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Abuse of Power for 36 Million
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This page was last updated on Friday, 30th May 2003

On Friday, 2nd May 2003, the following was sent by Email to the Audit Commission Housing Inspectorate. On the following day a copy was posted to them with photos enclosed for supporting evidence as regards to my allegations relating to the failure of tenant management and a "Slum Lord" failure to repair since June 1998.

Into this five years of criminal harassment activity including surveillance technology arrived US Government agents over two years ago with their most sophisticated surveillance technology that has never before been known to mankind. This includes the ability to read thoughts (words and images) while administering biological weapons by merans of electromagnetic radiation intended to emulate a chemical impact on the brain to produce incapacitating effects by inducing debility. This technology has been used as a weapon of torture and interrogation as part of an experimental research and development programme.

There should be a full public hearing on all aspects of this activity during the past seven years of my residency in this environment.

Housing Inspectorate
Audit Commission
33 Greycoat Street
London SW1P 2QF

Dear Sir or Madam

Re Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation's Arms Length Management Organisation Forthcoming Inspection Scheduled for May 2003

I have been a resident at the above address in the ********** ******* Estate in North Kensington for the past seven years. Recent communications including a large, glossy special issue of the magazine "Link" from the Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (K&C TMO) delivered yesterday morning first thing with the cover title "Reach for the Stars: TMO to ALMO Inspection Special" has made me aware of this pending inspection. The K&C TMO hopes to obtain 36 million in financing as a result of the inspection.

As a housing management organisation, I do not believe that the K&C TMO is qualified for such financing based upon my years of direct experience with their failures to manage this housing environment properly based upon a faulty management structure and the fact that tenants in this environment have subsumed such management activity to serve their own personal corrupt self interest which includes criminal, anti-social and nuisance behaviour. Fundamental to this K&C TMO as I have experienced is its vigilante actions taking the law into its own hands thereby circumventing the essence of this democracy with its laws, law enforcement and legal justice system.

I have extensively communicated my experience as it evolved starting with all those locally responsible and progressing up to higher levels of authority in the police and Government. Myfirst letter to the Prime Minister was faxed to him on 23rd September 1999. Subsequent communication has gone to my MP and various cabinet ministers in my efforts to properly address the issues and abrogated standards in this situation. This background can viewed at my web site

with special attention to those pages which deal with Crime and Corruption: Tenant Management Parts I, II and III; Correspondence to my Member of Parliament - Abuse of Power I and II and Letter to the Prime Minister of 23rd September 1999.

This information is just background to recent events which have continued with every effort to shut down all my activity and drive me out of my home for having expressed my critical comments to improve health and safety issues with regard to key elements of housing management. Critical to this repression has been my being subjected to 56 months of totally invasive surveillance activity since August/September 1998 which has been in the hands of the tenants in adjacent flats used for the purposes of criminal harassment to stop me from reporting their crimes, anti-social and nuisance behaviour as well as the health and safety issues. This has gone on 24/7 for all these years resulting in life threatening and crippling personal injuries.

I believe at this point that the infusion of such monies will go to the enhancement of criminal and corrupt activities and will not be used in any meaningful way to improve housing standards.

K&C TMO Structure For the ************ ********* Estate

This is actually split between two separate organisations: the K&C TMO and the *********** ********** Estate Management Board (EMB) each of whom report directly to the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBK&C). I have this documented in writing from a former Chair of the EMB stating that they were created by and responsble to the RBK&C and not the K&C TMO.

Therefore, there is one organisation with accountability and responsibility but no power (K&C TMO) and another organisation with power but no accountability and responsibility (EMB). On numerous occasions I have had to go back to the RBK&C to address issues of crime, safety and health because of this split and the apparent turf turmoil which resulted. While there are a K&C TMO Area Management and Estate Officer "seconded" to the EMB, it is the EMB which makes its own decisions and carries out what it wants to accomplish as has been my direct experience in the past. This wearing of two hats by these people puts them into a position of powerless responsibility and accountability. The K&C TMO comes out appearing and acting like a front organisation for facade management to put the proper gloss on the management structure while the EMB carries on in its own way without regard for responsibility and accountability.

Further, to this has been the more recent creation of a Residents Association headed by a former EMB Chair who was a short lived successor to the one referred to above. The K&C TMO made the bold statement in writing while setting up the Residents Association by noting that it might seem strange to create another tenant organisation within a structure that already had two of them but such was the case because a Residents Association could do things which the K&C TMO was restrained from doing. In my experience this has come to mean criminal, unlawful, anti-social and nuisance behaviour.

Therefore, there really are four organisation now involved in the management of the ********** ******** Estate: RBK&C, K&C TMO, EMB and the Residents Association. Nothing gets done. Issues of serious crime, health and safety which I brought to the attention of them in 1996 and 1997 are still outstanding because the management is illusionary and not effective. They go around in circles doing the same ineffective thing without getting anything done because they are bogged down in not only the same repeating problem but their own creation of problems to try to stop people like me from addressing the real source of the problems. Thus, it is management to stop the reporting of critical issues and drive out those who report crime, health and safety issues. This is what tenant management means in this environment.

Some Specifics

1. Driving and parking [on the Estate] including inside the building motor vehicles (motor scooters, bikes and mopeds).

Motor Scooter Parked Inside the Building
These are driven in and out of the building to park inside.

2. Inadequate rubbish disposable facilities which are not used by the tenants because the chutes are too small. The safety door remains off one of these posing a danger for children. These are fire and health hasards.

Feeding the Rats
Just inside teh front door this overnight rubbish accumulation constitues fire and health hasard.

3. Sky light opening windows which do not close as occurred only last Monday morning leaving standing water throughout the building. These were in a locked open position for two years recently letting in all the elements of rain and cold daily during recent periods of extreme weather.

Rain Water Standing Across Stairs Bottom
Reflects open skylights above that let in the rain all night

Four Open Windows in One Skylight
These skylights are set every so often affecting hundreds of flats in three buildings

4. Front door locking mechanism and intercom system.

From my correspondence to the Prime Minister on Monday, 21st April 2003:

"The 24/7 surveillance activity initiated by tenant management 55 months ago ignores health and safety issues involving motor vehicle operation and parking on the ********** ********* Estate and inside the residential building. It completely ignores the virtual daily overnight accumulation of rubbish on the floor in front of the rubbish chutes. All of this activity involving great time and expense resource redirection has been concentrated against me for having reported these problems among others of nuisance, anti-social and criminal behaviour. . . .

"I addressed the rubbish disposal problem in 1997 as I did the motor vehicle operating and parking problem for some six months from April through October. At that time there was much publicity regarding rat infestation especially in North Kensington where it was noted as quite serious with some BT maintenance personnel apparently refusing to repair lines underground due to the rats.

"This problem was not addressed properly in 1997 despite notification to the Council's Chief Executive and a "phoney" inspection by its Environment Health Department. There was a cover up of the problem and nonsensical procedures adopted to address it without first addressing the basic problem that the facilities were inadequate for this multiple dwelling unit environment with its large flats, families and refuse disposal needs. The tenant management decision to inspect each and every one of these bags to try to identify the owners of the rubbish was a silly waste of time and could be seen from the outset that it would never be done.

"Recent reports have noted that the rat population has increased by some 25% throughout the country in the past two years to some 60 million rats nationwide. There is little doubt where a major contributing factor of this problem comes from here in North Kensington. That rubbish accumulation on the floors by the rubbish chutes is a nightly occurrence and this huge amount is a weekend occurrence. It also occurs on the 3rd floor chute area directly above the one noted on the second floor thus providing a means for a fire to start and/or quickly spread further."

I went on further describing to the Prime Minister in that same letter that:

"Criminal Vigilante Behaviour Drives Tenant Management"

"The key issue is that I have been subjected to intense criminal harassment based upon false allegations and made possible by surveillance technology in the hands of the tenants and general public for 55 months at least. This has come from those in flat ****** below whom I reported to the Council for their child abuse in May 1998. The whole effort, time and expense from tenant management has been directed against me during all of these years to stop me from documenting and reporting these nuisance, anti-social, health, safety and criminal problems.

"Those in significant positions of tenant management have worked directly with those associated with flat ****** below for all these years to have me removed by force and violence from my home. This included a solid month of 24/7 repeated attempts by the police to do so in December 1999/January 2000 based upon the false allegations from these people. At the same time every effort has been made to discredit what I report using false allegations of mental illness as a weapon to do so. The original false allegation has changed to that of mental illness when neither one has had any substance to support it.

"Tenant Maangement Cover Up Started It All

"There has been a consistent effort by tenant management to create the illusion of good management by covering up problems and destroying those who would dissent and try to bring the truth to light. As can be seen in my situation, this has escalated to an extreme that boggles the mind. There was no doubt that tenant management was the driving force behind this activity from July 1998 onwards. This was especially noted in December 1999, but has been characteristic of all that has happened all along with a major direct participation by tenant management including people from all over coming to this spot to engage in what was an apparent "learning" experience acting as observers. Is it clear to everyone that this learning experience was carried out in support of nuisance, anti-social and criminal behaviour as well as crime and gun proliferation in North Kensington and greater London?"

Again from a recent letter to the Prime Minister on 15th April 2003 with the subject:

"Re Slum Lord Tenant Management More Like Iraq

"Enclosed is a copy of a fax sent to the Chief Executive of the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [omitted here]. This is the Borough that is trying for 36 million from the Government for its tenant managed housing. I submit that they are out of control reflecting abuses of power that are more appropriate to a slum lord and not a government. Such funding will only reinforce mismanagement and vigilante behaviour developing a criminal and anti-social environment as has existed for the past seven years of my residency in the ********** ******** Estate. The enclosed correspondence continues to reflect this problem.

"Criminal harassment comes in many forms. Failure to repair and brutal treatment including attempted murder sound more like what might have been happening in Iraq rather than North Kensington. Just short of five years ago my balcony was left in a state of disrepair and a burglar smashed bathroom window at the same time have been ignored. Despite bringing this into the High Court two years ago as part of a harassment complaint, these items remain unrepaired.

All 84 Balcony Floor Tiles Remvoed
Outside access balcony tile removal on or about 5th June 1998 left unrepaired

Bathroom Window Smashed in Burglary Attempt
Still unrepaired from burglary attempt while at home 3rd June 1998

"Now, the TMO delegates an investigation to the very Estate Officer responsible for these failures and who has directly participated in the tenant management organised criminal harassment against me in the interim. No objectivity can be expected.

"A cover up is once again most likely to be the result as occurred in about June 2000. After some 80 or so daily logs were faxed to the Council Chief Executive in March, April, May and June 2000 to provide complete diary/log information of what was happening, the reply from the TMO Area Manager was that he could not substantiate my allegations despite very obvious anti-social and nuisance behaviour as well as criminal harassment. Since tenant management was a participant in this activity, it was no surprise that such communication would be forthcoming.

"This reflects power given to those who abuse it for their own corrupt self interest. In this situation that power is directed toward building the tenant management organisation at the expense of people like me who have reported crime, anti-social and nuisance behaviour. These are those who cover up crimes by the bullying criminal to make themselves appear to be effective managers and bury problems so that they do no come to light and are, therefore, not solved.

"This is why they all persist to this day. They try to blame others like me for their own problems. This is a management who attacks the honest and decent in order to carry on with their own brand of vigilantism. It reflects the worst type of scapegoat psychology possible seeking and creating a common enemy to unify others and portray themselves as the organisation people have to go to in order to solve their problems. The worst elements step forward in their ignorance with their bigotry, hatred and violence to vent their rage on innocence. This is management that condones and generates mass hysteria itself.

"Here is a fabrication of allegations to demonstrate to all others that they have the power to destroy life regardless of truth. It reeks of the Saddam Hussein regime against which an army was sent from this country to destroy, yet in the very heart of the capital of this country the same repression, terror, torture, torment, incitement and interrogation flourishes carried out by Her Majesty's Government. Surveillance technology is used to create false allegations against me in order to use this as an example to force others to not report crime and corruption. Everything is done to stop me from reporting what is happening. That has been the foundation of this criminal harassment since its inception.

"Worse this tenant management continues try to gain information about what is reported to the police to use that in an effort to cover up. That was the question to which I replied in my enclosed correspondence. This group of tenant management wants all the information to come to themselves to control it and protect those who support their power based upon corruption. To try to maintain power criminally is corruption. There is a distortion of what I report even when I write it in order to make it appear as if I am not accurately reporting events. This is why I put it all in writing. When I see people faking it, that is the clue to write it all down. This is why I've been doing this for years since the beginning.

"Here is a brief summary of what has been done. It is not exhaustive. All of this was in the hands of tenants, members of the general public and tenant management to be used for criminal harassment in order to pervert the course of justice:

1. failure to repair in June 1998;

2. total surveillance based on trumped up allegations commencing in August/September 1998;

3. sewage water sampling commencing in December 1999 three months after my first correspondence to you;

4. intake water rerouted for surreptitious medication to incapacitate commencing at some unknown point after December 1999 but in place for years;

5. ultra sound photography commencing in December 1999;

6. total computer technology surveillance commencing in August/September 1998 then enhanced at the beginning of 2001 about the time High Court proceedings were undertaken;

7. tracking me in my flat with electromagnetic radiation imaging and starlight cameras commencing in August/September 1999;

8. audio surveillance commencing in August/September 1998 then enhanced in December 1999 with complete sound detection "boxes" surrounding the living room baseboards from flat ****** below; and

9. brainwave monitoring and feedback activity commencing near the beginning of 2001 again simultaneous with the commencement of High Court proceedings.

"They did not like the fact that I communicated accurately and honestly to all those in positions of authority and responsibility including yourself those problems which needed to be addressed to protect the safety and health of all in this environment. Then they did not like my addressing the matter in the High Court. Every effort has been made to destroy all of my activity and discredit what I communicate. It has failed."

Personal Injuries

Details of some of the above can be found in the web site noted at the beginning of this correspondence. The personal injuries include cataracts which commenced with the serious eye deterioration in September 1998 coincident with the electro magnetic radiation imaging technology used to track me in my flat. This deterioration was medically tracked for two years until the cataract diagnosis was made in December 2000.

The 24/7 criminal harassment driven by surveillance technology in the hands of the tenants and/or their close relatives has prevented me from getting the appropriate cataract surgical treatment for the past two plus years, and I am getting progressively blind. Steps are now being initiated by myself to obtain this surgery shortly. The communication to the Prime Minister is to address the ongoing problem which adds risk to such surgery that I anticipate will be ended in the near future for the allegations are totally false, unsubstantiated and this surveillance has gone on now for at least 56 months with no result.

I am a former cancer patient [and have no lymph nodes in my right shoulder]. Again coincident with the beginning of the surveillance as described above in August/September 1998, there was an excessive swelling in my right forearm and hand which persists to this day. This could be debilitating but has not yet. There was a positive biopsy in June 1998 at the beginning of this five year period. So far there has been no further cancer noted including a more recent biopsy last August 2002 which proved to be negative. The electro magnetic radiation constitutes a high risk for such cancer as I experienced.

Both of these conditions are under care by clinics at St Mary's hospital. There has been no regard for my health in the use and experimentation in the use of newly developed surveillance technology which has created further personal injuries and their further risk. This all has been the direct result of tenant management and this particular fragmented and fractured management structure as described at the beginning of this correspondence.

Money will not solve these problems. These are management problems that must be solved by intelligent management and the adherence to fundamental standards or good management. Giving more money to such a management will only perpetuate the mismanagement which has occurred and lead to further harm accruing to both this environment and the community at large. There is a great deal of detail and issues involved in this, but I have endeavoured to keep this as short as possible so that some form of cogent overview can be communicated. Some of the more recent experience to shut me down during the past two years is also noted in the web site described above which I urge you to read carefully.

I also want to point out that these five years of activity has seen great waste of time and financial resources from other Government departments including the emergency services who have made thousands of emergency calls based upon this hoax. It is no wonder that the police cannot function properly. I urge that you initiate a broader audit investigation to determine the extent of the waste this has incurred to the detriment of the taxpayer and society at large.

Yours sincerely

/s/ Gary D Chance

Monday, 12th May 2003
******* ********
Housing Research and Operations Officer
Audit Commission Housing Inspectorate
33 Greycoat Street
London SW1FP 2QF By Post (w/ Photos) and Fax 0207 463 3456

Dear Mr **********

Re Audit Commission Inspection of the RBK&C TMO's ALMO

Thank you for your letter of 6th May 2003 in response to my Email and posted (w/ photos) letter of 2nd May 2003.

I was seeking to inform as regards to the overall tenant management structure, decision taking and effectiveness as it impacted me directly and tenants in general in my seven years experience. I was not seeking an appointment for inspection because I cannot admit anyone to the premises at present due to the 24/7 very intense surveillance to which I am being subjected in my home. At the end of this correspondence, there is a copy of a letter which I faxed to a RBK&C TMO agent regarding the request for an inspection tomorrow Tuesday, 13th May 2003, where I had to decline such an inspection at the present time pending the termination of this life threatening surveillance with its continuous threats of death and violence associated with demands for my forced and violent removal from my home. This is in and of itself life threatening against the background of all that has gone on 24/7 for the past five years including surveillance technology driven stalking and harassment for the past 56 months out of that 60 month period.

Thursday evening, 8th May 2003, after I sent the enclosed fax, I was subjected to very intense criminal harassment including threats of death and violence. On both Saturday and Sunday of the past weekend this very intense criminal harassment emphasising my violent and forced removal from my home was continuous. This and all correspondence which I read and write is subjected to complete surveillance while I am in the act of such reading and writing noting exactly what I am doing and thereby raises the intensity of this criminal harassment when I am writing to address this problem as I am doing with the Audio Commission. This was noted explicitly over the weekend with a comment about the potential "scandal" that was involved.

Although I appreciate your comments with regard to bringing this to the attention of the Local Government Ombudsman, I am not certain that such communication would solve this particular problem and its series of complaints All my correspondence goes to the distribution list noted below as did my letter of 2nd May 2003 sent to the Audit Commission. I have also published that letter on my web site


on a page entitled Abuse of Power for 36 Million which is right at the top of the web page listings for easy access by clicking on it. There you will find the colour photographs I sent you in black and white plus my broken bathroom window. You will also note additional photographs taken Friday and Saturday morning, 9th and 10th May 2003, included as well.

My purpose in providing specific information is to reflect the failure of the tenant management process and not to address the specific problems themselves. The Audit Commission is not the organisation for such problem solving, but as I judge, is the organisation to address as you put it quite succinctly "the areas of housing management and governance." This is precisely what I sought to address in my letter backing up my general comments about the failure of tenant management with these specific examples.

I am pointing out that there is not an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) with regard to the RBK&C TMO, and that there is the *********** ********* ********* Management Board (EMB) which was directly created by the RBK&C thus breaching that ALMO status. This is one key source of the tenant management problem.

A former Chair of the EMB repudiated the managerial validity and relevance of the RBK&C TMO to me in writing telling me that the EMB was created by the RBK&C, that the EMB was responsible to the RBK&C and that the EMB had nothing to do with the RBK&C TMO except for two officers seconded to the EMB (the Estate Officer and Area Manager). This is why I concluded that the RBK&C TMO has responsibility but no power and the EMB has power but no responsibility. The EMB makes the tenant management decision about what gets done on the ********** ********** Estate and the RBK&C TMO has nothing to do with this whatsoever.

This was and is an obvious power struggle which has worked to the detriment to all tenants in this environment. What I described were ineffective decisions made by the EMB in 1997 which are still in place after all these years of safety and health threats to the tenants in this environment. In fact, just very recently these policy decisions were reinforced to me by the Area Manager in writing as still operative despite all these years of being ineffective. These pertained to front door lock operation, motor vehicle operation and parking on the Estate and the rubbish disposal facilities.

Rubbish Disposal Facilities

Further to my previous comments is a photograph (sent by post on published on the web site as noted) of an apparent fire in the rubbish disposal bin located in the basement of ********** ********. I emphasise the word "apparent" because I do not know specifically if this was the source of the fire which was obvious from the fire damage on the outside of the building as shown.

Fire in the Basement Rubbish Bin
This was apparently a serious fire in the rubbish accumulation bin in the bsement which vented here

The Basement Fire Under Several Floors of Flats
The rubbish chutes from each floor feed into a basement accumulation bin with an obvious fire hasard

There have been at least two fire incidents of the rubbish disposal bins located in the basements where the rubbish chutes feeds the rubbish. On the morning of 31st December 1996 I personally witnessed such a fire from the rubbish bin in the basement area below by noting smoke coming out of the rubbish chute. I turned in the alarm calling the Fire Brigade and waited outside to direct them to the fire. Fortunately, they were too smart for me and entered the area by means of the road under the building. Although I caught it quickly by accident upon leaving my flat that morning, the smoke quickly accumulated which provided a frightening scenario of what might happen if such a fire occurred in the middle of the night. The Fire Brigade arrived promptly extinguishing the fire. I sent a fax to the Estate Officer immediately noting all that happened for their information and insurance purposes.

Later there was a fire in the rubbish bin in ******** ******* which was reported in the periodic newsletter. Reference was made about tenant concern with regard to the fear that was generated by the rapidly accumulating smoke. Pamphlets were described as obtained from the Fire Brigade and distributed to the residents in ********** *********. The rest of us were told to apply for them. This struck me as what I was characterising as ********** ********** centric management. There had been a fire in this location too, but no such Fire Brigade pamphlets were distributed.

Sometime later I noted the blackened brick wall in an area of ********** ******* that looked like it had vented out of the basement in an area which could likely have been the rubbish bin area of the basement. I do not know this for a fact. I have never been inside ********* ******** but bring this to your attention for verification as a point of investigation as regards to housing management. The issue remains that the rubbish accumulation on the floors by the rubbish chutes and by the front door constitute a safety threat from fire which is quite serious. I believe that this is an overall issue relating to tenant management which existed in 1997 and which exists this very day. There has been no improvement or reduced safety and health threat to the tenants.

Motor Vehicle Operation and Parking on the Estate

The same is true with regard to this safety threat to the tenants and any who use the footpaths on the Estate. The ineffective policy which was instituted in 1997 was also reiterate quite recently. There has been no effort at all to post any signs at key entrance/exit and parking points to make it explicitly clear that this activity was forbidden. Instead, in September 1997 there were two signs posted in the circular area between the entrances to *********** and ********** ******* which said "Parking of Motor Bikes is Prohibited in This Area." This implies that it is possible to park them elsewhere. There is no clearly stated, publicly displayed sign prohibiting operating and parking motor vehicles on the Estate. The policy adopted in 1997 to deal with this problem is the same one which was recently reiterated to me in writing by the Area Manager. It too has been ineffective.

Only Specifies This Area Not the Whole Estate
Loacated near the front door entrance where inside such parking continues inside the building

In fact, I only learned that there was a regulation that parking and operating motor vehicles on the Estate was totally prohibited in a letter received from the RBK&C TMO during a Notting Hill Carnival period subsequent to 1997. I was so surprised to see this clearly articulated regulation that I sent along a letter noting this. This once again reinforced for me that the RBK&C TMO had responsibility but no power while the EMB had power but no responsibility for this important regulation had not been generally made known by the EMB. Thus, the EMB was able in operation to establish its own rules and regulations in actual practice which was reflected by the wording of the sign that was posted.

What is worse is that the similar interest of a few were addressed c 1997 as regards to the limited number of vehicle parking places being made available. There are two such areas: in ********* ****** and on the road approach to ******* ********. This road was resurfaced with asphalt c 1997. Parking places were outlined and numbered. Signs were erected on posts along the side of this road indicating that anyone parking in these reserved parking places would be clamped. The same was true for the Verity Close parking area but without the resurfacing as I noted at that time. This was an extensive and expensive activity undertaken to preserve the parking places for a few tenants out of the hundreds who live in this Estate.

My great complaint at that time was the fact that this effort for parking places was put forth for the few while the safety of the many was ignored and deliberately disregarded by the failure to take similar steps to prevent motor vehicle operation and parking on the Estate proper. The problem persists to this day and reflects the misallocation of funds for the benefit of the few while failing to take care of the Estate at large with respect to a similar problem. It has been my experience that this is characteristic of tenant management.

Feeding the Pigeons

There has been much effort made to address the feeding of pigeons at least by sending out several letters including one recently to everyone with regard to this problem. It is indeed a serious problem and should be curtailed. However, there must be a consistent effort made toward the rubbish problem as well because that failure creates a disposition by everyone to disregard proper rubbish disposal which then gets strewn about the Estate.

There is a photograph of the pigeons feeding on such rubbish left about in the circular area between ********* ******* and ********** *******. The first photograph shows the entrance to this end of ********** ******* with the above noted motor bike prohibition sign. Directly under that sign is a bag of rubbish. Also strewn about are the packaging and rubbish from fast food eating including drink cans and bottles. The pigeons are obvious in both photographs. There were far more when I first walked into the area to take these photos, but they flew off immediately. Also, there was a significant amount of pigeon excrement on the walls of this area indicating that this was a permanent place for pigeon activity and effectively making it very unattractive and potentially hasardous to general human use.

Rubbish Left Outside Feeds Pigeons, Mice and Rats
Inadequate rubbish disposal facilities contributes to an overal disreard for proper sanitation

Rubbish Outside Front Door Where Staked on Floor
Strewn about rubbish results from inadequate disposal facilities and tenant management policy

My point in this is that the inadequate rubbish disposal just inside the front door (noted on the upper left of the photo) where a significant amount of rubbish remains on the floor overnight encouraging and contributing to an overall attitude of disregard to proper rubbish disposal which quite literally spills over into the outside areas. While this problem is placed on the tenants as its source, it must be recognised that the facilities are inadequate and basically create the problem. That must be addressed first. Then the problem with regard to individual rubbish disposal can be addressed.

Balcony Disrepair for Almost Five Years

My point with this issue is that it too reflects the failure of tenant management to effectively repair. Not only were there failures of the contractor and Council surveyor to make initial appointments, but the Council surveyor agreed repair method by outside access has not been accomplished by the EMB. An outside access had removed all 84 tiles from the balcony when it was stated to me in writing that only six or so would be removed for the repair. Subsequently, the Council surveyor noted this extensive damage which was way beyond his own appraisal of six or so tiles removed at the end by the pipe to repair. He agreed that an outside access would be accomplished to complete the repair.

In this manner there would be no worry about scheduling with me, and I did not have to wait for someone who did not show up. Several months later as the surveillance activity was being started against me, the EMB Chair wrote to me about further inspections and repair requesting inside access. It had been inspected twice: initially and after all 84 tiles were removed. At that point after the agreement with the Council surveyor with regard to outside access, it was understood that anyone could access the balcony at anytime to complete the works and do whatever was needed including further inspections. This outside access had already been done. Nothing has been done further now in almost five years. This is a problem which results directly from tenant management and explicitly the EMB which has power but no responsibility as was evident here. This was just gross mismanagement as far as I was concerned. I saw it as deliberately perverse and punishment by denying me use of the balcony due to disrepair.

Front Door Lock Repair Problems

I occupied my flat on 13th May 1996. A month later in mid-June 1996 I noted that the electronic front door locking mechanism had been vandalised. I wrote out a description of what had happened and hand delivered it to ******** ******* where the Estate offices were located first thing in the morning as soon as I discovered the vandalism. I gave the envelope to the buildings manager who happened to be present. I explained what had happened. He replied that it was the parents of the children who were responsible for controlling their kids, and that they could do without this front door lock until this problem was solved.

I was aghast at the fact that he proposed punishing all the tenants in regard to such an important issue as building security and the front door lock. This is why I wrote out what the problem was and walked over to ******** ******** immediately to get it solved as quickly as possible. It was not repaired until 1st November 1996 some four and one-half months later. It just so happened that I was leaving the building when the contractor was replacing the vandalised front door lock mechanism. He asked me to help him test which I gladly did. I asked why it had taken so long for the repair. He said that it takes four to six weeks to get the parts. There had also been a contractor selection process involved, but I thought that four and one-half months to repair such a crucial locking mechanism was a reflection of terrible management.

Further there had been the threat to withhold the locking mechanism until those responsible could be identified. The Area Manager had sent out a letter to this effect during this four and one-half month period. I took his letter and the failed repair as an implied threat which was consistent with what the buildings manager had already indicated. Worst of all was the fact that I witnessed an apparent rape and attempted murder from my kitchen window on the night of the Notting Hill Carnival at the end of August 1996 while the front door lock was inoperable. I reported this to the police while it was happening. The police never arrived at the scene of the crime due to the congestion from the Carnival traffic. This just demonstrated to me how important having a fully operational front door lock was for the security of all the residents here.

This front door lock has been out several times since then for extended periods of time and during times when there was crime on the Estate in this area. It was out for about six weeks five years ago when there was the burglary attempt on my flat as noted. Recent correspondence from the Area Manager expressed regret that the front door lock had been out recently but stated that it took considerable time to get repair parts. There was a large lettered noted on the front door access plate telling all the world that "Intercom Not Working/Does Not Ring in Flats/Broken" as noted in the photograph.

Front Door Buzzer Out Early in 2003
A sign telling everyone that the intercom system does not work in thsi high crime environment

When this happened once before, I took serious exception to the fact that the front door lock was deliberately made inoperable until such time as it could be fixed. This took about six weeks as I recall. I am not certain if this was the same period when a major police operation took place. One such police operation did occur while the front door lock was inoperable. I was most vocal in my writing about these periods when the door lock was inoperable for very valid reasons as could be seen from the crime which I had witnessed, crime directly experienced and then noted a massive police operation outside my front window chasing down someone. It is extremely important to repair the front door lock forthwith and to be able to do so immediately.

Tenant Management Punishes Tenants

This was apparently the case seven years ago when the tenants were apparently blackmailed by keeping the front door lock in a state of disrepair for four and one-half months. My balcony has been kept in a state of disrepair for five years. My bathroom window still needs repair from the burglary attempt five years ago. This latter is a problem relating to an initial failure to read or deliberately ignore correspondence followed by an appointment for repair scheduled a couple years ago without my knowledge after High Court processing. I was not informed about a scheduled repair until the afternoon before the morning of the repair when a letter was hand delivered at 4:30 pm which had been dated the preceding week. This was not reasonable notice, and there was no way I could notify anyone at that time that I was unable to be present the next morning.

However, these "punishment" activities are a drop in the ocean when compared with the surveillance technology driven criminal harassment where the tenants had access to and use of the surveillance technology with full participation by key members of tenant management. What was critically important was the fact that all my correspondence activity and documenting all that has been going on for the past five years and prior to this has been accessed and is accessible to the tenants, general public and tenant management. All that I wrote was read as it is at the present time. This information was passed along. In fact, it was often shouted outside into the public arena by these people.

Every effort was made to attack me and what I was writing and documenting in order to intimidate me and try to stop my reporting what was actually going on. This has gone on for 24/7 and exists to this day and very minute. Every effort is made to stop me from documenting and reporting this activity. Noting what I was doing has been verbally made so that I could hear it including my files and where records were electronically stored for the purpose of future access.

This has been done in an effort to pervert the course of justice in order to cover up the documentation and reporting of the criminal activity. This is why there is such an intense effort at present to get me removed by force and violence from my home so that my files can be accessed. All of the documentation for all of this activity throughout all the years of my tenancy since 13th May 1996 are known as I report it in this and other similar correspondence. The ability to see all that I have done and do with computer technology makes the complete invasion of all this activity possible. This is described in my web site. In other words tenant management has been engaged in an extensive criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice the least of which has been to cover up mismanagement and maladministration.

The RBK&C Brochure "Opening the door . . ."

Also over the weekend a small glossy brochure was hand delivered from the RBK&C entitled "Opening the door . . ." focussing on the inspection rating which will be necessary to obtain the 36 million from the Government. I noted that it explained the recent change to ALMO status a year ago. Further it started by noting "Government inspectors are about to start checking every aspect of the housing service, from the speed with which repairs are carried out to the way anti-social behaviour is dealt with." I have noted the repair issue above.

The anti-social element is a complete and total failure. In fact, tenant management has supported the criminal bully to the detriment of all those who reside in the Estate in my situation. It has been tenant management which started this process and allows it to continue. This is a gargantuan story far too long to tackle here. But even nuisance activity such as very excessive dog barking cannot be dealt with effectively.

The effect of the surveillance technology driven criminal harassment is to deny you the opportunity to interview me if you so chose. However, it leaves the "Door open" for those who are carrying out the repressive surveillance to be free to misrepresent the true nature of this situation to you if you choose to talk with them. As noted I cannot admit anyone to my flat. They can. They are keeping me from doing so. Anything you get by direct inspection will be prejudiced at the start and skewed away from objectivity and balance.

This "Opening the door . . ." brochure notes that the ALMO was formed a year ago to improve the quality of services and management. I maintain that at present this one year has shown no improvement whatsoever. In fact, in my experience it continues to get worse and at the very least only maintains the same ineffective policy decisions taken in 1996 and 1997 when I first occupied the premises despite the fact that these have been long noted as failed policies.

Money is not the solution to this problem. I believe that the money will only be misspent at best and channelled into further criminal activity at worst. This is a problem that involves the failure of character of management and duplicity. The structure is flawed in the extreme. The power struggles and conflicts are obvious and prevent essential services and effective management from being accomplished. Until these problems are addressed and cured, any funds will just be lost in the power struggle conflict.

It is my observation, documentation and reporting that management problems endemic to tenant management are the source of the problems. These must first be shown to be corrected with effective results. So far that has not been the case, and it has not even been the case during the past year. This is most noted by the fact that I am a prisoner in my own home, totally subjected to intense verbal abuse of the most atrocious kind 24/7 attacking all my activities to create what does not exist. It reflects the fact that tenant management has apparently promised my home to the daughter of the tenant in the flat below who participates in the surveillance technology driven criminal harassment 24/7 with full access to all of the surveillance technology for the purpose of perverting the course of justice and to secure an unlawful eviction by criminal means.

As I write this, I am being attacked for its contents. This is what tenant management has become, and this is what it is in North Kensington. Money will not solve this problem but make it worse by reinforcing a bad management structure and operation. These must be cured first from within. The RBK&C TMO ALMO must be given more time to see if it can generate effective management.

Unfortunately, for these reasons I will not be "Opening the door . . . " and have to write to explain why.

Yours sincerely

/s/ Gary D Chance

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Thursday, 8th May 2003

Service Department
************ ************ *********** ******
*********** ************
******** ******** ********
London **** *** BY FAX ***** *** ****

Dear Sir or Madam

Re Gas Safety Check Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea TMO

Thank you for your letter of 6th May 2003 which I received today.

It will not be convenient for your proposed gas safety check to be carried out on Tuesday, 13th May 2003 PM.

I am currently subjected to 24/7 surveillance technology driven criminal harassment about which tenant management is aware and in which tenant management is involved. This involves continuous death threats, threats of violence and criminal vigilante incitements to remove me from my home by force and violence.

Every aspect of my life and its activity inside my flat is already subjected to complete and total surveillance monitoring so that all that I do is already "inspected" minute-by-minute about which I am intentionally made aware for the criminal objective of terror, torture, torment, incitement and interrogation. The video and audio surveillance activity which is only a part of all that is accomplished reveals all about my activity and all interior aspect of my flat. Therefore, if there were any problems at present with the gas facilities, that would be readily observed and noted by those carrying on the surveillance activity 24/7 which includes tenant management.

This has been going on for the past five years since I brought to the attention of the authorities the child abuse in the flat below mine to protect the lives of the two children subjected to intense life threatening physical abuse. Those involved embarked on a campaign of retaliation and revenge for my having brought this to the attention of the authorities by engaging in such fabrications against me as to enable themselves to obtain the utilisation of surveillance technology starting 56 months ago.

Although a non-resident, the mother of the two abused children who were at risk is the daughter of the tenant in the flat below and has been totally involved by leading the criminal harassment campaign against me for all these years. Most especially she has had access to the surveillance technology directly to fabricate allegations and is completely involved in such surveillance activity 24/7 to this very day. She sought and seeks possession of this flat as has apparently been promised to her by tenant management. Therefore, the fabrications and threats described continue throughout each and every day 24/7 minute-by-minute.

Due to the direct involvement of tenant management in the surveillance activity by these tenants, members of the general public and tenant managers themselves, any such inspection is precluded at the present time until the surveillance driven criminal harassment is brought to an end. Continuous threats and incitements to enter this flat to remove me by force and violence based upon fabricated allegations makes it imperative that I maintain careful security as regards to all attempted access especially by those who represent tenant management until such time as this entire matter can be brought under the protection of the courts to ensure that my human and civil rights are protected against this vigilantism and abuse of power.

I will contact you as regards to a suitable date for such an inspection which I hope will be in the near future. I have made every conceivable effort to bring this matter to the attention of the proper authorities to seek its cure and have also applied to the High Court over two years ago. The surveillance driven criminal harassment has been so severe that such legal processing was disrupted and effectively stopped. The matter remains outstanding, and I anticipate that steps will be taken to cure this abuse of power in the near future.

In the meantime, I would ask that your representative not attempt to gain access to my flat due to the circumstances described above. Each such attempt only reinforces the criminal harassment that others are trying to carry out. I am entitled to live free of such fear of violence in my own home, and until I can do so, I will have to limit access.

Rest assured that there is in effect an ongoing and unrelenting "inspection" of the entire premises with access made during my absence so that inspections are actually being made continuously. So much has been done that nothing is left uninspected. Any further scheduled inspections only look like attempts to access the flat which are unnecessary under these circumstances at the present time.

Yours sincerely

/s/ GaryD Chance

cc Gordon Perry, Chief Executive, RBK&C TMO

Copyright 1996 - 2004 by Gary D Chance

All rights reserved

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