I was doing acknowledging that verbally accompanied with much screaming and yelling;

I have never seen such a total disregard and ignorance from the people in this environment to allow and actually utilise [exploit] these other people who have ulterior motives of revenge and retaliation to possess and access all aspects of the surveillance equipment; it has been an "entertainment" for all for years but is especially pernicious and invasive at present;  there is no legal foundation whatsoever for this;

eE KHS Tuesday, 23rd October 2001

08:26:54  eE KHS up and running; male voice toward the front yakking away; same subject; I'm sitting once again in the back corner at F-F6; couple males now yakking;

"Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training." (Anna Freud) NewsScan 22nd October 2001

08:50:40  'That's pretty good' says the SS QQ toward the front window;

10:41:59  Chatter continues; time for a break; shut down; wrapped up; guy nearby said 'We have to stop him; he's too good'; pure vigilantism of taking the law into their own hands; think they 'know' what they are doing by avoiding the legal justice system, but they've got it totally wrong; they are actually assisting hardened criminals carry out a criminal objective to remove me by force and violence from my own home based on totally false allegations created by using surveillance equipment for these criminal purposes;

Downstairs to the Gents for a pit stop; out just as it was beginning to rain; into Argos next door; no one at the counter; went back out; raining hard;

11:00:00  Waited at Argos until rain stopped; walked to Hammersmith ESJ;

11:40:00  Signed on; saw ********; met *******; see tape for details of my comments about what is going on and the responsibility of Her Majesty's Government operating outside the law even blocking me from processing the matter in the High Court last March [2001];

On to Tesco; shopped; Brook Green tennis courts to eat a snack (donuts and OJ); walked on back to eE KHS via Brook Green, Hammersmith Road and KHS;

13:30:00  Back into eE KHS at F-E6 which did not work; moved to F-E5; male voice toward the front said 'He's psychotic' then added after a moment 'He's really sick'; these are totally false; he kept talking as I signed on Q4J0LP; these allegations are totally false and used to cover their own criminal activity in this stalking and harassment "house arrest" activity which goes on 24 hours per day by the constant and unrelenting disruptions, disturbance and destruction of my activity;

Awake at 0300 this morning after several wake ups from 2000 in the evening onwards including devastating dog barking below after 2200; then kept awake and/or woken about every thirty minutes thereafter by those below, out front under my window and down the road; total criminal behaviour ending at 0500/30 with more dog barking, door slamming, yelling from below for 'Tom' and then outside for 'Paul'; delivered a screamed message to 'Tom' after calling out his name below;

The door below was slammed as hard a possible several times as I was trying to sleep; all I was doing as has been the case for over three years since May 1998 was trying to sleep in peace and quiet in my own home; I have never done anything to contribute to this situation, and all the allegations against me are totally false; they are created by those associated with Flat ***** ********; driven out of bed finally a little after 0600; impossible to rest let alone sleep as a direct result of those in the Flat ***** *******; this is what they have been doing since May 1998;

eE KHS Wednesday, 24th October 2001

11:32:57  Logged on to Yahoo! at eE KHS F-F1 Q4J0LP; there has been a constant criminal abuse from the males here after I entered the store, came upstairs to log on; 'He's psychotic' and 'take him out' and/or 'pick him up'; 'He's killed his mother'; these were continuous; just now there was a comment 'He did?' from a male; these voices are now from behind me toward the front/side windows as I sit in the back corner facing the corner with my back to the front;

As noted earlier in my tape recordings, this was anticipated to pick up due to what happened which I elaborated upon; they have to make every effort possible to cover up their criminal activity, and this intensity was clearly anticipated already; et voila;

13:32:55  'He's tired' says a female voice from the right back a bit as I face the rear corner; Woken several times; kept awake; driven out of bed from 0245 to 0300 to listen to the radio; back to bed at 0300 then still kept awake until 0400; only an hour's sleep; another hour then deliberate pounding below that was unmistakably intended to disturb and wake, but I was awake; finally driven out of bed even though I was taking advantage of the rain to sleep in to make up for lost sleep;

13:35:31  'He's potty' says the SS QQ from the same area; defensive false allegation to protect himself against the exposure of criminal activity that occurred all night last night; trying to discredit the person rather then dealing with content; he is a notorious criminal with no reason to be allowed to continue except that he is; much was said and recorded about this activity last night;
'Here we go'; 'He's psychotic' numerous times;

eE KHS Thursday, 25th October 2001

08:25:55  eE KHS F-F6 logged on Q4J0LP; constant male chatter from front area since I've been here for five to ten minutes; 'You heard him say it' said the SS QQ as I entered the front door; wonder what that was; nothing important; cannot be; but he will try to make it so; I'm in the rear facing the front at this position;

eE KHS Saturday, 27th October 2001

Terminal F-F6 using Q4J0LP

As I put on the earphones, the hard plastic headband cracked; the SS QQ went bananas yelling; 'He broke it! I heard it!!; this is another example of his jumping to a conclusion, exaggeration and attacking; nothing of the kind happened; it cracked from stiffness; it's fine;
12:44:08  'We've got to see the doctor; we've got to stop him' says the male toward the front just after I log on and get started; stop what?; I am doing nothing; all that I do is as a result of the direct impact of the criminal activity carried out against me as was just thoroughly documented in my brief sojourn;

12:45:52  Now he is talking about 'customer' and 'psychotic'; he is making up what he wants to suit his objective; it bears no relation to reality; my life is anything but normal as a result of the criminal activity driven by the surveillance equipment; the attempt was and is to totally shut down my life in order to make this false allegation;

12:47:46  'He's psychotic' says the male toward the front window; totally false;

NB when I said 'behind me' in Holland Park, I was facing the footpall pitch [on its east side] and those voices were coming from the east and the central pedestrian footpath thru the park from KHS to the hostel area;

When I left the park, I walked down Philimore Walk to Argyll Road and KHS to eE; paused for a dump; 'I can't do that' said a female which sounded relevant to the incitements and what was going on; voice was familiar too; then upstairs now to resume my totally interrupted activity this morning when I was shut down, I believe, by this very same male; he had stopped my Internet session this morning when I was looking at Linux training 'Free' but also they had jobs, etc available on their site; the following events occurred:

1) 'That is not a job search' said the male toward the front window;

2) My system locked up on all IEs with the music stopping;

3) 'That's wrong' said a female apparently with the male;

I believe that he shut it down and my activity as well which was job search related by saying so before he did so; then the female said 'That's wrong';

Now, he is trying to attack anything that I might do on the basis of a false allegation inciting that they should get the 'doctor' (PPQRE no doubt) and 'stop him'; stop me from what?; fulfulling my legal responsibilities such as filling out ******** ********* VAT return in Holland Park at a table there while eating 'lunch'?; this was subject to complete surveillance and comments as were noted on the tape;

These people are now very, very desperate because they cannot alter and change the evidence without getting caught; they must attack and destroy now to stop this activity I initiated yesterday to preserve and protect all the information which belongs to Xandor Limited as a complete record of the numerous crimes carried out for over three years; there is no foundation for any of this activity against me; it reflects one of the biggest scandals ever in terms of its extent; length of time; and equipment and personnel used to pervert the course of justice; it is all turned upside down;

I have returned to continue my activity following the brutal experience just described; I went out to get other things done: Argos for tapes; Barclays for banking; Waterstones for a browse; Sainsburys for food; Holland Park to eat and fill in VAT return; back to eE;

13:11:59  'Get him out!  Paul!' says this over emotional male to the front just after I wrote the above; trying to pull off a criminal act in the UK to avoid the justice system and whisk me out of the country by force too; this guy is very desperate as regards his criminal activity and the evidence for it; no wonder terrorism is rampant;

13:36:33  'He's psychotic' says the 'Knee Jerk' male now as I was working on this diary log; starting part II after adding the 'cracked earphone' beginning; just a knee jerk reaction to whatever I say to discredit it to avoid dealing with the content of what is being said; rubbish and nonsense; totally false;

14:28:15  After more and continuous jabbering helped by the Email to NewsScan re Erich Neuman, it is time to leave;

eE KHS Sunday, 28th October 2001

See tape for starters at 0800;

08:33:14  'Get him out' and 'Paul' were noted from the male to the right over by the office door and Argyll Road window; there's been constant, abusive stalking and harassment since my arrival as I have tried to work on the Net; it is this kind of disruption, disturbance and attempted destruction that curtails my activity and will have to be stopped; there is no foundation for it; the allegations are all false;

08:35:23  'He's psychotic' says the same male as I wrote the above entry; cannot deal with the issue and content; can only attack the person; that means he is bankrupt in substance; has none;

eE KHS Monday, 29th October 2001

08:24:38  Up and running in Yahoo at eE KHS: terminal F-F6 with Q4J0LP;

Please see tape for entries since arrival a short while ago;

08:25:37  'That's great' says a male toward the front window;
sounds like SS Zwei [Tarzan/Colonel Vine]; the one who can count in Deutsch and secretly sings Deutschland Uber Alles when no one is listening;

NB SS Zwei will now be called Cuckoo Too, too; not
forgetting that both are full fledge Gestapo SS potential and

08:50:40  'He's potty' says a male from the forward section by
the front windows; sounds like one of the Cuckoos; stated just
after I entered the above renaming notification;

08:52:20  'That's/he's wrong' says a male voice from the
forward window section; probably a Cuckoo also; sit outside
on the public road all night and watch the Cuckoos in action
complete with death threats and perpetual violence threats to
create fear, fear, fear all around; send 'em back to any

09:31:59  Cuckoo keeps repeating 'Psychotic' as if it means
something; it just means he is totally ignorant and impatient
about anything I do reflecting his continuous need to attack
the person; content eludes him; only his BMW matters; oh
yeah, and he must not have liked my looking at password

09:53:23  Got a male yakking from the left behind me; that is
almost possible but quite close; talking about 'F*******' and
'Taking him out'; all allegations are totally false; any
interference in my life will be a criminal act and create a huge
legal liability while precipitating a humongous legal problem
for all concerned which will go on into infinity; aka time out
of mind;

09:55:24  'He's psychotic' says this male left behind me; that
too is totally false; Shit Stew (SS) will result when this 'fact' is learned the hard, legal way;

10:05:15  Rotating surveillance underway as they come and
go each nearby departure replaced by another 'trainee'; like the
female who kept looking back to see how she was doing the
other day; the Baboon Male who was close by to my left with
his threatening presence and talk departed to return to the
front window area and said 'He's really psychotic'; total
nonsense, and he knows it; just accurate and factual;

10:38:32  Locked out on NYT sports page access as male says
'sick'; he must be looking into a mirror;

10:48:49  'OMG is this guy psychotic' blasts the Cuckoo from
the left constantly attacking with 'extreme abuse' nothing at
all; totally false;

10:53:35  'He's psychotic' and 'He's [got] a real problem' says
a male from front window area as I read this: 'Chutzpah,
according to the classic definition, is when you kill your
parents, then plead for mercy because you're an orphan.'; the
allegations against me are totally false, but then the ability for me to counter them legally now is also trying to be stopped by all the activity directed against me as well as the this other false allegation; in other words it is a play for 'heads I win; tails you lose' from their point of view; it is called taking the law into one's own hands to insure an outcome that is not in accordance with the law that destroys society; those who do not agree allege psychosis as a weapon;

[The following quote was taken from:]

11:26:33  'I was covering the Pentagon for AP and I'd go to
lunch with officers. And what they said was that you had to be
a professional liar.' Seymour Hersh in Salon profile article
Brilliant Careers; yeah, tell me about it; it is pervasive and
continuous; 'Psychotic' says a male left diagonal toward the
front window; they cannot deal with the issue; they can only
attack which is precisely what McCaffrey did when the Hersh
article was to be published; he attacked Hersh making him the
issue and not the content of the report although to his credit
he did say something about content; when Hersh's 'Price of
Power' came out, he was attacked; Nixon and Kissinger
(especially the latter) could only attack Hersh; brilliant,
brilliant book; 'pretend government';

11:37:34 'The CIA still hasn't recovered from the thrashings
Hersh administered. First he brought to light the CIA's
surveillance of domestic organizations it deemed subversive --
a blatant violation of the agency's charter to gather foreign
intelligence only. Then he revealed the CIA's covert role in
overthrowing Salvador Allende in Chile. The agency came
across as a bunch of Keystone Kops when Hersh exposed its
hijacking of the Glomar Explorer drilling ship in a failed
attempt to raise a derelict Soviet submarine.' Seymour Hersh
more from Salon 'Brilliant Careers' (; this is
telling, and now it is starting all over; this was during his stint with the NYT 1972 to 1979;
12:07:47  'Watch this' says male left diagonal toward front
area; before this he had said 'Get him out' which is why I
moved to make this entry; 'He's sick' he now says as I write
this; the question is who is 'He'; I think he is projecting or
tantamount to looking in a mirror as he talks;

12:09:21  eE KHS log off time;

eE KHS Wednesday, 31st October 2001

08:32:15 eE KHS logged on and running at F-F6 with
Q4J0LP; voices just emerge from the front window area
(diagonal left); 'Get him out' said one male or something very
similar when he noted that I put in 'Tuesday' instead of
'Wednesday' by mistake but quickly caught it and changed it; I
am sitting in the back corner facing forward;

09:06:52  'Very sick' says a male left diagonal towards the
front window; before this he had said 'the girl is right'; this
was said after much comment while I attempted to transfer
between accounts at the Halifax and then was writing an
Email to Simply Computers to correct a 2.00 that someone
who was learning credit card transactions made last Friday;

This whole series of negative, abusive comments I have just
received while working privately and in confidence on the
terminal at eE KHS with banking access and bill payment
correction reveals the total invasion of privacy and
confidentiality to which I am subjected making distorted,
exaggerated and misrepresented comments therefrom; much
of the errors so produced come from these people who
continuously hound me causing a distraction which creates
the errors; they then point their fingers at me; this is
intentionally done to disturb and disrupt my activity in order
to make such abusive and false allegations as were made here;

1. Halifax banking transfer; there were three questions asked;

First I just answered the security information including a two
word response; I could not recall if it needed a space or not so
I had to try it both ways; I was still getting an error; then I
realised that the account number had to be entered; logical but
I only had one other account; this was a long number with
three separate entries; a letter, eight digits and then a single
digit which had to be entered in three separate boxes; got it
right the first time but then an error occurred in the question

The second time I forgot the first letter of the account; in
doing this apparently a blank mandate with no money had
come up; I believe that the number of tries automatically took
me out of the transfer process by noting that a mandate had
already been made;

I have done this successfully before; for this they jumped on
me using these simple errors which can easily occur as a basis
for this vicious attack that I could hear while doing my
personal, confidential and private banking on line; their
presence, watching my activity and this attack contributed to
the distractions and errors which were made; if they had not
been present and making loud noises which I could hear, none
of this would have happened;

2.  Simply Computers purchase; the young guy last Friday
was asked if he wanted to learn a Solo credit card transaction;
he got it wrong; I did not catch it; then the receipt and invoice were never actually given to me but put inside the package; I did not examine it until later and did not note the discrepancy although I noted the 2.00 extra removed from my bank account the following day on Saturday;

I decided to wait to see the posted amount in the bank account
to track down the problem; it was only 2.00 and nothing to
get excited about; I was very patient with the young guy who
was 'learning' a Solo credit card transaction and appeared to
have some difficulty; rather than upset him and disturb and
distract his concentration I said nothing and just waited unlike
these creeps here this morning as I try to solve the problem;  

They act like this all the time as I have thoroughly
documented and attack each and every little thing trying to
distort, misrepresent and fabricate whenever they think that
they can get away with it; there is a reason for this from their
activity: covering up their criminal activity by discrediting me
when and wherever possible;

09:20:07  'Perfect' says a male left diagonal; 'Psychotic' he
then says obviously trying to smoke screen the fact that they
created these problems this morning with my personal
banking transaction and are taking advantage to distort and
misrepresent my kindliness toward a young guy who was
learning and having difficulties with a credit card transaction;
they are just looking for small things to jump on and make a
big issue from; they have a serious personal problem;

09:59:00  'He's sick' said a male again from the left diagonal
toward the front window as I was working on the Simply
Computer registration; now another male says 'Psychotic' as I
am writing this; there was a continuous discussion after I
finished the above and set up this second Notepad file; it was
continuous with one or more of these males harping on
'Psychotic'; totally false; it has been completely documented
that the source of the problem is external and originates from
these type of people creating it;

I was woken at 0300 this morning once again for the second
day in a row and kept awake since then; I did get some bits
and pieces of sleep after 0500 but was driven out of bed at
0630 for the second time; the first was 0340 after it was clear
that the continuous excessive noises, disturbances and
disruption from those in the public road criminally stalking
and harassing me would not cease; I got up to listen to the
radio until 0430 when I went back to bed to try to sleep; I got
very little and only very short catnaps until driven out of bed
again at 0630; before this I had slept for about five hours until 0300 in three segments of 1.5, 2.0 and 1.5 hours each
approximately being disturbed and disrupted in my deep sleep
period by these same people who sought intentionally to do so
in order to create false allegations and incite others toward a
criminal objective based on them to remove me by force and
violence from my home; this continued throughout the night
and is well documented;

The same thing happened the night before; again woken at
0300 but only after about three hours sleep in three one hour
segments (approximately), I was driven out of bed at 0400
and took a bath; then after returning to bed at 0500, I only got
10 to 15 minutes of sleep before being woken again and got
no more being finally driven out of bed on very little sleep
yesterday morning; I did manage two hours sleep in the
afternoon between 1500 and 1700 while sitting up in the chair
but did wake up twice while doing so as a result of excessive
noises from nearby; it is a testament to how exhausted and
tired I was from the deliberate sleep deprivation carried out
for criminal purposes that I slept sitting up in the chair for
those two hours being too exhausted to do anything else;

Therefore, this morning's activity is again part of that chronic
sleep deprivation activity which has been going on daily for
over three years and is thoroughly documented each and every
day during this entire period; this is used as the basis for the
false allegations against me but comes from excessive,
external noises deliberately made from criminal stalking and
harassment activity facilitated and made possible by
surveillance equipment; it is an abuse of power and total
misuse of surveillance activity in trying to create what it
purports to observe; each person adheres to his or her own
agenda disregarding the valid purpose of any surveillance
activity: to obtain objective information; instead it is used to
drive me out of my home while destroying my life in the
process of doing so;

What has been witnessed here this morning is the product
(errors) from chronic sleep deprivation and then reinforced by
the contributing males here who immediately started abusing
and attacking the smallest error thus contributing to more of
them; it is a concerted effort to create what does not exist in
reality by disturbances, disruptions, distortions,
misrepresentations and outright fabrications all based on
activity impacting me but then falsely attributed to me; this
has been a consistent pattern of activity for over three years
and is completely, totally and thoroughly documented beyond
any doubt whatsoever as to what is really happening as
described above; those males participating in this abuse here
this morning are well aware of what goes on each and every
night and take advantage of this to hopefully compound the
problem in their own perversion of the course of justice;

10:18:40  'He's sick' and 'Psychotic' were stated by one or two
males as I finished this and saved the above after they
followed along reading what I had written; this reflects the
inability to deal with the issue as presented and is an attack
against the person to 'smokescreen' the issue and discredit the
person; it will not work in a court of law where all of this is

11:13:58  'He's sick' says a male to the left now continuing the
mindless abuse by repetition as if that will make it true; nope;
even more false; who's he trying to convince?; it's called 'Beat
'em up and then accuse them of being beaten up'; won't work;

11:44:29  'Great' says SS QQ Cucumber Cuckoo; another
male then adds 'He drank from his bottle' just after I had a
drink of water from the water bottle; voices from left diagonal
toward the front window;

11:47:56  'Psychotic' says a male diagonal left toward the
front windows; defensive and false; trying to coverup their
own criminal activity;

11:59:44  Instead of a transfer I was trying to set up a mandate
for a transfer that had already been done; these 'Nutters' got
all bent out of shape without understanding what was
happening at all; I just went back to the Halifax Online and
transferred what I wanted by only clicking on the account
number as listed; ho hum; simple mistake created a great over
reaction this morning which exposed the excessiveness of
their attacking the smallest thing; to wee to witta woo;

12:03:15  'Psychotic' echoes across the room a great distance;
they are hoisted on their own petard and still blame me;
female voice that time; also said 'Tell Paul';

*****End of Part II******

This goes on 24/7 without stopping wherever I am.  it constitutes the attempt to pervert the course of justice by creating the very thing it claims to be discovering.  

This is a total failure of government management that continues as noted this afternoon.  

It is irrational, unreasonable and inconscionable for any legitimate government to require compliance with rules and regulations with one hand while keeping that compliance from being accomplished with another hand.   

Yours sincerely

Gary D Chance

Copyright 1996 - 2002 by Gary D Chance

All rights reserved

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