Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Letter to the Prime Minister
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Thursday, 23rd September 1999

The Right Honourable Tony Blair
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
BY FAX AND POST 0171 925 0918

Dear Mr Prime Minister

This comes to your office for three reasons:

1. To provide insight into pending child abuse legislation regarding protection for those who blow the whistle on child abusers from an actual situation which is life threatening;

2. To address one of the most incredible experiences of total invasion of privacy in order to make it known so that it can be dealt with properly and swiftly both to alleviate the current invasion and provide impetus for legislation to ensure public protection; and

3. To address the failure of local government administration with regard to complete administrative failures to both provide adequate public services and law enforcement.

The child abuse reporting and retaliation harassment are now 16 months old embracing the total invasion of privacy for well over 12 months of that period which facilitates the harassment and makes it both invisible and highly effective. This experience highlights the failure of local government ************* ********* *********** *********** to administer Tenant Management in any effective way in this situation and reveals the deliberate avoidance of responsibility in such management which has been in evidence repeatedly over three years. At the same time it reflects the failure of law enforcement ********* ************ to deal effectively with the child abuse, its subsequent retaliatory harassment and life threatening actions taken against this correspondent as a result. As with the local Council's failure to properly administer the management of its Council Estate *********** ************, the ************ Police failure to provide law enforcement protection for the public on an objective, competent basis has extended over a three year period and is highlighted by this devastating situation which has existed for a period of three years as well. There is also the apparent failure of the Department of Social Services to adequately deal with this matter as well with regard to the child abuse problem.

This communication is addressed to you in your role as Chief Civil Servant because these numerous and quite serious failures in government services cover several departments of government as well as local administration and most critically law enforcement public safety protection as well as including privacy protection for both personal and corporate entities. After seeking relief from these various governmental agencies over an extended period of time repeatedly and without success, I bring this to your attention as a last resort having nowhere else to turn. The direct relief sought in this particular situation has extended over the 16 month period with a pattern of similar negligence and incompetence examples extending over a period of some 40 months. It is not lightly that I communicate this to your office, and it is undertaken with a great deal of background information and documentation all of which cannot be transmitted. This communication seeks to highlight the issues and looks forward to being able to preserve and protect the documentary evidence in its complete state which is under constant threat of being destroyed while seeking to find the appropriate person(s) to whom it might be presented in its entirety.

At the foundation of this correspondence is the welfare of children who, I believe, remain at risk although since I have brought the matter to the attention of the authorities some 16 months ago, much of the anger and rage which were formerly directed at these children has been directed at me instead with obvious success in the face of the failure of local government and the ************ Police to adequately deal with the problem. Throughout this period I have had two potentially crippling afflictions to deal with and one that was possibly life threatening. I have made every effort despite intense harassment to cope with these conditions to preserve and protect my life, yet one of them threatens to permanently disable me at present while the second which had improved considerably with care is now getting worse again. The life threatening problem will always remain an unknown, but its risk is intensified by the ongoing harassment and failure of official agencies to bring it to an end. These personal threatening problems are:

1. Diplopia (Double Vision): commenced 2nd February 1998 and treated concurrent with the child abuse retaliation from May 1998 through December 1998 at ********** *********** Hospital. Originally measured as a 14 diopter disassociation in sight images in April 1998, this was reduced to a 5 diopter disassociation when discharged in December 1998. My self-care activity despite the extensive harassment throughout the latter half of 1998 during the period of recovery and throughout this year has, after proving quite effective in conjunction with treatment, [has] now begun to regress due to the ongoing and unceasing harassment and my diplopia (double vision) is worsening.

2. Lymph Oedema (Right Arm): former cancer surgery removed all the lymph nodes under my right arm. Although I have been able to effectively manage the swelling to keep it well under control, that has taken the turn for the worse during the past 12 plus months coincident with the intense harassment of this period. Recently it has gotten so bad as to be on the verge of disabling my right arm for all practical usage. I originally obtained this Council flat on the basis of this key medical problem in order to keep it under control which I have been able to do until the harassment in its extreme began over 12 months ago. I have always been able to manage it effectively, but now it is out of my control. There is no "cure" for it; only effective management which has been denied me by the continuing harassment.

3. Malignant Biopsy (Bowen's Disease Centre of Chest): very fortunately a biopsy taken on 5th June 1998 was at a non-invasive stage since it was caught promptly at the ********** *********** clinic. This was the 7th of such biops[ies] performed over a two year period. Each of the others was negative. My immune system had been weakened before, in my judgment, by life events yielding these various growths one of which was malignant. I have just had my third similar examination in the past 15 months with no further biopsies needed to be taken. This situation is very gratifying, and I want to keep it this way. The incessant harassment and the failure of those in authority who are charged with the responsibility to effectively deal with such matters have, however, failed to even consider the information thoroughly thus putting my life at risk from a possible onset of a malignancy.

The key point for bringing this to your attention is the nature of the harassment activity which, at first glance, is mind boggling and unbelievable. I have lived with it on a daily basis and kept a complete and thorough diary record of all that has occurred. That record is thousands of pages long and has left me, the most critical of scrutinisers, convinced with well documented evidence that the following is true:

1. An electromagnetic imagining device (Radar) is being used in the flat above to track my every movement throughout my flat in all my rooms day and night regardless of the available light. Everything that I do is completely known to those harassing me.

2. My computer is hacked in two ways that I know for certain which provide both a video image and sound for those doing the interception:

A. Everything that I type in my main system or my notebook computer is intercepted by means of capturing the electromagnetic signal generated from the screens of these two computers. This is a continuous process that goes on day and night and is most likely occurring as I write this.

B. At the very least my computer's sound card is hacked so that all sound which goes through can and is heard by those intercepting the video signal. This includes telephone calls so used, any music I might play from my tape deck or from within the system and any sounds generated by the computer itself or noted from the Internet.

In addition I suspect the following two eavesdropping activities are operative although I have not experienced sufficient evidence to be absolutely certain that they exists, yet I believe they do:

3. Access to my system is possible from the eavesdroppers/hackers directly to gain access to programmes and files for downloading purposes and to interfere with my activity especially those concerned with gathering direct evidence about the harassment. I believe that this is done through the telephone line especially in my case since I use BT Home Highway ISDN which has two channels. The speed alone of a single channel ISDN access can greatly facilitate this access. These programmes can run without being noted by the operating software as a couple of the common communications programmes do. I have set up as good security as possible against hackers of this sort as I can manage but have not obtained any direct evidence of such access, yet I believe it exists from the direct experience of the system and telephone lines.

4. I believe that I am also subject to audio bugging to collect every sound that is made in my flat or at least in the living room. Again I do not have direct evidence of this but activity associated with noises in the flat and the reaction of possible eavesdroppers points to audio surveillance that is transmitted to outside listening devices.

Therefore, after over a year of carefully experiencing and logging these occurrences I feel that I am subjected to continuous video and audio surveillance as well as electromagnetic detection of computer video and sound signals as well as the likely penetration of the system itself for direct access to all its files and confidential information. Also when telephone line access is unavailable or not used, there is the possibility that electromagnetic interference measures are used to interfere with the computer operation.

I do not have a bit of my personal life that is private in any manner whatsoever. Everything I do physically and/or verbally is monitored. Everything I write or do in conjunction with the computer is monitored. I have no confidential information at all. This applies to both personal and corporate affairs. I am the ******** of a limited company, **************, ************* *********** ******** ************ and who owns the computer and its software. Thus, all confidential corporate information has been compromised and all documents relating to it are known to others. All my passwords for the system and its programmes including access to online banking and other facilities are known to others. All my banking information, personal and corporate, are known to others. All corporate financial information is known to others. No personal or corporate activity can be undertaken that is not known to others. As a result of this and the magnitude of the harassment, all corporate compliance activity has ground to a halt putting both the corporation and myself liable to statutory infringement. This compounds the health problem as the health problem compounds the compliance for both personal health and corporate responsibilities in the context of the persistent harassment carried on without cease for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

This complete surveillance activity was undertaken to facilitate the harassment process and enables those doing the harassing to effectively know exactly what and when to carry out their harassment activity for greatest effect. It was also undertaken to facilitate obstruction of justice to enable them to know exactly what I am reporting and to whom as well as any and all records that I keep. This information can be used both directly against me and to effectively counter any claims of harassment against them. This sounds like a terribly sophisticated surveillance activity and one which hardly the average citizen could possibly use. This is not true. Surveillance like this is quite easy to accomplish and the tools to do so are easily obtainable. The activity is illegal particularly against a corporate entity, and possessing the devices for doing this are most likely illegal in and of themselves. It is completely understandable to me in this world where large sums of money are utilised in drug trafficking that such expenditures made to protect that activity is not very much nor are the legal considerations important in that context. I do not know if that is the context here, but I do suspect that the equipment is readily available for those who want to get it as numerous "spy" shops attest.

This situation at this point then is a prime candidate for the Home Secretary's attention. It comes to your's first because of all the other related issues and problems that have arisen in this environment involving several other aspects of government administration across multiple entities. My real question all along, since noting the obvious ability to track my movements inside the flat over a year ago, was whether or not MI5 or Special Branch are involved in this. At this point I say "no" although there are several key issues of activity which might very well point to the involvement of these organisations. If it is true, and they are involved, then these organisation would be guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, allowing free and unfetter access to the surveillance equipment to a multitude of tenants, suborning criminal activity and engaging in obstruction of justice. At this point I am 50/50 with regard to this activity and will explain later what I am perplexed about. For the moment, I will start at the point of departure that assumes that the surveillance started with the electromagnetic video imaging equipment to facilitate harassment. No doubt the Home Secretary can determine the extent of the involvement, if any, of the security agencies in this situation. From my point of view of an honest person, I see no reason whatsoever for their involvement. Yet the issue remains unresolved given certain episodes.

The harassment I have received for the most part during the past 16 months since reporting the child abuse has concentrated on sleep deprivation. I noted early on that those in the flat below and above me knew exactly when I laid down to rest because immediate pounding of some sort would occur either above or below. At first it was mostly from below. It did not take me long to realise that there was some sort of imaging device being used for internal surveillance of my activity in my flat. It was far more than just coincidental. It was continuous with anytime of the day or night that I rested. Soon it was quite obvious to me that even when I sat up in bed that was noted. This has occurred in recent days as well in similar fashion too over a year ago when someone said "He's up" meaning I had just sat up in bed. They make very little effort to hide the fact that they can see whatever I do. A young girl above exclaimed once about a year ago as I stood up from the chair to walk away "I can see him!" I heard this loud and clear. There was no way in any of these incidents that I could be seen from the outside through the window. I made certain of that.

During last summer and into the early autumn, these sleep disturbing efforts were continuous. I was falsely accused of many things as was their wont while I made every effort to make certain nothing that I did was anything that remotely resembled harassment on my part. In fact, I cut back on my activity in every respect possible to avoid doing anything or making any noise at all that could in the least be construed as harassment. I did this because it was obvious that I was under intense provocation to respond in kind which I have never done at any time in any manner whatsoever. They used a power drill for the better part of the last summer to harass me when I lay down to rest, went into the kitchen or bathroom and simply sat in my chair working or resting as I had to do in an upright position. They were able to track me in this activity by means of the imaging device and know exactly what I was doing and when and where. This then became the subject of great amusement and merriment which was revealed by the kids upstairs who imitated its sound evidently describing its very loud noise and then laughing loudly at what I assumed was a described outcome. I took to logging these incidents and tape recording them. This was a perfect example of the coordination and conspiracy to harass which commenced last summer (1998) between the flat below mine where the child abuse took place and the flat above mine using this imaging device to facilitate the harassment.

In the autumn of 1998 I was still uncertain what was actually being used but knew they could watch my actions by the many different types of events that occurred. Letters were sent to the Chief Executives of the ********* ************** ************* and the Council on numerous occasions to try to bring the extensive harassment to an end. These were ineffective meeting not only with a negative attitude but pejorative comments about myself. There were many other harassment activities which took place including telephone usage. I had to shut down my telephone for ten days in early June 1998. In September 1998 I listed it with BT's Nuisance Call Bureau to trace the many calls I received from caller withheld numbers. I stopped answering my telephone and left it to be answered by the answering machine. I had to take further steps to stop it ringing in the middle of the night by disconnecting the bells. My activity during the day was monitored from above and relayed to the flat below. At one point when BT's Nuisance Call Bureau called me and left a message on my answering machine, this was immediately verbally reported by a woman above me to the woman below me from balcony to balcony describing who the call was from. In January 1999 I pulled the phone plug from the wall socket thus ending incoming phone service since [at] that time. The police were so informed of the need to write me for contact purposes.

This told me that they had either audio surveillance or the telephone was tapped since I had the answering machine speaker on very low to screen calls. At other times this woman above would describe my actions as once when I dropped a letter opener, she told the woman on the balcony below that I had "dropped something" since my slightest noise was subject to intense suspicion of harassment against those below. This is why I avoided making any noise whatsoever. Only these accidental noises occurred from time to time at intervals of weeks oftentimes while I remained absolutely silent for the rest of the time. This included all my daily activity which was subject to harassment itself. I quite literally shut down all noise that I could possible eliminate to avoid any accusation whatsoever of contributing to the harassment from below. This was communicated in the letters to the ******* ********* and Council Chief Executives. Since this involved retaliation for reporting child abuse, I could not bring it to the attention of the local management for confidentiality and management reasons.

Every aspect of my life that met with harassment was altered to avoid that harassment so as not to provoke in any way. I was harassed verbally from outside when I had my lights on in the evening. These included physical threats of violence. Thus I stopped using electricity in the evenings at all which holds true to the present. Even when my notebook computer was next to my bed, its screen produced enough light to be seen from outside which provoked verbal harassment. I started covering it and constructed a cover for my monitor to shield these from any escaping light that might illuminate the living room in way. I used earphones to listen to the radio and have never played the radio or any music through speakers now for well over a year. All of the radio and music tape playing was connected through my computer sound card and for this entire period of time I have listened to everything through earphones connected to the computer's sound card. It does not even have speakers. The one time early on in this situation that I did accidentally pull the earphone plug from the radio/tape player for the briefest of periods when the music did play through its speakers, the woman in the flat below went berserk creating such a disturbance in complaining and calling everyone that I wondered what would happen if I ever tried to play music normally. This was the only time that has ever happened and was before I connected the radio/tape player to the computer sound card. No sound has ever been played outside the earphones since because there are no computer speakers which has given me numerous examples of the fact that my computer and its sound card are hacked which I will describe shortly.

In late July last year (1998) when I was filling the bathtub on a Saturday evening about 7 pm, all four adults in the flat below quite literally went berserk. I was sitting in the tub while it was filling when a tremendous roar of shouting erupted below with the adults there shouting up through the bathroom, out into the Walkway and from the balcony in front. I had no idea what was going on until I began to figure out that they were yelling at me for running water normally to fill the tub. Any normal sound of necessary activity was met with intense harassment as I had been learning all summer. They attacked one thing then found another and went to it. Although this was outrageous for them to do this, I altered my bathing and bathtub filling activity to make not a sound and avoid obvious detection. It was more important for me to avoid stress and care for the diplopia (double vision), lymph oedema as best I could and hopefully avoid any further malignancies. I addressed the problem then as best I could be bringing this incident to the attention of those already noted.

I could not both fill the tub and take a bath at the same time because this would give away when I was in the tub. I would get not only pounding from below but also stomping on the floor from above while I was in the tub, and in that summer of 1998 the kids from upstairs would yell outside from their balcony telling me "you better not make any noise". I bought a shower attachment which I connected to the sink and used it to fill the tub by submersing the nozzle underwater so no noise would be made. The cold water made some noise in the wall water pipes, so I used only hot water to fill the tub which was absolutely silent in the wall water pipes. Thus, except for initial air clearing sounds from the shower hose connected to the faucet and the initial filling when I held the nozzle on the side of the tub, filling the bath was absolutely silent.

I still had not determined the nature and extent of the video surveillance (at that time I thought it was confined only to the living room which I think was the case then) that I knew existed so was still uncertain if this was actually effective. I would usually fill the tub a day or two before I actually used it and was able to take baths in relative peace because they could not tell by the noise at least when I was in the tub. However, this cut down on my baths drastically, and I went without for one week. I have been taking about two baths per week for this period now whereas previously I had taken two baths per day! The reason for this was to try to keep my lymph oedema under control. I felt that by keeping the flesh softened and circulation stimulated by a hot bath that I could avoid the disabling potential of lymph oedema in my right arm. I had been doing this on a twice daily basis for 26 months without ever receiving a complaint, but that all came to an abrupt halt at the end of July 1998 and was entirely due to harassment. It was in August that the lymph oedema began to get seriously worse to such an extent that I sought advice from my GP in September 1998 about it. The first time I had had to do that in years.

It was also in mid-August 1998 that I felt the imaging device really came into full usage in the living room. I believe this also had an impact on my lymph oedema at that time, and the combination of the two factors exacerbated the condition to serious concern. In fact, my whole body used to swell and would do so especially at weekends when I felt that the electro magnetic radiation imaging device [EMRID] was used continuously around the clock. This swelling or water retention would subside again on Monday for the remainder of the week. It was also coincident with this time that the sleep deprivation activity intensified to include all manner of loud noise disturbances which would wake me if I tried to rest at any time of the day or night. In particular the slamming of the door below was quite effective for producing a joltingly loud noise which would wake me. This became obvious to those in the flat below. Where silence had prevailed until I laid down on the bed, all manner of door slamming and noise would commence once I did.

I was even tracked into the kitchen when I prepared food. With the normal sounds of that activity including running water, dishes and pan noises and general moving about the kitchen noises, I would be met with, at first, the drilling sound under the kitchen followed later by pounding. It was the same pounding I got from below every time I went into the bathroom as well. My food preparation eliminated cooking for the most part because of the noise and activity that made. I mostly ate sandwiches, soups, pasta and junk food all of which contributed to weight gain and a generally unhealthy state.

I did all of this on what I thought was a temporary basis because I thought that the Chief Executives of the Council and *********** would take the proper steps to bring it to an end. This was a quite naive assumption on my part as it turned out. At the same time this group of four adults had orchestrated all the tenants around me to join in a general harassment campaign and had waged a full scale campaign to discredit me in every conceivable way that they could possibly come up with. These tenants for one reason or another had their own axe to grind and willingly participated in the harassment. At the same time I could not say anything about the child abuse and remained silent. I could not communicate it except to those who had been initially apprised about the child abuse originally. This included the Chief Executive of the Council, Social Services and the Police. Under no circumstances would I have communicated the child abuse to the ********* ********* *********** since my experience with them had precluded that possibility altogether. The ************* was a party to the harassment in their own right by the nature of the organisation and by their own harassment actions.

The orchestration of the tenants some of whom appeared to have active roles in the ************** and the campaign against me started in early May 1998 with an almost immediate verbal denouncement to a crowd of tenants in front of the building on several consecutive evenings. Extremes of shouting and yelling including descriptions of my complaint verbatim were communicated by the tenant below to various groups of people from that point onward. This woman tenant even verbally abused me on a couple of occasions by standing out in the front and telling me to come out and fight. The younger male of these four adults, **************, threatened to kill me by saying one Saturday morning: "You leave her alone, or I'll kill you." He has repeated this very recently in another manner directly under my window late at night by saying to the younger woman associated with the flat below (whom I believe is named ************) that "He's a dead man" referring to me in special circumstances. These violent threats have been repeated then and now by others. One then as noted when my kitchen light was one, and one just recently who stated "we can kill him". These actual verbal threats to kill me plus the daily threaten and menacing behaviour from these people both originally and lately have determined my course of action with regard to protecting myself by keeping as complete a record as possible of everything that happens and to live in such a way as to not do anything that will contribute in any manner to the harassment or expose myself in anyway unnecessarily that could verify my presence. My point is that if they do not know what I am doing, then I am safer. All of this is nonsense because they have the facility to know every single thing that I am doing and what my future activity might be.

As explained earlier, all of this was brought to the attention of those responsible in the Council and ************* with no results except a more intensified harassment campaign. This involved directly the tenants below me in Flat ********* who are the child abusers; the tenants and teenagers in Flat ********** (a duplex flat two floors high) above; and those in Flat *********** (another duplex flat next door whose entry door adjoins ********** and whose kitchen is next to my bathroom). In addition there are two other duplex flats whose tenants are active participants. These are Flats ******** and ********* whose entrances are on the same level as that of *********** directly above me. Many, many other people at one time or another have actively participated in this harassment which has literally gone on every single day for these 16 months as it got worse and worse. Many, many tenants and outsiders and strangers have been shown the video imaging equipment and watched me in my home especially in the evening when I am asleep or trying to sleep despite the continuing harassment. And I sleep nude.

I curtailed my life to its bare essentials by reducing to almost nothing my kitchen usage, bathroom utilisation, lighting, electronic sound exclusively through earphones and general activity which was confined to only essential and unobservable movements. I did this in order to make certain that I brought on no unnecessary harassment for myself and avoided any possible contribution to the process whatsoever. I was placed under the most extreme provocations imaginable by the activity of all these people but never did anything that could possibly be construed as harassment from me. This is something I would never do and have not done anything at all that could even be construed as harassment. This is a fact which is well known to these people because they observe my behaviour in its entirety and know everything that I do as a result of the complete surveillance. Despite this and because of this they have created and are able to create a scenario which falsely attributes to me actions and activity that I simply do not do. I have a complete and thorough diary of all this activity to demonstrate all that I have done as outlined herein. As already mentioned that diary goes into thousands of pages.

The dilemma I was faced with from August 1998 onwards was that they had to identify my presence in the flat to accuse me of anything. I heard this instruction given to them on the Sunday afternoon in August 1998 at the time [when] someone delivered and set up equipment for them. This could very well have been surveillance equipment. Since I knew that I was not doing anything at all, and since they knew I was not doing anything at all (in fact had reduced my activity to a bare minimum), their persistent activity in regards to continuously stalking me to determine my presence had a two-fold menace and threat. It both served as a possible means to assist in carrying out the physical violence threatened and to assist in supporting fabricated accusations against me. I have heard these made repeatedly and know first hand that this is true. That dilemma of having to both protect myself physically and from false accusations by maintaining a "low profile" persists to this day and is a factor itself which is used against me, but I have no choice in the matter as my primary need for this entire period of time and today is to pursue my responsibilities with regard to re-employment. This is the top priority, and I have maintained that activity as best I can. The secondary activity was and is to keep as complete a record as is possible to be able to honestly and objectively show precisely the nature and character of my behaviour in the face of this most massive harassment and provocation to act other[wise] than I have which is to act like the harassers want and harass them. This I will never do under any circumstances. Because I have not done anything, they have to invent that behaviour which they completely and thoroughly know is a fabrication through their own surveillance activity.

The sleep deprivation harassment continued throughout September 1998 and into October 1998 along with a night[ly] effort to identify my presence in my flat which I had to conceal with a "low profile". The nature of the stalking activity in the evenings during this period was such that I was absolutely convinced that they could see everything I did even in the dark. The letter to the proper authorities did not work. By this time I had also written to the Department of Social Services [DSS] because ********** ********** *********** ***********. As just described my primary responsibility was to find employment which I did full-time, seven days a week despite the harassment. However, ********* ************* *********** *********, I was obligated to inform them of everything that was happening and had happened in the hopes that they might be able to bring the harassment to an end. I was doing all I could to prevent the diplopia (double vision), lymph oedema or cancer recurrence to render me unemployable. It was a battle against mean, vicious and terribly destructive harassment which I needed help with and was not getting. This brought no relief either, but I did hear the tenant below mention that I had written to the DSS. Not even that confidential correspondence was private it seems. Therefore, as the sleep deprivation began to have serious consequences by the end of October 1998 without any relief, I wrote a long letter to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

This was directed to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner due to the level of failure involving the Chief Executives of the Council and the ********** **********. There were other substantial reasons based upon past experience which extended over more than the two previous years at that time of my residency that made it imperative that this matter be addressed by Scotland Yard and not the local police. I made this clear in my initial correspondence calling for an investigation at that level. I had had difficulty in dealing with both the Estate management and the police themselves during this period. The situation was such that it called for a higher level perspective than any local unit of law enforcement could provide to address, fully comprehend and ameliorate this extreme situation. First I want to deal with the ongoing local surveillance driven harassment activity that had also reached a critical point in its impact at that time triggering such a letter to the Commissioner.

It was no light matter that I addressed this letter to him as I had done on two previous instances when the police failed to respond to an urgent call from me. One of those was an assault/rape where the local police failed to show up at all during a 45 minute plus assault some three years ago. The young woman attacked is lucky to be alive and survived the most vicious part of the attack which the police could have prevented altogether by arriving at the scene. A year after this episode and following a second letter to the Police Commissioner about a similar failure of the police to respond in a less serious matter early in 1997, I met with the beat officer concerning a problem in mid-September 1997. I was dissatisfied with this meeting due to the fact that his dismissive attitude and lack of interest in serious problems one of which was the previous assault/rape where I had additional information. At that time the child abuse issue was very much an ongoing activity that never got to the surface despite the fact that I wanted advice on how to deal with the issue.

Just a month before in August 1997 the younger male, *************, associated with the flat below and part of the child abuse problem had been directly involved in a rage incident in the street below. At the time I did not know who was involved when I saw someone remove a weapon (a two-foot long piece of pipe) from under the front seat of an open sun roofed Jaguar outside in the road. My attention was directed to this area because of loud yelling, screaming and shouting including the breaking of glass outside. I telephoned the police when I noted the weapon being retrieved. The police, to their credit, arrived instantly on the scene. During the discussion that ensued I noted that it was this person whom I was later to learn was called ************ who had lost control with yelling and shouting and broke the glass. It was this same *********** who had threatened to kill me in statements made last July 1998 and recently. When I tried to relate this situation as a lead [in] to the child abuse question with the beat officer in my September 1997 meeting with him, I did not get very far and did not broach the subject. At the end of our conversation he stated that they were interested in drugs and stolen goods.

This was clearly a bad experience for me and turned out to be worse as I felt that in the following year by October 1998 when the surveillance driven harassment activity was most devastating, I did not want to contact this same officer. For this reason, my prior unsatisfactory experience with the Police and the serious problems I had in dealing with the ********** *********** of the ************, I chose to make my complaint to the Police Commissioner's Office for proper handling of this matter. I explained this in my letter to him. I also noted the extreme character of the harassment which with its emphasis on sleep deprivation facilitated by video surveillance that I was left in a state of exhaustion. I heard nothing for several weeks directly from the police although there were actions and activity from those engaged in the harassment indicating that they were aware of my correspondence either by being contacted by [the Police] or interception of it which led to an intensification of the harassment.

Since I had not received a reply by for three weeks, I sent a second letter to the Police Commissioner in mid-November 1998 adding in this one the aspects of my health that were being impacted. A couple days thereafter the tenant from flat below, the older woman, got out in front of the building and yelled "Die, die, die" in my direction. There was no doubt that she was directing this at me, and it was evidence to me that she had also either been contacted directly or had knowledge of my second letter to the Police Commissioner by interception. These correspondences were sent by fax and were also files in my computer system as well as having been written on the system where the electro magnetic transmission from the screen could have been read directly and immediately by those above. I have direct experience recently of their reading out loud what I have just written in such a manner that it could not have been anything other than this type of interception. Whether or not this existed at that time I do not know. In early November 1998, however, I do have a direct experience that positively indicated that my sound card and/or telephone and/or its line [were] being monitored directly by those upstairs. This occurred in a test of the fax and voice answering devices in my computer where the fax tone answered first quite loudly and without a ring in the closed earphone system and completely knocked the guy off his chair above (that's what it sounded like since he was sitting directly over me) with its surprise and volume. This brought gales of laughter from a youth above as well. There have been numerous other such incidents that have confirmed this. Thus, at that time my computer and/or telephone and/or its line were hacked the fact of which I had also included in my letter to the Commissioner.

Another month went by without a response. By this time I had noted that the constant surveillance driven, sleep deprivation harassment was causing me nightmares. About this time I received a call from the beat officer who left a message on my answering machine. This was the last person whom I wanted to deal with because of my already noted experience and one of the key reasons the letter went to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. However, because of my background whenever and whoever from the police call I always respond. It was a mistake as my fears were borne out by subsequent events for I met with retaliation by this officer to try to protect himself while questioning my credibility and integrity. I had not named him as I did not want this to become an issue of personalities, but it was obvious that it was he when the correspondence had reached the local ******** ********** Police Station or wherever he resided. I returned his call a couple times before being able to talk with him.

He wanted to stop by my flat which was impossible because of the audio and video surveillance which I had already described in my letters to the Police Commissioner. This and other statements led me to believe that he had not read those letters. I wanted to stop by his office and discuss everything and present as much as I could of my factual experience. He refused. He told me that he had already stopped by my flat both in uniform and plain clothes as well as being accompanied by his partner on four separate occasions. He further claimed that I had come to the door and noted him present through the peephole on one of those visits. This could not possibly be true because I never respond to a knock on the door by going to it to look out. Having been the recent victim of an attempted burglary (June 1998) while I was in the flat, I do not want to let anyone know I am present and stay ready to call the police if anyone tries a forced entry. Because of that and the nature of this environment I never answer the doorbell or a knock on the door unless I am expecting someone. I stay completely away from the door, and there never was an instance during this period when someone knocked on the door that I actually got up out of my chair which is right next to the telephone where I stay ready to call the police.

In our brief telephone conversation, then, since he refused to allow me to come to the police station to discuss the matter, I noted the surveillance. He replied that they "don't do that" meaning the police do not do anything to investigate suspected surveillance activity. I could not believe it. This was one of the key reasons that I wrote to the Police Commissioner. If the police do not address this kind of problem, what age are they actually living in? Are the police still using gas lighting? He said that he would visit these people on the flats above and below me. I knew that this was a big mistake and said so in a letter to the Police Commissioner which followed shortly after this conversation noting that if they did this without full knowledge it would be like jumping in with "both left feet". Without understanding the real nature of these people and have a full comprehension of the situation, such a visit would only make the situation much worse. This is what happened. This telephone conversation took place a week before Christmas with the proposed visit by the officer the following week. I was distraught because this was completely wrong, and I knew the results would be worse than if I had not contacted the police. I had a terrible weekend knowing that only disaster would result. Following this weekend of thought and anxiety, I wrote my third basic letter to the Police Commissioner. This was actually the fifth letter as the two earlier letters each had an immediate follow on and thus were paired due to the extraordinary character and extreme seriousness of the situation.

I do not know when such a visit by the beat officer to the nearby tenants actually took place because I was too concerned with dealing with the direct harassment's effect on me due to the nightmares. On Tuesday before Christmas I visited one of the commercial "spy" shops to get some basic information about the kinds and methods of surveillance available. Since the police weren't going to help me I had to help myself but only in a legal context. I learned a great deal but also learned that the equipment was basically illegal to possess and use in the UK. They sold it for "export only" which was done with a nod and a wink providing this disclaimer and absolving themselves of any responsibility for how the equipment might actually be used. I also learned that there was no protection available from law enforcement agencies for private residential surveillance. In other words the public was completely at the mercy of anyone who wanted to conduct a surveillance operation against anyone else. Although illegal, no one enforced the law, and I had learned that from both the police and the spy shop.

My situation, though, is different. The ******** ************* *********** *********** ******** *********, and I have written permission to work at home as noted in my tenancy agreement. Am I to believe that the legal and law enforcement protection against commercial enterprise is also denied businesses in the UK? If it is available to businesses in the UK, then why didn't the beat officer so note that. When he claimed that he had made four visits to the premises and "knocked" on the door using the mail flap, his thumb would have been placed right next to a sign that stated that this was the ************ ******** ********** *************. Was he denying such police protection to enterprise activity if it is available from the police?

After my visit to the spy shop on the Tuesday before Christmas, I had a terrible nightmare that night. I dreamed about looking down a telephone line into an abyss in the wall and yelling. I woke myself up shouting. It was obvious that in addition to the nightmares I was already getting from the prolonged period of regular sleep deprivation disturbances, the new layer in the failure of police protection plus the availability of such equipment in that kind of law enforcement environment had induced even worse nightmares. What had been a sleep disruption problem now became a complex problem of vulnerability in the face of criminal activity and an absence of law enforcement. It had become a personal problem for me in which I knew that my nightmares would be used against me by those harassing me. This was a situation they could create by their surveillance driven harassment against which I had no defence. The following morning, Wednesday, before Christmas I went to my GP's surgery first thing to take steps to deal effectively with my nightmares so that they would not become a problem in this situation to the extent of being used against me.

Dreaming and nightmares are a healthy, normal activity which allows the subconscious to express itself. These should be noted and "listened to" for they are speaking the truth about our experiences which our conscious existence covers up as repression. The unrepressed and unvarnished truth emerges in dreams and nightmares and can be very instructive about the reality of our lives. I enjoy dreaming thoroughly and had been noting these when I remembered them for many months as they had been happening frequently coincident with the sleep deprivation harassment. They gave me insight. Although I do not "enjoy" nightmares, I find them fascinating in what they say about the subconscious and emotions with regard to threatening and menacing situations or the feelings of being threatened and menaced. Both dreams and nightmares are magnificent release mechanisms for stress, distress and complex situations of threat and menace where there is no answer as in this case at that time. The answers such as they are become verbal and primitive and result in nothing more than talking in one's sleep sometimes accompanied by physical movements but nothing more. The results are a release of expression and a refreshing feeling of relaxation after such dreams and nightmares in these kinds of difficult situations. That's why dreams and nightmares are both normal and healthy to be viewed as valuable instruments of information to be used constructively to help resolve the real difficult dilemmas one encounters in daily life.

Thus I sought immediate medical assistance to deal with this situation as it had reached the point of expressions through dreams and now nightmares that could be damaging in the context in which they occurred. The abusers who used surveillance driven harassment could and did easily use the results of this natural release mechanism as a weapon against me to continue and expand their harassment. In anticipation of this based upon many months of similar experience, I sought medical assistance to deal with the situation and made an appointment for the following week to see another GP in the practice as my GP would be on holiday. Since this Wednesday was the 23rd of December, there were no appointment times available until then. That night, therefore, I took steps to make certain any future nightmares would not be heard and moved into a small, inner room in the flat. It is completely enclosed like a small closet or storage room but large enough to sleep in since it is 4' x 8'. I assumed that any talking which I did in my sleep would be contained in that room. What I did not bargain for eventually was that it also was an excellent sounding box for harassment noises from both above and below, and that the noises from the talking in my sleep which occurred from time to time would also be heard outside my front door since the closet door was directly opposite the front door and only five feet from it. Unlike the living room where I normally slept, and where the noises to and from the Walkway were effectively blocked by offset doors and distance, this did not occur in that small room. Walkway noise penetrated easily and any pounding or noise from above or below would resonate in that small room. That Wednesday night, 23rd December, I was to learn the precise nature of the video surveillance which was reinforced by subsequent experiences in staying in that room during some of the winter period to follow.

Not very long after I moved into that small room to sleep that night, I heard the younger woman screaming below "where is he?" meaning me. She could not see me in the living room in the dark. I learned two things that night. First, that there was a video monitor in the flat below. While the electro magnet video imaging equipment [EMRID] was located above as well as the video monitors to watch the images of me and my flat below, there was, by this time, also a video monitor below. I had long suspected that this was the case. I had done some personal tests and got immediate responses from below that they could actually see exactly what I was doing. This was the ultimate confirmation so to speak. This younger woman whose name I think is ************ was yelling out on the balcony below to those in the flat above whose balcony was also above that of the flat's below (separated by my front window) and asking "where is he?". I had disappeared from her video monitor's view evidently of my living room. She was also asking the right person. It did not take them long to locate me in the flat and with a great deal of noise overhead in the small room moved the video imaging equipment directly over me to watch me.

The noise was that with which I was already very familiar: a clanking of a metal apparatus on wheels above. This had been a familiar sound above the living room and had been (and still is) used to harass mean as an instrument of noise to wake me. Now it was in place directly above me in the small room. They made a few special noises just to make sure I heard and rolled it back and forth a bit. In a few minutes they were all set up to watch me in there all night. The room was pitch black. There was no light whatsoever. The second thing I learned then was that this was not a photo light camera but an imaging device most likely utilising electro magnetic radiation of very short wave length at high frequency like a radar imaging device since it had to see through concrete. I learned a couple months later that they could see exactly what I was doing in that room because I was able to hear them describe my actions in great detail. Having located me they were then able to continue not only their surveillance but their harassment.

Now that I had confirmed beyond any doubt that video monitoring devices were available in the flats above and below me as well as the fact that an electro magnetic [radiation] imaging device [EMRID] was being used, I developed viral pneumonia in that small room that night as a direct result from the harassment and electro magnetic radiation. I only spent one night there initially and had to move back out into the living room. For the next three days of Christmas (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day) I was flat on my back coughing my lungs out all the time in the living room. This was not the flu bug that was then jamming the hospitals and GP surgeries because I had had a flu shot. This will prevent the flu, and I got one because I am at risk with a deficient immune system following the removal of the lymph nodes under my right arm. I have had serious problems with bacterial infections there on three separate occasions and carried an antibiotic prescription for that just in case. Thus, it was wise to protect myself against a viral infection which had no such treatment but could have serious consequence, so I was given a flu shot by my GP in early November. What I got was viral pneumonia instead of the flu. It was far worse. There was no sense in going to the GP's surgery (no one was there) or the hospital (presumably it was jammed with flu patients as they all were at that time).

I was terribly sick and constantly coughing because my lungs were always filling with fluid and not draining. I had to keep finding the right position because my bronchial tubes were gurgling with each breath causing me to cough all the time, and I mean constantly day and night for three nights before there was any relief finally on Sunday. It was also a time of no food, not much sleep and very little drink along with constant abuse from below and above despite my obviously terrible illness. The brutality of these people in its extreme was shown to me very clearly during that period. Not only did the harassment continue, but there was intense anger about the fact that I coughed which I could not help. I remember hearing the younger woman scream at the top of her voice which was clearly audible to me that she "did not want me throwing up" in here as if I had anything to do about it. This attitude had been communicated to the tenants as well which I had long known. That Thursday morning, Christmas Eve, I heard someone outside my door stop the postman just after he delivered the post to talk about me. The coughing was quite noticeable to everyone I am sure. As much as I would have like[d] to be done with it, there was nothing I could do. The evidently negative comments from the this guy with a Spanish accent were countered by the postman who suggested that he knock on my door and offer assistance. The man countered this by saying that I was a "huge crook". I don't know where this inaccuracy came from, but it is no doubt the product of the slander mill from below who had been maligning my character in every conceivable way to everyone some of which I heard first hand.

So that was my British Christmas present: to be hounded and harassed to the point of nightmares by a conspiracy of child abusing harassers; unprotected by a negligent and incompetent police force; subjected to the most invasively brutal and physically damaging surveillance imaginable in conjunction with the harassment; slandered in the worst possible way; betrayed by a failure of the police and Social Services to deal adequately and effectively with child abuse and subject to the complete failure of local government management to originally address and ameliorate these problems. All of these things contributed to a viral pneumonia which put my life at risk to the immense joy of those above and below who encouraged a further deterioration in my health as much as possible echoing the words of the older woman below: "Die, die, die". I didn't thank goodness. The New Year was to get worse.

Two things happened in January which were to deprive me of essential assistance and leave me vulnerable with nowhere to turn except to my own limited resources: (1) the failure of any meaningful police investigation and thereby protection; and (2) the failure of medical assistance which could have rendered significant support to enable me to cope with the situation.

I received a letter from a local police sergeant dated 5th January 1999 effectively negating the alleged activity on evidential grounds and any police response. He further accused me of requesting a "clandestine" meeting with the beat officer when I had, in fact, sought to see him at his premises since it was not possible to meet at mine. This had been refused. I replied to this letter on 7th January 1999 the day of receipt with no uncertain words accusing him of a "cover up" and attempt to sweep the issue "under the carpet". I addressed the two situations briefly which involved both the local tenant management activity through the ************ ****************) for the ********** *********** and the child abuse problem involving the adults and children in the flat below *************. I further noted that the working relationship as described by the beat officer with the ************** compromised effective and objective police law enforcement activity by having had an "influence" as regards to the "failure to thoroughly consider this matter". I concluded that letter by noting that the "harassment continues on a daily basis concentrating on sleep deprivation to the detriment of my health". I noted that the surveillance continued based upon my direct experience as recently as the previous evening (it was evident to me on a daily basis), and that I was subject to "continuous tapping on the floor [above] at night [which] wakes me up and causes nightmares which are now easily accomplished by those wishing to deprive me of sleep and cause such a reaction." This has remained true for over nine months since that date on a daily basis with very few exceptions.

The sought for medical assistance was delayed then denied at the end of January. Although promised actions at the beginning of January to set up an appointment with a counsellor at my GP's practice, this was not forthcoming for several weeks with the actual meeting set for the end of January. The opportunity to provide assistance to cope with an issue that had become a medical problem resulting directly from the harassment was explicitly denied by this counsellor. The initial interview failed to cover in any meaningful way, except in a few instances, the essence of the harassment activity which was producing the nightmares. The interview itself was both superficial and irrelevant as regards the issue. Although depth analysis was its obvious point, that was not the essence of the problem in this case and would have been irrelevant for initially addressing the problem at hand to enable me to properly cope with it. Further, a great many questions were completely irrelevant to either the issue or depth psychology and sounded more like a police interrogation as regards to background. In the end the counsellor refused to pursue the matter of this problem noting that she was "too busy" with other patients. I complained to the surgery's senior GP who had referred me to the counsellor in what sounded to me as an entirely appropriate step to take. This was not my GP in that practice who had been on holiday during Christmas when I saw another GP instead. My letter of complaint was handled in a defensive manner by the Practice Manager to which I replied explaining further the precise nature of my complaint. The senior GP volunteered to see me briefly on a private basis. I could not attend the initial proposed appointment and later decided that this had more to do with legal protection than actual patient care as no care can be provided to me outside the NHS for I could not afford it. Thus, I went searching to change GP and found that a brick wall as well. Several refused to accept patient transfers from the immediate area, others had overloaded practices with extended waiting times for appointments and still others were outside the cachement area. The events surrounding the harassment were so intense and debilitating at that time that I could no longer pursue finding another GP given these difficult constraints nor was it feasible to pursue a complaint further against the counsellor at my GP's practice through the NHS. I had enough problems to handle without embarking on other complaint roads.

This set up the situation in January that was to become the "status quo" for the rest of 1999 until the present day. The harassment continued on a daily basis increasing in ferocity and invasiveness. There was no outside protection or help, and I had to cope as best I could with an incredible situation. My restrictions with regard to daily activity continued as described above the fact of which was noted in a further letter to the police dated 11th February 1999 which dealt with yet another possible child abuse incident. As regards the harassment I was receiving I stated: "I can only go on living as normally as possible to get my responsibilities done. In no way do I contribute anything to this set of circumstances and have restricted my life to the absolute minimum activity to make certain that nothing I actually do can be misconstrued and misrepresented. However, this is apparently the case as I note from time to time."

The fact of my nightmares and attempts to talk in my sleep have been subjected to the grossest distortion imaginable commencing from this period and continuing throughout the year. The ability to be able to "see" me anywhere in my flat and watch my every activity enabled the harassers to attack sleep deprivation in a way that ensured the results of inducing nightmares and talking in my sleep which they then attributed to sexual acts. The point is that this was known to them as false, yet they continued the deliberate misrepresentation of the results of their harassment to discredit me and disguise their own activity by blaming it all on me. I pointed this out to the counsellor at the end of our initial interview. I stated that this would continue, and they would use my talking in my sleep against me. This only met with a derisory smirk from the counsellor but has been what has actually happened throughout the entire year.

The fact of this visual surveillance is no secret to many, many people. It is strange that the police remain in the dark. In order to attempt to control the impact of the harassment I moved into the small room at nights to sleep. Although I had gotten viral pneumonia that last time I did this, I sought refuge there both from the harassment and from the effects of talking in my sleep or to be more precise the attempt to talk in my sleep during periods of distress. I was hoping the small room would contain the sound, but instead of going out the front window, the sound went out the front door into the Walkway. Either way I lost, but even worse the potential for harassment in that small room was even more pronounced and was used to great effect.

On one occasion at least eight people were brought along to watch me "sleep" and observe the impact of the harassment. The result was that I made an effort to talk in my sleep which makes a kind of moaning sound which has been imitated far and wide by a "woooooo" sound of mockery especially by the children. This group of people witnessed this, and I heard the whole process through the floor from the flat above. There was one guy who was particularly drunk who kept saying "we've got a loonie". I went to the peephole to look at them as they left including this particular drunk. I counted at least eight people who had been in the flat above watching me sleep and be awakened by the harassment which was usually pounding on the floor. The one drunk stopped in the centre of the stairs coming down outside my door and stared at my door for a long time until they moved him on. They could also see me standing there behind the door watching me watch them. Whenever I did this, they would stomp [on] the floor directly above me.

It was perfectly clear to me that they could see everything that I did while inside the small room as they described it, and I could hear their voices quite plainly. When I would first go in there in the evening to sleep or read (I could turn on the light there without its shining out a window), the surveillance equipment would be immediately transferred from the living room to the floor directly over me which I heard in great and explicit detail knowing exactly what was being done. Then the harassment would start at will. On one occasion about 8 pm, one of the kids said "let's wake him up". I was trying to go to sleep so I was still awake but with the light off in a completely dark room when he started stomping as hard as possible on the floor directly above me. He stopped when I moved. At another time at 2 am when I was asleep, someone did wake me by running in place directly above me pounding his feet on the floor as hard as possible with each running step. He only stopped as I could hear since I was certainly wide awake immediately when some[one] said "that's enough".

The worst part was the fact that they could evidently see such detail in the pitch black room as to note my eyelids open or a small movement of a hand or foot. Such would be the signal that I had been awakened. It was not uncommon for groups of people to participate in this harassment in the flat above as already described. I could hear them talking in the flat above *********** and note recognisable voices which included the younger woman from the flat below ***********, whom I believed is called ************, and the little boy who was abused so badly including be[ing] choked in early 1998. On two separate occasions, it was the young boy, **********, who screamed 'yeah' when my eyes did open following some harassment activity to wake me. The first time he ran to the door and yelled that out into the Walkway. The second time when he yelled 'yeah' in success at waking me and ran to the door to do the same in the Walkway, the younger woman, ************* I believe, ran after him to stop him before he could do so. The young boy, ***********, had learned this from the other, older kids residing in the flat above who made it a practice of yelling out into the Walkway such triumphs and also yelling about my activity.

This kind of activity went on night after night for weeks in the winter. It was not confined to just those above but also came from the flat below and kids playing in the Walkway outside. It was possible to disturb my sleep from any of these locations to induce a nightmare and possible talking in my sleep as a result. The noises from underneath would go on much of the night sometimes and included simply hitting the wall or ceiling underneath, dropping things on that floor and making strange noises which sounded like springs being repeatedly stretched. Other strange noises were also used with great effect as was the children playing loudly outside in the Walkway. It was impossible to even stay in the small room let alone sleep when they were in the Walkway playing especially when they played ball. They would often come close to my front door and scream very loudly. The children appeared out there with amazing coincidence whenever I went into the small room in the evening. My great fear is that I would be woken, have a nightmare and make a noise of trying to talk or actually talk in my sleep so that the children would hear the noise. Thus, whenever the children were playing in the Walkway outside my flat, I would leave the small room or not go into it until they had gone back inside their flats. It became quite apparent to me that their presence out there was not accidental when time after time following my retiring to the small room the kids would come out to play.

It became absolutely impossible for me to reside in the small room at night to try to sleep. I then moved back into the living room to sleep at night despite the fact that from time to time when I had a nightmare and tried to talk in my sleep, the sound might be heard out front of the building. I had no choice. Despite my efforts to adjust and avoid any disturbance which would cause me to be awakened with the negative results mentioned, I was driven out of the small room by ferocious harassment. This was intentional and conducted as a joint effort between those above and below as already described. Most telling, however, was that they could not effect a good "spotting and listening" activity when I was in the small room as opposed to my being in the living room. The younger woman, *************, among many others practically lived outside the front of the building each and every night sometimes conducting such "stalking" activity almost all night. At one point I overheard the older woman from the flat below state "he might be in there all night" when discussing my activity and their frustrated efforts to not only hear but possibly observe my activity from the front of the building with other witnesses. She made this statement about midnight as regards the dilemma as to what they should do. If I remained in the small room, it would be futile to go out front to sit in vehicles to wait, watch and listen. Thus, they made every effort to drive me out of the small room which I endured as much as possible to avoid having my normal unconscious responses to the harassment misconstrued and misrepresented by any "witness" outside the front of the building. In the end the harassment was too intense in the small room and involved children so that I moved back into the living room to sleep at night. Their harassment efforts then resumed from out front of the building as well at night.

They used door slamming of autos effectively to wake me and from time to time also induce a nightmare with even less frequent talking in my sleep. On one notable night apparently **************, the younger male associated with the flat below, became impatient with sitting outside for much of the night and began slamming his vehicle door numerous times around midnight one night. This woke me from a sound sleep. At the same time the younger woman, ************, who was inside the flat below yelled at him to stop. He did not. Eventually she went outside to talk with him, and I heard her say "let me handle this". He was evidently trying to speed up the process of disturbing me and provoking a noise from me in my sleep so that they could attack that. She wanted to accomplish that in her own way. It is difficult for anyone to believe that this went on night after night with efforts to disturb and disrupt my sleep to cause me to talk in my sleep in conjunction with a nightmare. There were all kinds of deliberate efforts to make disruptive noises from outside that succeeded in waking me. The car door slamming was just one of them. Rolling a trolley by or having a group of people make very loud noises were others. These were very difficult to associate with an actual intention to disturb because they could alway[s] attributed to normal behaviour. There were instances, however, which were quite telling and revealed the intention of the outside noisemakers.

All of this was done in conjunction with attempts to gain witness observations of noises from here. There were continuous efforts to track my every move in this respect, and I heard them describe my actions inside which they could not possibly see from the outside. They were told by those inside who were watching exactly what I was doing. Each night I would crouch from the chair to the bed behind file boxes remaining below the window ledge level across the room. It was impossible to see me make such a move, but it was picked up immediately by those outside whose actions belied this movement. Frequently there was a clapping of hands when this occurred to celebrate the fact that I was going to sleep and the disturbance could possibly "work" sooner rather than later thus reducing their time spent outside. Just recently there was a group of such people outside as there were on a nightly basis for several hours each night until 11 pm or midnight. When I crouched from the chair to the bed, I heard a male voice report to the group "he's going to bed" immediately as I did so. There was no way that this could be done except by communication from above by means of either mobile telephone or radio communications. I believe it was the latter with an earpiece used as a receiver for I have seen one of these used in a similar daytime stalking incident which I shall describe later.

I have also heard my actions while sitting in the chair described out front to a group of people. I have noted that I covered the monitor screen with a specially built cover using coat hangers covered with t-shirts and towels that will allow me to look at the monitor without exposing any light at night thus preventing direct verbal harassment that I had experienced. One night when I was putting it in place as it got dark, I heard the younger woman from below describe my actions to a group of people out front when she could not possibly see what I was doing inside. Again, this was picked up by video imaging and relayed by description from the flat above to those out front either by mobile phone or more likely radio transmission to an earpiece which cannot be heard like either of the other two devices. Finally, as a third example, a male who was explaining to a group of people out in front about what was going on and how I was being monitored noted that I had just "farted" when I broke wind. This sent up a laugh from the woman who was being so instructed.

This was one of several incidents that led me to conclude that I was also subjected to audio surveillance inside my flat. One instance I have mentioned was when a phone call from BT's Nuisance Call Bureau arrived leaving a message on my answering machine when I was present. The message contents was described by a woman upstairs who went to the balcony to tell the woman in the flat below also sitting on her balcony who that call was from. This meant that I either had a phone tap or an audio bug. A second notable instance occurred around that same time in late October 1998 at about 3 am. I had just gotten up from bed in the middle of the night crouching to the chair. Af[t]er I sat down and went to cross my legs, my foot accidentally hit the front of an object extending over the edge of the coffee table. I inadvertently lifted it a couple of inches before it slipped from my toe and dropped back onto the coffee table with a noise. Immediately auto lights flashed on just under the front window. They were from an auto parked directly under the window facing this way and illuminated the front of the building and my window. The reaction was instantaneous with the noise leaving no doubt that it was caused by that inadvertent noise. Either the noise itself could be heard outside or there was audio surveillance installed in my flat and, most likely, audio surveillance by means of radio transmission although such surveillance could be using installed land line then transmitted directly outside from above. I had also detected on several different times that my flat had been entered thus leading me to believe that audio surveillance was quite possible or, more likely, that my computer sound card had been "bugged".

There were numerous occasions which led me to conclude without any doubt that my computer sound card was being monitored. On one Saturday evening I listened to a tape for BBC Radio 2 that I had made from a programme which was about Buddy Holly's first and only UK tour in March 1958. On a Saturday night I listened to this tape of an hour long radio programme again. Later when I went into the bathroom I heard a woman in the Walkway telling a tenant what I was doing. She said that I was listening to a Buddy Holly radio programme. Although not precisely true because I was listening to a personal "tape" of such a broadcast, it revealed that they knew exactly what I was listening to through my computer sound card when I only had earphones and no speakers at all. As described earlier, this was a completely closed system with no external sound, but in this instance the sound also came from a tape played on a separate tape deck which was fed into the computer sound card. Another incident confirmed to me that it was the computer itself that had been "bugged" by some means. On a Sunday morning one of my computer's sound effects sounded like a gunshot causing a young woman above on the fifth floor to scream instantly after it played. At that time I was using a Ferrari desktop image with its own sound effects. When a programme crashes, the sound effect for this is a "puncture" of a tyre, but the actual puncture sound resembles a gunshot sound too. In fact, it is identical. There was no doubt at this time in my mind that this young woman had been listening (and no doubt watching my computer's video image as well) to my sound card's audio output. The cause and effect were perfect which was later reinforced.

During the following day or two, I heard that same woman again in the Walkway ask a little boy if he had heard a "gunshot". The little boy said "no". There was no doubt in my mind that this woman who was involved in all this surveillance activity was trying to verify if anyone else had heard the same sound either possibly from my system which was impossible because I do not have speakers or from the listening activity upstairs on the top floor of the two floor duplex above me which I believe must certainly use speakers. This was confirmation to me that they "thought" they heard a gunshot that Sunday morning which emanated from my computer's sound card. Thus I concluded that they had listened to the programme tape about Buddy Holly's tour through a listening device of some sort which could monitor all the sound in my computer's sound card. This same woman also confirmed for me that my video output was also being monitored above me again on the fifth floor two floors up and not directly above me on the fourth floor.

Again on a Sunday morning I was reviewing some video material from a UK Web site from a home video camera that featured partially clad women. This was from a well-known site called BabeTV which had been founded the previous summer 1998 and generated much publicity. It was an innocuous site with nothing more revealing than swimsuit equivalent attire. As I looked at these pictures, the woman above with the same voice that I had gotten used to hearing in conjunction with this stalking activity began to say over and over "no, no, no" and so on for a bit. This was an obvious judgment about the content of what I was viewing and was being judged as unacceptable. It was this along with other examples mentioned that confirmed in my mind beyond any doubt that my computer system's video image was being watched by others too. I have already explained this and why I think that this was accomplished by electro magnetic surveillance of the monitor's screen scans. Perhaps something similar was being used for the sound card or there was a physical listening device installed in my computer.

I have had direct evidence myself on enough occasions to indicate that my flat had been entered on many occasions. This was brought to the attention of the Police Commissioner by the end of October 1998, so it was prevalent by this time. More such incidents have occurred since. At about this time on one occasion when I was cleaning and arranging my material in my living room, the younger woman, **********, from the flat below was sitting on the balcony below as she did all the time. She noted my activity and while expressing some urgency to someone in the flat above desired prompt action against me and resolution of their harassment of me since I "might find it". I believe that she was talking about a planted audio surveillance device. On another occasion in a similar situation when she was sitting on the balcony in the late afternoon, and I was in my chair working, I had just barely whispered a comment about what I was doing. She overheard this and thought I was talking about her. She said "you better not be talking about me" which I was not, but this again led me to believe that there was an audio listening device inside the room near where I sit which enabled her to hear me whisper. I do not believe that she could have possibly heard what I said through the front window.

This overall situation involved stalking me with the assistance of audio and video surveillance devices used to assist the harassment in order to disturb me to such a degree as to cause great distress and a natural reaction in sleep of a nightmare with intermittent talking or trying to talk in my sleep. There was a whole series of evening events which were driven by this surveillance activity to try to identify my presence in the flat from outside then have a definite association with that to correlate my presence with the sound of my attempt to talk in my sleep when that was made from time to time as a result of direct harassment. The scenario involved watching me until I got up followed by a signal to those waiting to drive up from behind the building to "see" me in my flat through the curtained window. This sounds very strange indeed, but it is the best I could do in trying to describe what was actually going on. This woman again was directly involved in this activity which went as follows.

When I would sit up in bed at night, several autos would immediately move forward from the end of the building to the front of it where there was a clear view of my front window on the third floor. The idea, I believe, was to "catch me" standing up so that they could say they "saw" me in my flat. So, as soon as I sat up as if I were going to stand up, the evident signal would go out from whoever was monitoring the video image device to those waiting in the autos. However, for many months up to this point, I never stood up in the living room in the evening for this very reason. On one occasion this same woman's voice apologised to all those who had been waiting in the autos to come forward after they did noting that I only sat up and did not stand up. It was obvious to me what was going on, and I remained out of any possible visual sighting because of the fabricated stories I overheard about me. On one such occasion I heard the older woman from the flat below tell a male whom I thought was a police officer that she had seen me through the window. He replied in a rather incredulous tone "you saw him through there?", and she replied with a fast "yes". I knew this was absolutely false because I had moved from my chair to the bed by crouching below the third floor window ledge behind file boxes in a room with no lighting and a front window that was covered with condensed moisture as well as a folded over sheet for a curtain. It would have been impossible to see me, and I knew it. This did not stop the older woman from the flat below whom I think is called ************ from calling the police and making a false statement about having seen me. This is what I had to contend with and do everything I could to avoid these false accusations and attempts to "spot" me in my flat for I knew not what fabricated stories were being asserted as the truth.

It was the surveillance that told them about my presence and movements not what they could see from outside. I acted in such a way because of the surveillance to always make certain that it was the only way they knew what I was doing so as to hopefully prevent these fabricated stories. They were not only fabricated, but they knew these were fabricated because by means of the surveillance they knew exactly what I was doing: absolutely nothing. Yet, there was an mighty effort to ascribe to me by a mob of people and the efforts of many others surrounding me and involved from the outside actions and activity that were not true. That is why for the most part I stayed in bed each and every evening without getting up at all except long after midnight to go to the bathroom and then in a well crouched position while moving back and forth. I had cut my life down to absolutely the very bare essentials.

I do not know who this one woman was who figured so prominently in the surveillance and effort to stalk me. She apparently left one Sunday in mid-April 1999 following all of this activity which I believe started intensely in August 1998 with the delivery of the video imaging equipment. The instructions that I overheard on that Sunday afternoon were that they would have to "independently" identify me as being present in conjunction with each reported incident. This is what le[d] to the whole activity that took place virtually 24 hours a day and seven days a week to stalk me and attempt to identify my presence. Since I was doing absolutely nothing, I could only conclude that they were going to attribute to me false activity while identifying my presence in the flat at the same time. From the summer of 1998 onwards I have adopted as low a profile as possible and restricted all my activity to such a degree so that nothing could be attributed to me. This has not prevented even the most minuscule sound or noted activity from being exaggerated to extreme proportions and reinforced by a mass hysteria in a mob whipped to a frenzy of participation by these four adults in the flat below and fully supported by those above, next door and in two other flats already noted for their own reasons.

It is quite telling that this woman whom I associate with the surveillance activity taking place in the flat above was instrumental in this mob frenzy activity but in a strange way. She did not hesitate to tell tenants of my presence either in my flat or in my bathroom. I overheard her on several occasions telling people in the Walkway that "he's in there". Each time was when I was in the bathroom so she could have been talking about that room or just the flat in general. Thus, she let people know of my presence and let them know that she was stalking that presence. As regards the outside activity for "verification" of the noise of my occasional nightmare and hoped for (by them) talking in my sleep, she participated fully in that by using the surveillance as a means to that end. I have already described her participation in the act of trying to verify my presence. She also participated in the act of trying to observe and not[e] any sounds I made as a result of nightmares and talking in my sleep.

It was quite obvious to me that they would all wait outside to hear something while those inside and especially above would try to wake me inducing a nightmare and hopefully talking in my sleep which could be verified by those outside. On one such occasion one of the kids who live above did his normal act of running in place on the floor above the living room stomping on it and trying to wake me. In this instance I was already awake and heard it. This woman then evidently ran inside from outdoors where she had been waiting with the others for any noise from me. She ran into the flat above and said to the kid "was that you?" Assuming that the response was positive, she then said "no, no, no," over and over again in the same manner she had done previously when viewing my video screen. It is ironic that to emphasise her series of "no" statements that she herself stomped her feet on the floor above. I am sure that this was unconscious and intended for emphasis, but she was doing the same thing to disturb me that he had just been doing. She added that "you will get me in trouble". [This woman has since been tentatively identified.]

This both raised an issue and clarified a situation. The issue it raised was who was this woman and what organisation did she represent that such harassment would get her in trouble. The clarification it provided was that without direct harassment of this kind, I would sleep on peacefully and soundlessly not making any noise which they were all there to listen for. In terms of the who I do not think that she was a tenant in the flat above because she left in April. There were goodbyes all around on the balcony below and cooing with respect to the infant below. I have never heard her voice since that time. Was she a member of a law enforcement agency or part of the tenant management activity? This could very well be. If so, then these people were not only aware of the use of the surveillance but also aware that direct harassment was being used to produce the nightmare and talking in my sleep which they were trying to document independently outside. In other words those responsible for countering harassment were aware of its existence and aware of the surveillance equipment being used for that purpose. There is a further indication that his was official surveillance and harassment. On or about 12th April 1999 the lymph oedema in my right arm and hand subsided dramatically. It is my belief that at that time the electro magnetic [radiation] imaging device [EMRID] was removed. I believe that my lymph oedema began with its installation in August 1998 and subsided with the removal of this equipment on or about 12th April. 1999. This did not last very long.

For some reason and from some source this surveillance equipment was restored. Evidently the continuing exaggerations and misrepresentations were enough to have it re-installed. Maybe it was only temporarily removed. Whatever the reason I believe that it was returned with the same negative impact on the lymph oedema in my right arm and hand as well as my health. The lymph oedema has recently reached such proportions as to swell my hand so much to bring it near the point of crippling its usage. I have done everything I can to reduce and eliminate the factors associated with causing this problem, but I cannot control this external source of possible distress to the proper functioning of my lymph system and consequently immune system. Since April this whole scenario as already described has been played over and over again each and every day doing great harm to my health and perhaps leaving me permanently damaged as a result.

The essence of the harassment from the beginning has been to provoke a retaliation. I have done exactly the opposite by cutting down my activity and visibility to an absolute minimum in the hopes that nothing could be ascribed to me at all. This has led to false attributions and exaggeration of the most minuscule items of normal, daily life and the odd times when a small unusual noise is made. Finally, the vulnerability with regard to causing nightmares was facilitated and discovered by means of the surveillance. This has been exploited as much as possible with its own distortion. They cannot very well acknowledge the truth that I am talking in my sleep as a result of direct harassment. Instead they claim that I am engaged in sexual activity which is not true. The obsessiveness of the drive for revenge and retribution in this matter is the most extreme I have ever witnessed in my live. It is complete and has totally taken over the lives of these four adults in the flat below apparently to the exclusion of everything else but most tragically at the expense of the children involved. These are clearly emotionally disturbed adults, all four of them, as based upon my direct experience for over three years. There are obviously disturbed children involved, but that in my judgment is due to disturbed adults.

Originally the object of their emotional disturbance was a young boy named ************* which gave them the opportunity to vent their repeatedly recurring rage on the boy. After I brought the abuse to the attention of the authorities, I have become the object of this emotional disturbance and obsessionally driven rage. I understood this character in these adults. This was a contributing factor to my delaying reporting the problem until I could handle it properly especially with regard to the abuse that I "knew" [anticipated] I was going to receive. Another delaying factor was the environment and the problems I had in dealing with the beat officer two years ago when this should have been brought to his attention and was not due to his general demeanour and emphasis on drugs and stolen property. As a result the problem was not communicated until 5th May 1998, and at that time to the Chief Executive of the ******** *********** *********** *********. I did not know where to report this problem. I certainly was not going to report it to the *********** ********** and local tenant management because they were a source of many problems and confidentiality was not among their strengths since by its very nature it was a tenant management endeavour. The letter was forwarded to the nearby Social Services office who turned it over to the police following an interview with me.

The police investigation began immediately on 8th May 1998 and concluded as I was informed that no abuse had been found only "bad parenting". However, this triggered a retaliation campaign against me immediately, and I noted as much directly from the tenant below when she was out talking with a group of tenants in the front of the building on two or three different occasions. She clearly let all of them know what had happened in great detail as I heard it related and vowed revenge. When someone tried to counter this verbally, she went into a seething rage which was consistent with her emotionally disturbed character that I had already noted almost daily for two years. This emotional, verbal rage was expressed several times including once that actually sounded like she was frothing at the mouth. On two different occasions she went outside in front of the building and challenged me to come out and fight. It was no secret who had brought the problem to the attention of the authorities, and she made certain that it was broadcast everywhere including the details of the investigation. In contrast I have never said anything outside the circle of those already informed: the Council Chief Executive, Social Services and the Police. Anything that has circulated publically has come from these four adults themselves. It was clear by verbalised threat that the harassment campaign was off and running from early May 1998 onwards.

This harassment campaign was to verify the character of these four participants with regard to child abuse by such abuse that was directed at me. The child abuse also continued from time to time in emotional outbursts or rage against primarily ************ and the infant. The worst and most suspicious of these were reported to the police. Although only two or three, they were quite serious involving the possible hitting of a child in August 1998, the same possibly against the young boy *********** and subsequent choking incident of one child by another that involved *************** as well. All of this activity has taken place against a background of reporting the harassment to the Council and *************** Chief Executives and subsequently the Police Commissioner as already described to no avail.

The primary problem was that the abuse including likely physical abuse of the children continued. The secondary problem was the harassment against me continued in the most vicious and mean ways possible on a daily basis seven days a week 24 hours a day as this obsession vent its rage that was like an unquenchable fire. At the same time these four adult dragged in all the tenant neighbours in my immediate area and any number of people from elsewhere plus the police and the local tenant management. Of these many, many people were aware of the surveillance that was ongoing all the time accepting and participating in it. In fact the tenant above and all those involved there not only freely participated but evidently provided the expertise, equipment and themselves to mastermind the extensive and all pervasive and invasive surveillance which began over a year ago.

The four adults in the flat below as I have learned represent three generations along with the three children: two young boys and an infant. I believe the older adults names are ************ (whom I referred to as the "Cackler" because of her distinctive laugh and my lack of knowledge of her name; I still may be wrong) and *********** (I am not at all certain about his name). The younger adults names are, I believe, ************** (again whom I have always called the Screamer because she is always screaming) who is also called "*********" apparently and *************** whose name I am most certain of outside that of ************** for the younger boy and ************ for the older boy. I do not know the infant's name. I note the names here because they are called by their different names in various places and in the appendices. For the most part these four adults and children occupied the one bedroom flat below ******** *********** most of the time with the children visiting on almost every weekend. It was an over crowded situation which help fuel the expression of the rage that was always present below the surface.

There were frequent loud arguments between the adults especially the younger two, ********** **********, and there was always the eruption of abusive rage against the one child ***********. The screaming that went on for the first two years of my residency (May 1996 to May 1998) reminded me of the descriptions of the woman whose six-year-old boy was eventually found dead as I recall in 1996. I could not believe that the same thing was taking place right under me and directly out front in the Walkway [footpath]. In spite of this I gave any possible action very careful thought and documented the worst instances of abuse during my second year including the choking episode when *********** seriously choked ********** one night in early 1998. By this time I had already called the police for an incident of rage in August 1997 (already mentioned) which unknowingly involved ************ until the police arrive and began questioning him followed by ****** *******'s comments from the balcony after the police left. From then on I began to experience harassment of a minor and infrequent sort. I knew plainly what I would be in for when (not if) I reported the child abuse which I did as already noted on 5th May 1998. The character of these people was classic abusive in all respects, and I knew I would be their next victim when I did report it.

As confirmation of the fact that the whole activity against me was derived from my notifying the authorities about the child abuse, the older male below, ******** *********, said precisely that only recently. He was out on the balcony below talking with the someone on the balcony above. These are the two key flats involved in the harassment ********** *************. Apparently the person from *********** on its balcony above was asking why he was doing all of this. His short answer from the balcony for ************* below was that what I had done in turning them in for child abuse was unforgivable and justified the extensive campaign of harassment against me. The person in the flat above was obviously privileged to the fact that I was doing nothing wrong and, in fact, was exercising more total restraint, hence his enquiry. The older male below simply confirmed for me what I knew were actions as an obsession with the fact that I had turned over the information about child abuse that I perceived for its evaluation and investigation. Even that process was done with great restraint, care and thoughtfulness. My mistake is that I should have acted sooner. These people would have me act not at all. Whatever the outcome, that would never be possible for child abuse must be dealt with by the proper authorities no matter what the consequence for the adult doing the reporting because the child cannot do it for him/herself.

There is another telling comment about what is actually noted about my activity from those below. Basically they cannot hear anything because of the quiet way I live. On one occasion some time ago the older woman, *********** (aka the Cackler), was out on the balcony below talking with a guy out on the balcony above. He asked her if she heard anything that night, and she replied "not a thing". I had been up for several hours in my chair working on my job search via Internet downloads and other related things. I was very quiet. Under normal circumstances it is not possible to hear me in this flat. I make little noise under normal circumstances, and this was proof of it. However, due to the obsessive character of this woman she was intent upon knowing everything I did so that the surveillance equipment was extended to the flat below for monitoring purposes. Thus, she was able to sit out on the balcony and tell passers by exactly what I was doing within my hearing. During times when that monitoring equipment was not also placed below, there were continuous and intense questions about what I was doing. On one occasion the younger woman below, ************* (aka the Screamer) asked a guy from above when he was passing out front what I was doing. He replied "working away" which was precisely what I had been doing for many hours on end without ever moving from my chair on that particular Saturday.

This obsessional intensity was borne out by the continuous reports on my activity that I have already noted which were communicated by the woman who was associated with the flat above until April 1999 and whose role is unknown. This intense obsession with what I was doing led especially to what I was writing. I believe this is the reason that every conceivable eavesdropping methodology was installed to monitor actions, words, computer activity and writing. This was just another aspect of the seriously disturbed emotional character that I witnessed and experienced as being the nature of these four adults. It is for this reason too among the normal disposition that I pulled back all of my activity so that I would not contribute anything to the harassment syndrome that was being or attempted to be provoked. They were attacking my life in its every aspect to completely shut it down and extinguish it by as much destructive behaviour as possible. I did shut down as much as possible because I knew that they would fabricate and exaggerate anything they could find which they did.

Since I made virtually no noise, they had to fixate on any small sound. From time to time when the unavoidable accident happened, it would cause an explosion. These incidents were separated by weeks but characterised as frequent. In early January at six o'clock in the morning one Monday I sought to open the doors to allow the heat to flow for warmth after a cold night. In seeking material to prop open the bedroom door, I accidentally knocked two very small, empty cardboard boxes on to the floor from a height of about two feet. They made very little noise but enough to bring the house down below. The eruption went on for about an hour and a half ending with the comment from the older woman below to whomever she called over in an official capacity "why does he always do these things?" That was the clue to me. Naturally, I rarely made any noises like that, but when I did, they were so characterised so it was important for me to simply not make any accidental noises if at all possible. It wasn't, but I did the best I could. I knew this was the problem I was up against. She had to exaggerate this because I would not respond in kind to her harassment nor did I make very much in the way of normal noises. The incidents that got attacked like this with a viciousness that was all out of proportion with the reality of the situation was the time I accidentally dropped a tape cassette or other objects from time to time on the floor or made a similar noise in the kitchen while cooking.

The process started last year by hits beneath me wherever I happened to be and made a minor noise. This was after the drilling sound activity as described above in the same capacity had been abandoned. This was an attempt to quite literally shutdown my life by attacking every facet of it. At the same time there were continuous incidents of lurking outside the front and side kitchen window to identify my presence. This was done in conjunction with wall water pipe noise as the younger woman below ************* even brought someone around the side of the building to identify my cooking activity in the kitchen as associated with water usage. This year and more recently, this facility to track me in my flat was precise so that the hitting at times when I was in the bathroom or kitchen preparing food could be done with full knowledge of my activity. It has been a daily activity for many months to identify my presence in the flat in the morning in this manner. On one occasion someone was brought around to the kitchen window in an obvious complaint about the noise I made when preparing food (a most exaggerated complaint), the woman who was observing said "it sounds like he is cleaning". Close but still accurate in that it was not anything unusual or excessive. Just normal activity, and normal activity that was as subdued as possible.

The same has been true of my taking a bath. Last year I recall that they would come outside to "listen" to me take a bath. At one point a different woman who had been called in to listen said "is that him taking a bath?" Obviously, to avoid this kind of stalking, I tried my best not only to be quiet but to take baths at times which might go undetected especially as I would get verbal harassment from above and stomping on the floor above the bathroom. What I did was to cut my baths to an absolute minimum going without for long periods of time sometimes a week. At one point I took a "sponge" bath with just a washcloth, soap and water in the sink, but this was clearly followed from above when I heard not only the equipment above but also a voice urging that they look at this as I bathed standing next to the tub. Even in recent days this has also occurred. While taking a bath quite recently, I heard what sounded like the panelling being removed below from the water pipe shaft that runs between floors. This was done as I drained the tub while still sitting quietly in it. A female voice sounding like the younger woman below ************* said in a whisper that I could plainly hear "He's in there." A male voice whom I had never heard before replied "He is?" I believe these have been all direct attempts to identify my presence in the flat to associate me with false accusation about activity that is in reality my having nightmares and talking in my sleep (or trying to talk in my sleep). In this last case the male voice might very well have that of the police or another member of the tenant management activity.

It is very important to note that the overall harassment activity produced no results in provocation. In fact the reverse occurred as I shut down my activity to a bare minimum concentrating on making as little noise as possible as I have already mentioned. In order to pursue an obsessive campaign against me to find something to accuse me of it degenerated into a focus of attention on the smallest and most basic of human functions and then blowing those all out of proportion. This then focussed on the kitchen cooking and bathroom activities especially using the toilet. Any little sound was escalated into a major criminal offense and, quite literally I believe, the police were called over the most absurd noises. One morning I broke wind while using the toilet, a completely natural and unavoidable function in those circumstances. I next heard from below the sound of the younger woman's voice ************ apparently on the telephone saying "do you know what he has just done?" I did not hear the rest distinctly but felt that she was describing my intimate act of using the toilet in these circumstances [where] I have taken every step possible to minimise its noise. This alarm then went to everyone everywhere with my toilet functions becoming the scrutiny of everyone.

This event occurred one noontime with the whole entourage going outside by way of complaint about my activity with considerably raised voices being heard from out front of the building amid what were apparent demands that something be done, and I am not altogether uncertain that the police were not summoned as well. Shortly after this ruckus went on outside for a considerable time, there was a knock at my door. As usual when I am not expecting anyone, I completely ignore it as I did in this instance. I have no doubt in my mind and in conjunction with subsequent events that this visit was in relation to the noise I had just made while using the toilet. As absurd as it sounds, this then became the focus of surveillance at the noon hour especially after one late afternoon shortly thereafter when I flushed the toilet three times. That apparently sent whoever was below into orbit although that was certainly not my intention which was to get the solid waste down the toilet which can be difficult with this toilet on occasion. Just cleaning the toilet bowl can take several flushes, but in this instance once again there was a very long drawn out screaming session outside involving many tenants and the older woman from the flat below. Now, most assuredly everyone's attention was focussed on my bathroom habits which had been exploded all out of the normal proportions that had always been my activity for three years.

Actually I made every effort to keep any and all bathroom noises either non-existent or to a barely audible level. I actually only flushed the toilet once or sometimes twice a day and had been doing so since last year. My schedule is quite regular given the vegetarian and high fibre diet I eat so usage is consistent. This harassment, then, was an effort to shutdown even that most fundament[al] and basic of human functions which was impossible to do. The surveillance activity took on a new dimension as a result focussing attention on my movements to and from the bathroom for the purpose of using the toilet and listening to those sounds. On many occasions initially whenever I went into the bathroom, someone from upstairs would come out to listen. This action was obvious and not coincidental. They had the video surveillance mechanism upstairs and knew when I went into the bathroom. In fact, on one evening I even heard a voice apparently in a group of people state out loud as I sat down on the toilet "watch this" followed by silence as they watched. There was a concerted midday effort of people out on the balcony both above and below to listen for me to break wind. On one such occasion a male voice (the tenant from the flat next door above *********) said "did you hear that" when I broke wind. There was a murmured female response from the balcony below.

This occurred in another context as well. There started to appear outside on the bench below people sitting there at midday observing this phenomenon and waiting to listen too. Naturally, I stopped it as much as possible. I could see those out front and noted that they responded to my movements inside the flat, but they could not possibly see me. They were getting instructions from either above or below via the video imaging equipment, and I think it was the nature of my movements that was transmitted by a radio device through an earpiece. On guy out front would cup his left ear which was facing away from me to hear better it looked like to me then relay to the person sitting next to him what he had been told. With this they would freeze and wait as if observing by means of listening. Perhaps they were also connected to the audio bug in my flat. This visual impression was confirmed by what the older woman *********** said one day as I returned from the bathroom into the living room to this person who was always sitting on the bench out front at midday. She said "he's playing games with us." Then silence as she evidently noted I was back in the living room.

This statement gave it all away. It confirmed for me [the reasonf for] the presence of the person(s) out front each day. It also revealed that she could claim excessive noises and then use this as an excuse of why they where not hearing anything and most certainly never hear anything unusual. My vegetarian diet has a strong diuretic effect on me. I keeps all the excess fluid flushed from my body and is something I welcome for its positive effect on the lymph oedema. I needed to take every step possible to prevent that accumulation of fluid in my right arm and hand and this was a good way to help with that. What it meant, though, was that after I ate lunch and consumed water, that water would be immediately expelled over the next two to three hours sometimes at 30 minute intervals. So if someone is keeping track of my movements from the living room to the bathroom after I ate lunch which was happening here, they would likely conclude if they were expecting "noise" from using the toilet that I was "playing games" with them. Of course, I was doing no such thing. I always sat down on the toilet to eliminate all possible sound, and they would hear no noise almost all the time. In order for her to make herself look valid in the eyes of others for having made such a complaint, she would have to attribute further activity, in this case deception, which was not true either.

There was another incident which really put the lid on the fact that I was being thoroughly and completely stalked for several hours at midday. As I left the bathroom on one occasion, footsteps came hurrying up to the door of the flat below. A male voice then asked the question "did you hear anything?" Although there was silence after the question, the answer would have been "no" for I do not make any noise almost always while in the bathroom while using the toilet. What this tells me is that the only way they could possibly know about these movements in the way they did or for most times anyway was by means of a video imaging device that reflects my movements wherever I go in my flat. This stalking activity went on for many weeks, and I have noted it on a daily basis. It forced me to move my cooking lunch to about ten o'clock or earlier in the morning. This was all right because sleeping past five am is impossible with the people below and above. There was a whole host of people used in this stalking activity including the sweeper who cleaned each morning. He would try to verify my presence through the kitchen window if I was preparing food or from out front. Snatches of conversation that I heard verified this activity as well as his appearance of "reporting" each time to the guy out on the front bench.

All of this derived from the obsessive character of those below who were dedicated to attacking every little thing in my life to blow it way out of proportion and then enlist the aid of everyone they could in stalking me as described above. The emotional instability of those adults [below] which was effectively used as screaming and tantrum tactics to convince these other people that they were sincerely distress[ed] [with] outrage worked. No one saw them for the emotionally disturbed people they were, and no one really questioned the reality and true nature of what she was communicating.

This obsessiveness can be no better illustrated [than] by an example of similar reaction in early spring of this year when I sat down on the toilet seat about 11 pm one Saturday night, and it squeaked not very much but enough to be heard. Again I heard voices raised in anger and protest but not loudly enough for me to understand what was said, but that night I was treated to constant harassment by means of hitting on the walls and/or ceiling below at intervals all night long. These kept waking me up over and over again. This was evidence to me of a totally obsessive personality fixated on the least little noise for retaliation and, in effect, trying to shutdown my each and every activity. It was also a sign of the intense rage that had found me as its current object having transferred it from the child. I subsequently took steps to keep the toilet seat from squeaking when I found that no matter what I did it would invariably squeak now. I taped folded over pieces of cardboard under it so it would not bend and squeak. This stopped it completely, and it has never squeaked since.

I am most reluctant to bring these particular instances up in this letter but have no choice as they will exhibit the surveillance to which I was subjected and outline the purpose of the harassment as it sought to deny me of every amenity and purpose for living in a flat. What could be more basic than kitchen and bathroom functions? These were the last things which did make some noise, and which were the last things which could be attacked along with the vulnerability exploited with regular attacks against my sleep and relaxation. These three areas of basic human needs with regard to healthy activity and living were the target of every effort to deny them to me and either create a totally non-functioning environment or falsely accuse me of excessive noise when going about natural human activity: eating, sleeping, bathing and using the toilet. What could be more basic than these? I did the best I could to keep the flat as clean as possible, but that has slipped by. I put limescale remover in the toilet bowl and scrub it once a day to keep that deposit from building. Even this small activity has drawn comment from below I heard once. Running water and washing dishes is subject to this too. Last year I ate sandwiches and junk food consistently to avoid this but had to switch back to my healthy vegetarian diet despite the harassment I got for food preparation and washing dishes after cooking. So it comes as no surprise that the sleep deprivation reaction from nightmares and either talking or trying to talk in my sleep has drawn the obsessiveness to a frenzied height.

I cannot begin to tell you about this activity which has gone on daily and nightly for over a year with the current results after trying to address the problem "officially" as described above. Every action taken with regard to it makes I worse. By trying to observe the results of this harassment independently by groups of people night after night outside, they only contribute to the problem and make the "noises" more likely to arise from nightmares and talking or trying to talk in my sleep. To have hordes of people outside in front and on the side in the road under my kitchen window for many hours each night until 11 pm or midnight followed by a hard core of all night die hard obsessives creates the very problem they are trying to observe. They talk loudly and carry on for many hours while I am trying to get to sleep. There is no secret why they are there because people outside keep describing their activity. As observers they are waiting to hear a noise which their own activity is creating in addition to the direct harassment I get from the flats above and below me who try to deliberately wake me when I have fallen asleep. The contribution of anxiety and distress toward a fear of nightmares and talking in my sleep only serves to help produce them. It became a syndrome that fed on itself.

In reviewing my diary notes it was entirely clear to me that I would sleep on if left alone but would wake usually with a dream or nightmare if disturbed. I noted this nightly and when looking back over sections of days at a time. Normally I averaged about four hours sleep per night due to the harassment which deprived me of sleep and/or kept me awake. What became obvious to me was that I would oftentimes wake up after ten minutes or a little more sleep. These were either directly attributable to noises that I heard upon waking or associated with them as I was trying to go to sleep. In one clear instance I logged the loud hits (stomps) on the floor above at ten minute intervals while going to sleep with the result that I woke up after only less than ten minutes of sleep when I got to sleep about midnight that night. Oftentimes there were outright and obvious attempts to keep me from sleeping. I have selected an example of one night that provides a variety of such activities and reprinted the log for that night in Appendix E the last appendix. It is listed last because the other appendices address the far more important matter of child abuse that is still occurring.

In this one evening on 28th July 1999 there is rolled up much of the activity (but not all) that I experienced each and every evening and during the day whenever I tried to rest after lack of sleep from the night before. There are (1) direct sleep deprivation activity from both above and below; (2) a direct statement with regards to their "spying" activity; (3) two attempts to gain direct access to my flat in the evening at its front door during a period when the building's door locks were inoperable; (4) a direct middle of the night harassment attempt at my front door; and (5) motor bike activity on the ********** footpath in front of the building directly associated with the flat above. All these activities are harassment activities, and I urge you to read Appendix E carefully. It is unnecessary to rewrite it here.

As regard[s to] the first four appendices, these are from recent activity this summer with one incident having just occurred last weekend which is noted in Appendix A. These incidents reflect matters NOT reported to the Social Services or Police. That became a futile and circular endeavour whose last report to them in May 1999 involved a serious choking incident already mentioned. I believe there is a definite failure in ability to deal with these kinds of situations in light of the current law and much falls in the cracks between the Police and Social Services. Because of the character of this situation, that is even more liable to happen. At least one of the older people below is the tenant in that flat **********. The middle generation younger people do not actually "live" there but "visit" full time. The actual residence of the younger woman *********** is elsewhere and in the jurisdiction of another Social Services and Police area. The children (excluding the infant) are usually weekend visitors and sometime weekday night visitors. The younger male ************ lives elsewhere too. However, for all practical purposes I thought the lot of them lived below for the first two years I lived here until I notified the authorities about the child abuse.

Not only is the Social Services jurisdiction a problem but coordination between Social Services and the Police seem to be an apparent difficulty too. I have been sent around in circles as to whom to deal with, and when I asked for clarification especially with regard to the law and what to report or not, I have not received any reply. I do not think that anyone really knows until you clarify that law in statute form as soon as is practicable. What happens in this instance is that those who abuse not only get away with the abusive behaviour but can also harass anyone who reports that behaviour with impunity and get away with it as has happened here. I believe that children should enjoy the right of adults as regards legal protection to not be hit at all under any circumstances. The failure to provide this clear standard which is no more than that enjoyed by adults in society produces such an ambiguity that no one really knows what is or is not abuse. Thus, further grey areas become all the more difficult to deal with. By drawing the line at "no hit" everyone has a clear idea about what is and what is not legally prohibited by abuse and can act accordingly. That would send a perfectly clear and appropriate message to everyone about what standard to obey and provide the responsible authorities with a basic guideline as a point of departure.

This situation is a very difficult one as most of these are I am sure. If the law were more clear, the reporting for the early choking of the child ********* would have been better perceived as something to report immediately. As it is even, it was and should have been reported immediately. I was remiss in not doing so and can only attribute that to the uncertainty of the situation as regards to the law which, for me, helped muddle everything in my then very limited understanding of it. Therefore, I offer these four appendices in the light of the current law and ask you to tell me how someone should act in such a situation where, to begin with, the "hearing" of a problem is difficult right at the onset. I think you will see that even given that difficulty, this is a situation as described in Appendix B where perhaps a "slap" or a "hit" was present, but was that sufficient enough to warrant reporting the incident to the police? In this case it was not reported, while an earlier similar situation had been reported to the Social Services. An earlier "choking" incident (two of them actually) was (were) reported to the Police and Social Services due to its obvious seriousness. In the later one, the police asked the Social Services to investigate who them notified me to contact the police as regards any future similar incident. The degree of these incidents are important and whether they go to the police or Social Services crucial. In Appendices C and D I refer to the same choking incident. Appendix D sets it against a causative background of abuse (Appendix A can be seen in this light too) and the subsequent effects of violence against other children (hitting, kicking and choking).

These incidents of violence against other children are far from new. I report here those that occurred recently this past summer which were noted by me. Starting in May 1998 there have been four or five such incidents prior to these which have been fairly serious. Two of those were reported to the Police (May 1997 and May 1998) but the other two or three have not been so reported. These incidents are critically important as they reveal a mirror image of a nearby adult(s). What *********** is acting out is what he is experiencing and expressing as he has been taught by the actions of those around him: violence. It is a continuation of the violence syndrome in its first stages of development. This should always be well noted and tracked by both the Social Services and Police but is it? I have had no positive reinforcement in that regard. Is this because for the most part that people do not really understand what is happening? Is there a lack of training and understanding here? Appendix A describes the most difficult situation where a child is apparently punished for a reason that he does not understand.

************ is in the most difficult of positions. No matter what he does it is wrong. He is always verbally abused (see the second entry in Appendix D), and I have never heard love or tenderness expressed toward him. He apparently tries to do everything he thinks they want to please, and these are met with rejection. His rage and disturbed character are understandable. He just is not even treated nicely. He is really a lost and lonely child thrown completely back on [h]is own when he really needs the love and support of adults. This is evidenced by an incident that I happened to overhear from the Walkway outside my front door when I was in the bathroom. An adult was calling for ************ to come back, but he was evidently going away down the Walkway. The adult called back in a laughing way to those below that ************ was running away. There were references to his needing money and what not. One of the women came out from below calling his name. I went back inside my living room, and a little while later ************* appeared on the balcony yelling to the guy who was leaving outside in his automobile: "I want to go with you."

For ********** this is far from a normal, transient feeling of disaffection. I believe it is one he lives with on a permanent basis that is compounded by his great difficulty in playing with other children because he resorts to violence in that play.

I have left much of the detail logged in these incidents present because it reveals the overall nature of the situation (or a part of it) that is important. The infant screaming below went on for a very long time so I left in the full length of that as I noted it as background for the possible slapping and hitting of that infant (Appendix B). The ball playing activity in which the two boys engaged in for hours and hours at a time on weekend evenings out in the Walkway is left in for its full length in Appendix C. This was done to show the full scope of these many hours especially when set against my need for rest and sleep which it prevents until they stop.

Adding to that is the dog barking below which is a never ending phenomenon for both day and night and oftentimes late and in the middle of the night as well as early in the morning (five am). This particular Saturday evening on 21st August 1999 only a month a go was typical of many nights. It started with that choking incident. It is just a question of time to wait for something like this to happen when they are out in the Walkway. The ball playing goes on for almost five hours in an area with a sign clearly posted prohibiting such ball playing. This is roundly and regularly ignored by those visiting the flat below, the younger woman and her two charges. This is a prime example of anti-social behaviour and, worse, teaching that to the children. Also noted is the obvious surveillance when two young women "see" me get up and think that I am going to bed at 8 pm which they are expecting. Instead I go to the bathroom which brings on laughter. This is the kind of thing I hear quite often.

You will note the word "crouched" to or back into whenever I am in the living room. I had always done this at night while also not using any lights to prevent misrepresentations about my activity based upon "sightings". It was this persistent stalking that I was trying to avoid while hoping that those to whose attention I brought the harassment would act. Since this was not forthcoming I continued to act this way to avoid any unnecessary false accusations as I have heard and described above. Last summer at about six am one Saturday when it was brilliant daylight from the early sunrise, I was standing by my bed in the back of the living room folding a blanket when the kid from above yelled "he stood up!". I knew that there was always someone out front forever trying to "see" me in the morning, but this was prime confirmation of it. He was using the video imaging device to "see" me inside my flat at that hour and yelled outside to those who were watching that I was visible whether or not they could see me.

This was further confirmed by the fact that he went outside to meet someone who came from a vehicle parked a bit down the road then went to the window of the flat below to talk about the possible "sighting" with the young woman ************ in the flat below. I went to the bedroom and saw and heard all of this activity from the bedroom window including the conversation which took place directly under my bedroom window between the two guys outside on the ground and the younger woman ************* talking from the flat below under the bedroom. Nothing could have been more clear than that they were operating a surveillance stalking conspiracy between the imaging device located in the flat above mine, people out on the road presumably sitting in vehicles and the occupants of the flat below. From that day forward at all times when I am in the living room I "crouch" around. That is, I walk around bent over at the [waist] with my hands almost to my feet so that none of me will appear above the window ledge level. Since I never walk more than half way to the front window, any possibility of seeing me even if someone could see through the doubled over sheet used for a curtain is highly unlikely. Actually it is impossible and any claim to the contrary is false.

Despite all of these efforts to completely shutdown all aspects of my life through what is really a massively coordinated effort, I have managed to maintain a reasonably activity level with regard to my primary responsibility: that of finding a job. I stay on top of that almost all day from very early to late, seven days awake. Thanks to the Internet this is possible in this horrendous environment. I have been at a loss as to how best to solve this problem this year since my two denials of assistance at the beginning of the year. The sheer weight of coping with the harassment problem on a daily basis and maintaining my job search and skills retention level has been an all consuming task.

I will do nothing that will cause further injury to my existing situations: diplopia (double vision), lymph oedema and the possibility of a malignant tumour. In fact you will see by this that I have done everything I can to mitigate any risk to those conditions and continue to do so. Last year I had a brain scan to see if there was a malignancy causing the diplopia. There wasn't. The most likely cause for it was stress. As a result, I have done all I can to reduce stress which impacts that and the lymph oedema. Despite these efforts they are not doing well as the diplopia is just beginning to worsen as it has been doing all summer, and the lymph oedema is notably at an extreme level. I do not want anything to interfere with my job search or job obtaining abilities. Instead I will act in such a manner as to reduce stress at every opportunity which is exactly what I have done in coping with the harassment in the way I have by especially not engaging in it at all myself and doing precisely the opposite by reducing my activity so that it will not be even noticeable at all.

This has not succeeded because of all the electronic surveillance to which I have been subjected. It has taken me a long time to figure out with a degree of certainty which will allow me to address it as I have. Now, I look to you to provide adequate law enforcement and social services to both deal with the child abuse problem adequately and the retaliatory harassment to which I have been subjected.

Sincerely yours

/s/Gary D Chance

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