Surveillance: A Most Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Human Being Used As Surveillance Device
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This page was last updated on Monday, 8th March 2004.

I sent the following to 581 out of the 655 Members of Parliament in the House of Commons following the two motions (noted at the end) which were tabled on 1st March 2004.

This consisted of two recent Emails:

the first dealt with my legal processing experience three years ago while subjected to surveillance against the background of legal privilege; and

the second was sent out during the third week of February 2004 before Ms Gun's hearing on the last Wednesday in February 2004 when her prosecution under the Official Secrets Act was dropped by the Government.

The following day Clare Short MP revealed that she had read transcripts of telephone conversations of the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, while she had been Secretary State for International Development.

These motions are critically important, and I believe that this information is equally so.  

The problem of surveillance technology and its usage must be addressed, but before that can be done there must be knowledge and understanding about the most sophisticated surveillance technology and what it can do.  

You cannot discharge your responsibilities as legislators unless you have this knowledge.Until you know the right questions to ask, you will not gain this knowledge. I hope this will help you to ask the right questions.  

1.  Prosecution of Katharine Gun

The first section below describes my experience at the hands of the Government which denied me privileged communications as regards to legal processing including in chambers hearings which were all fully subjected to surveillance by the Government.  Such surveillance has been continuous for years 24/7 and precludes any privileged communcations whatsoever denying me my legal and human rights.  I described the nature of such surveillance and this legal processing.

2.  Statement on Eavesdropping.

This was a communication which I wrote and transmitted the week before the Katharine Gun decision Wednesday last.  A copy of it was sent to her.  This describes in more detail the nature of the surveillance technology being used against me.  I believe that this is of criitical importance to understand the most sophisticated surveillance technology ever known to mankind and would be essential information for asking the Prime Minister in the House of Commons about its utilisations by this Government since I am one of its direct victims.  This surveillance technology represents a direct threat to democratic civilisation as we know it.

1.  My Comments re Prosecution of Katharine Gun and Legal Privilege

Three years ago on or about 12th March and 29th March 2001 I attended High Court hearings on each of these days.  I had been and was subjected to totally invasive brain wave monitoring and feedback surveillance including surreptitious medication during my preparation and the actual hearings in chambers with two different High Court Justices.

This surveillance R&D experimentation had just begun in February 2001,and I was not aware of its ability to use the human being as a surveillance device.   It took me about six months to fully confirm exactly what was going on.  I was documenting everything that was going on as I had done for years up to and since then 24/7.

I was seeking protection from unlawful and criminal harassment in the High Court including a statement about human rights violations which had commenced at least from the end of August 1998.   Just two months earlier in December 2000 I had been diagnosed with cataracts in each eye as a result of the surveillance technology which had started at the end of August 1998.

During these hearings and the legal preparation which led up to them, I was a walking surveillance device.  All that I could see and hear could be monitored remotely.  All that I thought could be monitored.  Hearing was fed back harassing me as I went through this process.  I was subjected to surreptitious medication as well attempting to incapacitate and debilitate.

The intense 24/7 harassment I was subjected to attacked every human activity in which I engaged minute-by-minute and included verbal abuse while I was taking a bath.  I used to write down on a piece of paper what was being said by these people whom I know by name as they verbally abused me while in the bathtub.

Lt Harry X said at one point that he could not read what I was writing because it was too small.  Otherwise, he would repeat what I was writing confirming to me that he could, indeed, see exactly what I was writing. Although I did not know how this was done for certain for many months, he was reading what I was writing through my eyes.  And, he was feeding back to me by electromagnetic radiation what he and others were saying.  This was an attempt to terroise and torture.

I worked in two different libraries during the legal preparation:  one in Kensington & Chelsea and the other in Westminster using my notebook computer for diary/logs and document preparation.  All the while wherever I worked in these public places, I used to hear Lt Harry X and others describe what I was doing.   I thought that maybe with regard to the notebook computer they were using TEMPEST to read its monitor screen.   They could have been doing this or using my eyes to see what I was looking at.  I have confirmed the use of both these surveillance technologies used against me.

Between the two hearings I sought hospital medical decumentation including a visit to my GP.  This was tracked completely by Lt Harry X and others letting me know that they knew everything I was doing.   While I was in the hearings in chambers with the High Court Justices, Lt Harry X was able to see and hear everything that was going on and knew all that was said by everyone and myself.   This active surveillance was also carried out while I worked in the Supreme Court library at the High Court.

All of this surveillance enabled them to have full knowledge of exactly what I was doing and so interfere in the legal process at every step of the way including making it difficult for me to function with the surreptitious medication which caused drowsiness while I was working in the library to say nothing of the constant distraction and disruption while I continued to log all what was going on while I accomplished the legal research and document preparations.

The first hearing took place with just myself present along with the High Court Justice and her clerk.  The second hearing included solicitors from the legal department of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea as well as a Barrister hired by them to represent them before the judge.  I was appearing in person.   The Barrister claimed that he had not seen the documentation which I had prepared for the second hearing which I had delivered to the High Court Justice's Chambers the day before as well as the Town Hall for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

This documentation was extensive including a medical statement, hospital records, an extensive outline by me of what was going on in terms of the harassment including the typing out of the written notes I had made and photographs.   The High Court Justice was also presented with the hand-written notes about the harassment which had I made while it was going on.

All this documentation plus all the other work I had done was completely available to those carrying out the surveillance driven harassment while I was preparing and collecting it.   The fact that the Barrister claimed he had not seen the documentation at all was not only suspect since I had delivered it to the Town Hall the day before, but all that I did was known to everyone who was dealing with this matter including the solicitors from the legal department of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelea and its Barrister.

Following the second hearing on or about 29th March 2001, I was precluded from my stated intention to continue with the legal processing by the surveillance technology which was used as a weapon to prevent me from continuing such legal processing.   Therefore it lapsed.

This represented actions being carried out by Her Majesty's Government who had knowingly sanctioned the presence and activity of Lt Harry X and (Lt?) Colonel Vine, two US Government agents who had been former US Marines now retired, which commenced in February 2001.

These details were not known to me at that time since they had just begun, but I was to learn all about them as they carried out their efforts to stop all human activity while trying to destroy life itself.   This occurred well before 9/11 which followed some six month later, and long before any public contemplation was revealed with regard to consideration for an invasion of Iraq.

I find it incredible that Her Majesty's Government is now maintaining that communications from the Solicitor General in the form of advice regarding the legality of such an invasion of Iraq is being withheld on the basis of legally privileged communication.

Her Majesty's Government has denied me such privilege from February 2001 to the present precluding my obtaining any legal assistance, advice and/or continuing with the legal processing which I had initiated at the time Lt Harry X and (Lt?) Colonel Vine arrived with their surveillance technology research and development programme at that time.

It is my personal belief that if Her Majesty's Government willfully and intentionally denies others such right to legally privileged communications, it has no right to claim such privilege for itself.

I believe that by committing these unlawful and criminal acts against me to pervert the course of justice by denying me the right to legally privileged communications throughout this entire 36+ month period 24/7 since February 2001, Her Majesty's Government has forfeited such a claim to legally privileged communications for itself.

The false imprisonment, terrorism, torture and interrogation carried out against me 24/7 by the brain wave monitoring and feedback surveillance technology was extensively laced with allegations against me relating to the war in Iraq as a basis for continuing to carry out such surveillance technology research and development citing at various times the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary among others either by office or explicitly by name as the source of their authority for carrying out these unlawful and criminal acts including crimes against humanity to pervert the course of justice based upon an abuse of power.

The intent was to destroy all human activity and life itself to prevent my abiltiy to legally address the unlawful and criminal acts being carried out against me by those named in the original High Court Application presented to the High Court on or about 12th March 2001 in the chambers of a High Court Justice which included "others" who have become known to me by name who were referred to as "others" in that original Application.

I have been denied the protection of my life as afforded to me explicitly under the law.

Gary D Chance

NSA Email Disclosed by GCHQ's Katharine Gun,12239,905954,00.html

NSA Mission (see especially "Signals Intelligence" section)

ECHELON (see especially Political Uses of Echelon and UKUSA section)

Julianne McKinney - Electronic Harassment


2.  My Comments re Statement on Eavesdropping Further Background Information:

I believe that there is much more to Katharine Gun's experience which represents only the tip of the iceberg for such espionage being carried out by the US and UK Governments.

It just so happened that NSA targeted six UN Security Council countries [among others] at a time when it wanted to influence the outcome of a vote about Iraq.

Thank goodness Katharine Gun leaked the request from NSA to GCHQ for assistance.  But, there is much more to the "bugging" these days than what we have understood for decades with regard to electromagnetic radiation surveillance.

I have been the target of a surveillance experimental development programme carried out by two US Government Agents, (Lt?) Colonel Vine and Lt Harry X (both ex-US Marines (retired)), in North Kensington (London) for the past 36 months since February 2001 just after Bush was inaugurated.

This surveillance technology concentrates on brain wave monitoring and feedback activity.  It works as I have been able to verify 24/7 for these three years.

Thoughts (words and images), eyesight, hearing, feeling (pain), muscle movement and smell can be accurately monitored through brain waves surrounding the head of the target.  Feedback for hearing, thoughts and other neurological brain activity including surreptitiious medication, feelings (pain) and muscle movement can be effected as well.

Since this can be carried out no matter where I am located, I have hypothesised that it is carried out by means of satellite communications. There has been some verbal confirmation of this as well.

I have such a good knowledge of what is going on because of the nature of the activity being carried out against me: terror and torture interrogation by constantly hearing these people who try to provoke responses which they can then monitor.  I can hear their verbal responses to my thoughts and images. They verbally abuse me for these revealing precisly what they are doing.

All of these people are well known to me and also involve locals who are employed as part of this terror and torture activity.  It was because of the psychological problems which these people exhibit that I have been able to verify the nature and accuracy of their activity.  It all works.

In the case of the UN Security Council or any other target, the individual becomes the bugging device him/herself.  What I see through my eyes and hear with my ears can be easily monitored.  Very fine print can be seen.   What I think can be monitored as I prove this over and over with tests of my own.

By targeting anyone all of their activity can be tracked including all their dealings with other people or whatever they read and/or think about.  This is the espionage that exists now and could very easily have been used against the six UN Security Council nations.

When there is a suspicion that information has been obtained, most people look for traditional bugs but don't find them.  No phone taps or audio listening devices are needed.  Incidently, computers can be monitored and operated in this same way.

That was recently disclosed as "Magic Lantern" used by the FBI in a case against organised crime in New Jersey for keystroke capture to circumvent encryption.  The current sophistication of Magic Lantern is well beyond simple keystroke capture and involves remote access without any communication connections to operate and control as well as monitor the computer's activity.

The brain is really just another electromagnetic radiation device like the computer.   In my case they are also experimenting with electromagnetic radiation to induce chemical responses in the brain to emulate surreptitious medication in order to debilitate and incapacitate.  This too has been done in such a way as to leave no doubt as to the source of administration by the verbal confimations I hear and physical effects I feel.

Feedback also includes memory prodding and dream associations by inducing images into the brain during sleep.  This has definite side effects which are potentially lethal.  Once again all the activity which I continuously document reveals verbal confirmation of what is going on.  Just last night I had a dream for the second time which was really a video.  There was little doubt about it.  Images (photos) are also used to provoke dream associations by prodding memory.  This is just another interrogation method.

Kudos to Katharine Gun for leaking this intent to monitor the activity of these countries in the Security Council.  But, it might very well be the case that NSA's monitoring has gone well beyond communications and computer monitoring.  It was NSA who developed TEMPEST which monitors the computer monitor screen's electromagnetic emissions.

I confirmed this by putting a coloured transparency in front of my notebook computer's screen.  They went berserk because they could not read what I was writing.   I had changed the frequency by changing colour which then had to be adjusted at the monitoring equipment.  It's just like someone changing radio frequency.   They called in a technician who very quickly saw what I had done and explained to them how to change the frequency for their reception.  It's just like tuning your radio.

NSA and GCHQ's basic job is SIGINT which includes COMINT and ELINT.  These have been expanded to capture any electromagnetic radiation emission that they can which is why they developed TEMPEST.

I believe that the brain is a logical extension of this monitoring process and might very well fall under the remit now of NSA and GCHQ although this is just speculation on my part at this point.

What is being done to me and who is carrying it out are facts of existence in my life and are not mysterious in anyway.   It is obvious that the US and UK are engaged in a joint programme to develop this brain wave monitoring and feedback activity and have been actively carrying it out for the last 36 months 24/7 in my direct experience.

I suspect that Katharine Gun and her legal team might now very well be subjectd to such surveillance in the interest of national security.   I speak as one who, years ago (1961-4), worked in COMINT for the USAF Security Service under operational control of NSA where my reports were sent to NSA and GCHQ.

The ability to completely invade the privacy of an individual totally is now something that must be made known to the world and to Parliament and legislatures everywhere so that effective controls can be brought into place.

The potential for abuse of such technology is clearly obvious in the document leaked by Katharine Gun bless her.

Gary D Chance


John McDonnell
Mr Tam Dalyell
Mr Neil Gerrard
Harry Cohen
Llew Smith
Mr Robert N. Wareing
Mr Robert Marshall-Andrews

That this House calls upon the Prime Minister to make a statement clarifying the extent of the eavesdropping operation which was undertaken by the British and American security services in relation to the circumstances surrounding the war against Iraq, and whether this included bugging the General Secretary of the United Nations, permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, non-permanent members of the Security Council, organisations opposed to the war, members of organisations opposed to the war, and honourable Members.


Mr Robert Marshall-Andrews
Mr Tam Dalyell
Mr Mark Fisher
Mr Doug Henderson
Mr Neil Gerrard
Mr Harold Best
Mr Kelvin Hopkins
Mr Robert N. Wareing
Ms Diane Abbott
Clive Efford
Andrew Bennett
Frank Cook
Mr Jon Owen Jones
Mr Iain Coleman
Dr Rudi Vis
Mr Brian Sedgemore
Jeremy Corbyn
John McDonnell
Harry Cohen

That this House expresses its grave concern at the institution and discontinuance of criminal proceedings against Katharine Gun; notes that the prosecution was pending for three months from the date of charge during which time legal advice must have been given at the highest level to the effect that a clear prima facie case existed against Miss Gun; further notes that the discontinuance was coincident with requests by the defence for Government documents relating to the war against Iraq; considers that statements purporting to provide reasons for the discontinuance are presently inadequate and wanting in particularity; calls upon the Government forthwith to make public and place in the Libraries of both Houses of Parliament (a) counsels' opinions relating to the institution, continuance and discontinuance of the case against Miss Gun and (b) all advices on the legality of the war on Iraq provided to Government by the Attorney General or counsel retained on his behalf; and further calls for the appointment of independent senior counsel to review the proceedings against Miss Gun and to report to Parliament on the circumstances in which they were begun and brought to an end.

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