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Fabricated Intelligence
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This page was last updated on Tuesday, 3rd June 2003

As of Tuesday, 3rd June 2003, Prime Minister Tony Blair returned to Number Ten Downing Street from his St Petersburg jaunt and G8 caucus amid the most extraordinary clamour rocking the United Kingdom about allegations from a former Cabinet Minister, Claire Short, that he dupped the people and misled Parliament about weapons of mass destruction. She had recently resigned over the UN role in post war Iraq. Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary, had resigned his Cabinet post as Leader of the House of Commons when the decision was taken to invade Iraq. Now there are tumultuous calls for an enquiry into the quailty of the intelligence information about weapons of mass destruction which was cited in support of the Iraq invasion. There is a crisis of credibility and a feeling of deceit in the air.

I wrote the following fax to the Prime Minister and sent it to the distribution list this same date expressing my views as to the value and purpose of intelligence information which I have seen developed directly as regartds to the surveillance activity being carred out against me for years. I have directly witnessed outright fabrication of everything that I have noted as being reported. It's a sad tale of perfidity at the ground level, but I believe that it runs to the core of the character of what is happening overall and is relevant to the crisis now facing the Prime Minister.

Tuesday, 3rd June 2003

The Right Honourable Tony Blair
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA BY FAX 0207 925 0918

Dear Mr Prime Minister

Re Fabricated Intelligence

As you contend with representations made about the existence
of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, I'd like to point out
the damage which fabricated intelligence can create at all
levels. In fact, I will go so far as to indicate that the risk of
fabrication within the bureaucratic intelligence environment is
far greater than one would want to admit. The disposition to
not just embellish but to fake it is not only always present, but
I would say prevalent based upon my own personal
experience as an intelligence analyst for three years during the
period of time from when the Berlin Wall went up to the
beginning of the real built up in Vietnam in early 1965. This
latter war was based upon a "A Bright Sining Lie" as
described in Neil Sheehan's book of that title.

I personally had to endure pressure to find and report
something which I could not verify as actually existing. I
stuck to my objective analysis and reporting. I had originally
developed my own system of analysis for my work which was
adopted by the others in my section because it was good and
revealing. It was this system which did enable me to make a
significant recovery that contributed to sound, objective
intelligence reporting by all. In order to do this, however, I
had to stick to my foundation of objectivity, work up to 14
hours a day to ensure that I did a thorough job and resist
pressures to cut corners in order to produce what those in
charge wanted rather that what was actually there as I could
best objectively determine it.

This was not an isolated incident. During this period in the
early 1960s, others described similar pressure efforts to report
what was desired rather than what was actually capable of
being observed and described accurately with a solid
foundation of evidence. In the intelligence bureaucracy those
who are doing the work have to conform to these demands if
they wish to survive, preserve their careers and advance. This
leads to the situation where those who are willing to bend
reports to satisfy those above are more likely to advance than
those who maintain objectivity and sound reporting
foundations. This creates an intelligence culture where the
tendency to fabricate rises in stature and has been growing
over these decades to a standard of behaviour.

I was doing my national service when I worked as an
intelligence analyst. It was not a career necessity for me to do
anything other than the best job I could do because I was
there only to do that. Over the past four decades it is not only
a system which has created intelligence product for
consumption by those who award money for hearing what
they want to believe, but it also leads to covering up mistakes
for the same reason. Nothing is better suited for this process
of fabrication and cover up than intelligence which operates
in its own world outside the democratic rule of law and
government scrutiny without any responsibility or
accountability for the consequence of what is done.
Intelligence thus becomes an alter government.

For the past several years I have been coping with and
communicating this very process of fabrication and cover up.
I have been attempting to protect my own life which is at
extreme risk from the surveillance technology itself and its
destructive impact as well as being deliberately used as an
instrument of terror, torture, torment, incitement and
interrogation for the purposes of fabrication and not

In less than a week now I am scheduled for cataract surgery to
start with one eye. The cataracts have developed as a result of
at least 57 months of electromagnetic surveillance technology
used against me 24/7. It is most important that I eat and sleep
well prior to the surgery and during the recovery period.
Cataract surgery is done now on an outpatient basis one eye at
a time with about a four week interval between eyes. This
means that for the next several months I will require the peace
and quiet which has been deliberately denied to me by those
using the surveillance technology against me. These include
the two ex-US Marines and now US Government agents, Lt
Harry X and Colonel Vine, a member of the general public
reported for child abuse five years ago who makes false
allegations against me and others who are well known by
name and relationship to the tenant in the flat below where the
child abuse and other problems occurred and continue to

These people are sadistic and maliciously destructive in the
extreme taking great pleasure in causing harm and damage
especially if they can attack such things as the forthcoming
cataract surgery. As part of their terror and torture campaign,
they would like to do as much damage to the surgical process
and recovery as possible. These are the people who have
prevented this surgery for over a year and a half now while
attacking me for going blind. Since I started setting up the
surgery, they have attacked me more intensely even noting
"He can't do that" from Lt Harry X meaning that I cannot have
the cataract surgery. In other words he wants to deny me
corrective surgery so that I will go blind and be more
vulnerable to his terror and torture campaign against me.
Toward this end he and those noted above are making every
effort to be as disruptive and destructive as possible in the run
up to the cataract surgery.

A week ago Friday on 23rd May 2003 I had a pre-operative
evaluation for the cataract surgery at the eye hospital. During
this process while the nurse was using excellent technology to
measure the eye for the plastic lens replacements, those
carrying out the surveillance activity used their technology to
attack me. I clearly heard a conversation between a male and
female where first the male said "He's psychotic. He killed his
mother." This was followed by a suitable gasp of incredulity
and alarm from the female with whom he was talking. I have
described other similar medical evaluation visits where I knew
the person involved in a similar conversation and recognised
her voice. Thus, it was reasonable for me to conclude that
this male was spreading these false allegations in that prior
experience. Since I could not recognise the voices in this
episode at the eye hospital, I could not tell if this was
harassment or an actual conversation taking place while I was
being examined at the eye hospital.

What is important about this event is the fact that every effort
is being made to harass me in a most intense manner while I
am trying to carry out medical procedures which are intended
to mitigate the damages done to me by the surveillance
technology over the past 57 months. Every effort is being
made to disrupt and destroy this damage mitigation effort. At
the heart of the issue is the fact that the cataracts have been
caused by the surveillance technology itself. Then I am
blamed for the damage that is done as this is used against me
to fabricate further allegations. When I started trying to
address the problem medically to correct it and mitigate the
damages, this was attacked in an effort to prevent it from
happening completely or by creating a risk environment that
might cause surgical complications which could have a
devastating impact upon the surgery itself , its recovery and as
a result upon my eyesight.

I tried to anticipate this and stop it by sending you two faxes
on Thursday and Friday, the 15th and 16th of May 2003, a
little over two weeks ago. The result has been a substantial
intensification of the criminal harassment as described
including the deliberate harassment which occurred while I
was undergoing the pre-operative assessment.

For three years now since June 2000 I have been subjected to
a 24/7 effort to "capture" an ejaculation in order to enter my
home by force to remove me by such force and violence. This
condition has been repeated often and quite recently when the
incitement "Get him out" is repeated frequently many times a
day. This leads to the oft repeated false allegation of an
ejaculation which is also made many times a time 24/7 along
with the demand to "Get him out."
During this three year period and before it, there has never
been an ejaculation by me anywhere at anytime. Being
celibate is quite easy, however these people persist in making
thousands of allegations which are totally and completely
false. They use surveillance technology of the most
sophisticated kind to carry this out no matter what I am doing,
but they have never been able to verify with substantive
evidence these thousands of false allegations because they are
just that: false. Yet, they continue to make them despite all
the others who are present observing what is going on. These
others are allowing the course of justice to be perverted and
are accessories to criminal harassment, terror and torture.

These people fake it for their own corrupt self interest. It
means that they keep the pay cheques flowing and the money
coming in. Emotional appeals are continuously made to keep
jobs which have nothing to do with the objective observations
or the lack of any substance to support such continuing
activity. The motivations are greed, glory, power, hatred,
revenge, criminal cover up and perverting the course of
justice. The surveillance technology is used toward these
ends by trying to destroy as much of my activity as possible
no matter what it is. This is a terror and torture campaign
which knows no restraint or control and continues despite the
presence of others who are apparently there to provide such
restraint and control.

The extreme intensity of these efforts against me have the
impact of being ultimately as destructive as possible and the
use of the surveillance technology is ultimately lethal. Efforts
to fabricate compound themselves as the need to destroy
increases given the prospect of corrective surgery which will
restore my fast failing eyesight. All of the allegations against
me that I have heard from all of these people repeated in a
manner to terrorise, torture and interrogate me are
unequivocally and categorically false. Every effort is made to
fabricate an outcome ignoring all the negatives for all the

While this is happening at ground level in my instance, it is
my belief based upon my prior and current experience that
such efforts to misrepresent, distort and exaggerate in order to
fabricate an outcome permeate the fabric of all activity
between the ground and the top. I believe that the attitude
and character which has developed over the past four decades
has been one where the fakers have come to dominate and
control at the expense of honesty, decency and objective
evaluation and reporting. This has occurred as a result of the
failure in responsibility and accountability at all levels from
the ground to the top. Those who want to get away with
criminal activity can do so because they are allowed by those
who are supposed to be observing them to carry on in a
criminal manner despite directly seeing that this is taking

I know that every single allegation against is fabricated and
has no evidence whatsoever to support it. How can such a
surveillance technology situation continue for years unless it
is allowed to do so by those who are in charge despite the
failure to provide any substance in support of any of the
allegations? It can only mean that the "intelligence"
communities are corrupt from ground to top as I have
experienced it. I seek my own self protection and the
maintenance of basic human rights in order to do so in order
to address these problems legally. I am being denied this in
order to maintain standards of criminality instead.

For yourself with regard to the WMD issue and the
intelligence community it remains to be determined to what
extent the validity of the information has been compromised
by deceit and manipulation in an environment that I have
experienced as corrupt to the core. The intelligence
bureaucracies compete for power, prestige and money. This
becomes the standard and drives the quality of the
information. This is what then is the standard for behaviour
by the individuals I witness directly as they strive for their
own greed, glory and power within a bureaucratic
environment where these are the basic standards for these

Failure to weed out the corrupt as soon as they surface means
that corruption is allowed to flourish and become the standard
as it has done in this environment. These people noted above
threaten to kill me continuously because I report accurately
what is being done. That is how desperate they are to
preserve and protect themselves. They will deliberately blind
me if they can in order to limit my activity to bring out the
truth. Their oft stated objectives to "Shut him down" in order
to "Break him down" are still very much alive and in full
operation all the time including this very moment as I write.

Standards must be set at the top and maintained so that they
permeate the institutional environments of government. That
is your responsibility. If this is not done, the tail wags the dog
to the detriment of us all. Given the existing threat from
terrorism the danger to us all is very real indeed. Time,
human and financial resources are too precious and scarce to
be squandered by those who seek their personal corrupt self
interest at the expense of others including the nation and
world at large.

"A fool can throw a stone into the ocean, and a hundred wise
men cannot get it out." This is an old Cypriot proverb which
is in Lawrence Durrell's "Bitter Lemons" an interesting book
about Cypress from 1952 to 1955 when he lived there.

Yours sincerely

/s/ Gary D Chance

". . . O! It is excellent
To have a giant's strength.
but it is tyrannous
To use it like a giant.

. . . but man, proud man,
Drest in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he's most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep. who, with our spleens,
Would all themselves laugh mortal."

Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" II ii


"US Gov President George W Bush"
"UK Gov The Prime Minister Tony Blair"
<by fax 0207 925 0918>
"UK Gov HM Treasury Chancellor Gordon Brown"
"UK Gov Home Office Secretary David Blunkett"
"UK Gov DOH Secretary Alan Millburn"
"UK Gov DWP Secretary Andrew Smith"
"UK Gov DTI&W Secretary Patricia Hewitt"
"UK Gov MP Karen Buck"
"UK Gov Cllr Merrick Cockell" <>,
"St Mary's Chief Executive" <>
"St Charles Chief Executive"
"Western Eye Hospital General Manager"
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"Media Daily Mirror" <>

As is usual while writing and sending the above fax and Email, I was attacked continuuosly by those carrying out the surveillance activity surrounding my home. They employ the usual false allegations and infantile name calling as support for vigilante incitements to "get him out" seeking my immediate forced and violent removal from my own home for no reason other their their hatred as I prepare the documentation and correspondence. It is quite literally mindlless bigotry intended to intimidate and to try to stop me. This is another excellent example of enthnic cleansing resembling that seen recently in Kosovo, northern Iraq and elsewhere in the world.

They go to absurd extremes threatening to kill, claiming "He's a threat" and calling me a "serial killer" which was the first time in a long time for that one. "This is war" has been stated twice today revealing the mentality of these ex-US Marines making up whatever suits their purpose against innocent people to make themselves appear important. What they do, however, is implicate everyone up to and including Bush and Blair directly in war crimes.

All the allegations against me are so much baloney, but these are bully boys who pass for agents of the US Government and are allowed to function like this by Her Majesty's Government. As a result, I sent the followup Email to GWB. This does not stand for the George Washington Bridge although it might as well given all the good it most likely will do. It is behaviour like this that can cause ultimate repercussions in a democracy at times when serious questions are being asked about credibility and the very foundation of that democracy.

Fabricated Intelligence II
From: ********************
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 16:50:50 +0000

I would suggest that you make a refueling stop in London on your return from
the Middle East to pick up Lt Harry X and Colonel Vine the two US Government
agents and former US Marines.  

They could now easily precipitate the collapse of the current UK Government
and its Prime Minister Tony Blair as a result of their actions when taken
into the context of the apparent fiasco with regard to intelligence
information.  They are continuous fabricators of information and deceivers
with every word.

These two have run amok fabricating information for years in London utilising
on an expermental basis the most sophisticated surveillance technology ever
known to mankind.  All that they do has been divulged through their terror,
torture, torment, incitement and interrogation activity while keeping me
imprisoned in my home.  

They make a mockery of the ideals regarding freedom, democracy and justice
you note when talking about Iraq for they are the destroyers of these ideals.
 When you speak about the war on terrorism, they nullify that by their 24/7
terror campaign.  

Your trip to Auschwitz was a sick joke when placed against their experimental
programme of chemical and biological weapons used against me.  These involve
incapacitants from the use of chemical and electromagnetic radiation
emulation of chemicals on the brain.  These latter are therefore considered
biological weapons.  They are using the surveillance technology as a lethal
weapon in conjunction with these medical experimentations against me.  

They will not stop on their own and no manner of restraint is possible since
they listen to no one carrying on by taking the law into their own hands at
all times.  The only way to stop them is to remove them.  If left here, they
will become involved in the intelligence investigations which are being
called for now in Parliament and could easily be the straw that brings down
this Government.

You can find more information on my web site whose URL is noted at the end of
my signature and more comment on its top web page which has the same name as
the subject above.

Yours sincerely

Gary D Chance

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