Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
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Surveillance violates human rights and civil liberties.

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In a democracy where the people's representatives make laws to ensure that the social order is preserved and society functions as optimally as possible there are grave risks from surveillance activities carried out by organisations operating outside the law and the legal justice system.

This activity poses a grave threat and danger to freedom and the institutions of such a democracry, namely, the legal justice system, proper functioning by law enforcement and the very process of law making itself.

Complexity and problems abound when surveillance activity is undertaken especially in light of the newest technology used toward that end. There are many complex issues which need to be addressed immediately in light of world events to preserve and protect the freedoms enjoyed by all in such democracies while ensuring that the security of all those in such democratic states is simultaneously preserved.

It is the objective of this website to explore these complex issues as they have emerged from the personal experience of being subjected to complete surveillance as a totally innocent person. There is strong evidence to indicate that this situation has been a research and development activity with regard to surveillance conducted in the community utilising all aspects of such surveillance technology for over the past three years up to and including the most recent technological innovations for the total invasion of personal and corporate activity and privacy. Social control and suppression of legitimate free exercise of rights and responsibilities are a key factor of this experience which is currently still underway.

The surveillance which has gone on for over three years has been extensively documented on a daily basis by means of a diary/log. Much correspondence during this period has been sent to those in authority to end this unjust activity against an innocent person. Protection has been sought from the High Court in London. Given the nature and extent of this surveillance it is time to begin publishing that personal experience here along with comments about the dangers and threats such surveillance poses to society by undermining the social order in a civilised society which it purports to uphold and maintain.

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The title of the site reflects that surveillance is a most unreasonable search and seizure by totally invading the privacy of an individual as it "steals" everything it observes including all personal and private activities, documentation and anything which might be available in the private life of that individual. Furthermore, the surveillance activity can be used to shutdown and stop legitimate free exercise of rights and responsibilities by an individual by interferring with the very life and activity processes it purports to observe.

The worst aspect of surveillance activity is its perversion by an abuse of its power wherein it is used to create the very outcome which it purports to be objectively observing. This is the real danger which has been the essence of this particular surveillance activity throughout its usage. Abuse of the surveillance process itself bcomes the critical issue because surveillance operates outside the legitimate democratic institutions putting absolute power into the hands of just a few individuals. That power is easily abused for its own sake. There is no apparent redress for an individual in a democratic society subjected to such surveillance. This means that the basic ideals of democracy are open to subversion from within resulting in the loss of freedom, justice, legitimate law enforcement and the proper function of government.

It is the responsibility of each and every individual in a free, democratic society to bring to the public's attention such abuses and dangers which accrue from the utilisation of new technologies in the course of such surveillance activities which threaten the very foundations of a civilised, democratic society for it is the public which acts through its representative legislators to determine the laws which form the foundation of such a society. This is what this website will explore at length to ensure that the public debate is informed and active.

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